Best Apps To Play Games And Earn Money


There was a time when we used to play games only to get out of the boring time. But now with the advancement of new earning options, you can even play games and earn money. That means now you can turn your leisure time into both entertainment and profit.

You will now think, there are so many platforms and sources where you can play games and earn money but which ones are the best to try?

If you are thinking like this, then there’s no need for you to figure this out alone. My team and I have collected the 10 best such platforms for you by doing extensive research. We have carefully selected the top 10 Money Earning Games from the ocean of the internet.

Play Games and Earn Money With The 10 Best Money Earning Games
Game/App NameEarning PotentialStar Rating
Dream11Up to 30% of fee; ₹500/referral; ₹5000/month affiliate; ₹200 new user discount; Min withdrawal ₹503.9
QurekaEarn in quizzes; ₹10/referral; share friend’s win; win up to ₹30,000; Min withdrawal ₹203.9
MPL₹100/game; tournaments up to ₹1 lakh; ₹100/referral; ₹50 sign-up; Min withdrawal ₹203.1
Paytm First GamesEarn in contests; up to ₹20,000/referral; ₹245 for friend’s rummy play; Min withdrawal ₹1004.0
WinzoPlay from ₹2; ₹50 sign-up; ₹100/referral; win up to ₹5 lakh; 5% withdrawal fee3.8
RummyCircleEarn ₹3,000-₹5,000/month; loyalty points; tournaments; Min withdrawal ₹1004.2
LocoEarn gold by streaming; convert gold to cash; ₹30 gold/referral; earn up to ₹1000 by watching; Min withdrawal ₹303.6
ZupeeEarnings vary by game and skill; up to ₹1500/day; ₹10 sign-up; ₹5/referral3.9
Gamezy100% cashback on first deposit; win up to ₹10 lakhs; ₹50-₹200/referral; Min withdrawal ₹254.2
GetMega₹500-₹1500/big games; ₹1-₹2/small games; ₹10/referral; bonuses up to ₹3000; deposit-based4.0

Dream11: Real Money Earning Game

Dream11: Real Money Earning Game

Dream11 is a big name in fantasy sports and is one of the best play games and earn money platforms in India. You can play different games like cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball.

I liked its smooth UI, real-time score updates, and different gaming options. Dream11 is a platform where you can play the games strategically. It gives you detailed stats about players and match conditions.

Using these data you can make strategies to win more games. Once you reach the withdrawal threshold, the money claim process is very simple. But remember, your winnings will be taxed as per Indian laws.

Earning Potential:

  • In low-risk leagues, you can earn upto 20-30% of what you pay to join the game.
    • So, if you join with ₹100, you can earn a minimum amount of ₹20-30.
  • For every referral, you will earn ₹500 each.
  • Also, there’s an affiliate program using which you can earn up to ₹5000 every month.
    • New users get a ₹200 discount when they join.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹50 only.

Good and Bad side of the app:

Good PointsBad Points
High earning potential.Requires knowledge of sports.
User-friendly interface.Earnings depend on actual player performances.
Regular contests.High platform fees.
Live score updates.Cash bonus offers expire after 25 days.
Variety of sports options (Cricket, Football, etc.)Help and Support need improvement.
Rewards like DreamCoins and Champions Club access.
Refer and Earn system with up to ₹500 bonus per friend.

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Qureka is an all-in-one quiz app where you can test your knowledge on various topics. It is a top-rated app with stars of 4.2 on the playstore.

You can use this platform if you are looking for some online games to Earn Money and challenge your IQ through useful quizzes. You can explore different quiz themes like cricket, Exam IQ, and more.

The app supports quizzes at different times, which makes it a suitable platform for users to play, test their IQs and in return win real money as rewards.


Earning Potential:

  • You can participate in daily live quizzes, hourly quizzes, cricket quizzes, and exam prep tests to earn points.
  • Regular logins help you stay updated with daily challenges and quizzes.
  • You can earn Rs. 10 for each new friend who joins and plays their first game using your referral code.
  • If your referred friend wins a game, you earn half of their winning amount.
  • You can play different small quizzes throughout the day, with a chance to win up to Rs.30,000 or earn coins.
  • You can also participate in special quizzes like the ‘Live Mega Quiz’ with a ₹25,000 prize.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is only Rs.20

Good and Bad side of the app:

Good PointsBad Points
Boosts your knowledge with various quiz topics.Earnings can be lower compared to other platforms.
Live quizzes are available.
Instant withdrawal of earnings.
Small withdrawal limit of INR 20.
Earn through daily participation and referrals.
Opportunity to win substantial cash prizes.

MPL: My Favourite Money Earning Game

MPL: My Favourite Money Earning Game

MPL is an online popular Real Money Earning Game in India that offers over 60 types of games, including fantasy sports, board games, puzzles, and all types of card games.

