7 Best Car Brands in India in 2024


Thank you for visiting our page. Here is the list of 7 Best Car Brands in India. With time as India progresses towards development, the standard of living of the people has started getting better. These baby steps towards betterment of lifestyle are seeing four-wheelers becoming the preferred mode of transportation among the Indian population.

Best Car Brands in India

In a country like India where a huge number of the population accounts for the middle class, gone are those days when owning a four-wheeler used to be a far-fetched dream for an average middle-class Indian household. These days every Indian family in the middle class section aspires to own a car or actually owns a car.

Some points about the Indian car market

India has become the 4th largest vehicle market in the world. As of now, the Indian automobile industry accounts for 7.5% of India’s GDP and 49% of the total manufacturing GDP.

Further India is expected to be the world’s third-largest automobile market by 2030 in terms of volume.

Seeing the booming car market in India, brands from around the world see this as an opportunity to invest in India and sell their vehicles in the Indian market.

Although car sales in India dropped significantly in 2020 during the covid pandemic, we have seen a rise again in 2021 post covid pandemic.

It seems like people are again interested in purchasing new cars and car manufacturers are more than excited to launch new models for potential customers.

However, how would one actually choose a car from the endless list of available options? Which brand should I prefer? Which brand is the most popular one?

To give the answer to all these queries, we are listing out the best car brands which are currently operating in India and are suitable for the middle-class Indian.

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki cars

Starting from the Maruti 800 to the Grand Vitara ’22, Maruti has come a long way and has remained the undisputed king of roads when it comes to the best car companies in India.


Maruti Suzuki exactly ticked all the boxes of needs of an Indian consumer who solely focuses on affordability and fuel economy before buying a car. Considering the changing demand and interests of consumers, the company has also invested in making a diverse portfolio with compact SUVs, affordable hatchbacks, premium sedans, and LUVs coming into the market.

With new competition growing, the market share has dwindled from 47% in 2010 to 42% in 2019. Maruti still remains one of the best car brands in India.

The New facelift versions of “Baleno” and “New Grand Vitara” are the most recent launches of the company and they have managed to give fair competition to the other growing brands.

The good looks of both the newly launched cars have managed to stun the Maruti critics and one couldn’t refrain from complementing these two gorgeously built machines.

The build quality of the Maruti cars remains a concern among car enthusiasts and is yet to be seen if the company works on to improve it or not.

Tata Motors: Best Car Brands in India

Tata Motors cars

India’s own homegrown brand Tata founded in 1868, has been a part of Indian history for over 150 years and has been making India proud on global stages since its birth.

In the car market, tata focused primarily on build quality and providing consumers higher safety cars with stylish designs and premium features.

The name Tata has always been synonymous to trust and faith and Tata Motors is committed to honouring those values. Be it the noble intention behind the launch of Tata Nano or the diversification of their automobile portfolio, for Tata Motors the needs of the people have always remained the epicentre of their product strategy.

Tata Nexon launched in 2017 is India’s first 5-star rated car at the Global NCAP which justifies the build quality of the cars of Tata.

Gone are the days when Tata Motors was only known for the immensely popular Tata Safari and Tata Indica.  Now Tata Motors has an extensive range of passenger cars, ranging from hatchbacks to SUVs.

Not confining itself to petrol or diesel vehicles only, the company has marched fairly in terms of electric vehicles too in the form of Tata Nexon and Tata Tigor, thus making itself one of the few brands in the country to be making its mark in the EV sector.


Hyundai cars

Hyundai is one of the most popular car brands across the country after Maruti Suzuki which started to hit the Indian road in 1998 in the form of ‘Hyundai Santro’.

The Korean brand made its presence with the impressive sporty-looking hatchbacks and classy-looking sedans that it had to offer the Indian consumers who notably opt for cars with good looks in an affordable range.

Today it has been almost a quarter of a century and Hyundai is making headlines with their sporty hatchbacks, elegant sedans, and powerful SUVs competing with the other brands in the powerful Indian automobile market.

The elegance of a sedan in the form of Verna and Elantra in the Indian market never goes out of style.

