Get 10+ Free Microsoft Office Product Keys Using Legal Methods


Without the Microsoft Office product key, you cannot use Microsoft Office 365. The product key is a combination of letters and numbers that you need to enter after installing MS Office 365.

If you do not have a valid Microsoft Office 365 product key, you cannot activate it. And without activating it, you can’t use all the features.

So if you are looking for a way to get the Microsoft Office 365 product key activation free, you have landed on the correct page.

We have found some ways to get a valid MS Office activation key for free. All you have to do is follow the instructions given below.

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Microsoft Office Product Key Demo Keys (For Sample/Demo Only)

The Activation key will always be in this format: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX (25 characters)

Microsoft Office Product NamesMS Office Demo Keys (For Demo/Sample Only)
Microsoft Office Product Key FreeBSTAW-9BHHD-G6CNS-4FZ1M-W5YBP
Free product key for Microsoft OfficeTNB9I-6NLYT-A0CYB-884A5-7SYC2
Microsoft Office 365 Activation Key3QBZN-TKBAD-PV7A2-6SLQ3-TV32V
Free MS Office 365 Product KeyOYDLL-RYPQJ-CANGH-XUF70-5UTVQ
MS Word product key freeVY1WN-2STOI-SSH6K-1FHHZ-MNGQ4
MS Office product key freeEUO3L-NWTHN-ENDCE-S2QQZ-TN81X
Free MS Office Product Key Windows 10DUX4S-O1I38-WT5P0-I3UVX-YOQ06
Microsoft 365 product key free7ECYP-IGHB9-P7LGA-CVNP7-TWR4P
MS Office activation key 2024GIU0A-7QCTY-5V06P-1XZ1W-K53F2

Note: These are not real activation keys. We just added it for demo only. So that you can at least know what the official MS Office product key looks like and you don’t get scammed by buying any fake keys. Demo codes are for demonstration purposes only and you should not attempt to use them for actual activation of the software.

Disclaimer: The products listed on this site are not authorized or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation. The information presented here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer for the sale of Microsoft product keys. We do not claim any association with or endorsement by Microsoft Corporation. Buyers are advised to verify the authenticity of the products before making any purchases.”

We have provided 8 genuine solutions that will give you access to MS Office without using any type of MS product or activation key. So, please Read all the genuine methods given below.

How to get a Microsoft Product Key free?

How to get Microsoft Office Products Keys

1. MS Office Product Key Free for Students

If you are a student then you can access the free MS Office by using the College Email ID provided by your college to you. You just need to follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Official Website of Microsoft
  • Now enter your “Student email ID
  • Click on the “Get Started
  • Now choose “I am a student”.
  • Then click on “Sign-in“.
  • Now enter the Password of your student account and click Sign-in.
Student Email ID to get Free MS Office product key
  • You will see some on-screen instructions, just follow them.
  • Then the official MS Office will be opened on your browser.
  • Now download Office 365 from Install Apps located at the top right corner.

  • After that, the MS 365 Office will be installed on your PC.
  • Now open any product of MS Office like MS Excel or MS PowerPoint.
  • And again Sign in by entering your College ID and Password.
  • That’s all, now you can enjoy Free MS Office for a lifetime.

If you don’t have a student email ID, then you can create one by following this method. This method helps you to get a student Email ID from .edu websites.


We have collected some free student email IDs and their passwords for you. You can use these details to get free Microsoft Office access. In short, we can say that this is a great alternative for the Free MS Office 365 Activation key.

Student Email ID for free MS OfficePasswords
[email protected]StudentID2298
[email protected]StudentID34268
[email protected]StudentID99162
[email protected]StudentID008935
[email protected]StudentID775622
[email protected]StudentID006452
[email protected]StudentID0974T
[email protected]StudentID11935
[email protected]StudentID001045
[email protected]StudentID007534

2. Free Microsoft Office Key using Developer Option

Just like Microsoft gives free access to students, it also gives free access to Microsoft Office to developers. So you can use a developer account to use Microsoft Office for free. Let’s know how to do it.