MPL is a hit game, especially for Indian gamers and that’s why it has over 9 crore users. You can play its wide range of games and join in individual games and tournaments to get big prizes. MPL also includes elements of gambling in some games and offers opportunities to earn real cash while playing.

MPL is claiming that their platform is 100% legal and safe to use which seems to be true and I am saying this after using it. You can easily withdraw the winnings using all available channels like UPI, bank transfer, and Paytm

Earning Potential:

  • You can play free games like bingo, pool, and card games and can earn ₹100 per game.
  • You can also participate in tournaments or head-to-head competitions that sometimes offer up to Rs 1 lakh.
  • By adding money to your game wallet, you get quick access to higher-stakes competitions with larger cash prizes.
  • The MPL offers a referral program where you can earn Rs 100 per friend.
  • MPL gives a good sign-up bonus of ₹50 to new users
  • The platform also gives bonus tokens, coins, and small cash amounts for daily logins
  • It offers instant withdrawal options

Good and Bad side of the app:

Good PointsBad Points
Offers over 60 types of games.Competition is high.
Multiple withdrawal options.Earning rate can be slow.
Referral bonuses are available.Complaints about unexplained bans and inconsistent payouts.
Daily bonuses and rewards.High processing fees.
Opportunity to win cash in tournaments.
Minimum withdrawal is low (INR 20).

Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games: Games to Earn Paytm Cash

Paytm is very popular in India for its digital payment solutions. Now, it also offers its platform (Paytm First Games) to earn real money by playing games.

This platform is quite smooth with all types of game categories, including fantasy sports, Rummy, and more. It’s a part of Paytm’s ecosystem and you can be assured about the secure transactions and easy withdrawals.

Paytm First Games has over 200 games. It covers major football events like the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. You will also see the real-time tracking of fantasy points, expert predictions, and live score updates.

Earning Potential:

  1. You can participate in free or paid contests in different online games like fantasy football, and win real cash prizes.
  2. You can then use fantasy passes to get free entry in selected contests and earn rewards for consistent play.
  3. You can also earn up to Rs.20,000 by inviting friends to the platform.
  4. You also get big rewards by joining the ‘First Captain’ daily leaderboard.
  5. You can earn Rs 245 when your friend plays rummy for Rupees 1000, and an additional deposit of up to Rs 5000 depending on your friend’s total rummy betting.
  6. You can also check for daily, weekly and monthly sign-ups to earn 50 Rupees additional bonus
  7. The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs 100 in Paytm First Games​.

Good and Bad side of the app:

Good PointsBad Points
Secure and Trustworthy platform.Limited game variety compared to other platforms.
Easy withdrawals to Paytm wallet.Some players prefer more complex or challenging games.
Integrated with Paytm’s digital payment system.
Offers over 300 games, including major sports events.
Real-time tracking of fantasy points and live score updates.
Rewards for consistent play and completing tasks.
Refer & Earn program for additional earnings.


Winzo: Play games and earn money

WinZO Games is another best way to Play games and earn money platform with lots of different kinds of games. It has a large user base, with over 7 crore users, and is also endorsed by the popular brand ambassador M S Dhoni.

You can find easy games like Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja on it. There are also old-style games and sports-related games. Using its multiplayer gaming option, you can play against other people in real time. They host new and cool prize-winning contests every day. It also has multiplayer games and daily competitions.

The app is regularly improving the platform by adding good UI, new features and games to the app. I like the fact that it charges a relatively low commission (0-17%) compared to others.

But what I did not like about the app is that its rules are quite difficult to follow and follow. There is also a 5% withdrawal fee.

Note: Get Free Winzo Coupon Codes and Referral Codes on our website

Earning Potential:

  1. You can play games on WinZO with investments as low as Rs. 2.
  2. When you join WinZO, you can receive a sign-up bonus of ₹50.
  3. You can earn up to ₹100 for each friend you refer successfully to WinZO.
  4. You can play games like Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, and Candy Crush Saga for cash prizes, with daily challenges available.
  5. You can also join card game tournaments like Rummy, Ludo, Poker, and Solitaire with chances to win up to ₹5 lakh.
  6. You can make teams in cricket, football, kabaddi, hockey, and basketball, and earn points based on real-life match performances.

Good and Bad side of the app:

Good PointsBad Points
Different game selection of all game categories.Faces regulatory challenges in India.
Supports multiple Indian languages.Competes with larger platforms like MPL and Dream11.
Low entry fees for contests and tournaments.Some issues regarding customer support
Real-time multiplayer games and daily contests.
Strong community engagement and social features.
Continuously invests in technological advancements.
Offers all popular earning methods like refer and earn programs.



