How to get a Zomato customer care number?


Zomato is a big name in the world of food delivery apps. It’s a very popular app that helps us to order online food. Using the app we can also find good places to eat. It gives us details about all kinds of restaurants and food shops.

Many times we have to face some difficulties while ordering food online. There can be various reasons and situations where we need to get help from Zomato customer care.

And unfortunately, the company does not provide any direct Zomato customer care number to contact. But don’t worry that’s why we are here giving you some solutions on how to contact Zomato customer care using different methods.

Zomato customer care number

Zomato Customer Care Details

1. Using the Zomato Customer Care Phone Number:

The Zomato customer care number can be different for different places. It depends on which state or city you are from.

Zomato Customer Care Phone Number
Here is the Zomato customer care number that worked for me: +91 1135645049
You can also try this number: +91 11 30806376

But always check the latest number and the number may vary from place to place.

You can try this number and if it didn’t work you can follow the steps below to get the Zomato Customer Care number of your location, area or state.

Method 1 to get the Zomato Customer Care Number

This trick will work with a 100% success rate which means everybody who tries this number will be able to contact Zomato customer care. Here is the flow chart of the method:

  • Place your order on the Zomato app.
  • Get the Zomato delivery boy’s contact number from the app.
  • Call the Zomato delivery boy.
  • Ask the delivery boy to cancel the order.
  • The delivery boy contacts Zomato customer care.
  • Wait for a call from the Zomato customer care executive.
Zomato customer care number call
  • Receive a call from Zomato customer care.
  • Share your issue with the executive.
  • Ask the executive to resolve the issue.
  • If the issue is resolved, ask to stop the cancellation process.
  • Receive your order at your doorstep.
  • Save the customer care number for future use.

Now here is a detailed explanation of the steps:

  1. Firstly you have to contact the Zomato delivery Boy. You will easily see the delivery boy’s contact number on the app itself after placing the order.
  2. You can read how to cancel your Zomato Number by contacting the Zomato Delivery Boy.
  3. After calling the Zomato Delivery Boy, ask him to cancel the order
  4. The Zomato delivery boy will then contact Zomato customer care to cancel the order on his behalf.
  5. After this, you will get a call from the official Zomato customer care executive to confirm that you want to cancel the order
  6. Now in this call, you can share your issue with the Zomato customer care executive and ask him to work on it immediately
  7. Once your issues are resolved you can then ask the executive to stop the cancellation process and let the order be delivered to your doorstep.
  8. In this way, you can also save the Zomato Customer Care number from where you have received the call.

Zomato has recently launched a new Zomato Pro plan and named it Zomato Gold Membership. We have recently written a blog post on How to get a Free Zomato Gold Membership. You can check and try each method

Method 2 to get the Zomato Customer Care Number

This trick may or may not work for you. I think you all must have the Truecaller app installed on your device. If not, you can install the app from Playstore or Appstore.

Zomato customer care number
  • Install the Truecaller app
  • Now open the Truecaller app, and search Zomato in the search bar
  • You will see many Zomato numbers
  • Simply try all the numbers one by one
  • If luck favours you, a number may work for you

2. Contact Zomato Customer Care via App or Chat

In this method, you have to be patient till you get the answer from a real person. A chatbot will answer every time you start a chat. So you just need to keep messaging and after some time, you will see a reply from a customer care executive (human).

Contact Zomato Customer Care via App or Chat
Contact Zomato Customer Care using App or Chat
  1. Open the Zomato app on your phone.
  2. Click on your Profile icon. It is at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Then click on “Online Ordering Help”.
  4. The Chat Window will open.
  5. You will first have to deal with the chatbot and answer the options it will provide.
  6. After repeated attempts, you will be able to chat with the humans and in this way, you will be able to contact the customer care executive.

3. Contact Zomato Customer Care via Email

If you want to contact Zomato through email, you can do that too.

Their email address is [email protected]

Write an email about your problem or question and send it to this address. They usually reply within 24 hours.

Contact Zomato Customer Care via Email

Make sure to include important details in your email. Like your order number, if you are writing about an order. This will help them to understand and solve your problem as fast as possible.

4. Contact Zomato Customer Care using the Website

If you are looking for another way to contact Zomato customer care, the Zomato website is a good place to visit. You can access their contact page directly by using this link: When you land on the page, you will see a simple website with some basic options like:

Contact Zomato Customer Care using Website
  • How can we help you? {In this you have to select the options}
  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Your contact number
  • And a box to enter your queries

The page is easy to navigate and it provides clear instructions, making it simple for everyone to use.

Zomato Customer Care via Twitter

Zomato is also active on Twitter. They have a special Twitter handle for customer support.

Zomato Customer Care via Twitter
It is @zomatocare

To contact them on Twitter, you can send a tweet to @zomatocare. You can write your problem in the tweet. You can also send them a direct message if you want to share more details.

You can also use the official tweet handle of zomato which is @zomato

Remember to be clear and to the point. The more clear you are, the easier it will be for them to help you. Also, be patient. They get many messages and tweets every day. But they will reply to you as soon as they can.

Common Issues Handled by Zomato Customer Care:

Zomato customer care can help with many common issues. Some of these are:

  1. Problems with an order. Like if your order is late or wrong.
  2. Payment and Refund issues. Like if you have been charged more than you should have been.
  3. Questions about Zomato Pro. Like how to join, or what are the benefits.
  4. Registering a complaint against the services like food or delivery time
  5. General questions about a restaurant. Like if a certain dish is available.


In this post, we shared all the methods to contact Zomato using their customer care number, website, Chat, Email and Twitter handles. We also told you a simple way for what to do if we can’t reach them by call.

In the end, I will say that you should not lose hope if you cannot contact Zomato customer care immediately. They are there to assist you and will do everything in their power to resolve your problem. Keep trying and be clear and patient when speaking to them so that you get help quickly.

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