How to get Idea puk code to unlock idea number


Hey friends, I know you are in hurry to know the steps to get the idea puk code to unblock your idea number. But don’t panic, it’s a common problem and is faced by most of the idea users. Sometimes PUK code block problem happens unintentionally.

But it does not matter if you forget your PUK Code of Idea or you have inadvertently done it, my job is to solve the Idea PUK problem online in simple steps

I think there are very few ways to solve this idea PUK problem. In fact, the exact solution is not present anywhere. But let me tell you getting the PUK code for idea is very simple and you have to follow some basic official steps to get the Idea PUK code online and unblock it.

If you are an Airtel user and want to get the Airtel PUK code to unblock the Airtel SIM you can read this post How to get Airtel PUK code.

As we know now Idea and Vodafone are not separate telecom companies. They have joined hands to become more competitive in the telecom industry. They even combined their name to become VI and changed the logo as well.

Additional help – If you want to get Airtel free data and enjoy unlimited internet for free, search Airtel free data Techsonu on Google to get all the tricks

I explained these points so as not to confuse you when you visit the brand new website of VI (Vodafone-Idea).

So friends let’s understand how to get the Idea puk code and unlock your idea number. Just keep reading the steps to unblock the Idea PUK number online.

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What is the PUK code?

The PUK code stands for the personal unlocking key. This feature is available on every mobile to secure your SIM card data.


The user gets benefits by protecting the information contained in the SIM card. Just like you enter the password on your phone, similarly, you can lock and protect your SIM as well.

What is PUK code

People use this option to prevent Idea Call Details from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

A SIM card typically comes with a default associated 4digit PIN. This original PIN comes into use when you try to lock your SIM.

You will also need the default pin if you want to change the default pin to a custom pin.

But if you attempt to do a SIM PIN Lock, and you fail to guess the original PIN 3 times, the SIM will be locked. After this, you need to enter PUK (personal unlocking key) to unlock your SIM card.

If an incorrect PUK is entered more than ten times, the SIM card will be permanently blocked.

Idea SIM Default PIN code

Before proceeding further, you should know what is the default pin of Idea SIM.

Generally, all the operators keep their default 4-digit pin either as 4 times “0”(0000) or 1234. Since we are talking about Idea its default pin is 1234.

So when you try to lock your Idea Sim, you will be asked to enter the 4-digit code. You use 1234 to lock your sim.

You can also change the default Idea Pincode and set the pin as per your need.

1. Call 198/199 to unlock Idea PUK number

unlock Idea PUK number
  • Open your dial pad and make a call to 198/199.
  • You will hear the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) voice of Idea.
  • Listen to the voice carefully.
  • You will be asked to enter the number as an option on the caller dial pad as per your need
  • As we are looking for the PUK code, so we have to select the 4th option.
  • So enter the number 4
  • In the next IVR, select option 3 by entering the number 3
  • Then in the next IVR, enter number 2.
  • After this, you will be asked to enter a 10-digit mobile number.
  • Enter the mobile number for which you want to know the PUK code.
  • After entering the 10 digits mobile number, you will be asked to enter the Year of birth of the person whose name was registered for that mobile number.
  • After following this entire process, you will get your PUK code
  • Note down the idea PUK number and use it to unlock the locked idea SIM
  • So in short, you have to enter the number on the dial pad in this order
  • 4 -> 3 -> 2 -> Mobile number -> Year of birth(For eg – If your DOB is 25/06/1987 then put only 1987 as input, not your entire birthdate)

2. Get PUK code through regional service contact

If you are facing any problem with the above contact number then you can directly contact your state service number. To do so follow the steps.

  • Search the term Viâ„¢ Customer Care Number on Google
  • Click on the first link on Google to visit the official website of regional customer service numbers.
  • After visiting the site, click on the contact service number to expand the customer care details of each state.
  • You can use long codes of respective states to make queries and requests to get the PUK code.
  • Choose the code according to your state, dial the number, and follow the same procedure as I mentioned above in the first point.

