9+ Best Apps Like Thop TV in India in 2024


Welcome to our latest post on the best alternatives to Thop TV. Thop TV has been a popular choice for many people who love to watch a variety of TV shows and movies. The demand for Thop TV is on the rise because the platform offers different content for free.

However, due to legal concerns about THOP TV and the app’s unavailability on official platforms, people started looking for the best apps like THOP TV to download. So, if you are one of those looking for similar apps that are both safe and legal, you are in the right place.

After searching the web for information on these apps, I have assembled a list of what I believe to be the top alternatives to Thop TV. I can guarantee that our website will only give you real and useful apps.

Note: We never support these types of illegal apps like Thop TV that host pirated content because these types of apps are completely illegal.

Best Apps Like Thop TV

Comparison table of all ThopTV alternative apps

Here is a comparison table of 10 apps like Thop TV. The table has all the details about the apps’ key features and how similar they are to Thop TV:

App NameKey FeaturesSimilarity to Thop TV
Tea TVFree content, works with Android/iOS/Windows, subtitles, download/watchlist, streams in 1080pOffers different types of free content
Mobdro TVFree service, live streams of TV networks, compatible with PC/Mac and third-party softwareProvides live TV and diverse content
Vudu TVRent/purchase movies and shows, different resolutions (SD, HDX, UHD), no ads for premium, free streaming with adsOn-demand video service with free content
IPTVVideo on Demand, Electronic Program Guide, Playback of past TV programs, M3U Playlist, Offers customizable TV viewing experience
Red Box TV1000+ live channels, sports, kids, religious shows, watch on TV via castingMultiple live TV channels
AOS TV1000+ live channels, news, movies, entertainment, sports, works on Android/Firestick/Smart TVsGood selection of live TV channels
Oreo TVMany movies, TV shows, live sports, HD/UHD/4K quality, shows in many languages, download option, new shows added dailyA large variety of streaming content
Pocket TV5000+ live channels, ad-free, download shows for offline viewing,Popular live TV channels
HD Streamz1000+ channels, free access, good playback quality, regular updates, no registration requiredGood channel collection with free access
GoMax Live TVLive TV, sports, shows, news in multiple languages, high-quality streaming, religious channels, premium channels, free of chargeHigh-quality live TV streaming

1. Tea TV

Tea TV

The Tea TV app is a good way to enjoy and watch videos online for free. There are many films, TV shows and live TV available. It has been on the market for nearly two years. If you want something like Terrarium TV, this app is good to download.

I like the app because it has a lot of shows and it’s easy to use. You can use the search box to find content names quickly. You don’t even need to sign up to use it. But it’s important to know that Tee TV shows ads.

Key features of Tea TV

  1. Lots of movies and TV shows.
  2. Easy to operate.
  3. Live TV too.
  4. Works with Android, iOS, and Windows.
  5. Can work with services like Real-Debrid, Trakt, and M3U.
  6. Has subtitles.
  7. You can download and make a watchlist.
  8. Streams in high quality, like 1080p.

Good and Bad Sides of Tea TV

Good PointsBad Points
You will get a big choice of high-quality shows and movies.Shows ads
Supports many languages and subtitles.Some say the computer version has malware.
The team provides good support.

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2. Mobdro TV

Mobdro TV

Like Thop TV there is another app named Mobdro TV. It allows you to watch music videos, sports, movies, news and documentaries on your mobile device.

Even though Mobdro is a free service, it is not always legal to watch copyrighted live sports through it. If you have an iOS device, such as an iPhone, MacBook, or iPad, or a PC, FireStick TV, or Amazon FireStick, you can download the app.

Key features of Mobdro TV

  1. Live streams of popular TV networks.
  2. Excellent UI for intuitive navigation.
  3. The app offers a video-sharing feature.
  4. You will get multiple video streams regularly.
  5. Large collection of movies, sports, channels and documentaries.
  6. Compatible with third-party software for use on PC and Mac.

Good and Bad Sides of Mobdro TV

Good PointsBad Points
It is free to useSecurity concerns due to copyrighted material.
You get access to all types of content.Not available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.
Provide live streams of major TV networks.Annoying ads in the app.
It sends notifications when a new episode is released
Smooth and fast UI.

3. Vudu TV

Vudu TV

You can watch videos on Vudu whenever you want. It began in 2008 as the Vudu Box, a set-top box that could connect to the Internet. It used to provide high-definition content and the support of big studios.

