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There is hardly anyone who has never shopped online on Amazon. And gradually Amazon is entering into different market segments.

Newly Added Amazon Gift Card Codes: NZFI-MYPIG3-J3NG, 836S-Y6HLAG-VXLW. We added more such codes below.

Amazon customers are gradually being directed towards the Amazon Pay section to buy digital products like Amazon gift card vouchers, train booking, mobile recharge, and electricity bill payments. You can also buy in-game items like BGMI UC and Free Fire MAX Diamonds.

Similar to Paytm, AmazonPay has its money wallet. It always tries to be in a constant effort to bring exciting cashback offers on many services.

get amazon gift cards for free
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DateJune 15, 2024
Last updateUpdated every day
Today’s reward amount₹10 – ₹50 | $1 – $2
No. of redeem codes for today10 gift cards
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Disclaimer: The Amazon gift cards listed on this site are not authorized or endorsed by Amazon Inc. The information shared here is only for informational use and should not be seen as an offer for the sale of genuine Amazon products.

We do not claim any link with or approval by Amazon Inc. Buyers should check the realness of the products before buying.” But we have personally bought these codes from AmazonPay and sharing the codes as a giveaway with our users.

Recently Added Amazon Gift card codes June 15, 2024 2:10 am

  • FNTM-883C8X-3AVF

  • MKDW-9L0IKO-7SY9
  • 3J82-39O2LI-LUV2
  • BVGR-TBR6TE-J374
  • KIN0-IZTQJ3-5UK4
  • 82CW-LOPN8M-KM2S
  • BL1O-9ZD30Y-0YXC
  • K97U-62WJ6A-0LW9
  • 4X8J-0GXXV5-WQ1L
  • A796-5ESTZH-2CFR
  • NFBC-O4K0Z9-TMD5
  • 07Q7-HJPR1T-TKGO
  • M7BJ-TQ7O3T-7J0K
  • 13BP-OHRVEN-85U2
  • 6ZPR-JYKC9K-EN17
  • 8N28-W62EB0-SMV6
  • 0SSX-Z0DKQ1-AWG7
  • 8BKT-K9MU0S-HRU4
  • XY54-ZZ2QPF-NH86
  • NNIJ-Y2P137-PT2P
  • RM13-E8LPMF-Y9QL
  • 746J-MLBFNZ-176X
  • 7DQ8-36YUJ7-T9U6
  • WB62-XXD7PA-ZVV7
  • LJY0-583POW-O7XP
  • JNL9-4YGZ4S-WB9R
  • WNJ0-XZT069-4X56
  • 26GQ-JK55DB-89C4
  • 0O85-A0IK4J-VL9L
  • 9E8R-GSSEJ6-BTS9
  • 86W5-J8GDW9-CMLG
  • R22M-1TFUAN-05EZ
  • T65W-MGJB75-77ZL

Amazon gift card code and the amount June 15, 2024

Amazon free gift card codeAmount
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Anyway, guys, these are codes that can only be redeemed once. Some gift card codes only work for some specific apps, so you have to check all the gift card codes whether they are working or not. We add updated redeem codes as soon as we get a new Google Play redeem code free

What is an Amazon gift card Redeem code?

This code is a 14-character long alphanumeric code which means it contains both Alphabet and Numbers


Once activated, the amount will be added to your AmazonPay Wallet. You can then transfer the amount from your Amazon pay balance to your bank account

You can use these Amazon gift voucher cards, Xbox redeem cards or Xbox gift cards, greeting cards, and other easy gift ideas to send gifts on every occasion such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, festivals, and more.