In the hatchback segment, Hyundai has the grand i10 Nios, i20, and Santro to offer and in the popular compact SUV and SUV segment Venue, Creta and newly launched Tucson are the most sold ones in the country. Currently, the company holds a market share of 16.41 per cent.


Mahindra cars

Another homegrown of the best Indian car brands that one can’t dare to keep away from the automobile industry is Mahindra and Mahindra which was founded in 1945.

This is the brand that lit the spark of craze for SUVs among people. Rugged, durable, spacious, and perfect for off-roading are the few terms that are deeply associated with the brand.

The country’s obsession with SUVs has been well fulfilled by Mahindra Thar, Scorpio, XUV 500, XUV 700 and XUV 300, the biggest and latest one being the 700. If an SUV is all you want then you know where to go

Mahindra recently launched the facelifted newer version of Scorpio but didn’t phase out the older model considering the craze among people for the old classic look.

The popularity of Mahindra Thar is unmatchable with a waiting period of over a year and people still are willing to die for it.


Kia cars

Popularly called as the sister brand of Hyundai, Kia has its roots in South Korea as well. Hyundai has always been known for mature, professional-looking classy cars whereas Kia unlike Hyundai is known for having cars with stylish and edgy designs with lots of features added.

Kia despite being one of the newest players entering the market in 2019 has still been able to survive the competition and has done well to up its rank to make it to the top car brands list.

Kia Seltos was the first car to be introduced by Kia in the Indian market and the compact SUV soon became the best car brand in India.

The cars of Kia often being feature-loaded at a good price range with an edgy and sporty design has enabled the Indian car brand to make a powerful presence in the market which was already hit with low sales.

Kia also has a luxury MPV named Carnival which has attracted a lot of customers and credit goes to its absolute premium interiors at a great price point. Kia Carens is the newest launched vehicle this year by Kia in India.


Toyota cars

You can find many Toyota car models in India like the Glanza, Rumion MPV, and SUVs such as the Hyryder and Urban Cruiser. Toyota also offers bigger cars like the Innova Crysta and Hycross.

This car brand has cars for all your needs. If you want a small city car or a large family car, Toyota has all types of models. They even have luxury cars like the Camry and Fortuner.

You can also choose a petrol, CNG, diesel, or hybrid car. This is great because you get to pick what works for you. Toyota also thinks about the environment. They offer hybrid cars that are better for our planet.

When you buy a Toyota, you also get good service. They offer roadside assistance for five years. Toyota has been in India for over 25 years. They know what Indian people like.


Honda cars

Honda was Launched in 1995 in India by the Japanese company and it has gradually enjoyed enormous success in India. A large chunk of credit for this success goes to the after-sales service of the company which is one of the best and is responsible for retention of customers.

Known as the ‘driving paradise’ among the affordable range, the free-revving engines, slick transmission, and perfect ergonomics are the reasons Honda has managed to survive the cutthroat competition to date. However, many people still complain about the high price of car spare parts.

In our childhood days, we all have once fantasised about having a Honda City someday because of the sleek, stylish and premium design of the sedan. Honda when entered the Indian market with Honda City became the talk of the town back then.

The company has managed to upgrade this beast sedan on a regular basis in terms of features and design, thus making it still one of the most desired sedans in the industry.

Honda City, Amaze, WRV, and Jazz are among the cars that complete the portfolio of this Japanese company.

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So, friends, these are some of the best car brands in India. As you can see, there are many great car brands available in India today. Companies like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Toyota, Honda, and Ford offer a wide range of models to meet different needs and budgets.

So take your time, assess your needs, and explore the excellent car models available from leading manufacturers in India. Choose the car brand and vehicle that best fits your lifestyle and budget. With so many great options from so many great car brands in India, you will surely find a car that you will absolutely fall in love with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the number 1 car brand?

Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai are on the list of best card brands in India with the highest market share.

Which car brand has the best build quality?

TATA and Mahindra are the two homegrown gems in the Indian automobile market which produce cars with the best build quality.

What car has a 5-star safety rating?

Tata Nexon was the first made-in-India vehicle to receive a 5-star rating in the crash test of Global NCAP.

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