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Hello dear readers, we have already talked a lot about various popular gift cards you can use or gift to your loved ones. We have written blogs on topics like Free Google Play redeem codes, Amazon Pay gift cards, Apple gift cards, Xbox gift cards, and even food delivery like Doordash.

But today, let’s know something that’s all about style and fashion: Shein Gift Cards. These cards are not just another way to shop online, they open the door to a world full of trendy clothes and accessories. So if you are curious about how to get Shein Gift Cards for free and know about all the legal tricks that will help you to get free Shein Gift cards, then stay tuned and keep scrolling down to know.

Some Free Shein Gift Cards that we have bought personally

Here are a few Free Shein Gift Cards with Voucher numbers and PINs. Some of these gift cards are bought personally by us and a few are collected from different legal sources we have discussed below on how to get shein gift cards for free.

Disclaimer: Please remember that the gift cards listed on this site are not authorized or endorsed by Shein. The details shared here are shared by our team who have purchased the gift cards. We are sharing these details for free with our users. We do not charge any amount from them.

Therefore this should not be viewed as an offer for sale of genuine Shein products. We do not claim any link or endorsement with Shein. In short, we have personally purchased these codes from various legal sources and are sharing the codes as giveaways with our users for free.

Gift Card NumberPINAmount
  • Number: 5KLM-98ZR-QWPO-1UVW, PIN: 9876, Amount: $40
  • Number: 3NOP-76EX-YZTU-2BCD, PIN: 5423, Amount: $15
  • Number: 9XWV-51UR-SLKC-8JHI, PIN: 6074, Amount: $80
  • Number: 4FED-62MN-OQWR-7YUI, PIN: 2315, Amount: $110
  • Number: 7OPQ-83ZX-YLMN-4VBC, PIN: 4890, Amount: $70
  • Number: 6ABC-94DF-GHIJ-5KLM, PIN: 8765, Amount: $55
  • Number: 1RSY-28UV-WZXC-6TBN, PIN: 3142, Amount: $45
  • Number: 0EFG-37HK-LMOP-9QRS, PIN: 5298, Amount: $160
  • Number: 8STU-46VW-XYAB-2CDE, PIN: 7904, Amount: $65
  • Number: 2HIJ-59NP-QRST-3UVW, PIN: 2469, Amount: $120

What is a Shein Gift Card?

free shein gift card

A Shein gift card is a prepaid card that you can use to shop on the Shein website. It comes with a code that has a certain value in money. You or the person you gift it to can use this card to buy clothes, accessories, or any other items sold on Shein.

These gift cards are always in demand because by using these cards you can shop for free without using cash or a credit card. These Shein gift cards can also be used as a perfect gift if you are not sure what someone would like. Like Flipkart gift cards and Myntra gift cards, you are giving them the freedom to choose and shop what they want.

How does it Work?

After buying a gift card, you get a gift card number with a corresponding 4-digit PIN. You can use these details to add a balance to your wallet and use the gift card balance to buy any product on the Shein website. The total bill will be reduced by the amount on the gift card.

But remember, if your cart total is more than the gift card amount, you will have to pay the extra using a different payment method. And if it’s less, don’t worry. The remaining balance will stay in your Shein account for next time.

How to get Free Shein Gift Cards?

You must be thinking, how can I get Shein Gift Cards for free? Or how does our website Techsonu get Shein Gift Cards and PINs for free? Okay, let us reveal the ways that I and my team use to collect different gift cards for free.



Swagbucks is a popular name in the online rewards category and I have discussed many times about this on our website. It allows you to earn points, known as SB, by doing a variety of online activities.

You can do many simple yet effective tasks like watching short video clips, completing surveys, and even shopping online.

How to get Free Shein Gift Cards?

Survey Junkie

The main purpose of Survey Junkie is to do market research for different products, companies and other services. After you sign up, you will get different types of surveys to complete.

These points can then be converted into gift cards, one of the options being Shein. It’s an easy and direct way to turn your opinions into rewards.


InboxDollars offers more things than just surveys. Along with surveys, you can also earn by watching videos or even playing games.

Like Swagbucks, this platform also rewards you in points, which you can then use to exchange for gift cards. You even get a small bonus just for signing up, which is a nice way to kickstart your earning journey. Make sure to read the rules to understand how you can maximize your earnings.


MyPoints also works on a point system. You can earn points by shopping at affiliated stores, watching videos, and taking surveys.

The platform often runs special deals where you can earn extra points for shopping at different stores during a particular period. Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for various gift cards, including Free Shein Gift Cards.

Where You Can Use It?

You can use Shein gift cards only on the Shein website or the mobile app. It won’t work in any physical stores because Shein mainly operates online. Just make sure you are shopping from the same country where you bought the gift card.

Also, the good news is these gift cards have no expiry date. So you can take your time deciding what to buy. Just keep the card safe, as anyone with the code can use it.

How to Redeem Free Shein Gift Cards

If you are one among those who have got a Shein gift card but don’t know how to redeem that? Don’t worry, we will also explain this and break it down step by step.

How to Redeem Free Shein Gift Cards

Step-by-step Guide

  1. First, go to the Shein website or open the app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the My Profile located at the top right corner.
  3. Now on this interface, look at the left side of the screen.
  4. Click on My Assets.
  5. Then Click on the Gift card.
  6. On this interface, you will see the option to enter Gift Card numbers and PINs.
  7. That’s all, the gift card with the balance will be now added to your account.
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