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There is hardly anyone who has never shopped online on Amazon. And gradually Amazon is entering into different market segments.

Newly Added Amazon Gift Card Codes: O211-9M2NOQ-5EKR, 4HHY-6LWZF2-I8YS. We added more such codes below.

Amazon customers are gradually being directed towards the Amazon Pay section to buy digital products like Amazon gift card vouchers, train booking, mobile recharge, and electricity bill payments.

In short, AmazonPay is trying to compete with payment apps like Paytm, PhonePe, and GooglePay.

Similar to Paytm, AmazonPay has its own money wallet. It always tries to be in a constant effort to bring exciting cashback offers on many services.

If you stay active on AmazonPay, you will eventually get addicted to the cashback offers like Amazon gift card free redeem codes.

These cashback amounts are directly added to your AmazonPay wallet. And I think you know better about what to do with this wallet money.

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DateMay 31, 2023
Last updateUpdated every day
Today’s reward amount₹10 – ₹50 | $1 – $2
No. of redeem codes for today10 redeem codes
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What is an Amazon gift card Redeem code?

amazon gift card code

If you have received an Amazon free gift card from your loved ones, or probably wondering what is it? and what is its value?

This question is important to know as the Amazon Gift Card is worthless until you activate it. Every Amazon Gift voucher bears a unique Amazon Gift card code.

This code is a 14-characters long alphanumeric code. (Contains both Alphabet and Numbers)

Once activated, the amount will be added to your AmazonPay Wallet. You can then transfer the amount from your Amazon pay balance to your bank account

You can use these Amazon gift voucher cards, gift boxes, greeting cards, and other easy gift ideas to send gifts on every occasion such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, festivals, and more.

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Did the Redeem Code Work?

Recently Added Amazon Gift card codes May 31, 2023 5:49 am

Amazon pay gift card proof 1
Amazon pay gift card proof 2
  • FNTM-883C8X-3AVF
  • KQTJ-MJKN36-9W19
  • 34HL-C48ZYH-VYDD
  • 9MK5-LBFU0G-78K3
  • P5TQ-2ATD61-IMGO
  • 0QV0-K5XBSY-OD80
  • F8Y5-39YPQ0-EM32
  • 0WR4-ZE5L3U-9VSQ
  • BUDX-H034NI-XM73
  • IHEX-AF846P-LM5G
  • 0YDT-FL65MO-CGC1
  • CPHI-3ESI18-1NPD
  • 21RS-D3U9N3-V311
  • 2MYY-QJ894O-AVMB
  • 7QJ1-9C0SKG-ZE38
  • X6LJ-5NEY06-T6TY
  • T6U6-MU4RUQ-H842

Amazon gift card code and the amountMay 31, 2023

Amazon free gift card codeAmount
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Some more Amazon gift card redeem codes May 31, 2023

Row does not exist.NMVJ-61QFCW-3VBQ
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Some latest Amazon Codes/Amazon Coupon codes

Amazon coupon codesOffers/Rewards
W247YHBW20-50% off on power banksGet this deal
4DAJE8PN60% off on Bluetooth WirelessEarphonesGet this deal
KPDL061F10% off on earphonesGet this deal
KLEEXHV950% Off with CouponGet this deal
O11W5MAE55% off on Wireless SpeakerGet this deal
TGSCYTCQFlat 5% off at checkoutGet this deal
CRF5HG03Extra 60% Off with Coupon CodeGet this deal
ADHZEISU30% off on the wireless keyboardGet this deal
E6WW06NB40% off on smartwatchGet this deal
No coupon requiredGet a Free Amazon Prime 30-Day TrialGet this deal
No coupon requiredGet a $150 Amazon Gift Card InstantlyGet this deal
A314KV0R15% Off with Amazon CodeGet this deal
85CQ9STA20-40% off on Alexa Echo DotGet this deal
22MVT6ED20% off on Smart LED bulbGet this deal
THPJD90UGet 52% Off with Promo CodeGet this deal
406I1Q8PSave 44% Off with Promo CodeGet this deal

🎉🎉If shopping online on Amazon, you must also be shopping on Flipkart. If you are a Flipkart customer, we have something for you. Now you can get Free Flipkart gift cards on our website Techsonu. Not only do we provide you with free gift cards, but we also tell you how to get gift cards for free

From where I can get an Amazon Gift card free redeem?

