Latest YouTube TV Promo Codes (Upto 90% OFF)


Hello friends, we all know very well about YouTube, right? Of course, we have. But have you heard of YouTube TV? It’s like your regular TV but much better. You get to watch live TV, sports, news and many of your favourite shows. Now, you might be thinking, “That’s great, but what’s the new thing? And how much will it cost me?”

Well, that’s where promo codes come in. It’s like the same situation when we start going shopping online, and we get an unexpected discount code. Doesn’t it feel good? The same goes for YouTube TV. We can use YouTube TV promo codes to save money when you are signing up. In fact, there are some promo codes that even let you try the service for free for some time.

YouTube TV promo codes

So if you are looking for a good YouTube TV promo code that will give good discounts, free trials and more, then stay tuned. Here we will give you all the available latest YouTube TV promo codes that will help you enjoy YouTube TV.

Here are some YouTube TV Promo Codes

  • R2J3H2JVQKXT4Z: $15 Off Orders for New Base Plan Subscribers
  • R1J9AEXXTWRUZN: $15 Off
  • R2JE62CQBKV1G8: $15 Off
  • R0N4XEW4OLJQGL: $15 Off
  • R23RU8K4RFAW6U: $15 Off Your 1st Month
  • R1SKKMGEAFGW: $15 Off Your 1st Month
  • R30E4QA790E7WE: $15 Off Your 1st Month
  • R3V5E1H0F0B55U: $15 Off Your 1st Month
  • R0XUO2XSNZ3Y8Y: $15 Off Your 1st Month
CodeOffer Description
R1LRKCOBJEMK0D$15 off the basic plan
SPOOKY40% off the whole YouTube TV order
UCYINBQVUQTEFree 30-day trial
R0YBMX75HZO9DNNew users get $15 off
R3SFKOCQUXK4IJ$19.99 for one month
VIDCON2021Free one-month trial
R3NV3KX89579P3Extra $15 off first month
R0PR3TLHBEADIA15% to 55% off and a free 30-day trial
GET15OFFSave 15%
R3MOGPEW84FXXN15% discount
TENOFF70 live channels for $49.99 a month
SLINGER5050% off, no minimum needed
HOLIDAY25Save 30% on any order
40HLW40% off any order
R181B5RO8HBUH0$15 off your monthly bill
R3CML8ELNYSFWTFirst-time users, $15 off
TAKE10Discounts on special add-ons
YTINDIA20Great YouTube TV Deals
YTSAVE15Offers on Your First Month
R1XWLEJLEZ9D04Exciting YouTube TV Offers
DISCOUNT3535% Off Your First Month
YTVID22Exciting YouTube TV Offers
CODE4UExciting YouTube TV Offers
YTTVFREE30One Month Free Trial
GETITNOW1010% Off On Your First Month
FLASHSALEExciting YouTube TV Offers
NEWUSER20Offers For New Users
COOLTV20Exciting YouTube TV Offers
YTFAMILYFamily Plan Discounts
YTPREMIUMExciting YouTube TV Offers
TECHLOVEExciting YouTube TV Offers
YTSEP23Exciting YouTube TV Offers
SAVE50YTExciting YouTube TV Offers
EARLY2024Exciting YouTube TV Offers
YTNEWS30Offers For New Users
HOLIDAYYTSeasonal Discounts
R1AL27UNWPF1UGExciting YouTube TV Offers
YTFAST10Quick Discounts
LOVE2WATCHExciting YouTube TV Offers
CODEGIFTGift Vouchers
DAYOFF3030% Off On Holidays
R028MWC82CHH72Save $15 per month for 3 months
R1KQXPOD1X98ZL15% off purchase
R24CDJ1KDSOYND$15 off subscription
NFLSWITCH23$12 off base plan
WELCOME1050% off
BOGO40% off
R3L9J76ET3SICX$15 off
NEW15Free trial
PODCAST$10 off first purchase
ALMOST30Up to 12% off
RM10$35 off order
SITEWIDE2020% off
GIVEME25Save 25% on orders over $75
TECH2020% off on a 14-day trial
SITEWIDE3535% off sitewide
R1J9AEXXTWRUZNUp to 90% off
R27ORV9IVMEZ7SExtra $15 off the first month’s base plan
WELCOME1515% off promo code
LJXI4C$30 off coupon
WAIYCBDBB$25 off at checkout
R0FPTER183JA31$45 off using discount code
H5P8XW3OQY4R07$10 off coupon code

Do you want to get a Free YouTube Premium Subscription? If Yes, then I have written a dedicated post covering all the possible legal ways to get free access to YouTube Premium so that you can enjoy ad-free YouTube Videos.