3. Know the idea PUK code using USSD codes

This is the best method for those who don’t want to get involved in the call process. You will also get the PUK code of idea by dialing this USSD code. For this to happen just follow these simple steps

 Idea PUK code using ussd codes
Using ussd codes dial number
  • Dial *199#
  • Wait for the USSD code to respond
  • After a few seconds, you can see a popup showing you the basic details like MSISDN, Main Balance, Validity, etc.
  • Along with this info, you can see some more options
  • Out of these options, select the 3rd option i.e, MANAGE ACCOUNT.
  • In the next pop up choose 6 the option which is the option of Idea PUK code.
  • Enter your 10 digits mobile number in the next window
  • After entering the mobile number, another popup will ask for the year of birth of the registered owner of that number.
  • Suppose your DOB is 25/06/1987 then put only 1987 as input, not your entire birthdate.
  • After completing all the steps you can finally get the PUK code of Idea in the last pop-up window.

Note – Generally we noted that the default pin or PUK code for idea is either 0000 or 1234

4. Know idea PUK code using a long USSD code

If you want to shorten the 3rd method then you can reach out directly to the last step to know the PUK code of airtel.

You can skip the initial 3 steps by dialing this long code *199*3*6#

 Idea PUK code using ussd codes
  • Dial *199*3*6#
  • Enter the mobile number
  • Enter the Year of Birth of the owner of the registered mobile number
  • Your PUK code will be shown to you instantly

5. Get Idea PUK code through idea bot (Vi chatbot)

You can also solve the problem and get a puk code in airtel by chatting with the AI bot or customer care executive.

 Idea PUK code using chat options
  • Go to the official site of the idea (Vi) on your smartphone
  • You can see 2 yellow round dots enclosed in an oval red box present on the right lower position of the screen.
  • Click on that logo
  • Start the conversation
  • Solve the issue instantly by asking them for the PUK code unblock problem in Idea

6. Get Idea PUK code using Whatsapp

Idea PUK code using whatsapp chat

You can also get the solution to the IDEA PUK code block problem by using WhatsApp.

  • Click this link to join the official WhatsApp chatbox of Vi or idea
  • Or else you can use their WhatsApp contact number which is 9654297000.
  • Start explaining the issue.
  • They will show you the path to get the PUK Code easily

Initially, the Whatsapp bot will try to resolve the issue. But you keep asking the question until the human idea executive starts chatting with you

7. Get Idea PUK code through mail

 Idea PUK code using Email services

Vi provides the option of email to solve the problem of its users. You simply write a mail mentioning questions related to the PUK code of idea and send it to the official mail of IDEA. They will reply to you within 24 hours.

Official mail of Vodafone idea – [email protected]

8. Know the PUK code by using the SIM card packet

Know the Idea PUK code by using the SIM card packet

Idea PUK code can also be obtained from the idea sim card packet. Every new idea sim card comes in a yellow-coloured packet. So If you kept that idea sim card packet safely then you can get the puk code in Idea written on the backside of it.

9. Get puk code in idea using a LAPU Idea SIM

LAPU SIM(Local Area Payment Unit) cards are those SIM cards that are used to recharge for any other number or DTH.

You may remember that there was a time when we used to go to mobile recharge stores to do mobile recharge.

So the SIM that was used to do recharges during those days is called LAPU SIM.

These SIM cards are only available with Idea or Vi retailers.

So if you want to get rid of doing things yourself, you can meet Vi/Idea retailers and ask them to find your Idea SIM PUK.

Sometimes after losing the PUK code, users lose call detail data. In this case, you can go through our second post titled idea call details to get all the erased data.

Note:- If some of the idea puk code tricks do not work for you then do not worry, contact us through our “contact us page“. We will try to help you personally. It has two benefits

First, we can solve your problem, and second, we can share those learnings with our new visitors. That is why feel free to contact us.

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So guys don’t worry if you have locked your idea sim and forgot your PUK code of idea sim. Just follow these simple and real methods and unlock Idea SIM within one minute.

If this post helped you, then please share this post as it can help other people also. You can also comment below sharing your thoughts and experience. If you face any problem then you can easily contact us

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