Some latest Amazon Codes/Amazon Coupon codes

Amazon coupon codesOffers/Rewards
W247YHBW20-50% off on power banksGet this deal
4DAJE8PN60% off on Bluetooth wireless earphonesGet this deal
KPDL061F10% off on earphonesGet this deal
KLEEXHV950% Off with a CouponGet this deal
O11W5MAE55% off on Wireless SpeakerGet this deal
TGSCYTCQFlat 5% off at checkoutGet this deal
CRF5HG03Extra 60% Off with Coupon CodeGet this deal
ADHZEISU30% off on the wireless keyboardGet this deal
E6WW06NB40% off on smartwatchGet this deal
No coupon requiredGet a Free Amazon Prime 30-Day TrialGet this deal
No coupon requiredGet a $150 Amazon Gift Card InstantlyGet this deal
A314KV0R15% Off with Amazon CodeGet this deal
85CQ9STA20-40% off on Alexa Echo DotGet this deal
22MVT6ED20% off on Smart LED bulbGet this deal
THPJD90UGet 52% Off with a Promo CodeGet this deal
406I1Q8PSave 44% Off with the Promo CodeGet this deal

If shopping online on Amazon, you must also be shopping on Flipkart. If you are a Flipkart customer, we have something for you. Now you can get Free Flipkart gift cards on our website Techsonu. Not only do we provide you with gift cards, but we also tell you how to get gift cards for free.

From where I can get an Amazon Gift card?

You can buy Amazon Gift Card codes from the official website of Amazon. Read the steps below to learn how to buy a gift card. The minimum amount you can do is ₹10, and the maximum is ₹10,000.

amazon free gift card via phone
  • Open Amazon app
  • Tap on the “3 horizontal icons” located in the lower right corner of the screen
  • Now tap on “AmazonPay
  • After landing on the AmazonPay homepage, slowly scroll down the page
  • You’ll see several gift card options under “Gift Category“.
  • Select “AmazonPay E-Gift Card
  • In this section of “Amazon Pay Gift Card Store“, you can choose any option as per your requirement
  • Generally, the first two options (i.e., Add Gift Card and e-Gift Card) are used frequently by normal Amazon customers.
  • So if you want to buy an Amazon gift card then select “eGift card“. Select the relationship/occasion for which you wish to buy.
  • In our case, we choose the Amazon Pay eGift Card for Best Friends.
  • Enter a minimum amount of ₹10 and choose a delivery option from these two options Email and Share via the link
  • And if you are copying the code from our website, or someone has gifted you the code then select the Add Gift card option.
  • Enter the 14-digit code and the amount will be successfully added to your Amazon Pay balance.


You can only use Debit cards, Credit cards, Net banking, and UPI to purchase the cards and cannot use the existing Amazon Pay balance

But not everyone can buy these Free Gift Card Codes every day. So to help out those who need an Amazon gift card free code, our team shares some Amazon codes daily. We buy these codes using the cashback we get from various sources.

You just need to stay tuned with us and visit our website every day to know the code issue date and time. You can bookmark our website to reach us quickly.

You can also get Free DoorDash Gift Cards on our website.

Uses of Amazon gift card code

An Amazon gift voucher has many uses. The best part is that it is fully customizable. You can use it for anything from big-ticket items to fun and inexpensive gifts.

You can use gift cards at any online store that accepts the card. The most popular of these is the Amazon website. You can use them to shop for anything you want.

amazon gift voucher

You can also use them to order food online from Swiggy, Zomato, etc. Simply use these Amazon gift vouchers to add balance to your AmazonPay wallet and recharge your mobile number, DTH, electricity bill, gas bill, credit card bill, and many more.

Above all, you can also use the Amazon gift voucher code to buy the Google Redeem code for PlayStore and Apple Gift cards. You can also buy a Free Myntra Gift card from your favourite fashion shopping store Myntra. Things don’t stop here, you can get some more game cards like Steam gift cards or PlayStation gift cards.

The uses do not end here, once you visit the AmazonPay section, you will see several platforms that accept Amazon Pay Balance Money.

How to redeem the Amazon Gift codes?

Redeem the gift card via the Amazon Website

Redeem an Amazon gift card via Amazon Website

You can use the below steps for both e-gift Cards and Physical Gift Card

  • Enter the gift card code provided on the physical gift card and the mail you received.
  • Tap on Add to your balance.

Note– You can directly click on the given link for a gift card received by email or SMS. If you haven’t signed in, you will first be asked to sign in to Amazon Wallet and your gift card funds will automatically be added to your account.