What is YouTube TV?

You know YouTube is the only platform where you spend your free time watching your favourite videos. But there’s something more than YouTube. And that product is YouTube TV. It is actually not just a part of YouTube but a whole new thing that lets you watch live TV, just like your regular TV but with a lot more to offer.

YouTube TV

First, let’s talk about channels. With YouTube TV, you get many channels. You can watch news, sports, and even kids shows. You don’t need any cable, just a good internet connection. I have provided a list of channels of all categories that you can watch on YouTube TV.

3 fascinating features of YouTube TV

You will see many good features which are better than ever.

  • Using YouTube TV you can set upto 6 individual accounts.
    • That means six people in your family can get their own accounts with their own favourite channels and shows.
    • Now, you don’t need to fight for the single remote.
  • You get unlimited DVR space.
    • With this feature, you can record your favourite shows and watch them later.
    • And the best part is, each of the 6 accounts gets its own unlimited DVR space.
    • So, your shows won’t get mixed up with someone else’s.
  • You can also watch YouTube TV on three different screens at the same time.
    • So you can catch up on a cricket match, while someone else in your family watches a movie, and maybe another person watches a cooking show all at the same time.

How to Use a YouTube TV Promo Code: Easy Steps

YouTube TV Promo Code

Step 1: Open YouTube TV Website

  • Go to YouTube TV’s official website
  • Look for the ‘Free Trial‘ option
  • Click on it to start your plan

Step 2: Log In or Create an Account

  • Use your Google account to log in
  • If you don’t have one, make a new Google account
  • For new users, enter a USA zip code

Step 3: Choose Your Plan

  • Browse through different subscription plans
  • Pick the one you like best
  • You will see a box for a promo code
  • Type your promo code in this box

Step 4: Finish Payment

  • You will now see the total cost with the discount
  • Use a debit or credit card to pay
  • You can also use the Google Play wallet
  • Get free Google Play Redeem Codes

Step 5: Start Watching

  • Once payment is made, you are all set
  • Enjoy watching your favourite shows and movies

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Troubleshooting YouTube TV Promo Codes: What to Do If Your Code Isn’t Working

Issue 1: Code Not Valid

  • You enter the code, and it says “Code Not Valid.”
  • Make sure you have typed the code correctly, without any spaces.

Issue 2: Code Expired

  • If it says “Code Expired,” then the promo code is old.
  • You will need to find a new, current code to use.

Issue 3: Code Already Used

  • If the message says “Code Already Used,” this means you or someone else already used this code.
  • Again, look for a new code to use.

Issue 4: Code Not Applicable

  • Sometimes, you might see “Code Not Applicable.”
  • This usually means the code is not for the plan you picked.
  • Read the terms of the promo code to see which plans it can be used for.

Issue 5: Can’t Find Where to Enter Code

  • If you can’t find where to enter the code, it might be hidden.
  • Look carefully during the payment process for a box that says “Enter Promo Code” or something similar.

Issue 6: Technical Error

  • If nothing works and you still see a technical error, the best thing is to contact YouTube TV support.
  • They can help you solve the issue.

How to Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial: A Quick Guide

Step 1: Open the App or Website

  • Start the YouTube TV app on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Or you can visit on your computer.

Step 2: Go to Your Profile

  • Tap on your profile photo. It’s usually at the top right corner.

Step 3: Open Settings

  • Tap on “Settings,” and then tap on “Membership.”

Step 4: Manage Membership

  • Here you will see an option that says “Manage.”
  • Tap on it.

Step 5: Cancel Membership

  • Now you’ll see “Cancel membership.”
  • Tap on that and then tap “Cancel” again to confirm.

