How To Get A Free Voot Subscription | New Legal and Genuine Methods


With OTT platforms flourishing after the launching of Jio, the craze for quality content has also increased among content feeders.

To meet this growing demand, Voot, an Indian on-demand streaming OTT platform, was launched in March 2016. And if any of your favourite show is streaming on this OTT platform and you are looking to get a free Voot Subscription, then you have visited the perfect website.

We understand that a lot of people would already have subscriptions to other OTT platforms and in that case you wouldn’t want to pay for one more platform.

To help you out in this blog post we will be discussing various ways using which you can get a free subscription to Voot Select and access to premium content.

We will share with you all the legal and genuine methods which will help you to get a Voot subscription for free or at a price range which will be much lower than the original fees of the Voot subscription.

Get Free Voot Subscription
MethodsWorking Chances(with errors)
✅Using the Free Google Play Redeem Code method95% (9 out of 10 attempts worked)
✅Using the Free AmazonPay Gift Cards method95% (9 out of 10 attempts worked)
✅Using the Free Paytm Cash method90% (9 out of 10 attempts worked)
✅Flipkart supercoins98%(10 out of 10 attempts worked)
✅Voot subscription for VI users100% (10 out of 10 attempts worked)
✅Free Voot Select subscription with Jio Fiber100%(10 out of 10 attempts worked)
✅Voot Select free trial method100%(10 out of 10 attempts worked)
✅ Sprite Method80%(8 out of 10 attempts worked)
✅Paytm First Subscription Offer Method80%(8 out of 10 attempts worked)
✅Telegram Channel Method95%(9 out of 10 attempts worked)

Free Voot Select Subscription using a 100% working indirect methods

1️⃣. Using the Free Google Play Redeem Code method

Use Google Play Redeem Codes to get Free Voot Subscriptions

Do you know Voot allows you to purchase the premium plan by using the Playstore wallet method?

Yes friends, we are going to share with you a trick where you can use our free redeem codes daily to use them in your playstore wallet. You can use your playstore wallet to purchase the Voot premium plan. So this is the best way to get a free Voot Subscription.

You can see the steps below to understand what I wanted to say

  • Firstly go to our blog – Free Google Play Redeem Code
  • Next copy the Redeem Codes that we give you on an hourly basis
  • Paste the redeem codes on the Playstore wallet by following these steps:
    • For Mobile Phones to the Redeem Code:-
      • Go to the Google Play Store
      • Tap on the profile icon in the top right corner
      • After this, you tap on the option of Payments and Subscriptions.
      • Under Payments & Subscriptions, tap on the ‘Redeem Gift Code‘.
      • Enter the redeem code and enjoy the free YouTube Premium subscription
    • For Desktop to the Redeem Code:-
      • Open your Chrome browser
      • Click on the ‘Google App logo‘ ( Icon with dial-pad with 9 dots)
      • On the playstore page again click on ‘Your Google Icon‘ located at the top right corner
      • Click on the ‘Payments & Subscriptions
      • Under the Payment methods, click on ‘+Add Payment Methods‘.
      • You will see the ‘Redeem Code‘ option
      • Enter the ‘redeem code‘ that you copied from our website and click redeem to add the money to your playstore wallet
How To Get A Free Voot Subscription | New Legal and Genuine Methods
How To Get A Free Voot Subscription | New Legal and Genuine Methods

After adding the redeem code amount to your PlayStore wallet, it is time to use the Redeem Code option in the Voot App

How to get Free Voot Subscription
  • Go to the Voot app
  • Tap on the ‘Upgrade‘ button located at the top
  • Select any plan as per your wish
  • Now on the Payment page, select the “Google Play Store
  • Congratulations, you will get a Voot Subscription for Free absolutely

2️⃣. Using the Free AmazonPay Gift Cards method

In addition to the Google Play Store method, Voot also provides an option to buy the premium by using AmazonPay.


And you will feel happy knowing that, we also give free AmazonPay Gift Cards to our users on our website.

Now let’s know the steps to get a free Voot subscription using the AmazonPay gift card options

Using the AmazonPay Gift Cards method to get free voot subscription
  • Tap on ‘Add to your balance’

After adding the Amazon Gift Card code to your AmazonPay wallet, its time to use the AmazonPay option in the Voot App

  • Go to the Voot app
  • Tap on the ‘Upgrade‘ button located at the top
  • Select any plan as per your wish
  • Now on the Payment page, select the “AmazonPay Wallet
  • Now the money you have added to your Amazon Pay Wallet using our Amazon Pay Gift Card Codes will be used
  • Congratulations, you will get a “Free Voot Subscription” using our free Amazon Gift Card codes.

