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Last Updated on September 29, 2023 by Sagar Kumar Sahu

Hello friends, How’s your coin master game going on? Climbing up the level or not? Anyways, you must be looking for a way to get coin master free spin, and for that obvious reason, you have landed on our page. Okay, friends, we have got some amazing tricks for you

coin master free spins

There was a time before the arrival of PUBG/BGMI when we gamers used to play Clash of Clans all the time. And now Coin Master, which has a similar concept to the Clash of Clans, is ruling the playstore in the “Adventure game category”. The concept is to build, and protect your own village and attack another village by utilizing the coins collected from the spin machine. And this simple unique concept gradually attracted millions of players to make it an all-time addictive game.

We need a free spin coin master to collect coins, and then we use the coins to build our village. In addition to collecting coins, the slot machine uses hammers and raids to attack other villages and make shields to protect our village.

Although the slot machine gives many extra spins to use, it eventually gets used up. In short, we only get a limited number of coin master free spins per hour(5 spins per hour), which greatly affects the chances of progressing our level in the game. 

On the flip side, sometimes our village is attacked by our enemies, and at this point, we run out of all the coins and spinning, and we fall into a situation of urgent need of spinning to rebuild and protect our village.

But the price of the coin master spin package seems to be quite expensive for a student and they can’t afford to purchase the spins. And at this moment we somehow looking for ways to acquire some tricks to help you

Anyway, friend, don’t worry, we are there for you. Our team has done good research to collect the ways to get a free Spin link for you so that you can save your hard-earned money on expensive purchases. Some ways are too direct to collect whereas most of the tricks are indirect yet easy to follow.

Before starting the topic, let’s start with some basic topics. And following that, we will provide you with the updated  coin master spin links 

Coin Master free spins and coins


Added 1 Hour Ago…

Date Coin Master Free spins and coinsCollect link
September 29, 2023510000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202330 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 20231230000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202350 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 2023310000 CoinsCollect Now

Added 2 Hours Ago…

Date Coin Master Free spins and coinsCollect link
September 29, 202350 Spins + 1850000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202350 Spins + 490000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202320 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 2023490000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202350 SpinsCollect Now

Added 3 Hours Ago…

Date Coin Master Free spins and coinsCollect link
September 29, 20231280000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202310 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 20231310000 Coins + 30 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 20231700000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202340 SpinsCollect Now

Added 4 Hours Ago…

Date Coin Master Free spins and coinsCollect link
September 29, 202340 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 2023760000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202340 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 2023760000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202330 SpinsCollect Now

Added 5 Hours Ago…

Date Coin Master Free spins and coinsCollect link
September 29, 20231700000 Coins and 20 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 20231700000 Coins OnlyCollect Now
September 29, 202310 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 2023450000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202350 SpinsCollect Now

Added 6 Hours Ago…

Date Coin Master Free spins and coinsCollect link
September 29, 202340 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 202330000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202320 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 202360000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202310 SpinsCollect Now

Added 7 Hours Ago…

Date Coin Master Free spins and coinsCollect link
September 29, 20231550000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202320 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 2023730000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202340 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 20231790000 CoinsCollect Now

Added 8 Hours Ago…

Date Coin Master Free spins and coinsCollect link
September 29, 20231920000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202310 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 2023390000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202350 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 2023780000 CoinsCollect Now

Added 9 Hours Ago…

Date Coin Master Free spins and coinsCollect link
September 29, 202340 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 2023630000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202320 SpinsCollect Now
September 29, 20231950000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202350 SpinsCollect Now

Added 10 Hours Ago…

Date Coin Master Free spins and coinsCollect link
September 29, 20231760000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 20231600000 Coins + 20 Spins(Mega offer)Collect Now
September 29, 2023940000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 202320 Spins + 560000 CoinsCollect Now
September 29, 2023560000 CoinsCollect Now

Note: These are just for demo purposes and may not be real

Scroll down to know the real sources from where you can get coin master free spin ⬇️

Free redeem codes


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Direct and common ways to get free spins

coin master free spins official ways

1. Collect Gifts

This is a passive way to collect free coin master spin sent by your friends. You can collect the gifts by visiting the gifts section. Here you can send and receive gifts or in short, you can share things with your friends. You can collect the daily spin coin master from your friends as well and you can gift them some prizes in return. Don’t worry nothing will be deducted from your coin master account. You will get up to 100 free spins by collecting spin gifts from your friends.

