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Before the Indian government banned Free Fire, there were not so many people playing Free Fire Max. But after the ban, everyone switched to Free Fire Max. It’s more similar to the original Free Fire game, but better in some ways. Now, it has become one of the top games like Free Fire and the download is still increasing.

Similar to the Free Fire Original, where you need Free Fire Free Diamonds to buy game things. In Free Fire MAX too, you can get all in-game items by getting Free Fire Max Free Diamonds. These include cool weapons, Free Fire skins, clothes, and many more.

How this post will help you?

These Free Fire MAX diamonds somehow also help you to stay ahead in the game. But to buy very demanding items, you have to get plenty of diamonds. And that’s where we can help you out.

My team works really hard to collect FF MAX diamonds from different sources. We even bought a bunch of Free Google Play gift card codes for you. You can use these codes to add money to your Play Store account. Then, you can buy diamonds in the MAX game for free. Just collect the Diamond codes and then follow the steps given on this website, and you will grab your free diamonds as fast as possible.

 Free Fire Max Free diamonds

What are Free Fire Max diamonds?

Free Fire Max, just like Free Fire, is a game where you can use real money to buy diamonds. These diamonds are like game money used to buy everything in the game. You can get new characters, cool outfits, free pets, loot crates, backpacks, parachutes, and even popular characters like DJ Alok.

But that’s not all, the use of Free Fire MAX diamonds doesn’t end here. Free Fire Max also gives you special perks. You get to try out new game modes that others don’t have access to yet. And Yes, you can participate in upcoming events before anyone else. So, if you are playing FF Max, these diamonds and extras make the game even more exciting.

Nowadays, the craze for in-game items is going high. Before the era of PUBG and Free Fire, people used to search for GTA Vice City cheat codes but as time changed, demand for the different games also changed.

Some free Fire Max diamond codes were added today March 4, 2024

  1. FFFKUR3CFG6I – Added a few minutes ago
  2. FFNJMSR4VGET – Added a few minutes ago
  3. FFNJFSU4T3AV – Added a few minutes ago
  4. FFLQYPMTKMYW – Added a few minutes ago
  5. FF3BJ4NMWG9ZAdded today
  6. FFT9SUX1UGZGAdded today
  7. FF2TIAVLHC8H Added today
  8. FFDKTMHP0EQU Added today
  9. FFU9YQL3HGFT Added today
  10. FFYK4DK29NAA Added today
  11. FFOICYW8G74M Added today
  12. FFV5Y5T9MC8B Added today
  13. FF5AH17YFQDP Added today
  14. FFB5VC99JAPW Added today
  15. FFKOMKILRWI0 Added today
  16. FF33JKHDVS3F Added today
  17. FFAR4P4HZNJJ Added today
  18. FFSWFCNSQHIF Added today
  19. FFPIVHMIG8GD Added today
  20. FF1GJ791YL8X Added today

More Google Play Redeem Codes collected by our team to help you buy Free Fire Max Diamonds

We have some new codes collected by our team and given by our subscribers. You can try every code and give us feedback about the working of the codes.

  • E55874DH82MPQOAU
  • Z9UTW0VLO6VC4453
  • 1HR69W69F6LPQBUC
  • Row does not exist.
  • Row does not exist.
  • CR7B9M3N393ZAJE4
  • T4J6T2EZAND32J7H
  • C65237C76GR92FP2

Proof of redeem codes

proof for free fire max free diamonds
redeem codes for free fire max free diamonds

Uses of Free Fire MAX diamonds

Tell me, do you know anyone in India who doesn’t like getting free stuff? We all love it, right? It’s the same with Free Fire. Middle-class people can’t spend their real money to buy diamonds.


So, a free method to grab FF MAX diamonds means you can save your money, or even your dad’s. Once you have found a way to get Free Fire Diamonds or free redeem codes, you can easily use them to get any game items. No need to worry, we are here to guide you through all the ways to get free redeem codes for both Google PlayStore and Free Fire Diamonds.

Some methods to get Free Fire MAX Diamonds

You must be thinking about how and from where we get these diamond codes. Actually getting free max diamonds in your account is not so hard. There are many ways to do it. You can use the Google Play Store, your debit card, or any UPI method to buy diamonds.

But what if I tell you that there are some ways to get free Play Store redeem codes? Yes, if you somehow managed to get the free redeem code, you can easily get the Free Fire Max Diamond as well.

