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How to get V badge in free fire? 5 Secret ways to get free fire V badge


Last Updated on September 26, 2023 by Sagar Kumar Sahu

Anyone who has played the popular mobile game, Free Fire will know that there is a badge in front of many well-known free fire players or content creators. The V badge is one of the most coveted badges in the game and it is not easy to obtain. In this blog post, I am going to share with you some tips on how to get the V badge in Free Fire. So if you are looking to get this free fire V badge, keep reading!

What is the V badge in Free Fire?

Free fire V badge

The V badge in free fire is a special status symbol in Free Fire that is only awarded to the most elite and famous players. This badge is similar to the blue tick symbol on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and it signifies that the player is verified by Garena.

It also acts as a sign of respect from other players in the game. Once this free fire V badge is achieved it will be displayed before their IGN and profile in the game. Persons possessing a V badge in free fire are often respected and looked up to by the Free Fire community.

Scroll down to the end of this post to learn how to use the Free Fire V badge on your profile without a YouTube channel. You will find your answer above the FAQ section

So, how do you get the V badge in Free Fire?

Well, according to Garena, the V badge in free fire is only given to players who have joined partner programs or content creators, who take part in Garena LAN events and other major tournaments.

This means that the V badge is not something that can be obtained easily – you need to work hard to build your gaming audience first and meet all the requirements specified by the Garena Free fire partner program.

And let me tell you, even if you qualify in all the conditions, there is no guarantee that you will get the free fire V Badge. Garena’s V badge is limited, so when you apply for the Free Fire Partner Program, the team first verifies the authenticity of the details you provide. They can check on your audience, how engaging your audience is, how much content you post every day and many more points that prove your authenticity.

Garena free fire partner program has published some requirements to be eligible for the free fire V badge. In order to get the V badge in Free Fire, the player must consider all these points-

Free fire V badge requirements
  1. The player must have a YouTube channel with at least 10,000 subscribers.
  2. The player’s YouTube channel must have 3,00,000 channel views.
  3. 80% of content/videos must be based on free fire in the last 30 days
  4. The content creator must be consistent in creating content not only on Youtube but on all available social media platforms
  5. The contents should be Non-offensive, clean, and engaging
  6. Players must have professionalism, willingness to work hard, passion for gaming, and a desire to succeed together

What’s mentioned above is totally fine, but the fact is that everyone knows that not all Free Fire players will get this V badge. Not everyone can get a youtube channel with so many subscribers, views, and video content. So some players have found a trick and many are using it.

If you are one of those people who are still unaware of this trick, then please scroll down we have mentioned it. This trick will add a similar V badge to your profile. While this badge won’t be original, it gives your profile a look that looks more or less the same as the original V badge. Keep Scrolling Down to know HOW ⬇️

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What benefits you will get when you have a V badge?

Fire V badges are a status symbol in the world of online gaming. They show that you have reached a certain level of skill and experience and are respected by other gamers. There are many benefits to having a Fire V badge-

V badge in free fire benefits
  • Channels with 5,00,000 subscribers that published 95% Free Fire-based content will be provided with financial compensation
  • You will get many In-game rewards, custom room cards, and diamonds on a regular basis
  • You will get access to all the content in advance before making it available to general players.
  • Official feature in all Free fire social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
  • You will get access to official observer free fire client
  • The game will provide attractive in-game items so that you can share them with your fans as a giveaway or gift.
  • You can directly contact or get access to contact the free fire team
  • You will receive special Invites to esports events and all related tournaments
  • And lastly, you will get exclusive merchandise.

If the player meets all these requirements, they can fill out an application partners form.


What do you need to apply for the free fire partners program?

Free fire V badge apply now
  1. Your Official Name
  2. Your Phone Number
  3. Your official email address
  4. Your Official Identity proof (Aadhar or PAN Card)
  5. Your address proof
  6. Details of the Youtube Channel (Channel Name, Link to the Channel, and Total Subscriber Count)
  7. Type of Content posted by you on your Youtube Channel
  8. The reason for applying to join the program
  9. Whether you use the Face cam or not.

How to Apply for the V badge in free fire partners program?

  1. First, visit the official Free Fire Partner Program website
  2. Then, click on the “Apply Now” button located at the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. After that, fill in all the required information in the form and click on the “Submit” button.
  4. Once your application is approved, you will be able to receive the V Badge Free Fire Max through the Free Fire Partner Program. You have to wait for the developers to Respond

How to use Free fire V badge code in Free fire MAX? (100% free method)

Just copy these codes to get Free Fire V Badge as per your requirement and what to do with these codes is explained step by step right below the table.

V Badge Code Type/NameCodes
Copy this symbol code ->
Code For Gold Tier[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][FF0000]
Code For Diamond Tier[G][T][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][FF0034]
Code For Platinum Tier[H][T][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][FF0043]
Code For Heroic Tier[H][A][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][FF0042]
Code For Grandmaster Tier[S][D][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][FF00045]
  1. Open Free Fire game on your mobile.
  2. Tap on the “Profile” section in the top left corner of the homepage.
  3. Tap on the “Settings icon” in the top left corner of the box again. (Box where your UID, username, ranking, level, etc are displayed)
  4. A new interface will popup showing 3 options Basic, Style, and Battle Card
  5. In the first option i.e. in the “BASIC” option, you will see a field named “SIGNATURE“.
  6. Paste the V badge code that you have copied in the above table
  7. Restart the app and then log out and log in to the Free Fire.

Some Free fire redeem codes

  • FFGJ65FL9H2A
  • FFRC92Y91WRD
  • FF1PJRI633OJ

Conclusion on how to get a V badge in free fire

So, if you’re aspiring to become a professional player or content creator in Free Fire, start working towards your goal, and maybe one day, you’ll see the V badge next to your name. Or else you use a duplicate free fire badge by using the free fire badge Code Copy method.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any application fee to apply for a V badge in free fire?

No, application and entry to the partner program and it is absolutely free to participate.

How to know your profile got a free fire V badge?

The team will contact you shortly. Your application will be carefully verified, and all selected applicants will be contacted by Garena team individually.

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