3️⃣. Using the Free Paytm Cash method

There are many Paytm earning apps and Free websites that give free money by doing very simple tasks like completing surveys, playing games, Predicting the colours, referring and earning apps, by using the apps like spin and win, cashback by free recharge apps like Gpay, PhonePe, MobiKwik, etc

Free Voot Using the Free Paytm Cash method

So the point is you just need to collect the Paytm Wallet money by using different methods I provided and then use the Paytm Wallet Money to get the Free Voot Subscription

Free Voot subscription with Flipkart supercoins

Free Voot subscription with Flipkart supercoins

We are all aware of the supercoins that we earn from each purchase on the Flipkart app. Using those super coins you can now redeem them to get a Voot select premium subscription. On spending 299 super coins you can get a free subscription to Voot. Select with a validity of one whole year.

How to use Flipkart Supercoins and get a free Voot Subscription?

How to use Flipkartsuper coins and get a free Voot Subscription?
  • You need to go to the plus zone on the Flipkart app
  • To go to the Plus Zone You need to: Tap on the Account ->> Tap on the Flipkart Coin icon at the top right corner ->> Tap on the Use Coin
  • Choose the Voot Select subscription offer to redeem your super coins.
  • After you redeem supercoins, you will get a unique code to start your free subscription.
  • Redeem this code on the Voot select app or on its website, and enjoy premium content for free.
  • Lastly, following this method, you can stream the free subscription service until 12 months.

Free Voot subscription for VI users

Free Voot subscription for VI users

VI users now can now get an unlimited Voot subscription free of cost with the help of their VI number. Vi telecom operator has partnered with Viacom 18 to provide Voot Select’s OTT streaming service for free.

So if you are a VI user, you’re lucky. You don’t need to pay extra to purchase a Voot select subscription.

Choose the right Vi recharge plans and get the Voot subscription to watch amazing ad-free movies for free of cost.

  • On the recharge of Rs. 179, you get a basic plan that gives you access to live TV & short-format videos.
  • On recharge of Rs. 299, you will get classic plans with access to Voot originals and movies on live TV.
  • With the VIP plans, you will get access to Netflix, Amazon Prime and other OTT platforms as well.

Follow these steps to get the free Voot subscription:

  • Go to the play store and download the Voot app
  • After installing, log in with your Vi registered mobile number.
  • You will receive an OTP on your phone by SMS
  • Put in the OTP and enjoy your favourite shows.

Free Voot subscription with Jio Fiber

Free Voot subscription with Jio Fiber

Now Jio users also can enjoy a free subscription to Voot as Jio also provides Voot membership for free with their plans. If you are a Jio user, choose any prepaid or postpaid plan to enjoy the premium content without paying a penny.

The Jio fibre plans on which the offer is applicable are as follows:

Prepaid Plans of Jio Fiber

Jio Fiber Prepaid PlanPrice (Rs)Free Voot Subscription Included
Plan 1₹999✅Yes
Plan 2₹1499✅Yes
Plan 3₹2499✅Yes
Plan 4₹3499✅Yes
Plan 5₹8999✅Yes

These are some of the Jio Fiber Postpaid plans which offer you a free Voot subscription.

Postpaid plans of Jio Fiber

Jio Fiber Postpaid PlanPrice (Rs) / yearFree Voot Subscription Included
Plan 17188✅Yes
Plan 210788✅Yes
Plan 311988✅Yes
Plan 417988✅Yes
Plan 529988✅Yes
Plan 647988✅Yes
Plan 8101988✅Yes

Follow the steps:

  • Recharge with any of the above plans.
  • Once you are done with recharge, go to the Google Play Store to download the Voot app.
  • Register using your Jio number to get the OTP.
  • Using the OTP, complete the registration process and then you can go to the app to binge-watch your favourite TV shows, and movies online.

Voot Select free trial

Voot Select free trial

Voot offers a free trial of 14 days and 3 days on yearly and monthly subscription plans respectively.