Our website gives many Google Play redeem codes for free and also tells you how to get them yourself. You can find these codes on our website and Telegram channel.

Simply use these codes to add money to your Google Play Wallet. After that, you can use this money to buy as many diamonds as you want. We’ve made it all really easy for you.

How to get free fire max free diamonds

If you want to know the sources of these codes, then let me tell you, you can’t find FF MAX diamond codes in just one place. I am sure most of you don’t know about these options, so here are some secret and less-known ways to get Free Fire MAX Diamonds:

Telegram channels – Yes friends, you will get many good Telegram channels that provide a lot of Free Google Play Redeem Codes, Free Fire Max Free Diamond Codes, and other similar rewards on their Channel. You can join them by searching on Google. You can also find many popular gaming Telegram channels on our blog Techsonu.

How to get Free Fire Max diamonds from Techsonu?

As I already said our blog Techsonu gives free Google Play redeem codes every day, you can grab the codes and choose the playstore balance while buying the diamonds. You can also copy the Max codes and paste them into your game lobby to get the free FF Max diamonds.

How does Techsonu help you?

Our Techsonu blog always has new redeem codes for you. We get these from the cashback we earn. Some of these codes, we put up on our website. The rest, we share on our Telegram channel. So, make sure to keep an eye on both our website and Telegram channel. That way, you can score a bunch of free Google Play codes. You can use these codes to add funds to your Play Store account. Then, with that money, you can go ahead and buy Free Fire Max diamonds.

Why does the Techsonu team collect Free Fire MAX diamonds?

We run a special website just for redeem codes, discounts, and coupon codes. We’ve been doing this for a long time, even before Free Fire was released. To put up coupon codes and redeem codes on our site, we gather lots of codes using different tricks from various sources. In short, our blog Techsonu is here to help those who can’t afford to spend money on FF max diamonds.

Some useful posts for you if you are a gamer and an active internet use

Steps to redeem the Free Fire Max free diamonds

If you are after Free Fire Max redeem codes, the first thing to do is see if the codes work in your country or not. If not, think about using a VPN to change your location to India and then redeem the codes.

Now, let’s talk about how to redeem those Free Fire Max diamond codes. There are two ways you can do this:

  • One, head over to the official Free Fire Redemption site.
  • And the second way, you can do it right from your Free Fire MAX game lobby.

Let’s know the 1st method

free fire max free diamond
  • Firstly, you have to go to the Official redemption website.
  • To do this, you just search” Free Fire Redemption Site” on Google
  • In the next step, you now sign in using any of your social accounts that you have used to link your Free Fire account.
  • After logging in, you have to enter the redeem code in the box
  • Click on “Confirm” to proceed
  • The free diamond will be added to your account within 24 hours of successful code redemption. 
  • If you wish to use these items further, you can visit the ‘Collections‘ section.

On our website, you will also get the list of Free Redeem Code Apps to buy various in-game items in the Free Fire game.

2nd method

  • Open the Free Fire MAX Game
  • Tap and open the Luck Royale section 
  • The next step is, you have to select the Weapon Royale option.
  • A pop of spin will appear where you can spin the wheel to get a reward

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  1. You will find your redeemed items in the [Vault] tab right in the game lobby. Once you have redeemed the diamond codes, and got diamonds as rewards, they will be added straight to your account wallet.
  2. Remember, you can’t reuse codes that have expired or have already been redeemed.
  3. Also, guest accounts won’t work for redeeming rewards. To get Free Fire MAX diamonds, you need to link your Free Fire account.

Do Free Fire max diamond generators work?

Many websites and Free Fire MAX diamond generator platforms claim they can give you free diamonds. But do they really work? We don’t think so. Those websites and platforms are mostly not genuine.

Some apps actually ask you to click on links and download apps, but the guarantee is that even if you complete one, there is no promise that you will get diamonds.

Although it is not that all such apps are fake, there are some genuine apps also. But to find out the truth you will have to explore every source available on the internet. We’ve tested all the methods out there, and we’ve found several good apps too.

But sometimes those apps work and sometimes not. We have mentioned many such apps in our Free Fire Diamond post. You can visit that post to know which apps we are talking about. In this post, we are only adding diamond codes which our team collect from all genuine sources.


So, in conclusion, we would recommend staying away from these “Free Fire diamond generators“. They are not worth your time or effort. You simply try legitimate ways to get diamonds or keep in touch with our website Techsonu to get Free Fire diamond codes on time.

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