SBI Referral Code to get ₹150 and ₹500 {YONO and SBI card}


With referral codes coming into vogue, every banking and financing app started using ‘Refer and Earn’ to market their services. Be it Phonepe or Google Play or Paytm, every app has introduced refer and earn feature under which the user is supposed to send the referral code to his friends or family members (referee). And upon successful registration, both the referee and the user get rewarded. This has been a great marketing strategy opted for by various payment apps.

YONO SBI Referral Code9333493*** (Scroll down to see)
SBI card referral CodejaCxv9Y7Ro8
YONO SBI appDownload
Sbi card appDownload
YONO SBI referral bonus₹150
SBI credit referral bonus₹500

State Bank of India (SBI) also has introduced its refer and earn scheme. In this scheme, if you are a SBI customer, you can earn gifts using the SBI referral code. How? You tell your friends and family about SBI. If they open new accounts or use SBI services, then you get rewards.

It is good for everyone because you get rewards, your friends too get rewards with good banking services from SBI and SBI gets its new customers. SBI is showing they care for their customers and want to grow with this ‘refer and earn’ option.

SBI referral code

Actually, SBI is giving this feature in two options

  • ✅ The first one is in its own digital bank platform called the YONO SBI app.
  • ✅ And the second one in its own SBI card app.

Here we will be discussing both apps in detail.

How did YONO originate?

SBI yono referral code

In a vast diversified country like India, banks play a vital role in regulating the financial mechanism. And when we hear about banks, SBI is the one that first comes to our mind. Hardly any family would be there who would not be having an account in SBI.

With such a humongous number of active customers of SBI, the procedures of SBI are quite cumbersome. Even for petty operations like fund transfer people used to wait in the queue for a very long time.

Also since it is regulated by GOI, sometimes the officials are very lax about the operations, which results in the customer having to wait. Soon after noticing this concern, SBI launched its personal digital banking app called YONO SBI.


YONO SBI is a new digital bank platform using which the user can create a new account at home. YONO stands for “You Only Need One”.

Your bank account can be managed at your fingertips. We will discuss the perks a bit later.


YONO also has a refer and earn programme using which you can make money as well and we will be discussing it in this post.

SBO Yono redeem code

YONO SBI Referral Code

Like every other app, YONO too has a referral code that can be shared with friends and family and if anyone joins using your referral code, you earn Rs. 150 per join.

SBI gives Rs.150 for every referral. You can earn as much as you want using this refer and earn system that YONO offers.

Here is the YONO SBI referral code: 9333493912

Steps on how to use the YONO SBI referral code

  • Open the Yono app or download the app from the playstore
  • In the SBI Yono app dashboard, find the menu option.
  • There you will see the Refer & Earn option. Click on it.
  • On clicking one Referral Code number will be generated, which you are supposed to copy.
  • Now share your SBI Yono referral code with your family and friends, and upon the successful use of your YONO SBI Referral Code, you will receive Rs. 150 per referral.
  • The money recovery in the SBI YONO wallet can be transferred easily to the bank account

Benefits of the YONO app

  • Using this app on smartphones, YONO can be used to shop, recharge, pay bills, invest, railway ticket booking, movie tickets and many more.
  • YONO also has its own UPI payment system to transfer money.
    • You can easily transfer money from Bank to bank using this YONO which is quite safe too.
  • YONO also allows Instant transfer of money up to Rs 10,000 to the newly added beneficiary.
  • YONO provides you with a summary of all your expenses with the intelligent spend analysis, which identifies and classifies your transactions automatically.
  • It also provides you with pre-approved personal loans up to Rs 5 lacs without any paperwork.
  • You can also request chequebooks, ATM cards / Debit Cards or use emergency facilities like changing ATM PINs or blocking ATM cards / Debit Cards using the YONO SBI app.
  • It also has a ‘liquidity’ option in which you can check your fixed deposits too.

Ratings of the YONO App:

YONO SBI App has a 4.4 out of 5 rating with 100M+ downloads on the Google Play Store. The app has a good user interface, is responsive and is easy to use

SBI referral code for SBI Credit Card

What is an SBI card

SBI card is the credit card offered by the State Bank of India that aims to offer Indian consumers access to a wide range of world-class, value-added payment products and services.

State Bank of India offers different types of credit cards to meet the financial needs of individual cardholders. The SBI cards offer travel, shopping, dining, and many more rewards. You can also enjoy benefits like cashback and low interest rates.

If you are genuinely looking for a new credit card, we suggest you take a look at the features and benefits of SBI cards to choose one that best suits you. Use the SBI Refer and Earn scheme to get additional rewards on your SBI card.