  • The yearly subscription plan costs Rs. 299 on which you get a 14-day free trial.
  • On a monthly subscription plan which costs Rs. 99, you get a 3-day trial period.

In this trial period, you get every feature of Voot Select.

You can easily cancel the free trial at any time.

If in that free trial period, you didn’t enjoy watching the shows on Voot Select, you need to unsubscribe or cancel your free trial, failing which membership charges will be deducted from your account as per the auto-pay from your debit card or UPI ID.

1️⃣ You need to cancel the subscription before the expiration time arrives. They will remind you 3 days prior to the expiration date. So keep checking your email

You should choose Paytm to make the payment so that you can easily auto-cancel the subscription. Here is the easy way to cancel the automatic payment in Paytm

To cancel the automatic payment in Paytm, follow these steps:👇🏼

Using Paytm auto cancellation trick
  1. Open the Paytm app
  2. Tap on the 3 horizontal bars located at the top left corner of the home screen.
  3. On the menu options, tap on “UPI & Payment Settings
  4. On the next page, scroll down and select “UPI Automatic Payments.”
  5. Under this section tap on “Amazon Pay automatic payment
  6. And that’s all, just follow 1-2 prompts and cancel the automatic payment.

Note: These steps may vary slightly based on the version of the Paytm app you are using.

Free Voot Subscription with Sprite

How To Get A Free Voot Subscription | New Legal and Genuine Methods

In a recent offer launched by the soft drink brand Sprite, some lucky ones can get a chance to win a free Voot subscription.

So next time you buy a bottle of Sprite, make sure you scan the QR code on the bottle.

Followed by it, enter the unique code at the back of the label to stand a chance to win a free subscription.

Register yourself with your mobile number, name and email ID before entering the unique code.

If you would be lucky on that day then you will get a notification regarding Voot’s free subscription credentials on the registered mail ID and number.

Voot subscription with TataPlay

Voot subscription with TataPlay

Tata Play set-top box users get a Voot subscription along with 12 other OTT apps.

Tata Play Binge Plus is a smart Set Top Box that enables its subscribers to watch both live TV and OTT content on one device. (Internet connection required)

Tata Play Binge Plus is priced at Rs 2199 and along with the Set-top box, you also get access to various OTT apps like Voot Select, Voot Kids, Disney Hotstar, Sony Liv, Zee5, and many more. The price of the Binge combo plans starts from Rs 399 per month.

With this subscription model, you can also watch the content of all these OTT apps not just on TV  but on up to 3 mobile devices as well.

For mobile phones, you need to download the TataPlay mobile application and sign in using your Tata Play registered mobile number, followed by which you can enjoy unlimited free premium content on Voot Select.

Free Voot subscription with Paytm First Subscription Offer

Free Voot subscription with Paytm First Subscription Offer

Paytm First subscribers can get a Voot Select subscription for 6 months absolutely free. The company is offering a subscription to Voot Select worth 6 months with its Paytm First service.

Paytm app users can get a coupon code for Voot Select for a free subscription.

  • Open the Paytm app on your phone, and go to the Paytm First section.
  • To get the unique coupon, tap on Voot Select, and then redeem now.
  • Follow these steps to use this coupon and enjoy a free subscription for a period of 6 months
    • Visit Voot Select subscription page
    • Click on ‘Have a promo code?
    • Enter the promo code that was redeemed from Paytm First.

And that’s it. You will enjoy the free subscription for the next 6 months.

Watch Free Voot Shows Using Telegram Channel

Watch Free Voot Shows Using Telegram Channel

There are many Telegram channels that give free Voot show access to channel subscribers. In fact, there are some Telegram channels that provide free access to Voot Premium by sharing your Voot ID and Password.

You can get a free Voot subscription ID by joining different Telegram channels and participating in their giveaways. But remember that they are not legal and are strictly against the guidelines of Voot terms and conditions.

These channels are temporary and can be removed by the Voot team at any time. And once deleted you have to join a new telegram channel again. Also, the links they provide are loaded with advertisements.

So if you are ready to go through all these things, then you will surely get to watch free Voot premium shows.

Now you are aware of all the tricks to get a free subscription to Voot, let’s look into the different features of Voot Premium!

Why Voot is becoming popular these days?

Known for its web series in a wide variety of genres ranging from drama, romance, horror, suspense, and thriller to comedy and beyond, Voot is Viacom18’s premium video-on-demand platform, which brings your favourite shows, movies, and thousands of content to your fingertips.

