10 Best Apps To Get Free Fire Diamonds For Fre


Hello Free Fire lovers, you are well aware that diamonds are very special in Free Fire. Just like real diamonds are valued for their beauty and rarity, these in-game diamonds are also treasured. Players can buy unique items, cool skins and other upgrades. These not only make Free Fire more fun but also help players do better than others.

But people find a big challenge in getting diamonds in Free Fire. Though you can buy them with real money. But not everyone wants to or can spend cash on the game currency.

Free Fire Diamond Apps To Get Diamonds

This is where apps to earn Free Fire diamonds Apps come in. They provide a way for players to get diamonds without using real money. These apps have tasks, surveys and mini-games. By doing these, players can get diamonds and access the premium stuff in the game.

So let’s take a look at the 10 best Free Fire diamond apps to get diamonds completely for free. These apps are a bridge for players to get the diamonds they want and enjoy everything this exciting game offers.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards App

The Google Opinion Rewards app is already a well-known platform in the industry. It is officially created by Google. If you are an Android user, then you can find it on the Google Play Store.

To start, you sign up with your Gmail. And once you have signed up, Google sends you surveys. The surveys are quick and simple. You may get one every few days.

When you complete a survey, the app gives you Google Play credits. The amount of credits varies per survey. You just need to give your opinions or answer questions. Then you get credits as a reward.

How this help to get Diamonds

This app helps Free Fire players get diamonds. But how do they help? The credits you earn can be used to buy Free Fire diamonds. So you will get diamonds without spending your real money.

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2. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is also a similar app to the previous one. It’s an online platform where you will earn rewards for doing some simple tasks.


You can take part in very common and daily life activities like completing surveys, shopping, watching videos, and browsing. Swagbucks was started in 2008 and It’s run by Prodege, LLC.

Over the years, it has paid out a lot in rewards. People like it for its legitimate works and good Trustpilot ratings.

How this help to get Diamonds

This Swagbucks platform can be a great source for Free Fire players to get diamonds without spending money.

You can do activities on Swagbucks and earn SB points. Then you use the points to buy gift cards or cash. And for Free Fire, use the cash to buy diamonds.

3. Joy Wallet App

Joy Wallet App

The Joy Wallet app is an all-in-one gaming platform where you can play a variety of single-player and multiplayer games. It’s available for Android users and has been downloaded thousands of times.

It has a simple UI and provides a good gaming experience. You can choose to play games from over 500 games. This makes the app quite diverse in terms of providing gaming content.

How this help to get Diamonds

You can take the benefits of Joy Wallet and use it to earn Free Fire Diamonds. By playing games in the app, you will earn and collect coins.

You can then use these coins to convert them into rewards like Google Play redeem codes for Free or other forms of free redeem codes and then use them to buy diamonds in Free Fire.

This makes the app a handy tool for gamers who want to get in-game currency without spending their real money.

4. Spin the Wheel By Rush

Spin the Wheel By Rush

Spin the Wheel is an option in the Rush app which is a gaming platform for Android and owned by HIKE PRIVATE LIMITED.

It offers a good way to earn rewards. In the app, you can spin wheels and scratch cards to win credits. You will get different activities that give different rewards. The app also has 24×7 support for any questions.

How this helps

This Free Fire Diamond app also helps the players earn diamonds. By playing spin wheel games and other activities in the app, you get credits. Then redeem these credits for gift cards and rewards.

Use these to buy Free Fire diamonds or Free BGMI UC. Daily you will get one opportunity to spin the online wheel and win rewards up to Rs. 100.

On the 2nd and 7th day of every week, you can spin a special wheel that guarantees instant cash as the prize.

There is a fun and popular game called coin master and our website is giving free coin master spins. You can make use of our website to get some coins.

5. Sports Guru Pro App

Sports Guru Pro App

If you are a sports player, then this Sports Guru Pro is perfect for you. It is a sports prediction app and has been there since October 2020.