How to Pause Your YouTube TV Membership: Easy Steps

Now, let’s know a simple guide on how to pause your YouTube TV membership.

Step 1: Open the App or Visit the Website

  • Open the YouTube TV app on your Android gadget.
  • Or open on your computer’s web browser.

Step 2: Click Your Profile Photo

  • You will see your profile photo usually at the top right.
  • Click on it.

Step 3: Go to Settings and Membership

  • Click on “Settings” and then click on “Membership.”

Step 4: Set the Pause Duration

  • You will see a slider that lets you pick how many weeks you want to pause.
  • Use the slider to set the time.

Step 5: Confirm Pause

  • After setting the time, click on “Pause.”

Advantages or Features of YouTube TV Subscription

Lots of Personal Accounts: You can set up 6 different accounts. Each person gets to see what they like.


Your Own Space for Shows: Every account comes with endless DVR space. So you can keep all your favourite shows in one place.

Watch Together but Separate: Three people can watch at the same time on different devices.

Add More Fun: You can add extra features to your basic plan. This is good for people who want more TV shows, more sports, or even Spanish TV.

See It Better with 4K: With 4K Plus, you can watch in fantastic quality. You also get to watch on multiple screens at the same time when you are at home.

Features of YouTube TV Subscription

Get Premium TV: Add-ons like ALLBLK, MGM+, and Shudder give you more movies and shows that you can’t find anywhere else.

All-In-One Entertainment: With the Entertainment Plus bundle, you get Max, SHOWTIME, and STARZ all together. And it doesn’t cost much.

Sports Channels: Sports Plus gives you more than 13 extra sports channels. You can watch games and shows that are hard to find.

Devices That Support YouTube TV

Here are the most used devices that support YouTube TV

  • Mobile Phones: You can watch YouTube TV on Android and iPhone. You just need the app.
  • Smart TVs: Brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony support YouTube TV. You can watch it directly on your TV.
  • Streaming Devices: You can use things like Roku, Chromecast, and Fire Stick to watch YouTube TV.
  • Laptops and Computers: Just open a web browser and go to the YouTube TV site to watch.
Devices That Support YouTube TV
Device TypeSupported Devices
Smart TVsSamsung, LG, Vizio
Streaming DevicesGoogle Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Google TV
Gaming ConsolesPlayStation, Xbox

How Device Choice Affects YouTube TV Experience

These are some points that I personally think make a great change in the watching experience.

  • Screen Size: Bigger screens like TVs are good for group watching. Phones are good for watching alone.
  • Controls: On a phone or tablet, you can touch the screen to control it. On TV, you will need a remote.
  • Picture Quality: Newer devices will show better quality. Older ones may not look as good.
  • Portability: You can take your phone anywhere. But you can’t move your TV.
  • Internet Speed: Some devices need faster internet to work well. Make sure your internet is fast enough for what you use.

Activating YouTube TV Free Trial for 3 Months

These are the very simple steps to activate a YouTube free trial for 3 months:

  • First, visit the YouTube TV website.
  • You will see a ‘Free Trial‘ option.
  • Click it to start.
  • Use your Google account to sign in.
  • If you don’t have one, make a new account.
  • You will be asked for a zip code.
  • Make sure to enter a valid one.
  • Choose the plan you like.
  • If you have a 3-month free trial YouTube TV promo code, put it in the promo box.
  • Fill in your payment details but you won’t be charged until the trial ends.

And that’s it. You will get YouTube TV for three months free.

YouTube TV: Is It Really Worth Your Money?

Good Parts

  • Lots of Channels: You get many live channels like News, sports, and other shows.
  • Family Sharing: Up to 6 people can have their own accounts on YouTube TV. So your whole family is happy.
  • Record Shows: You can record as much as you want. There are no limits.

Not So Good Parts

  • Price: It’s not cheap to subscribe.
  • Zip Code Limits: It’s not available everywhere or in every area.
  • Extra Costs: Some cool features cost more money.

So, is it worth it?

Well, if you watch a lot of TV and want to share with family, yes. But if you only watch a little, maybe look at cheaper options.