SBI card referral code

SBI Referal code using SBI card

Using this online credit card referral program, existing customers or cardholders can earn gift vouchers up to Rs. 25000 just by inviting friends or family members to apply for a new SBI Credit Card.

Each successful referral will earn you a Rs. 500 voucher.

The referral will be counted successfully only when using your referral link or code and someone issues a new credit card.

The maximum referral per year is 50.

Here is the SBI card refer code: jaCxv9Y7Ro8

Note: We have some more referral and coupon codes for you

Steps for how to use the SBI referral code

Steps on how to use the SBI referral code
  • Open the SBI Card App or download the app from the playstore
  • Log in with your Card number to link your card with the App.
  • Find the ‘refer and earn’ option on the dashboard of the app.
  • Click on it and share the invitation link on social media
  • Referees must apply using the unique link provided by you or by using your referral code to apply for SBI Credit Card.
  • If the referee gets an SBI Credit Card issued, then you are supposed to get a gift voucher worth Rs 500.
  • Once the referee (your friend or family member) gets his credit card and makes a transaction of at least Rs. 500 in the first two months then both you and the referee are entitled to receive a gift voucher of Rs 500 each.
SBI credit card redeem code

(SBI Cardholder who is referring to his/her friends will now be termed as “Referrer”. The person getting referred for SBI Credit Card will now be termed a “Referee”)

Benefits of using an SBI card

  • Your SBI card can be useful if you need extra funds for an emergency.
    • You could get an amount above or within your credit limit transferred to your account within 48 hours with Encash.
    • Repayment of it can be made in instalments.
  • Auto payment of bills is a big perk for someone who has a lot of bills to pay by the end of the month.
  • With the SBI credit card, paying utility bills is hassle-free.
    • The auto bill payment option called Easy Bill Pay allows you to make timely payments each month.
  • SBI offers comprehensive protection in the event of card loss, fraud, or theft.
  • You also get to enjoy facilities like emergency travel assistance, banking protection, free replacement of lost cards, and many more.
  • Using the SBI card app online you can make bill payments, check your outstanding balance etc anytime and anywhere.
  • Using the SBI card you can transfer your outstanding amounts from other cards to your SBI card at a very minimal rate of interest.
  • With its balance transfer feature, you can easily avoid paying interest on multiple cards.

Rating of the SBI Cards app:

Presently, the app has got 4.5/5 ratings with 1.2M reviews and 10M+ downloads on the playstore.

Comparison of the SBI app with other Bank Apps

Banking AppSpecial Feature
SBI Yono AppYou can do all your banking and shopping in one place. Also, you can withdraw cash without a card.
HDFC Mobile Banking AppYou can manage your money, pay bills, and transfer money safely.
ICICI iMobile AppYou can do over 200 different banking tasks on your phone.
Axis Mobile AppYou can use your phone’s camera to find dining deals, ATMs, bank branches, and houses for loans.
Kotak 811 Mobile Banking AppYou can open a bank account with no minimum balance and no fees for online transactions.

SBI Yono App is like a friend who helps you with many things. You can do banking, shopping, paying bills, booking travel tickets, and much more, all in one place. That’s why it’s called YONO – “You Only Need One”. It’s like having a bank in your pocket.

One special thing about Yono is that it lets you pay and withdraw cash in a very easy way. You can just scan and pay, or withdraw cash without a card. It’s like magic!

Also, Yono is very easy to use. You can open an account instantly and do all your work without any paper. It’s quick and saves you a lot of time.

SBI apps customer care number

Here are the contact or helpline details for both SBI Yono and SBI credit cards:

SBI appToll-Free Number
General SBI support careToll-Free Number
SBI YONO app1800 1111 01
SBI card app1860 500 1290,
1860 180 1290,
39 02 02 02 or
1800 180 1290 (Toll-Free)


I hope you have found the right referral code for your favourite bank SBI. If this code has changed, don’t worry, we will update the new code immediately. You just need to stay updated with our blog to get the latest SBI referral code.

Frequently asked questions

Is the SBI card application safe to use?

The SBI Card mobile application is absolutely secure and safe to use. No information about the browsing session is stored on your mobile phone or SIM.
Even if your phone is stolen or lost, your account is absolutely safe and cannot be misused. Only the user can log in to the account with his user ID and password. Unless login credentials are shared with someone else, no one can log in and access the account.

How do I find my referral code?

You can find the referral code by visiting the refer and earn section of the app or website in both the SBI credit card and YONO app

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