You can buy Amazon Gift Card codes from the official website of Amazon. Read the steps below to know how to buy a gift card. The minimum amount you can do is ₹10, and the maximum is ₹10,000.

amazon free gift card via phone
  • Open Amazon app
  • Tap on the “3 horizontal icons” located in the lower right corner of the screen
  • Now tap on “AmazonPay
  • After landing on the AmazonPay homepage, slowly scroll down the page
  • You’ll see several gift card options under “Gift Category“.
  • Select “AmazonPay E-Gift Card
  • In this section of “Amazon Pay Gift Card Store“, you can choose any option as per your requirement
  • Generally, the first two options (i.e., Add Gift Card and e-Gift Card) are used frequently by normal Amazon customers.
  • So if you want to buy an Amazon gift card then select “eGift card“. Select the relationship/occasion for which you wish to buy.
  • In our case, we choose the Amazon Pay eGift Card for Best Friends.
  • Enter a minimum amount of ₹10 and choose a delivery option from these two options Email and Share via the link
  • And if you are copying the code from our website, or someone has gifted you the code then select the Add Gift card option.
  • Enter the 14-digit code and the amount will be successfully added to your Amazon Pay balance.


You can only use Debit cards, Credit cards, Net banking, and UPI to purchase the cards and cannot use the existing Amazon Pay balance

But not everyone can buy these Amazon Gift Card Codes every day. So to help out those who need an Amazon gift card free code, our team shares some Amazon codes daily. We personally buy these codes using the cashback we get from various sources.

You just need to stay tuned with us and visit our website every day to know the code issue date and time. You can bookmark our website to reach us quickly.

Uses of Amazon free gift card code

To use an Amazon gift card voucher, you must have an Amazon/AmazonPay account. After signing up for an account, you can check your card balance.

You can also reload the card by adding money to it using your credit card, debit, or prepaid card.

The minimum balance can be completed in just two minutes. You can also send the Amazon free gift card to your better half, friend, and family members.

An Amazon gift voucher has many uses. The best part is that it is fully customizable. You can use it for anything from big-ticket items to fun and inexpensive gifts.

You can use Amazon gift cards at any online store that accepts the card. The most popular of these is the Amazon website. You can use them to shop for anything you want.

amazon gift voucher

You can also use them to order food online from Swiggy, Zomato, etc. Simply use these Amazon gift vouchers to add balance to your AmazonPay wallet and recharge your mobile number, DTH, electricity bill, gas bill, credit card bill, and many more.

Above all, you can use the Amazon gift voucher code to buy the Google Redeem code for PlayStore and Apple Gift cards

The uses do not end here, once you visit the AmazonPay section, you will see several platforms that accept Amazon Pay Balance Money.

How to send these Amazon gift card free codes to your friends?

amazon gift card redeem websites

Amazon provides 3 options to send the Amazon gift card code to your friend. You can send the Amazon free gift card code by text, email, or physical voucher card.

The interesting part is you get a flexible option to upload a photo or video of yourself and your loved one. However, you must not use any images that are offensive or protected by intellectual property.

How to redeem the Amazon Gift codes?

The Amazon code is usually printed on the back of the card or included in the confirmation email. Once you have copied the code from our website, you simply follow the steps below to unload the amount in your AmazonPay balance. You can follow the same steps when you buy a physical gift card from a store, or have a friend send you these gift cards.

Redeem an Amazon gift card via Amazon Website

Redeem an Amazon gift card via Amazon Website

You can use the below steps for both e-Gift Cards and Physical Gift Card

  • Enter the gift card code provided on the physical gift card and the mail you received.
  • Tap on Add to your balance.

Note– You can directly click on the given link for a gift card received by email or SMS. If you haven’t signed in, you’ll first be asked to sign in to Amazon Wallet and your gift card funds will automatically be added to your account.

Redeem an Amazon gift card via Amazon App

Redeem an Amazon gift card via Amazon App
  • Open Amazon app
  • Tap on the “3 horizontal icons” located in the lower right corner of the screen
  • Now tap on “AmazonPay
  • After landing on the AmazonPay homepage, slowly scroll down the page
  • You’ll see several gift card options under “Gift Category“.
  • Select “Add a Gift Card
  • Paste the “Amazon gift card code” and tap on “Add to your balance
  • The amount will be added to your Amazon Pay wallet

How to Check Amazon Pay Gift Card Balance And Validity Before Redeeming It?

Usually, the validity and amount of the Amazon gift card are mentioned in the email you receive or in the package in which the physical gift card is sent.

However, if you have received an Amazon gift voucher from your friend and want to see if your friends are joking with you, then there is a way to check this. You can use the portal of Quicksilver to know all the details like expiry date, purchase date, active status, etc.