People can watch movies and TV shows for free or purchase them and watch them whenever they want. There is free content on the platform, but it frequently displays ads. It has videos in SD, HDX and UHD formats.

Key Features Vudu TV

  1. You can rent or purchase a wide range of movies and TV shows.
  2. It is available in different resolutions like SD (480p), HDX (1080p), and UHD (2160p).
  3. The platform is available in a flexible price range.
  4. No ads for premium subscribers.
  5. Allows scanning of UPCs on Blu-ray/DVD packaging to unlock digital versions.
  6. You get free streaming with advertisements.

Good and Bad Sides of Vudu TV

Good PointsBad Points
Large library of rentals and digital video purchasesMost rentals last only 24 hours
Crisp “HDX” video quality (1080p at 24 FPS)Irritating ads in free content
Availability of some movies in 4K UHDFree titles are of lower quality
“Disc to Digital” feature to convert physical discs to digital format

4. IP TV


IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It has changed the way we enjoy our favourite stories on screen. With this platform, you can watch TV over the internet instead of standard methods like cable or satellite TV.

This means you have more freedom and control over when and how you watch TV. IPTV also has new features, such as video on demand (VOD), an electronic program guide (EPG), and the ability to re-watch old TV shows (also known as “catchup” or “TV on-demand”).

Key Features of IPTV

  1. Watch TV shows and movies whenever you want.
  2. A digital guide to see what’s on and choose what to watch.
  3. Catch up on past TV programs.
  4. Contains info about channels and VOD content.
  5. Watch on different devices with an internet connection.

Good and Bad Sides of IPTV

Good PointsBad Points
You get a customizable watching experienceStreaming Delays
Provides Superior Streaming QualityRisk of Security Issues
Works on multiple DevicesDevice Compatibility Issues
Affordable Options

5. Red Box TV

Red Box TV

Red Box TV is a live TV app with over 1000 live TV stations from around the world. This app is very popular right now because it has a lot of good channels and content that are free to watch.

You can watch UFC, boxing, WWE and football events on Red Box TV, which has channels from 19 countries. The games section of the app is particularly good.

Key Features of Red Box TV

  1. You can watch over 1000+ live TV channels from all over the world.
  2. There are channels from many countries. You can watch sports, science shows, kids’ programs, and religious shows.
  3. The app is simple to use. The channels are sorted by the countries they come from.
  4. You can mark channels you like as favourites so that you can easily find them again.
  5. You can use it with popular players like Android Player, MX Player, and more.
  6. You can send live channels to your TV. You need to use casting apps for this.

Good and Bad Sides of Red Box TV

Good PointsBad Points
Provides access to 1000 channelsSome links may be broken
No Sign-Up process is neededShows ads between the content
Multiple links for channels to watch contentLimited Free Content
Different types of channels
Simple UI



Another great app like Thop TV is AOS TV. You can watch tons of TV networks and shows whenever you want. A large number of channels, mostly from Asia, are available on this app.

When you use AOS TV, you don’t have to pay anything to watch premium channels. You can watch over 1,000 live TV stations on AOS TV. You can watch movies, news, shows and sports.

I found a good feature about the app and that is it has a dedicated section for each genre of show. You can watch without signing up or subscribing.

Key Features of AOS TV

  1. You get over 1,000 live TV channels from many countries.
  2. You can watch news, movies, entertainment, sports, and more.
  3. The app streams popular sports and pay-per-view events.
  4. It has a simple layout with different sections for each type of show.
  5. You don’t have to pay or sign up to stream shows.
  6. You can use it on Android devices, Firestick, and Smart TVs.
  7. There’s an option to make your list of favourite channels.

Good and Bad Sides of AOS TV

Good PointsBad Points
Watch over 1,000 live TV channelsChannel Quality Varies
It is completely free to useNot All Channels Available.
Simple UINeed to Download from Other Websites
Can be used with chromecast
Gets regular updates

7. Oreo TV

Oreo TV: Best ThopTV alternative

I like Oreo TV as an alternative to Thop TV. You will find shows, networks, live sports, and movies of multiple genres on this entertainment app.

Around 5,000 live channels are broadcasting from different countries. There is no time limit on when you can watch live TV. You also have the option to download shows to watch later.