Free Microsoft Office Key using Developer Option
  • Go to the Microsoft 365 Developer Program
  • Click on Join now.
  • In the next window, enter the country name, company details and language preference.
  • Mark the box tick and click Next.
  • Now choose “Select Personal Projects” for the question “What is your primary focus as a developer?
  • For the next question, select all the boxes and click Save
  • On the next window, Choose the Configurable Sandbox and click Next
  • Now setup your Microsoft Configurable Sandbox by creating your username and password and clicking Continue
Developer Ms Office trick
  • On the next window, enter your mobile number to verify
  • Now you will be automatically logged in by using the email address you had created on the Configurable Sandbox window
  • You just need to enter the password you have created and click Sign-in to the Microsoft Developer Office account.
  • On the top right corner, you will see Install apps.
  • Click on it and download the MS Office
  • After the download, install the MS Office
  • After the installation is completed, open MS Office and sign in using the same email address and passwords that you have created in the previous steps
  • That’s all now you can access all the products of Microsoft Office for free without using any MS activation key ✅✅

3. Get the MS Office product keys free without an activation key

Friends, please follow this method and carefully implement things step by step. Don’t miss any step at any cost.

✅ Go to Google and search the term “office customization tool” and click on the first link

✅ You can directly go to the page by clicking on the MS Office deploy settings page

✅ Now on this page you have to make the changes as per my instructions given below:

Products Settings

  • Architecture
    • On this page Choose the architecture you want to deploy.
    • In my case I selected 64-bit
  • Products
    • Office Suites: Office LTSC Professional Plus 2021 – Volume License
    • Visio: Don’t choose anything. Leave it as it is
    • Project: Don’t do anything
    • Additional products: Don’t do anything
  • Update Channel
    • Select the update channel: Office LTSC 2021 Perpetual Enterprise
    • Select the version: Latest
  • Apps
    • Keep everything the same as it is

Click Next


Choose Language Preferences

  • Select primary language: English (United States)
  • Select additional languages: Don’t Change Anything
  • Select additional proofing tool: Don’t change anything

Click Next


Installation options

  • Where do you want to deploy Office from? : Office Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Show installation to the user: On
  • Shut down running applications: Off

Click Next

Update and upgrade

Update Options

  • Where do you want to deploy updates from?: Office Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Automatically check for updates: On

Upgrade options

  • Uninstall any MSI versions of Office, including Visio and Project: On
  • Uninstall Visio: On
  • Uninstall Project: On
  • Uninstall SharePoint Designer: On
  • Uninstall InfoPath: On
  • For uninstalled MSI versions of Office, install the same languages: Off
  • Automatically upgrade to the selected architecture: Off

Click Next

Licensing and Activation

Automatically accept the EULA: Off

Product key

  • Office LTSC Professional Plus 2021 – Volume License: KMS

Product activation

  • Select User Based

Click Next


  • Don’t do anything under this option. Leave everything blank

Click Next

Application Preferences

  • Don’t do anything under this option. Leave everything blank

Click Finish

✅ Now click on the Export button which you will see on the right side of your screen.

✅ Choose the Office Open XML Format option

✅ Click OK

✅ Select I accept the terms of the license agreement

✅ Choose Export

✅ Choose the folder you want to save the file.

✅ I saved the file in a new folder on the desktop and renamed it “MS Office Free“.

✅ Now again go to Google and search the term ‘Office deployment tools‘ and Click on the first link

Download the Office Deployment Tool and run the Setup.exe in the same folder where you exported the XML file.

Since I saved the XML file in a document named "MS Office Free", I downloaded Depolyement Tool setup and ran the setup.exe in this location only.

✅ Now Open the Command Prompt on your PC.

✅ You can click the Start button to open the Command Prompt, and type “command prompt” in the search bar.

✅ After opening the Command prompt type this: cd then the location of the folder where everything is saved.

✅ In my case the location was C:\Users\user\OneDrive\Desktop\MS Office Free

✅ So in the command prompt window I will type: cd C:\Users\user\OneDrive\Desktop\MS Office and press Enter on the keyboard.


You can watch the video above to know how you can get the location of the file.

✅ Now copy this code and paste it at the command prompt: setup /configure configuration.xml

✅ And press Enter again

✅ Now the MS Office installation process will start

✅ Once the installation process is completed you can easily access Free MS Office without using any activation key.

Note: Please watch the video to understand the process properly.

4. Get Microsoft Office free using Chrome Extensions.

Yes!! friends you heard the correct heading, this is a less-known trick where you just need to download the Microsoft 365 Chrome extensions from the Chrome store and on the browser itself you can use all the features. Let me tell you the step-by-step guide for this

Get Microsoft Office free using Chrome Extensions.
  • Go to the Chrome Web Store.
  • You can search Chrome store on the browser and click on the 1st link
  • Now Search “Microsoft 365” on the Chrome Web Store Search Bar.
  • Install the “Extensions
  • Now the extension will be listed at the top right corner of the browser
  • Now Click on the extension and choose any MS 365 product you want to use. (MS Office, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc)
  • Now you need to Enter your Microsoft login details like username and password.
  • If you don’t have MS Office login details you need to create one Microsoft account and then login.
  • That’s all you can now enjoy all the Features of MS Office 365 directly on the web browser for free

5. Free MS Office using Free Trial Method

MS Office allows you to access the MS Office features for free for 1 month. With this Free trial option you can fully use the MS Office features for 1 month.