2. Daily Bonus Wheel – Free spin coin master

Like every fun game, this game also has a daily bonus wheel to get coin master free coins. So whenever you open the game, use the spin wheel to get the daily bonus wheel. You can generate millions of coin master free spins and coins if you use the spin wheel every day. These daily bonus wheels will indirectly help you to get more coin master-free spin

3. Stay connected with Coin Master’s social media

The developer of Coin Master, Moon Active, regularly offers a bunch of coin master free spins and coin links. If you stay in touch with their social media accounts, you stand in a high position to get a good source of coin master-free daily spins. Although it is quite difficult to stay active on all the platforms, our team works with dedication to find every possible way to get a free spin coin master. And therefore our blog can be a great source for you. Because we collect free spin links from different sources and immediately publish them on our blog. 

4. Invite your friends to join – coin master spin

Like many games on the market, Coin Master also rewards you with 40-120 free spins whenever you invite your friends. Your friends need to install the game using your link. But make sure you and your friend with whom you have shared the link have logged into your Facebook account.

Coin Master adds a lot more fun when you play it with your friends. So the more shares, the more spins will be credited to your account. 

5. Request a spin as a gift – coin master free daily spins

The coin master game allows you to get 100 spins per day with the help of your friends. It is good to have 100 active friends in your profile to get a good number of spins every day. You can find such active friends by joining Reddit or Facebook communities. You can also join the discord

6. Don’t skip the ads shown in the game – free spin coin master

You may get a certain number of Spins for free by watching the video ads. To earn free spins you go to the slot machine interface and just tap on the spin energy button at the bottom right. It is actually an official method that gives the spins by watching the ad. And you can use this method for a limited time in a day. Once this free method is used,  you have to wait for 1 day to use it again

7. Level up your village

Every time you level up and move to the next village, you will get a free spin. To level up the village, firstly you need to spend your coins to build the village assets and for its further upgrades. But if you are looking for a legal and official way, you cannot escape from these methods. There is an event called the Village Master event. So if you play the game while the event is on, you will get an extra 50-100 free spins coin master with additional bonuses. 

8. Participate in various events

Every time, Coin Master starts at least one event for its players, and mostly this event can give you completely free spins. You can learn about the events on the app itself. If you go to the slot machine page, then circular icons are shown at the top right corner, below the menu button. Tap on one circular icon to see the rewards attached to that event.

9. JOIN THEIR EMAIL LIST – Coin master free coins

Did you know Coin Master collects your Email also? You can join their email service by signing up. They occasionally send free spin links to users via Email and if you stay tuned to their Email, you will get free spins directly

10. Hourly Coin Master Free Spins

As per the rules of the game, You can wait for 1 hour to get 5 spins. That means if you wait for 10 hours you will collect a pack full of 50 spins. So the thing is, the more you play the game, the more chances to get free coin master spins. It is a cyclic process where you use the coins to get more spins and again use spins to earn more coins. If you collect more coins and utilize them to build up your village, you will level up and power coins will be rewarded 

11. Complete The Card Sets to get a free spin coin master

As I already said about the card sets in my post. Here the concept is very simple. You just complete the card set by collecting different cards in the game and get a chance to win a free coin master spin. You keep playing the game and cards will be given to you at any point in the game. A good piece of advice is to complete the card set when the Set Blast Card Event is running and get 30% additional spins.

13. Reward Calendar daily spin coin master

This reward calendar is the easiest method to collect Free Coin Master Spins directly. You have to play Coin Master daily to collect daily rewards. There are collections of different rewards that can be obtained from this rewards calendar.

To get free rewards, you are simply required to open the app daily to get the daily login rewards

14. Coin Master Chest coin master free coins

You can collect many amazing rewards like free spin coin master today from this Coin master Chest. It is a treasure box Inside which will provide you with many practical gifts like coin master free coins.

15. Visit Techsonu

Our blog Techsonu provides you with free spins, free coins, cards, and other similar in-game rewards on a regular basis. Actually, we have a dedicated gaming website, so our team spends valuable time collecting the redeem codes, free spins, and other similar rewards of different types of games to run an online business.

We collect the legit results from official and genuine sources. So if you want to save your time from being wasted on looking for coin master-free daily spins on different sources, then you can definitely consider our blog to get help.

If you don’t believe us, we have a telegram family of more than 4K members and the number is still counting. You simply join the telegram to help each other and grow as a family

What is a Coin Master game?

What is a Coin Master game?

Coin Master is a Single-player mobile casual game, which is included in the Adventure category in the Playstore. This fun game is based on a concept that mimics Clash of Clans.

In this game, you can build your own village, develop/progress it even better, defend it from attacks, and attack others’ villages. And for all these in-game activities you have to collect coin master free spins using a spin slot machine. You can also win maximum jackpot prizes by using the spin machine.

Coin master game developers have tried to make the game more interesting by including tons of fun elements such as Coins, Hammer, Pig Bandit, Shield, Energy capsules, pets, cards, and other daily rewards.

