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There are many ways to get free Paytm cash. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most popular methods. Before that let’s start with an introduction to Paytm. So keep reading to learn more about how to get free paytm money.

Paytm started in 2016, is an online banking portal with the help of which you pay bills, recharge and directly pay merchants.

This isn’t the only app to be providing the same service. Phonepe, google pay, and BHIM UPI all come up with the same business model as paytm.

Soon Paytm felt the market heat and with rising competition, Paytm came up with a variety of ideas on a regular basis to retain customers.

Paytm cashback is one such marketing strategy that is used by the company to attract more consumers.

What is Paytm cash and how to earn it?

There are numerous free websites and apps in India that have tied up with paytm and all you need to There are numerous free websites and apps in India that have tied up with paytm and all you need to do is watch advertisement videos, play some games, review stuff, read news, listen to music, and and earn cash on your Paytm app. This is Paytm cash.

All these Paytm earning websites and apps take money from advertisers like Google Ads based on PPV or PPC and share part of the revenue with the customers.

So in other words, Paytm cash can be your solution to your financial woes with no investment cost.

We will be letting you know the genuine apps that you can use to earn free Paytm cash. Do try these apps and earn your share of paytm cash.

The good thing is that all of these paytm cash apps don’t even require to be installed on your device, now which makes it less hectic.

Not just this, you can also earn Paytm cash by providing reviews, reading news, listening to songs, and many more. Here in this article, we’ll be telling you all about making money online by using Paytm. Be with us till the end.

Play games to win free paytm Cash

The young generation today is fascinated by sports and games. So here we begin with the gaming apps first that give paytm cash for free.


Gamezy - free paytm cash app

Gamezy is one of the best platforms to play games and keep earning cash via Paytm. There are around 15 games that include rummy, ludo, snake and ladder, fantasy sports, carrom, etc.

Do check out all the games and choose your favourite one on whom you could bank your skills on. Do play the practice games before the real ones. Practice better to perform the best. Data privacy is assured by the app.

How do I earn free paytm cash here?

Game missions will be present in the app. You need to complete the missions one after the other. Keep completing the missions and keep getting cash rewards.

Any person willing to play can earn up to Rs. 15,250 on signing up and playing. You can earn upto Rs.12,250 via referrals. You can withdraw the cash and use the Bank Transfer option or use the Paytm Wallet option.

Note: Only adults above 18+ are advised to play.

Winzo app

Winzo paytm cash app

Winzo App founded in 2016 is another such app where one can play a variety of fun games to earn money. Currently, it has over 1.2 million plus users.

Winzo till now has distributed over Rs 200 crores in form of prizes to its subscribers. This is a legal app and hence can be trusted to earn free paytm cash. Use the app and get paytm cash for free

  • For first-time users Rs. 50 bonus is offered.
  • The single referral would earn Rs. 10 Paytm cash.
  • The players can earn Rs. 300 to Rs 1500 per game.

Dream 11

Dream 11

We all would have heard about this game during the IPL. The advertisement for the app was spot on. From there on it became a popular fantasy gaming app.

The risk-takers can create their own cricket/football/kabaddi team by selecting players. Whenever your selected players perform well, you win points and after the match gets over, the team with the maximum points wins the tournament.

Create your team now to earn. Make sure to put your best team forward. You can tet Rs.200 sign-up bonus using Dream11 promocode. Every referral would earn you Rs.200. Also you don’t need a minimum deposit to get a reward.

8 Ball pool

8 ball pool

Seeing the demand for the pool game, this game was made to suffice the gaming needs of youth. If you’re good with this game, you must try it out. Who knows you might be the lucky one to win it out on your day.

After joining you need to play a match of any amount with some random player online and upon winning you get your cash prize.

The Rs 50 signup bonus that you receive can also be used in subsequent matches. The money earned can be withdrawn to the paytm account.

Watch Videos and earn Paytm cash

Watch Videos and earn Paytm cash

If you’re bored of playing games, here’s another way you can earn money in a lazy way. Watch videos and fill your Paytm wallet.


This is probably one of the best apps to earn Paytm money by watching videos, if not the best.

This is the favorite app of a lot of people because of its reliability and is also free to use. This app has every potential wherein you can earn lots of Paytm money by watching videos. Download and install the app from the play store.

Once the app is downloaded, go to the ‘watch videos and win coins’ section.

Here any video can be selected to watch but make sure to watch the complete video with ads without skipping else you will not be rewarded with the money.

You will be paid in the form of coins, which can be converted into Paytm cash whenever desired.

Pocket charge

PocketCharge is another great app by Collegedunia to earn Paytm cash. Here also the process remains the same. You need to watch the videos with ads and keep earning.