  • You just need to visit the Official MS Office Free Trial Website
  • Click the Try 1-month free button
  • Now enter your credit card details
  • You can cancel the payment before the end date is over
MS Office Free Trial

You will get all the benefits of MS Office 365 with this trial version including 1TB OneDrive cloud storage and 60 minutes of Skype credits per month.

6. Free MS Office Online Web Method

MS office free web

Do you know that MS Office gives free access to all of its tools when you log in to the MS Office Online mode? Yes friends you can get access to all the tools like-

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • Sway
  • Mail
  • People
  • Calendar
  • OneDrive

You just need to Sign-in to this website – MS Office Web

Now sign in using your email address and verify it by following the instructions on the screen. If you don’t have an account you can easily Sign-up within 1-2 minutes.

But in the Web version of MS Office, you can’t be able to enjoy the full experience of Microsoft Office. To enjoy the complete features and benefits, download the MS Office software on your PC and use our Student ID method.

7. Get Free MS Office using the MS Office Mobile App

Do you know that Microsoft Office is also available for free on Android and iOS devices?

MS Office Free on Mobile Devices

You just need to download the Office mobile app. And you can do all the basics and simple tasks of MS Office on the mobile app.

The mobile versions include simplified versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. However, how efficiently you do the tasks depends on the screen size of your mobile. If the screen size is large enough then you can easily manage the things.

You can download the app on your tablet or you can use Android Emulators like BlueStacks to manage the MS Office for free on a larger Screen.

8. Activate MS 365 without a product key

To activate MS Office without a product key you have to follow the step

How to activate MS 365 without a product key?
Microsoft office product key
MS office product key
MS office activation key
  • Go to the desktop, and create a new “Text document
  • Now copy the given code
@echo off
title Activate Office 365 ProPlus for FREE - =====================================================================================&echo #Project: Activating Microsoft software products for FREE without additional software&echo =====================================================================================&echo.&echo #Supported products: Office 365 ProPlus (x86-x64)&echo.&echo.&(if exist "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office16\ospp.vbs" cd /d "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office16")&(if exist "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office16\ospp.vbs" cd /d "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office16")&(for /f %%x in ('dir /b ..\root\Licenses16\proplusvl_kms*.xrm-ms') do cscript ospp.vbs /inslic:"..\root\Licenses16\%%x" >nul)&(for /f %%x in ('dir /b ..\root\Licenses16\proplusvl_mak*.xrm-ms') do cscript ospp.vbs /inslic:"..\root\Licenses16\%%x" >nul)&echo.&echo ============================================================================&echo Activating your Office...&cscript //nologo slmgr.vbs /ckms >nul&cscript //nologo ospp.vbs /setprt:1688 >nul&cscript //nologo ospp.vbs /unpkey:WFG99 >nul&cscript //nologo ospp.vbs /unpkey:DRTFM >nul&cscript //nologo ospp.vbs /unpkey:BTDRB >nul&set i=1&cscript //nologo ospp.vbs /inpkey:XQNVK-8JYDB-WJ9W3-YJ8YR-WFG99 >nul||cscript //nologo ospp.vbs /inpkey:NMMKJ-6RK4F-KMJVX-8D9MJ-6MWKP >nul||goto notsupported
if %i% GTR 10 goto busy
if %i% EQU 1 set
if %i% EQU 2 set
if %i% EQU 3 set
if %i% GTR 3 goto ato
cscript //nologo ospp.vbs /sethst:%KMS% >nul
echo ============================================================================&echo.&echo.&cscript //nologo ospp.vbs /act | find /i "successful" && (echo.&echo ============================================================================&echo.&echo #My official blog: #How it works: #Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.&echo.&echo #Please consider supporting this project: #Your support is helping me keep my servers running 24/7!&echo.&echo ============================================================================&choice /n /c YN /m "Would you like to visit my blog [Y,N]?" & if errorlevel 2 exit) || (echo The connection to my KMS server failed! Trying to connect to another one... & echo Please wait... & echo. & echo. & set /a i+=1 & goto skms)
explorer ""&goto halt
echo ============================================================================&echo.&echo Sorry, your version is not supported.&echo.&goto halt
echo ============================================================================&echo.&echo Sorry, the server is busy and can't respond to your request. Please try again.&echo.
pause >nul

Credit Source: msguides
  • Paste the code in that “Text document
  • Now save the file by adding “.cmd” at the end of the text file name. (In the text document go to File-> Save As-> Give a name to the file and then add .cmd at the end)
  • Now right-click on the text document and click “Run as administrator
  • That’s all the MS Office is activated on your PC

What is the alternative to Microsoft Office 365?

