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Hey BGMI lovers, I know you have visited our blog to get BGMI redeem codes, and let me assure you that you have visited the correct source. We have a team of 5 members who work with full dedication to provide you with the redeem codes so that you can use them to buy your favourite in-game BGMI items.

We all work and put lots of effort into getting free redemption codes in BGMI from various sources. We then update the new code as soon as we get the genuine codes. 

Redeem codes forBGMI
Last update TimeJuly 15, 2024
Redeem Code SourceDiscords, Reddit sites, Live streams, etc
Number of redeem codes 2-5 codes are daily updated on our blog
Live1 hour ago

In this blog, we have also mentioned some sources that we use to obtain the free redemption code. We use these codes not just for BGMI but for many apps that are available on the Play Store.

BGMI redeem codes

So if you want to get the redeem code, then keep visiting our blog daily or bookmark the blog, so that whenever we update any code you can get an immediate chance to grab the code.

What is a BGMI Redeem Code?

BGMI Redeem Codes are 10-12 digit alphanumeric codes that can be used to buy many in-game premium items and inventory, such as costumes, vehicle skins, gun skins, parachute designs, loot boxes, masks, scarves, lucky draw boxes, and many other items for free In.

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List of BGMI Redeem codes Today July 15, 2024

Motor Vehicle SkinK0Z3H4C81Z
Pan with Golden ColorPBLSWIDIMQ
Modern Hanbok Jacket for FreePCMKO44GGJ
Padded Jacket (Camo) for FreeGJNX1KFN2V
M416 SkinL5N51WR0QC
Scar L skinG8J3SL7R2A
Legendary Outfit7LK40SLH52
Free rename card MIDASBUY
Free Room cardMIDASBUY
UMP Gun SkinL848G1I345
Parachute SkinN4XY6PU9K1
Assassin Bottom & Assassin Suit OEDY216Q4Z
Free 1300 Silver FragmentsJ690KZX2U2
Backpack SkinLHSOF1F2FV
Outfit MJ5K7S7E5F
Kar 98K Sniper Gun SkinLG0EZZPOVE
Set of Bumble BeeGC4P0W4HE1
Free Rename CardJ6J09C36CJ
Motor Vehicle SkinI3U0S1BBHB
Free FireworksP75NR4Z55G
Random OutfitK0BABF8NJZ
Racer Set (Gold)OLEI1HD6IG
Stealth Brigade SetJ5LNVUAUET
Desert Ranger SetJ20R5BJ6WP
AK47 Gun SkinGDA8ZW083E
AKM Glacier Skin9(white)LFORR4PQ98
Leo Set Legendary OutfitKATSJG7ONR
Racer Set (Gold)JD1ZPTDBE3
Get Free CompanionKG2XF47G87
Desert Ranger SetLL76JKG64O
Bumble Bee SetK5JF7ATEKY
Unknown GiftPHCFQP8Z3C
Free rename cardPDCHRFXCNC
Pink HelmetM78GZ1UFZQ
Bike SkinGLR4MN1L5J
Desert Ranger SetKMB8J9CL7L
Free Andy CharacterML4VHCPMOT
Free Rename Card & Room CardPUBGM98K
1000 UC (Only for Lucky users) OKNB0LX1CU
Random Gun SkinsN9S3T1UU7Y
Premium Car Skin (For 3 days) J9UK4TAA0T
Free Emoticons PL94JQH01D
M24 Gun Skin (For 5 days) OG6VNIJF5C
1 Free BGMI Cannon PopularityPGMHA234L3
SCAR-L Gun SkinHAY5412Q34
Falcon (Latest) H3J70UMYC7
Legendary Outfit H7DPKLBU0H
Get 1 Free BGMI Cannon PopularityNC7P303LU4
Kar98K Skin (For 3 Days) LJLRBIVGTM
Combat Driver SetLUCKY 
Pistol Skins for 3 DaysJ68CQ2Z7WF
Free Rename CardUBVSFSKA1U
Get 3 MotorcycleHAPPYEASTER
Rewards: Andy CharacterNMUCCDT86L
New AKM Glacier Skin Redeem CodeOCZ84ZKBU3
Kong Team – PanBRAID
Underground Crew SetGODZILLAKONG
M416 Orange SkinP9QGUD6DHS
Free FireworksSD14G84FCC
8 Red Tea PopularityBBWQO41OAQZG
Pink Combo CostumeGBQ12T60DE
Pistol SkinPGJ6P0EGJP
Bonus GiftPF8YD94D7J
Duelist SetGH8C9M24YR
Unknown Gift BGMIM GROZA
Free BGMI Football & Chicken PopularityJJCZCDZJ9U
Free Silver FragmentsIG9PI7FESC
Special CostumeOH8KUSCV8U
KAR98 sniper skinNEVXWH6BL1
Pistol SkinLD15W607WK
Falcon PetKHIZHFHX33
Falcon PetIGPC64Y32Y
100 UC0GF229AG57PLAY
M31A4 new skinFIUSVZHB91
Unknown Gift M2Y5KM1W67
Two-Wheeler Skin for FreeINHD4D18YN
BGMI Football & Chicken Popularity(free)BGMIMCREATIVE
Unknown Gift P3EFNG1OGS
Free BGMI Cannon PopularityKJNSLJPZ6Q
Redeem for the Leo OutfitBGMIMOBILENP
Stylish ShoesTIFZBHZK4A
Free MP5K Skin(3 Days)PKM20WUK85
Free Room CardTU76P0RDM9
Free Carlo CharacterUYBX3PD3I2
New Design Helmet Skins6K8JFSQA6D
Unknown GiftETBF6JMU6U
Free Aeroplane skin2VHPR77KB9
CigaretteSTV’s Shirt FreeROBLD6THFD
Free Just9n’s JacketI0DMRNXCUE
Bonus CodesBBP4I1D6CV8K
Bonus Codes SC4DCC657E
Digital Camo JacketBGMIMOBILENP
Snake Skin Sneakers6RJONFW09P
Bonus Codes BBYY80N6H5TM
100UC for Absolutely freeJJUT7GUUOQ
Free Name cards or Room CardPB1O12TF2L
Free Andy CharacterBBZ3RTC9B03K
Festive Horse MaskUQNJ2MX25N
Hwarang Shirt5K62RK2F54
Vintage Gas MaskBBEI5BLTRCME
500 UC 23YY6EXHP3
100 UCBB0Y5B2O8C73
Bonus CodesDN1EI7ZUSP
Bonus CodesS38LDQGH8S
Bonus CodesT23NSKK7CF
Bonus CodesMCO2O6URP3
Bonus CodesK97G7P7FXR
Bonus CodesM4XED5RJ2R
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BGMI Mobile free Rename Card codes