Quicksilver is the official partner of Amazon India for the issuance of Amazon Pay Gift Cards. Follow the steps to check Amazon gift card details before redeeming.

  1. Visit the Amazon Pay Gift Card Qwikcilver portal
  2. In each box, enter the reference number as well as the Amazon gift card code.
  3. Complete the given captcha
  4. Click on SUBMIT
  5. Now you’ll be able to see details like the gift card value and expiry dates, as well as active status.

How and from where do we get these Amazon gift card free codes?

Amazon voucher card code

You must be wondering where we get all the codes. So if you want to get a google play free redeem code by yourself, we’re going to reveal some secret methods and websites that can help you in getting free amazon gift card codes.

Anyway, guys, these are codes that can only be redeemed once. Some Amazon gift card codes only work for some specific apps, so you have to check all the Amazon gift card codes whether they are working or not. We add updated redeem codes as soon as we get a new google play redeem code free

Some legitimate Direct/ Indirect ways to get Amazon gift card codes.

Play Games and earn

If you love to play games, you can earn money by playing them for cash. There are a lot of ways to earn money by playing games for cash. Some of these options may not be safe for you, but they are still worth checking out. These are just a few ideas to start your quest. Listed below are a few popular options for you to check out.

They are both safe and easy to use. To make the most out of your free time, you should do a little background research. They directly provide the Amazon gift voucher or you can use the cash reward to get an Amazon gift card free

Take a Survey and Earn

The best way to get an Amazon free gift card code is by earning extra cash and rewards through a survey site that pays you in virtual currency. There are a variety of ways to earn extra money from taking surveys.

These sites include Google Opinion rewards, MySurvey, OneOpinion, and Shopkick. Depending on your personal preferences, you can earn as little as a dollar or as much as $20. You can earn a substantial amount of money from taking surveys a month.

The payout for these surveys is from $0.50 to $2, and you can redeem the rewards right away. These often come in the form of Amazon gift cards code, movie tickets, or other products. Once you’ve collected enough points to make a decent living, you can start taking surveys and earning extra cash. Use the extra cash to get an Amazon gift card redeem code.

Share and earn

You may have heard about the Share and Earn program, which allows you to make money from the apps developed by others.

But do you know how to use it? It is a simple money-making scheme with absolutely NO cost or threshold involved. All you have to do is promote products and services. In return, you will receive a commission based on price and gross margin.

To start earning from the Share and Earn program, all you need to do is to invite as many friends as you can. You will receive a unique link that you can share with your friends and colleagues. So you can use the cashback to purchase an Amazon gift card.

There are many reasons that you should get paid for searching the web. Among them is the fact that search engines want to know your habits and what you are looking for. These data are used to market their products and services.

This is done through the use of apps and programs that collect data on the types of searches you perform. As a result, these companies will use this information to create targeted advertisements for you. The reward for this is money. You can use the money to get an Amazon free gift card code.

Watch videos and earn

You can earn money by watching videos online and on apps. All you need to do is register with the site and agree to the terms of service. After that, you can watch videos to earn cash. Some sites also offer other opportunities to earn money, such as referral bonuses. You will get wallet cash to buy Amazon gift cards.

You have to watch ads to get cash or an Amazon gift card. If you get cash, use them to buy an Amazon gift card. If you are looking to make quick cash, this is the best way to get a free Amazon gift card.

These apps and websites allow you to earn money by simply clicking and watching ads. This list contains some legitimate apps that are easy to install and use.

  • OneAd
  • Cash Panda
  • Swagbucks
  • YesMobo
  • Roz Dhan
  • QuickRewards
  • MooCash
  • Earnably
  • App Trailers

Some Websites/Apps to get free Amazon gift card vouchers

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a program that rewards you for answering surveys about various products and services. You will need to take part in short surveys.

It’s worth trying because it has the authority and trustworthiness of Google. It really does work and you will be rewarded once the survey is completed.

The rewards can be used to redeem a Google Play redeem code and also to get Amazon gift card codes.

Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards

It is an app that enables you to play free games from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is play the game, choose your rewards and receive your gift cards within 2 days

How to get free gift card on Amazon? how to get free gift cards on Amazon? Use this app daily and play to earn rewards like free Amazon gift cards. Play free games like Solitaire, Mahjong, Wheel of Fortune, Yahtzee, and other similar games to earn Amazon gift cards, Apple Gift Card Codes, Best Buy gift cards, Target gift cards, and more!