The only and best alternative to Microsoft Office 365 are Google products. Google has many cloud-based products like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Keep, etc which perform similar functions to MS Office.

Google Products a best alternative to MS Office

You don’t have to worry about storage issues with Google products because every new addition or change you make is automatically saved to your Google Drive.

  • You will easily find these products on the Chrome App.
  • When you open the app, you can see a menu option right next to your profile icon.
  • All you have to do is click on it and search for Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides and more.

I always use Google products because I don’t need to install any software on my PC, whenever I make changes they are automatically saved, I can access my documents anywhere, I can’t access files I find new features like Google Scripts in Google Sheets to make the process much easier using my coding skills to automate everything.

A piece of good news for you, If you want to get a Rs.10 Free Google Play Redeem Code, then please visit our website to get a free redeem code daily.

How to activate the Microsoft Office 365 product key?

Once you have your Microsoft Office 365 product key, you can activate your subscription by doing the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account, or create one if you don’t have one.
  3. Enter our free MS 365 product key when prompted during sign-in, and follow the on-screen instructions to finish activating your subscription.
  4. Once you’re signed in, select Install Office from the Office home page, and then select Install Office again in the pop-up window that appears.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Stay away from Microsoft Office Key Generators

You should stay away from any type of MS Office key generator or engaging with such scams. They generate product keys or activation codes without any authorization from Microsoft. Generally, these codes don’t work at all. And in case you got any code illegally, you may face many issues.

  1. Risk of Malware: There are many office key generator websites that are spammy. These websites sometimes force you to download software or files from their websites. And these things put your PC at risk by exposing your PC to malware and viruses.
  2. No Guarantee of Authenticity: The keys might not work initially for you. But there’s a high chance that Microsoft will detect the unauthorized key and block it.
  3. Lack of Updates and Support: When you purchase Microsoft Office legally, you get access to updates and customer support. But if you proceed with an illegal key, you won’t get any updates.
  4. Loss of Data and Productivity: Just think about what will happen if your Microsoft Office will suddenly stop working due to a blocked key. This will lose your data work or important projects.
  5. Legal Consequences: Microsoft is very strict regarding its products and takes serious legal action against those who use their keys illegally.

So instead of going with illegal practices, you should always use legitimate Microsoft Office keys or try our methods to get free access to Office 365 product keys.

Microsoft Office 365 product key requirements

  • Memory
    • For Windows: 4GB RAM & 2 GB RAM (32-bit).
    • For macOS: 4 GB RAM.
  • Hard disk
    • Windows: 4.0 GB or above.
    • macOS: 10 GB of available disk space or above
  • Display (screen resolution)
    • Windows: 1280 x 768 (32-bit requires hardware acceleration for 4K and higher).
    • macOS: 1280 x 800
  • Graphics
    • Windows: In Windows OS, it requires DirectX 9 or above, with WDDM 2.0 or higher for Windows 10. If you are using Skype, then you need to install DirectX 9 or above, 128 MB of graphics memory, and 32 bits per pixel-capable format.
    • macOS: No graphics requirements.
  • Supported Operating system
    • Windows: Windows 10 SAC, Windows 10 LTSB 2016, Windows 10 LTSB 2015, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, or Windows Server 2008 R2.
    • macOS: MS Office 365 for Mac is supported on the three most recent versions of macOS.
  • System software:
    • For Windows XP: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0
    • For Macintosh OS X: Java client 1.4.2
  • Browser software
    • Outlook Web App
    • Internet Explorer 7 or later
    • Firefox 3 or higher
    • Safari 3 or higher on Macintosh OS X 10.5
    • Chrome 3 and later versions


Microsoft Office 365 has all the features and programs you could ever need. But that doesn’t mean everyone can buy it on their budget. For this reason, they often look for a cracked version or look for a cheap MS Office 365 product key. Our team collected MS Office activation keys from different sources like Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Facebook groups, Instagram, and nearby computer stores.

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