Redeem an Amazon gift card via the Amazon App

Redeem an Amazon gift card via Amazon App
  • Open Amazon app
  • Tap on the “3 horizontal icons” located in the lower right corner of the screen
  • Now tap on “AmazonPay
  • After landing on the AmazonPay homepage, slowly scroll down the page
  • You’ll see several gift card options under “Gift Category“.
  • Select “Add a Gift Card
  • Paste the “Amazon gift card code” and tap on “Add to your balance
  • The amount will be added to your Amazon Pay wallet

Some legitimate Direct/ Indirect ways

Amazon voucher card code

Play Games and earn

If you love to play games, you can earn money by playing them for cash. There are a lot of ways to earn money by playing games for cash. Some of these options may not be safe for you, but they are still worth checking out. These are just a few ideas to start your quest. Listed below are a few popular options for you to check out.

Share and earn

You might have heard about the Share and Earn program, which allows you to make money from the apps developed by others.

To start earning from the Share and Earn program, all you need to do is invite or refer as many friends as you can. You will receive a unique referral link that you can share with your friends and colleagues and earn money or rewards. So you can use the cashback to purchase a gift card.

Watch videos and earn

You can earn money by watching videos online and earning money in the form of gift cards. All you need to do is register with the site and agree to the terms of service. After that, you can watch videos to earn cash. Some sites also offer other opportunities to earn money, such as referral bonuses. You will get wallet cash to buy gift cards. This list contains some more legitimate apps:

  • OneAd
  • Cash Panda
  • Swagbucks
  • YesMobo
  • Roz Dhan
  • QuickRewards
  • MooCash
  • Earnably
  • App Trailers

Take a Survey and Earn

You can get extra cash and rewards through survey sites that pay out virtual currency. It is the best way to get an Amazon-free gift card code.

Based on your preferences, you can easily make between one dollar and $20 from taking surveys each month. Payout ranges between $0.50- $2 and rewards can be redeemed instantly.

  • Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a program that rewards you for answering surveys about various products and services. You will need to take part in short surveys.

It’s worth trying because it has the authority and trustworthiness of Google. It does work and you will be rewarded once the survey is completed.

The rewards can be used to redeem a Free Google Play Redeem Code and also to get Amazon gift card codes.

  • Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards

It is an app that allows you to play free games from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is play the game, choose your rewards and receive your gift cards within 2 days

Use this app daily and play to earn rewards like free Amazon gift cards. Play free games like Solitaire, Mahjong, Wheel of Fortune, Yahtzee, and other similar games to earn gift cards, Apple Gift Card Codes, Best Buy gift cards, Target gift cards, and more!

  • Easy Rewards

Easy Rewards provides another innovative way of spending your free time effectively. You can collect rewards and gift cards by completing simple tasks like downloading free apps, playing games, taking surveys or watching videos.

For each offer completed successfully, a certain amount of in-app coins are awarded that can later be redeemed for Amazon gift card codes, Free PayPal cash and other useful gift cards.

  • Fetch Rewards

Fetch Reward is an app that offers cashback, gift cards and other rewards when you shop or dine at restaurants.

You can start earning gift cards or redeem points starting at $3 and use them towards something like free Starbucks cups, Uber taxi rides or any type of gift card.

  • Article Insider

The name itself gives some idea about the platform. Using this platform you have to simply write text content, and earn money from it. After collecting enough points you can then use that money for gift card purchases. The whole process of earning any gift card is very simple. Just start writing, earn money then buy gift cards like Playstation gift voucher cards or Amazon gift cards.


The list of apps does not end here, there are a lot of apps listed on the internet to get gift cards. The only thing is, that you have to download and check the authenticity of every app. And the good thing is you don’t need to waste your time on these processes.

So if you want to save time, just keep visiting our website. Here we not only add Amazon gift card codes regularly but also update new ways to get Amazon gift cards. By using these methods, you can start getting gift cards for free directly, and there is no need to depend on others to get it.

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