What is Dropshipping? Know these points About this


The global eCommerce market has taken a revolutionary shift in the year 2023. From mainstream selling to online stores, the transition has been seen in every kind of business sector or business model.

Of the many business models that exist, dropshipping is one of the most economical and profitable business models with very few limitations.

As we continue reading, let us understand – What is Dropshipping?, who can do Dropship? What is a dropshipping business? How to get started with your own dropshipping business? What is dropshipping on Amazon? and the top dropshipping companies in India?

What is Dropshipping?

The term drop shipping refers to a commission-based model, wherein, a drop shipper sells and indirectly ships a package. Here, the drop shipper sells a product from the supplier/retailer to the customer without stocking the product himself or managing the inventory. The drop shipper plays the role of a middleman/intermediary for the order fulfillment of the product.

What the drop shipper focuses on is the scalability and growth of the business by acquiring customers on a daily basis. By selling the products via the supplier, the drop shipper earns a commission which in turn is the profit earned. You can dropship anything from phone cases to custom clothing and set your own profit margin yourself

Dropshipping Process

As mentioned above, the process of dropshipping is pretty simple. It is a 3-step method which can be explained as:

  • Step 1- The drop shipper receives an order placed by a customer
  • Step 2 – He/She then forwards the order to the concerned supplier/wholesaler/retailer
  • Step 3 – The supplier packages the product and fulfills the same via shipping it to the customer

Here is an example of how the drop shipper earns a commission for selling a supplier’s product. For example, the drop shipper has tied up with Ali Express, which is a marketplace of thousands of suppliers.

A supplier from Ali Express sells the product to the drop shipper at ₹70. The drop shipper, while marketing the product sets the selling price as ₹120. In this manner, the drop shipper earns a profit of ₹50 without owning, stocking, or shipping the product, rather than just generating leads for the supplier.

Who can Dropship?

What is dropshipping

Now that we know what is drop shipping and its process, here are some people who can easily choose to drop ship to generate profitable revenue.

New Business Entrants – Owners who have just stepped into the eCommerce market, well dropshipping is for them.


Business owners who work within a Budget – Those businesses that have a fixed allocated budget to carry their own eCommerce, well dropshipping is for them since everything is about calculations.

eCommerce Owners – Those who prefer online selling for their business have a different mindset. Targeting potential prospects and customer acquisition is part of their game plan, and hence dropshipping can suit their business.

Part-time job holders – For those business owners who work part-time, dropshipping is for them. Since there are minimal investment costs incurred, it can be a suited business model.

You – You heard that right! You can also easily learn how to drop ship without any worries. All you need are trustworthy online reselling apps that can help you get started.

If you fit right into the above categories, drop shipping can be your game. Now, let’s understand how you can start a dropshipping business of your own. Here are 6 steps to keep in mind:

  • Selecting A Niche that surrounds tour interest.
  • Perform a Competitive Analysis.
  • Tie-up with a supplier that will help increase profit margins.
  • Go ahead and create your very own eCommerce website (free or paid).
  • The market right to gain customer attention and conversions.
  • Perform a customer acquisition analysis to alter your marketing strategy.

These 6 steps act as a perfect guide to starting a dropshipping business of your own.

However, given the current situation and the impact of the global pandemic on various markets, is dropshipping a smart plan for 2022? Let’s find out.

Now that you have an idea of the dropshipping business, you may consider this as the best business plan. No doubt! It is! However, getting started with dropshipping may draw you to the higher profits that can be earned through this business model, and hence may overlook the smaller nitty-gritty of the business.

This, in turn, may impact customer experience and this may lead to low or no profit margins.

In regards to 2022, dropshipping is a good idea. The reason is, the eCommerce industry is on the rise with most of the shoppers and sellers switching online. With higher demands, your dropshipping business gets a great kickstart.

There will be much traffic generated to your website, leading to higher profits. Additionally, brand awareness is created and much of your brand will gain attention via social media and other online marketing tools, provided you market right.

What is dropshipping on Amazon?

Amazon is incredibly powerful. First, you have got all this incredible amount of traffic already there, and in the process is somewhat more simplified. Amazon dropshipping can be done by either

  • Online arbitrage – Essentially what you’re doing here is you find products that are underpriced and then you sell on that listing on Amazon for a higher price
  • Private label – It means the products are being marketed on your site and marketed without the company’s name that’s actually manufacturing, instead you are basically creating your own brand and this is a brand that lives separately from your eCommerce store.
  • Wholesale dropshipping – It is a dropshipping model where you are working with a wholesale company and then they will drop ship out your orders to your customers. Most wholesalers have some form of an MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) to ensure that any of the retailers that they are working with are going to purchase a certain amount and the wholesalers will still make money

Here is another idea start an online business and make money that is Online Reselling

Best Dropshipping Companies in 2022

Best Dropshipping Companies in 2022

It is amongst India’s best dropshipping companies, Bluember is a fully automated drop shipping service. Bluember, allows resellers to browse through different categories and sell via the website hassle-free.

IndiaMART is a huge online platform for your dropshipping business. This wholesale marketplace works within competitive prices, giving one of the best product prices in India.

It is a B2B marketplace where online retailers and resellers can find the drop shipping service. Through ExportersIndia, one can directly contact the suppliers based on the requirements, to thus fulfill the orders placed on a drop shipper’s website directly.

Dropshipzone is an Indian drop shipping company that specializes in providing specialized services to drop shippers; with a wide range of selling products sourced directly from the manufacturer. It also allows one to gain high profit margins.

Wholesale box
The wholesale box is a dedicated dropshipping platform. It caters to a wide range of products including women’s and men’s fashion, home, and furnishing products. The platform allows one to place an order either as a supplier or a wholesaler.


Well friends, now you might have a basic idea about What is Dropshipping?. Online selling can be a lucrative option. Undoubtedly, it helps to increase the higher number of profit-margins.

However, when you speak about dropshipping, more than just online selling, it’s more about tying up with the best suppliers. What you need to keep in mind as a drop shipper is that it’s all about the product and customer experience.

So, the right supplier can make or break your drop shipping business thus increasing or decreasing profit margins. Happy Dropshipping!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is dropshipping worth it?

The answer to this question will depend on your own situation and goals. I can say that this is a low-risk way to start it as a side hustle. You can search for a niche and find products related to your niche. And start a dropshipping business. Overall this dropshipping business should be worth trying for those who want to start a business with very little investment. You may face some challenges while going through this process, but you will learn a lot along the way.

Is dropshipping well for beginners?

Dropshipping is an awesome option for beginners as they can start this e-commerce business without investing a lot of initial money. You can start selling products without worrying about inventory management or fulfillment because the supplier handles the storage and shipping of the products.

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