We have arranged some free BGMI rename card codes. As you know, getting these PUBG rename card codes is not that easy, so we could only collect 10 codes. The first 10 visitors can only use these codes. Subsequent users may see an error message because once the PUBG Rename Card Code is redeemed, it cannot be used again. You just keep visiting our website, we will keep adding BGMI rename card codes regularly.


Some Random BGMI Redeem Code (Live Updating )

  • BTP8X6S65E
  • 6PV2D4HBTJ
  • G00BZQ97LH
  • I1E9MC5L89
  • K5L0JNX9RE
  • P7XUOS7H45
  • ID9JIG06HA
  • O367Y6SNKF
  • L6PG65Q06V
  • O56X7VRICN
  • P0RRD0LH0B
  • TM3L7LZ6ZJ
  • A5H82NAV7X
  • P67VTVKD8D

How to use the BGMI Redeem Code?

You can use these game redeem codes by visiting the redemption centre on their official website. You can also redeem the code using third-party websites like Midasbuy.

So to redeem the codes you will be asked to enter your Character ID along with the Redemption code. After that, you have to enter the verification code to unlock the BGMI redeem code. Okay, let us give you a step-by-step guide.

  • Visit the official BGMI redemption website to land on the official page directly
  • On the page, you can see a form asking you to fill 3 fields- Character ID, Redemption code & Verification code
  • To fill in the character ID, you just go to your BGMI profile in the game and copy the ID.
  • Now enter the redeem code that you will get from this blog and our other recommended sources.
  • In the last form, you have to simply fill in the Captcha verification code correctly.
  • If the captcha or verification code is not visible, you can reload the captcha by hitting the reload button
  • Now click on the yellow-coloured “REDEEM” button.

Know when the so that you can again start playing your favourite game.


