Free fire max free diamonds|How to get ff max diamonds 999999 for free?

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Before the ban on Free Fire in India, there would hardly anyone who used to play Free Fire Max. However, when the Indian government removed the Free Fire app from the Play Store, everyone shifted to Free Fire Max. Free Fire Max is like the twin sister of the original Garena Free Fire but with some improvements. Now Free Fire Max is the most downloaded game. And similar to the original game, Free Fire Max also requires diamonds to purchase in-game items. So if you are looking for Free Fire Max Free Diamonds, then you have come to the right website.

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Latest codes added 15th November 2022
StatusWorking ✅
Number of codes10 codes/day
Official website

Free fire max free diamonds can be used to purchase a variety of items, such as weapons, clothing, and other accessories. If you want to be successful in the Free Fire Max game, then you need to have a lot of diamonds. And that’s where we come in! Our team is in constant efforts to collect free fire MAX diamonds from different sources.

We also buy many Free Google Play gift card codes for you. You can use the Redeem codes to add to your playstore wallet and then use them to buy free diamonds in the free fire MAX game. All you need to do is follow the instructions on this website and you will be able to get your free diamonds in no time!

What are Free Fire Max diamonds?

Free Fire Max is a variant of Free Fire that offers players special in-game benefits. Like Garena Free Fire, in Free Fire Max you can buy diamonds for real money.

These diamonds can be used to make in-app purchases, such as buying new characters or outfits, free pets, a loot crate, a backpack, Parachute, famous characters like DJ Alok, Surfboard, Sapphire Tokens, Gun/Vehicle skins, outfits, and the list goes on

In addition to providing players with an easy way to obtain diamonds, Free Fire Max also offers a number of other benefits. These include exclusive access to new game modes, as well as early access to upcoming events.

 Free Fire Max Free diamonds

Some more free fire Max free diamond codes were added today

  1. FFXXBTTEQWQB – Added a few minutes ago
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Free fire Maxdiamond codes 1st November 2022

Free fire max free diamond codesDiamonds
FFMYQZDWQ37E100 diamonds
FFK862HYEATR50 diamonds
FFYESXLY5CDQ400 diamonds
FF8GKDBSFN6M200 diamonds
FFJ8WRYK5J9U150 diamonds
FFEKAXCGYS59250 diamonds
FFX8DX45L95U320 diamonds
FFNUU2XHQFLB200 diamonds
FFWUJMDH9ATJ400 diamonds
FFMSGANNEL6H160 diamonds
FFAHR64YGDET150 diamonds
FF38P3VY3CRJ100 diamonds
FFV57FKAUD4U100 diamonds
FFXGPLBSUXYW555 diamonds
FF2UFUTMP53R200 diamonds
FFZSDDUJEPBA120 diamonds
FFR6D4MPKK6W150 diamonds
FFNK3ZAYEJPU150 diamonds
FFDZJ7CWVA9T150 diamonds
FF9CYLJ6NJ72410 diamonds
FFERQDSPNJZ8350 diamonds

Free Google Play Redeem Codes to buy ff max diamonds {15th November 2022}

Google Play redeem codesAmounts (₹)

More Google Play Redeem Codes collected by our team to help you buy Free Fire Max Diamonds-

✅ – Latest code

  • M3RBFP34LXCQ56B9
  • 3KC334JQL7P29FA8
  • CR7B9M3N393ZAJE4
  • T4J6T2EZAND32J7H
  • C65237C76GR92FP2

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Proof of redeem codes

proof for free fire max free diamonds
redeem codes for free fire max free diamonds

How can you obtain the free fire max diamonds?

You can do a special top-up recharge using the google play store or debit card or any other UPI option to buy diamonds. Alternatively, you can also use the Google play redeem codes that we provide on our website and Telegram channel for free. Recharge your Google Play Wallet using our free Google Play redeem codes and then use your play store wallet balance to buy Free Fire Max Diamonds.

Nowadays, the craze for in-game items is pretty high. Before the era of PUBG and Free fire, people use to search for GTA vice city cheat codes but as time changed, demand for the different games also changed

How to get free fire max free diamonds

Once you make a purchase, the diamonds will be credited to your account immediately.

There is no one source for FF MAX diamond codes. While there is one well-known source, the official Twitter handle of Garena Free Fire, they don’t publish the codes every day. But, aside from Twitter, there are a variety of other sources. These sources are unnoticed by the general audience. A few lesser-known methods to earn FF rewards include:

Buy Membership Plan – If you buy the subscription plan monthly, weekly, or both, you’ll be rewarded with free fire points as well as Diamond Cashback. 

Report bugs within Advanced Server – If you find any bug in the Garena Free MAX game or in their advanced server version, you will surely get free fire Max diamonds.

Participate in events – Free Fire is famous for its regular events. Free Fire often has special events where players can earn rewards by completing tasks. These events usually last for a few days, so be sure to check back often and participate in as many as possible.

Livestream – You will be watching many gaming live streams. But did you know that you can request gamers/streamers for ff redeem codes or ff max diamonds as well? There are many good players who often offer prizes or diamonds in their live streams.

Discord Giveaway – Gaming squabbles are nothing new today. You will find Discord servers from many pro gamers and creators. And they come to know about much inside news of Free Fire like when a new scare will come, about new events, etc. So these disputes sometimes become a good source for Free Fire Max Diamond.