While researching, I found that it has got very good ratings. The app has content suitable for all types of users. It also gives fantasy cricket tips and team suggestions for your convenience.

The best part is, that the app is completely free and works on Android 5.0+ versions.

How this help to get Diamonds

Now coming to our point, how this app is useful for Free Fire players. The Sports Guru Pro is another best Free Fire Diamond apps that gives a unique way to collect diamonds.

If you make correct sports predictions and play games in the app, you will earn points. You then convert these points into rewards to buy Free Fire diamonds.

6. Cash Alarm App

Cash Alarm App

The Cash Alarm app lets you earn rewards by playing mobile games. But like the previous app, this app is also for Android users only.

The app rewards you for spending time and playing games in the app. It takes games from different developers and offers them to you.

You don’t need any in-app purchases or deposits to start earning. You just permitted to track your mobile usage so Cash Alarm can see your game time.

How this help to get Diamonds

Now let’s see how this Cash Alarm app helps the players to collect Free Fire diamonds. By playing games in the app, you collect coins.

Then exchange these coins for vouchers from stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Google Play Store. After this, you can use the PlayStore Wallets to buy Free Fire diamonds.

7. mCash App

mCash App

mCash app started in July 2021 for earning money by doing tasks and surveys. It is made for Android users with an easy interface for everyone.

The free app has become very popular and currently, it has now 4.13 stars from 88 thousand reviews and over 2.1 million downloads.

The latest version 3.2 works on Android 5.0 and above. mCash has many simple activities like polls that offer a good way to earn points. So it has good options to engage in the app and get rewards.

How this help to get Diamonds

As I said above, mCash offers several simple ways to earn rewards that you can later use to buy Free Fire diamonds.

By completing tasks and surveys in the app, you collect points. Then exchange these points for cash or vouchers from online stores. And in the last step, you use the voucher to buy diamonds in Free Fire.

8. mGamer App

mGamer App

As the name mGamer itself shows, it is a mobile gaming app that works like a Get-Paid-To (GPT) platform and is developed by AG Pro Dev.

In this app, you can earn rewards by playing games, doing surveys, watching videos, and doing more such simple tasks. The app gives you coins for completing these simple tasks. Then you can redeem the coins for different rewards.

How this help to get Diamonds

For gamers, mGamer is a very useful Free Fire Diamond App. It lets you earn coins by playing games and completing surveys.

You can convert these coins into in-game currencies like Free Fire diamonds. The app also allows you to redeem rewards through PayPal and currencies for other popular games.

9. Poll Pay App

Poll Pay App

Poll Pay is another popular GPT (Get-Paid-To) app to get Free Fire diamonds for free. You can do activities in the app to earn credits.

Then use credits to get Free Fire diamonds. It has tasks like surveys to easily collect points for game currency.

The app is developed by BitBurst GmbH for Android and iOS. It has many survey topics to choose from as per your interests.

How this help to get Diamonds

For Free Fire players, Poll Pay gives a direct way to earn diamonds. By completing the surveys and tasks in the app, you get credits in your account.

You can also earn via offer walls with tasks like signing up for services, buying products, playing games etc.

Then simply like rather above-said apps, convert these credits into PayPal cash. You can then use the cash to buy Free Fire diamonds.

10. Kash Tag App

Kash Tag App

I think this app is not very well known to many users. If you do not know about the app then let me tell you about it.

Kash Tag is an app that lets users earn Free Fire Diamonds. Cloud Apps Solution develops it and is available for Android users.

This app is available since September 2022. The app size is around 22.5 MB and it is compatible with Android 5.0 and above.

How this help to get Diamonds

In Kash Tag, you can join in different tasks to earn coins. These coins can then be converted into diamonds for Free Fire.

You can play mini-games, complete tasks, and invite friends to join. This Free Fire Diamond app is handy for players who want to earn diamonds without spending real money.


We will be happy to hear your feedback about these apps in our comment section. Let us know which of these apps have helped you to earn Free Fire diamonds. Your feedback and comments are valuable to us.

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