The app is constantly updated with new content and offers shows in multiple languages. That is why I have said that this is my favourite app similar to Thop TV.

Key Features of Oreo TV

  1. Oreo TV has many movies, TV shows, and live sports.
  2. You can find new shows easily on the app.
  3. You can watch shows in HD, UHD, and 4K.
  4. There are shows in many languages.
  5. You can stream sports events live.
  6. There’s an option to download shows to watch them without the internet.
  7. The app adds new shows in different languages regularly.
  8. You can get subtitles for shows in their original languages.

Good and Bad Sides of Oreo TV

Good PointsBad Points
Wide variety of contentNo Subtitles
No Registration NeededLimited customer support
Supports multiple devices
Offers personalized recommendations
Parental controls available

8. Pocket TV

Pocket TV: Good Alternative of thoptv app

Another excellent free app for watching TV shows and movies on your phone is Pocket TV. There are lots of Indian movies and TV series available. Live TV is also available. The lack of ads is a positive aspect, as it allows you to watch the content uninterrupted.

There is a wide variety of shows and movies available, including but not limited to horror, drama, live sports, and action. Whatever show you are looking for, you will easily find it.

Key Features of Pocket TV

  1. Over 5000 live TV channels from around the world.
  2. Free of cost for using it.
  3. You don’t have to sign up or subscribe.
  4. The app is simple and easy to use.
  5. Enjoy shows without ads interrupting.
  6. You can download shows to watch offline.
  7. Has movies, web series, sports, cartoons, and more.
  8. You can make a list of your favourite shows.

Good and Bad Sides of Pocket TV

Good PointsBad Points
One-Click PlayLimited Live TV Channels
Built-in playerSome Movies are Not Playable
Ad-Free platformThe search bar function doesn’t always work correctly.
Low Storage Space needed
Fast Loading Time and Playback
Multiple Audios options available

9. HD Streamz APK

HD Streamz APK

HD Streamz is a new option for Firestick and Android users who are looking for an alternative to ThopTV. Currently, it has over 1000 live TV shows and lots of radio stations.

You can watch sports, movies, music and children’s shows. Even though it is not available on the Google Play store, you can find this free Android app elsewhere.

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Key Features of HD Streamz

  1. Over 1000 channels in different genres.
  2. Free access without any subscription fees.
  3. High-speed and unlimited data for smooth streaming.
  4. Clear and high-quality video.
  5. Watch channels anytime, anywhere.
  6. New channels and links are added daily.
  7. Find and request your favourite channels and shows.
  8. HD movies and TV shows.

Good and Bad Sides of HD Streamz

Good PointsBad Points
Multiple sources for each channelStability issues with buffering, crashing, and freezing
Completely free to useOnly available on Android devices
High-quality video and audio streamsNo official support team
No registration or sign-up required
Compatible with popular media players like MX

10. GoMax Live TV

GoMax Live TV

Our list of Thoptv alternatives ends with GoMax Live TV. The app, like other apps, also has hundreds of live TV programs from India and other countries.

Sports, television shows, serials and movies are some of the categories available in different languages. You can personalize the app to your liking, and it’s free.

Key Features of GoMax Live TV

  1. It offers Live TV, sports, shows, news, events, songs, wallpapers, and more.
  2. Streams videos in high quality without buffering.
  3. Supports multiple Indian languages like Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, English, Kannada, and Bangla.
  4. Provides channels for Islamic, Christian, and Hindu content.
  5. Covers live sports updates and schedules, including T20 cricket.
  6. Allows users to customize the app’s look and feel.
  7. Keeps the app updated with new features and content.
  8. Includes channels like SONY MAX, B4U MOVIES, ZEE, and more.

Good and Bad Sides of GoMax Live TV

Good PointsBad Points
Good UI and simple navigationThe app not working and black screen issues reported
High-quality videos without interruptionRisks associated with downloading from third-party sources
Channels available in regional languages
Free HD wallpapers and app downloads
Works on Android and iOS smartphones


So we have listed the top 10 apps like ThopTV out of hundreds of apps available on the internet. Our team has dedicated enough time to do proper research and find the right alternative app to ThopTV.

Please let us know which app you liked the most and also suggest some more genuine apps similar to Thop TV in the comment box. If our team finds that app useful, we will mention that app in our list. Thanks and keep visiting our website.

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