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Plan details and Prices of YouTube TV subscription

Here you can see a simple table to compare the different YouTube TV plans:

Plan NamePriceWhat You GetSpecial FeaturesAccounts and Streams
Base Plan$64.99/mo100+ live channelsKey Plays View6 accounts, 3 streams
Spanish Plan$34.99/mo30+ Spanish networksKey Plays View6 accounts, 3 streams
NFL Sunday Ticket Bundled or StandaloneStarting at 4 payments of $74.75/mo or $299 annual priceEvery out-of-market Sunday gameAvailable with or without NFL RedZoneNo 2-year contract


  • All plans offer unlimited DVR space.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket has monthly payment plans in most locations except GA, NY, TN, MO, NJ, MN, and NV.
  • You can save on NFL Sunday Ticket with a YouTube TV Base Plan.

Youtube TV Channels

I have listed out some popular YouTube TV channels, but you can visit the official YouTube TV website to get the complete list

Youtube TV Channels

Base Plan Channels

  1. News: ABC News, CNBC, CNBC World, CNN, FOX Business, FOX News Channel, MSNBC, NBC News Now, etc.
  2. Sports: ACCN, BTN, CBS Sports, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN U, ESPNEWS, FS1, FS2, Golf Channel, NBA TV, NFL Network, etc.
  3. Entertainment: AMC, Bravo, Comedy Central, Disney, Freeform, FX, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, MTV, National Geographic, TLC, USA, etc.
  4. Kids: Disney Junior, Disney XD, Nick Jr, Nickelodeon, Universal Kids, etc.

Add-on Networks

  1. Premium Movies: Acorn, Cinemax, MGM+, Showtime, STARZ, etc.
  2. Special Interest: CuriosityStream, Gaia, Hopster Learning, MagellanTV, Screambox, etc.

Sports Plus Add-on

  • BilliardTV, FOX Soccer Plus, FanDuel TV, Fight_Network, Impact_Wrestling, MAV_TV, RedZone from NFL Network, etc.

Spanish Plus Add-on

  • beIN SPORTS en Español, Antena 3, NTN 24, Nuestra Tele, TyC Sports, Discovery en Español, ESPN Deportes, etc.

Budget-Friendly Alternatives to YouTube TV

Of course, even after applying the YouTube TV promo codes, some find it quite pricey for you, so don’t worry. There are other options that are easy on the pocket.

Sling TV

  • Sling TV lets you pick channels you like. This way, you only pay for what you watch.

Hulu with Live TV

  • Hulu is cheaper than YouTube TV. You get live channels and can also watch lots of shows and movies.


  • Philo has very cheap plans. It gives you more than 50 channels. But it doesn’t have sports or local news.

Pluto TV

  • Pluto TV is free. Yes, it is totally free where you get lots of channels, but they pick what you can watch.

Tubi TV

  • Tubi TV is also free. It has lots of shows and movies but not live TV.

Roku Channel

  • If you have a Roku device, you can watch the Roku Channel. It’s free and has some good shows and movies.

Peacock TV

  • Peacock TV has a free plan with good shows and movies. You can pay a little to get more.

Amazon Prime Video Channels

  • If you have Amazon Prime, you can add channels for a small fee. You can pick and choose.

So these are some good and cheap options if YouTube TV is too much for your budget.


So friends I have not only provided YouTube TV promo codes but also covered all the topics related to our main topic. I have tried to help you in every aspect related to YouTube TV and its promo codes. Keep in touch with our website, so that you can get updated promos on a regular basis. And please comment below which YouTube TV promo code you used.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you watch YouTube TV when you travel?

You can watch it anywhere in the US where there’s good internet. But it offers live TV only in certain areas.

Is there a limit to DVR storage?

Nope, no limit. Record all you want. Just keep in mind, that the recordings stay for 9 months. So go ahead, and build your dream content library.

How can you get a YouTube TV discount?

Invite a friend who’s new to YouTube TV. Both of you can get a good deal on the next monthly payment. But you need to have an active paid account. Also, you can visit different websites like Twchsonu to get the latest Youtube TV promo codes

What’s the deal with the code HOLIDAY45?

Use this code when signing up and you will pay just $20 for the first month. In addition to this, you get 2 free days before they charge you.

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