RummyCircle is another well-known online platform in India to earn money by playing games. It’s a game where you need to create the right sequence and sets of cards. You can play with 2 to 6 players.

This rummy app is RNG-certified and offers a secure gaming experience. It has a larger player base of over 30 million users and this makes it India’s largest web portal for online card games.

You will get a personalized experience and several Rummy variations, including Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, and Rummy Tournaments.

Along with this, you will get a good chance to win exciting daily bonuses like Welcome Bonus, Rummy Power Play, Club Bonus, Friday Bonus, and Supreme Bonus.

Earning Potential

  • The earning potential can range from ₹3,000 to ₹5,000 per month.
  • However, I can say that as an affiliate marketer, you can earn a profit between ₹3,000 to ₹5,000 per month, which can increase to ₹7,000 or more.
  • You can then redeem these points for bonus cash and other benefits.

Tournaments and Promotions

  • You can join promotional tournaments like Mega, Club, and Jumbo Tournaments and then get paid for winning
  • To participate, you need to deposit money. The minimum deposit is Rs 25 and can go up to Rs 10,000.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs 100, and beyond a certain limit, a processing fee applies.

Good and Bad side of the app:

Good PointsBad Points
RNG Certified and secure transactions.Complaints of scams and unfair practices.
Multiple game types and tournaments.Lack of Live chat and unresponsive support.
Potential to earn real money.Users give negative user reviews for its unresolved glitches
Bonuses and promotions are available.
Play with real players, enhancing the gaming experience.



Loco is a popular interactive Free Money Earning Game in India that entirely works on unique play games and earn models. It was launched in January 2018 and after that, it has had incremental growth in user base, especially in tier-two cities, towns, and rural areas.

The game has a very simple UI, operates in real-time and provides a smart way to play and earn. It is also a popular live game streaming app and is now available on Android TV. This allows you to watch esports tournaments, live streams, and gaming shows on your TV.

In 2024, you can enjoy a more improved UI on Loco with new features. With 900% growth from June 2021 to June 2022, Loco has become a hub for content creators and gamers as well.

Earning Potential

  • You can earn gold by live-streaming games on the Loco app. You can then convert the gold later into money.
  • To start a live stream, simply click on your profile section, then click ‘Stream Now’. You can stream your favourite games like Free Fire, PUBG, and others.
  • If viewers enjoy your livestream, they will gift you gold or diamonds, which you can convert into money.
  • By sharing the referral link of the Loco app with your friends and on social media, you can earn 30 gold for each referral.
  • You can also earn by watching live streams of other gamers on the Loco app. You can earn up to 400 gold every day and earn around Rs. 700 to Rs. 1000.
  • You simply earn money by correctly answering all questions in a real-time quiz. These quizzes are scheduled twice on weekdays (1:30 pm and 10 pm) and once on weekends (10 pm).
  • You face a challenge of 10 multiple-choice questions on the Loco app. If you answer incorrectly, you are immediately eliminated, but you can stay in the game if you have a ‘life’.
  • You can obtain a ‘life’ by simply referring a friend to Loco. If you answer all the questions correctly, the rewards are credited directly to your Paytm account.
  • You must have a Paytm account to receive and withdraw your earnings and it has a minimum withdrawal limit of ₹ 30.

Good and Bad side of the app:

Good PointsBad Points
Real-time competition with no entry fee.Requires fast and accurate responses.
Engages the brain and adds knowledge.Controversies regarding legitimacy and earnings.
Referral bonuses and in-app earning opportunities.Mobile numbers are used for marketing purposes.
Offers simple and entertaining ways to earn
Multiple quizzes daily, increasing chances to win.


Zupee: Apps to play games and eanr Money

Zupee app is a popular Best Game to Earn Money in India. It hosts many skill-based games. You can play games like Ludo, Carrom, and Snakes and Ladders. You can win real cash by playing these games. To play, you need to download the app. It’s available on the Play Store, iOS Store and the Zupee website to download it.

It also offers lots of quizzes on many topics like sports and general knowledge. The quizzes are available on the platform and come with MCQs. This makes the game more exciting. You play against other players in real time and win real cash by playing. The cash prizes go directly to your Paytm or bank account.

Earning Potential:

  • You can earn as much as ₹1500 each day, which can add up to ₹45,000 monthly.
  • When you sign up for Zupee, you get a ₹10 bonus.
  • You can use this bonus to play games and earn money.
  • Also, when you refer a friend to Zupee, both you and your friend earn ₹5 each.
  • You can withdraw your winnings quickly using bank transfer or UPI (like Paytm, or Google Pay).
  • It is safe to add money to your game wallet using UPI or a bank account.