With over 35,000 hours of enthralling content, the platform is a perfect entertainment hub.

Except for movies and web shows, Voot also includes some of the popular TV channels like Colors (Hindi), MTV, Nickelodeon, Colors Kannada, Viacom18 Motion Pictures, Colors Marathi, Colors Super, Colors Bangla, and Colors Gujarati.

It is available in 9 different languages including, English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Odia, Tamil, and Telugu, Voot can be watched on multiple interfaces including mobile phones, laptops, desktops, etc.

The subscription service of Voot is called Voot Select in which you can enjoy unlimited streaming of TV Shows, Blockbuster Movies & Voot Originals.

Subscription plans for Voot select

Subscription plans for Voot select
Features of Voot SubscriptionMobileGoldPlatinum
Movies, Sports, Originals, TV
Watch on TV
Ad Free (except live)
No. of Screens124
Video QualityHD
Full HD
Full HD

Mobile subscription plan

  • The  Voot Mobile subscription plan is priced at Rs. 299 per year.
  • This plan offers access to all Voot originals, movies, TV shows, and sports on the streaming platform.
  • The content that is being offered under this plan will be of 720p clarity and with ads.
  • The Mobile subscription plan does not support TV or laptop screens and works only on Mobile phones.

Gold subscription plan

  • The Gold subscription plan costs Rs. 499 per year and offers all of the same things as the Mobile plan.
  • Additionally, here you can stream the content on TV and laptop as well.
  • You can watch the content in full HD resolution, unlike the mobile plan.
  • This Voot subscription plan supports two screens at a time.

Platinum subscription plan

  • The platinum subscription plan costs Rs. 599 per year and provides exclusively premium entertainment
  • It has 1080p resolution and this also supports four screens at a time.
  • In this plan, you also get to watch popular originals, live sports, international shows, and over a thousand movies in nine different languages.
  • You also get access to exclusive premieres and shows 24 hours before telecasted on TV.
  • Additionally, the content is absolutely ad-free, except during live streams.

If you are wondering why among all the big OTT names like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar, why would you choose Voot, then here are the perks to convince you that Voot Select is no less than any other platform when it comes to features and quality content.

Perks of Voot over other OTT apps

  • It has affordable pricing as compared to Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hotstar.
  • Voot allows you to enjoy unlimited video streaming and downloads at pocket-friendly costs throughout the year.
  • It provides original and exclusive thriller and crime shows.
  • And also new shows are launched every month
  • You will also get to see the unseen behind-the-scenes videos of your favourite TV shows.
  • Through Voot, you can watch Live sports like La Liga, NBA, Ligue, and many other sports tournaments live.
  • You will get more than 1,500 movies which are available for you in 9 different regional languages.
  • Its shows are streamed here on Voot 24 hours before being premiered on TV channels.
  • Voot also provides exclusive global shows and international premieres like The Affair, Broad City, The Californication, etc.

Best-rated web series on Voot select

  • ASUR: Welcome To Your Dark Side
  • The Raikar case
  • The Gone game
  • Illegal: Justice, Out Of Order
  • Crackdown
  • Marzi
  • It’s not that simple
  • Khwabon ke parindey
  • Time out
  • Apaharan 2
  • London files
  • Candy
  • Shaadi boys
  • Kaisi yeh yaariyan
  • Feet up with stars


In this blog post, we have tried covering every bit of information about the Voot Select OTT platform. We have mentioned the perks of Voot over others, the subscription plans, the ways to avail of the Voot subscription for free of cost and the top-rated web shows available in the app. That’s all for the ways to get free Voot Select.

Frequently asked questions

Are Voot Select and Voot Premium the same?

The premium version of Voot is called Voot Select. Hence you can say that Voot Select and Voot Premium are both the same

What are the recent good movies available on Voot Select?

Recent launches like Rocketry: The Nambi Effect and 777 Charlie which were released in 2022 are available on Voot Select.

Is Voot available outside India?

Currently, Voot is available only in India and is not available outside India

How can Voot’s subscription plan be cancelled?

You need to visit the “Account” section on your profile page. There you can select ‘cancel subscription’ to cancel your Voot subscription.

What are the different languages in which TV shows on Voot Select are available?

The TV shows are available in 9 different languages which are, English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Odia, Tamil, and Telugu.

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