Once you install and open the app, it starts with a basic tutorial that introduces you to how to play the game. That’s certainly enough to get you started. To cut a story short we’ll go over some of the mechanics for your quick understanding of the game

The coin master game simply revolves around the acquisition and spending of coins in building and protecting your village. Primarily there are three ways that the game allows users to earn coins in Coin Master

  1. Getting the coin using the slot machine; 
  2. Targeting other players’ villages, and 
  3. Raiding other players’ bases. 

Apart from these, you can also earn coin master free daily spins by inviting your friends, and sending and receiving gifts/coins from your friends. 

In-game assets/elements and their uses

Slot machine

The slot machine is the brain of the game, it is the only element that will give you coins and rewards. To perform tasks like village building, attacking villages, raiding other villages, etc. you must first spin the slot machine. 

You can open the slot machine window by swiping down from the village view or selecting the play button(Spin) from the menu section.

The slot machine consists of 3 slots that show a different combination of elements with colour and flashing sound (like real slot machines). When the spin button is pressed, each slot of the machine shows any of the 5 elements.

And together they sprinkle 3 elements randomly. The reward you get will be based on the combination of elements shown in the slot machine.

We’ve listed the rewards you’ll get when three slots splash the same type of elements.

coin master 1
coin master 2
coin master 3
 3 Slots Rewards
Bag of CoinsMore coins
HammerAttack a random village (get coins by attacking someone else’s village)
Pig BanditRaid current Coin Master
ShieldProtect your village from attacks (lose fewer coins during an attack)
Energy Capsule10 free spins

The 5 key elements/assets in the slot machine are Bag of Coins, Hammer, Pig Bandit, Shield, and Energy Capsule.

Scroll down to get the coin master spin links in a table ⬇️

Coin Master Bag Of Coin

What kind of reward will we get from this asset, you must have understood from the name itself. It increases the coin number in your coin master account. When all 3 slots of the machine show you the coin bag, it rewards you with a good number of coins compared to the slots that show a random combination of elements.  

Coin Master Hammer

If the slot machine splashes an entire line of hammers, it gives you Hammer of Thor. This will allow you to attack other villages. You can attack your Facebook friends, but for this, you need to be logged in to your Facebook account.

So if you play a coin master game with your logged-in Facebook account, you can also play with friends who are playing this game. However, if you play as a guest, the game will show you a random player’s village to attack.

You will be asked to choose which part of the village to attack. More the parts of the village you destroy, the more coins will be collected to your account. 

Coin Master Raid Pig

The Pig Bandit is a smiling pink pig wearing a bandit mask. You get a chance to conduct a Raid on another village if you get 3 of these in a row.

You will get to raid the location of a coin master player whose name and pictures are shown above the slot machine. Once the slot machine displays 3 pigs in a row, you will be transported to that Coin Master player’s Village.

On reaching there, you will get three Shovels to dig holes. The game will show many dig locations in the Village. And these locations are marked by big Xs. Choose any holes to dig to get a considerable amount of Coin.

Coin Master Shield

The coin master shield Shield protects your village from enemy attacks. You can have a maximum of three Shields active. It protects the different items of your village from attacks even if you are not online in the game.

Whenever somebody tries to attack your village, it prevents the thunder attack by breaking the shield. At the same time, a few coins will be debited from your account and will be given to the attacker. But this shield does not protect your village from Raids.

Coin Master Village Building 

Coin Master Village Building 

This coin master game has created game levels in the form of villages. Your level increases when you completely build up your village. You will be asked to upgrade all of the village assets like houses, statues, ponds, etc. using coins till you get 5 stars for every item of your village. Currently, there are 314 Villages or levels with different themes in Coin Master,

Coin Master Cards

You can complete the card collection section by collecting different card sets. Different kinds of rewards are attached to every card set. Each type of card set has 9 cards. You can either buy the cards or keep playing the games to get new cards at some point in the game. 

You can also trade cards with our gaming mates. So every day you can trade about 5 Cards with your mates and coin master communities.

Coin Master Pets

Coin Master provides you with in-game pets that help you on Raids and Attacks and aid you in becoming a Coin Master.

After you activate the pet, you get extra rewards when you raid. This game gives you pets of different cute animals like tigers, rhinos, foxy penguins, etc

Ok friends, you must have gotten a basic idea of the game and how every asset works. Now let’s jump straight into the trick to get coin master free spins.


The Internet is flooded with lots of apps that can directly or indirectly provide you with coin master free spin links. But the thing is what if you spend your time on fake apps? That’s why we have created this post just to prevent you from using any unknown apps to get free spins for coin master. 

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