Good and Bad side of the app:

Good PointsBad Points
Many games with cash prizes.A limited number of quizzes.
Simple and easy UINeed Paytm for cash prizes.
Play and win cash at any time.Sometimes the app may crash.
Learn new things.
Fair play is important.


Gamezy: Real Money Earning Games

Gamezy is one of India’s fastest-growing Online Money Earning Games with over 1 crore users. It is more used and played for its fantasy cricket experience. You need a credit score to build your teams. You can also check players’ performance and stats to make a fair selection of your team.

It offers contests in cricket, football, and kabaddi where you can win real money. You can create virtual teams using real players and score points based on their real-life performances. You can customize your teams based on various statistics and forms that give you a good chance to win cash prizes in fantasy leagues.

You get options like playing 2nd Innings or live fantasy, and can join in at different phases of a match. When you join, you get a bonus to start playing. You can even win up to Rs. 10 lakhs. You can withdraw a minimum of Rs. 25 and up to Rs. 2,00,000 at a time from Gamezy.

Earning Potential:

  • By using the referral code, you can get a 100% bonus cashback on your first money deposit.
  • The platform offers options to win up to Rs 10 lakhs or more.
  • A user shared that they won ₹3 Lakhs playing 2nd Innings & Live Fantasy contests
  • One player won ₹25,000 and earned an additional ₹5K cash bonus through the referral program.
  • A user playing rummy on Gamezy for four months won over ₹3.5 Lakhs.
  • Here are the estimated earnings you can earn by using the platform:
    • Ludo: You can earn between ₹100 and ₹500 each day.
    • Rummy: Daily earnings can range from ₹200 to ₹1000.
    • Fantasy Cricket: In each tournament, you can win ₹500 to ₹5000.
    • Referrals: For every successful referral, you can get ₹50 to ₹200.
    • Contests and Promotions: You can amounts ranging from ₹100 to ₹5000.

Minimum Withdrawal: The minimum withdrawal amount on Gamezy is Rs 25.

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Good and Bad side of the app:

Good PointsBad Points
Variety of unique cricket fantasy games.Higher platform charges, especially for low-entry fee contests.
Opportunity to become a Powerplay Influencer and earn lifetime commissions.Reduced availability of deals and discount codes compared to the past.
Join 5 teams and get the 6th team for free in GL (Grand League).
The process of joining and creating a team is simple.



GetMega is one of our best Games to Earn Paytm Cash in India. It was founded by two IIT Kanpur graduates Lokesh Jangid and Mayank Ram and it is based in Bengaluru. The app offers games like tic tac toe, cards, carrom, gopool, warship, carrom, poker games, rummy games and many more.

The platform makes sure there’s no cheating and promises to give your money back if something goes wrong. New players even get free chips to practice. Everyone who plays on GetMega gets VIP treatment and can talk to their support team any time, day or night.

GetMega provides a good referral bonus system. You can earn ₹50 when your friend signs up through your referral link. If your friend makes a deposit, you will receive an extra ₹100 bonus.

If you both play together on GetMega, you both can get ₹100 in bonus cash. Apart from this, there is also a leaderboard challenge where you can win up to ₹10 Lakh in online poker and rummy. It’s a good gaming platform that provides both entertainment and chances to win real money

Earning Potential:

  • Game Winnings: Your earnings can vary from ₹500 to ₹1500 for winning big games. For playing small games you can expect the earning to be around ₹1 to ₹ 2 per game.
  • Referral Program: You can earn Rs. 10 per successful referral.
  • Joining Bonuses and Cashbacks: You will get bonuses anything from ₹50 to ₹3000 depending on the deposit amount.

Good and Bad side of the app:

Good PointsBad Points
Wide variety of games for different interests.Risk is involved as real money is used for playing.
Instant and easy withdrawal options like PaytmApp performance may vary depending on the device.
Internationally RNG is certified for fair play.Referral program requirements may be stringent.
Unique feature of in-game video and audio chat.Limited earning potential in smaller games.
User-friendly interface and quick loading times.

What Are the Money Earning Games?

These real money earning apps are of different categories like puzzles, quizzes, or even traditional games like ludos and carroms.

Our team has collected the best ludo earning apps for you by trying and testing different apps. Please check them out

In recent years, these games have become very popular, especially in India. Many people in India like to play simple games like Ludo, Card Cam, Carrom etc. in their free time.


I hope you found this post on the best “play games and earn” apps helpful and informative. If any of these play games and earn platforms have helped you earn rewards or provided a great gaming experience, please share your thoughts in the comments. Your feedback is important to us because your insights will help our other readers too.

Also, if you know of any other apps that offer similar benefits, please mention the names below. Our team is always on the lookout for new play games and earn platforms to include on our website. So let’s help each other explore the world of Real Cash Earning Games.

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