Telegram channels – Yes folks, some Telegram channels offer lots of Google Play Redeem Codes, Free Fire Max Free Diamond Codes, and other similar rewards on their Telegram Channel. So you can join them by searching on Google. You can also join our Telegram channel by clicking the link below ⬇️

Claim rewards when you level up – Also, don’t forget to claim your Free Fire diamonds when you complete your achievements. There are many achievements that will give you a nice diamond bonus, so be sure to check the list often and see what you can accomplish.

Techsonu Blog – Friends why spend your precious time on the above-mentioned sources which will demand a lot of your time? Rather simply visit our blog and we will keep you updated with the latest ff Garena reward tricks.

Why do you need free fire diamonds?

Is there anyone in this world who doesn’t want to get free stuff? Everyone will happily accept freebies. The same happens with Free Fire. We can’t buy free fire diamonds every time. That is why looking for a free source to get ff max diamonds will save your father or your hard-earned money.

Once we somehow manage to get the Free Fire Diamonds, we can use the diamonds to buy any in-game items we like. That’s why people look for free avenues to save huge expenditures on diamonds. And don’t worry we are there to help you in every way to get the free fire max diamonds for free.

How to get Free fire Max free diamonds from Techsonu?

As I already said our blog Techsonu gives free google play redeem codes every day, you can grab the codes and choose the playstore balance while buying the diamonds. You can also copy the free fire Max codes and paste that into your game lobby to get the free ff max diamonds

How our blog helps you to get ff max free diamonds?

Our Techsonu blog always brings you new redeem codes. We buy codes using cashback we get from various sources. We update code on the website, release some code on our telegram channel, and the rest we use for our other business purposes.

So your work is to stay active on our website and telegram channel to collect unlimited free google play redeem codes for the playstore account. And in the free fire MAX game use the playstore wallet money to buy the diamonds. This way you can indirectly get free fire Max free diamonds

Why does our team collect free fire max free diamonds?

We have a dedicated website for redeem codes, discounts, coupon codes, etc. We have been running this site for many years even before the release of the Free Fire game. So to list coupon codes, redeem codes, etc on this website we collect a lot of codes by using various tricks from the sources. In a nutshell, we use our blog Techsonu to help people who can’t spend money to buy FF max diamonds.

How to redeem the Free fire max free diamond codes?

If you want to use free fire max redeem codes, you should first check if they are available in your country. If they are not, you can try using a VPN to change your location.

Here is the process to redeem free fire max diamond redeem codes-

You can redeem the free fire Max codes using 2 methods

  • One way is by visiting the official Free Fire Redemption site
  • Another way is directly from the Free Fire game lobby

🔴Via the official ff redemption site

free fire max free diamond
  • First, visit the official redemption website by searching” Free Fire Redemption Site” or Clicking Here
  • In the next step, you need to sign in using any social account that you have used to link your Free Fire account.
  • After logging in, you just enter the ff max redeem code in the box & click on “Confirm” to proceed
  • The free fire max free diamond will be added to your account within 24 hours of successful code redemption. 
  • If you wish to use these items further, you will need to go to the ‘Collections‘ section to do so.

🔴Another way to redeem codes directly from the game

  • Step 1: Open the Free Fire Game
  • Step 2: Next open the Luck Royale section present on the left side of your home screen.
  • Step 3: After opening the Luck Royale section, select the Weapon Royale option.
  • Step 4: A pop of spin will be displayed where you need to spin the wheel to get garena ff reward


  1. The redeemed items are located in the [Vault] tab in the game lobby. If the reward has gold or diamond then it will be automatically added to your account wallet.
  2. Any expired code or redeem code already used cannot be redeemed again.
  3. You cannot redeem rewards using any guest account. So you need to connect your free fire account to get free fire MAX diamond

How to redeem the Google Play Redeem Codes?

You can add free money to your playstore account by using our free google play redeem codes. You can then use the playstore wallet to buy free fire Max free diamonds

You just follow the steps

google play redeem code free
  • First of all, go to Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Tap on your profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • After this, you will see the option of Payments and Subscriptions.
  • Tap on it.
  • Under Payments & Subscriptions, you will see this option ‘Redeem Gift Code‘.
  • A pop-up will appear
  • Enter the redeem code and enjoy paid apps/services for free

You can complete the redemption process on your computer too. All you have to do is follow the given steps.

google play redeem code free
  • Open Chrome browser
  • On the top right corner, you will find 4 options ‘Gmail’, ‘Images’, ‘A Google app logo‘, and the last one will be your ‘Gmail logo icon‘.
  • Click on the ‘Google App logo‘ (looks like a dial-pad with 9 dots)
  • On the playstore page again select the Google play icon‘ located at the top right corner
  • You will see the option of ‘Payments & Subscriptions
  • Under the Payment methods, click on ‘ +Add Payment Methods
  • Once clicked, you can see the ‘Redeem Code‘ option
  • Enter the redeem code in the blank space and click redeem to receive a google play redeem code

Do free fire max diamond generators works?

There are a lot of websites or free fire max diamond generator sources that promise to give you free diamonds, but do they actually work?

Now, coming to the question of whether or not these generators actually work. In our opinion, they don’t work at all. The offers and surveys are almost always fake, and even if you do manage to complete one, there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually receive your diamonds. We’ve tried it ourselves, and we’ve never received a single diamond from any of these websites.


So, in conclusion, we would recommend staying away from these “free fire diamond generators“. They’re not worth your time or effort, and you’re much better off just buying diamonds directly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get free fire Max free diamond?

You can get both Google play redeem code and free fire max diamond codes on our website Techsonu.

How frequently do you add these codes?

We add 5-10 codes daily to our blog. All you have to do is bookmark our website and join our Telegram channel. Be active on both platforms and we will inform the exact time and process to grab the code

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