Here you’ll be getting new offers every day and you can choose from them accordingly. I’d suggest first choosing the tasks which have the highest amount of cash and then followed by tasks with less pay.

The earned money can be redeemed to Paytm. They also offer 24*7 customer service with a great user experience.


TaskBucks is another fantastic app owned by Times Internet Limited, which allows you to earn up to Rs. 500 in paytm cash every day by completing tasks like watching videos, taking quizzes, and filling out surveys.

It is a safe and reliable app as the majority of the stakes are owned by Times Internet.

Till now the app has over 3.2 crore installations on Playstore and is having agreements with 160 plus top brands including Paytm, Mobikwik, etc.

Go to the app and explore more. You’ll find a world to explore there with a wide range of tasks being present there. Money earned can be redeemed through MobiKwik, Mobile Recharges, and Paytm Cash.

Listen to your favourite music and earn

Listen to your favourite music and earn

Who doesn’t like music? How good it would be if you can earn paytm money by just listening to music? Sounds fun and impossible, isn’t it? It is possible. Trust me!

Indian music player

This is one of the best and most reliable apps to listen to music and earn money in the form of paytm cash. The application is lightweight and just 4MB thus making it easy to download for every Phone.

The users can set any song as a ringtone too. The best feature is that the app scans your phone and brings all the music content under it, thus making it easier for you to find all mp3 content under a single roof.

Free signup bonus of Rs. 50 is offered to new customers. Listen to music, and earn coins and these coins can be redeemed in the form of paytm cash. You can earn more coins by using the referral option.

Earn Free Paytm Cash through Quiz

Earn Free Paytm Cash by playing Quiz

To be honest we all are good at something or other. Some are good at movies, some are good at maths, some at general knowledge, etc. The good news is that this knowledge can be used to earn cash through paytm.

We got an app that gives you this opportunity to earn free paytm cash by playing Quiz games


The host will ask 10 questions and all of them needs to be answered within 10 seconds instantly.

Quizzes are conducted several times a day. The reward can be up to one lakh dollars. When you’re taking a quiz, you will have only one life to keep playing after a mistake is made. The referral would help you earn more paytm cash too.

The genre of quiz would be: Maths quiz, Bollywood quiz, Hollywood quiz, Gk quiz. You need to choose one among these and start playing to win paytm cash.

Qureka app

Qureka is a great learning platform and has a unique app that offers a feature called “Made in India” that allows users to play quizzes created by Indian people only.

This helps the users learn a lot about their own country. The game is simple to play, with a clear and creative design.

During the quiz, the user will have only 10 seconds to respond to the questionnaire and because of this reason cheating from the website option can be ruled out.

The range of quizzes would vary from IPL quiz, UPSC exam quiz, SSC exam quiz, World Cup quiz, etc.

Earn Paytm cash by reading the news

Earn Paytm cash by reading news

News is something that keeps us updated. What can be a better way to earn where you could keep yourself updated with time and not remain unaware of what’s happening around you?

Listing out a free paytm cash app that pays you for reading news


mCash app is a secure platform that enables users to do all the fun activities and get rewards like free paytm money instantly.

The app even pays its users to read new articles, which not just keeps the users up to date with time but also acts as a source to earn paytm money from it.

With the help of vouchers earned, one can purchase items from sites like Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, etc.

You can earn Paytm cash by reading news and other tasks like app installations and registrations, completing surveys, inviting friends, playing games, etc. One can earn paytm cash of Rs. 100-500 on a daily basis and Rs. 10 per day for logging in for the first seven days or a week.

Earn Paytm cash by submitting reviews

Earn Paytm cash by submitting reviews

Who ever knew that writing a review would earn us free paytm money? But yes it’s possible now.


Collegedunia is a college review website that gives away its users Rs.100 paytm cash for submitting a review of their college. This is the best way to earn for students.

You can also submit identity cards of college and classroom pictures to earn an extra amount of Rs.20 and Rs.50 respectively. A single successful referral to a friend would earn you Rs.20.

All you need to do is:

  • Visit the collegeDunia review link.
  • Create a new account with the Paytm number.
  • Tap on ‘Write Review
  • Search for the respective college where you have studied.
  • Post a genuine review of your college and
  • complete all steps.
  • Within 10 minutes to 24 hours, Rs.100 paytm cash will be received.


This was it. We chose the best apps and the most reliable ones before listing the free paytm money apps here. If you want to start earning some extra Paytm cash, there are many great apps out there that will help you do just that.

Do you know of any other PayTm cash tricks that we missed? Share them in the comments below and help your fellow readers save some extra money. Be sure to check back soon as we update this list regularly with new and exciting ways to make the most of your PayTm account. Keep visiting our blog techsonu

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