Now let’s understand how to use the Midasbuy site-

Click here to visit the site Midasbuy. 
  • On the page, you will see 4 options- Purchase, Redeem, RP, and Promotions.
  • To activate the BGMI redeem code, click on Redeem
  • Before entering the redemption code, you have to first sign up on the website
  • You can use your Facebook account to sign up
  • Once the sign-up process is complete, you will be asked to enter your character ID
  • As I already said, BGMI characters can easily be copied from the profile of the BGMI app 
  • Enter the character ID and redeem the code.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the reward to reflect in your in-game mailbox.
How to redeem BGM codes

Note: If you want to play the BGMI game like a pro, then there are some BGMI sensitivity settings that you need to apply to your gameplay. We have provided the secret settings for you on this website.

How to get a redemption code?

By now you know what a redeem code is? But many questions are coming to your mind like what are the benefits of a redeem code, and How to redeem the code? From where shall we get these codes? Okay let me explain to you in brief, Unlike other games, there is not any direct way where you will get lots of redeem codes at one stretch. 

Actually, on our blog, you will find two types of redemption codes.

How to get BGMI redeem code

One type of redemption code can be used directly on the official redemption centre site or inside the redemption centre of the BGMI lobby game

The second type of redeem code is the type that can be used to add free money to your Google Play account, and this amount can be used to buy a free BGMI UC or Royal pass. And ultimately you can use the UC to buy your favourite BGMI items. So this indirect method can be the best alternative to BGMI redeem codes.

To get a real redeem code, you have to stay active on various platforms. If you ask us, from where we get the codes, then we can’t tell you any specific sources

Every day, Our team participates and joins in different discords, Reddit communities, events, and Livestream giveaways to collect a single code. But whenever we get any BGMI redeem code, immediately we share it on our blogs, so that friends like you can benefit from these codes.

Are you playing the Fortnite game? If yes we have free V bucks codes for you. Please go and check those codes.

Some Genuine sources to get redeem codes

Free Royal Pass: If you buy a Royal Pass or get a Free Royal Pass, you can be rewarded for improving your ranking. Each rise in your ranking will fetch you a reward. You need to complete daily missions and weekly challenges. Once a special challenge is completed you will get a variety of rewards in your lobby

Livestream: You can also get code by earning stream points. You will enter the first lucky draw and prizes will be distributed randomly to the participants. Many good players often offer redemption codes in their live streams. As of today, a few channels like Dynamo Gaming, Powerbang, BGMI official, Atro, The7WorldsGaming, and Panda are the best on the list.

Discord Giveaway: You will find many BGMI mobile discounts that sometimes come with gifts and rewards. This discord is the place of many pro players and people know the insider news. And some players somehow arrange codes and share them as giveaways.

Sign in: You must have noticed, that when you open a BGMI game, you are given many rewards. These rewards are given for actually signing into the game, such as a weekly sign-in bonus, and a daily sign-in bonus. A crate flashes on your screen as a reward after you sign in

Events: Participate in various BGMI Events to get free rewards and redeem codes. There is a high chance of getting redeemed codes in these events. Some of the recent events are the Team Up Global Challenge, BGMI 2023 Southeast Asia Merch Design Competition, etc.

You can check the recent events on the official blog of BGMI directly on the BGMI Events page.

Techsonu Blog Friends why spend your precious time on the above-mentioned sources that will ask you a lot of time? Rather you go directly to our blog and we will keep updating our blog with the latest redeem code.

Some other ways

Anyway, whatever sources we have given above are the sources from which you can directly get the BGMI redeem code to buy your favourite in-game assets.

But guys did you know that there are many indirect ways to get free redeem codes?

Let me explain to you in detail. By the indirect way, I mean that you have to apply some methods that will give you free BGMI UC.

You can also get Free Google Play redeem codes to add free money to your Play Store account and in return, you can use the free earned Play Store money to buy BGMI UC. Now you can purchase your favourite BGMI skins, guns, Royale Pass, and much more.

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Will a Free BGMI redeem code generator tool work?

Friends, before getting into the real tricks, I want you to stop using Redeem Code Generator Tools. There are many such tools on the internet to fool people.

But, none of the tools works. These are all simple online tools that generate any random code using English letters and numbers. These redemption codes will not work for you.

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Some apps that can indirectly help you

  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • DailyLuck
  • LOCO
  • You speak we pay
  • Mgamer


Friends, as the days pass, new apps and tricks are coming into the market every day to get free BGMI redeem codes. So to keep you updated with such latest tricks, we will keep updating our posts regularly. If you want to learn about those latest tricks, then keep visiting our blog. You can find the latest tricks in this section.

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