Easy Rewards

This is another new way to utilize your free time. Easy Rewards helps you to earn rewards and gift cards by completing simple tasks. Tasks can be downloading free apps, playing games, completing surveys, and watching videos. For each offer you complete, you will be awarded a certain amount of in-app coins. These coins can be redeemed for Amazon gift card codes, PayPal cash, and other useful gift cards.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Reward is an app that offers cashback, gift cards, and other rewards when you shop or dine at restaurants. Simply scan your receipts with this app’s scanner and take pictures of them and watch as the reward points and gift cards start pouring in.

Earn Amazon gift cards or redeem points to pamper yourself starting at $3. So you don’t have to wait to redeem your points.

You can trade in points to get a free Starbucks cup, an Uber taxi ride, or a gift. You decide! You can scan your receipts and e-receipts in seconds to earn points that you can use to exchange gift cards in Wallet.


Instaearn is an app that can give you free Paytm cash. You will need to complete some tasks. These tasks could include installing and registering popular apps. Complete the tasks and earn rewards like an Amazon gift card redeem code. You can also get points by sharing the app with your friends.

Article Insider

You must have understood the way of earning from the name itself. This app lets you earn money by writing text content. You can write any topic as per your interest. You can create content on a wide range of topics such as news, sports, entertainment, and news. So the whole process to get free Amazon is quite simple, write text content, earn money, and then use it to buy gift cards.


Loco is again a great app for gamers to make money by watching gaming videos. You can play multiplayer games such as Bull Bash, Ludo and Pool, Carrom, Carrom, and other such similar games.

One of the best things is that you will get quizzes every day, which will increase your current affairs knowledge. It works like KBC, if you give a correct answer then you will get rewards in a different reward format. Earned coins can also be used to buy Amazon gift card codes for free(Although it’s indirect).


Dream11 is a fantasy gaming or sports platform and you must have heard about this somewhere. You will find many sports on this app including Hockey, Basketball, and Kabaddi Football. You can play games of your liking and earn cash rewards to buy an Amazon gift card code.


Userfeel is an app that pays its users based on the website testing done on them. Beforehand, you have to do some tests and then you will get rewards for checking the usability and performance of the site. Whatever amount you have collected can be used to get a free Amazon gift card.

Sports Guru Pro

This is again a fantasy sports app similar to MPL. The earning process is similar and players are paid for completing the tasks and playing games like spin-and-win. You can spin every day to earn. You simply use the earned amount to buy an Amazon gift-free voucher.


Dailyluck is an app to download wallpapers. Along with the wallpaper, you could also play the Piano Magic, Tiles Block Game, and Spin game to earn rewards.

As the name tells, it is a game of luck, keep trying to get some reward from the spin-earn game, daily bonuses, lucky draw changes, different games, job opportunities, and many other exciting benefits, and use it to buy an Amazon gift card code free.

GiftPlay: Get free gift cards and rewards by playing games

This app is new yet unique for mobile gamers. Simply play games of different genres like Casual, Strategy and Action, Puzzle, Adventure, and Arcade, and get rewards for winning.

Play the game according to the time asked and earn more coins. Use these coins to exchange for free Paytm cash and Paypal cash or for a range of top-branded gift cards like free Amazon gift cards, Google Play redeem codes, and many more.


The list of apps does not end here, there are a lot of apps listed on the internet to get Amazon gift cards. The only thing is, that you have to download and check the authenticity of every app. And the good thing is you don’t need to waste your time on these processes.

So if you want to save time, just keep visiting our website. Here we not only add Amazon gift card codes regularly but also update new ways to get Amazon gift cards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get a free Amazon Gift card?

To get a free Amazon gift card code, you need to use and stay active on different platforms. However, to save you time, our team does all the work for you. In short, we collect cashback from other apps/websites and use the cashback to buy Amazon gift cards for you. So you can rely on our website to get free Amazon codes every day

How to add/redeem an Amazon gift card?

To add an Amazon gift card code, you need to go to the AmazonPay section of the Amazon app. On the AmazonPay homepage, you scroll down, and you’ll see an option to add an e-gift card there. Simply type or copy the code from our website and then tap on Add Gift Card.

How to use an Amazon gift card?

An Amazon gift voucher has many uses. The best part is that it is fully customizable. You can use it for anything from big-ticket items to fun and inexpensive gifts.

You can also use them to order food online from Swiggy, Zomato, etc. Simply use these Amazon gift vouchers to add balance to your AmazonPay wallet and recharge your mobile number, DTH, electricity bill, gas bill, credit card bill, and many more.

Above all, you can use the Amazon gift voucher code to buy the Google Redeem code for PlayStore. The uses do not end here, once you visit the AmazonPay section, you will see several platforms that accept Amazon Pay Balance Money.

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