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Free fire advance server Activation Codes Latest 2023


Last Updated on October 4, 2023 by Sagar Kumar Sahu

Free Fire Advance Server 2023: FreeFire advance server registration and all information about the ff advance server activation key are available here.

We added New Codes Here: FFW03HV5QY1E, FF29BE531UZV, FFWLC35NKZ19, FF57MSGS1TR5,

The latest Free Fire OB41 Advance Server will go live very soon. Now you can start the registration process by logging in using your Facebook account. Once you register, you can get Free Fire Advanced Server files with the FF Advanced Server Activation Key.

Scroll down to learn How to register, Facebook login, and ff Advance Server details.

Overview: FF Advance Server activation code

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Game nameGarena free fire
Ff Advance server nameOB42
Advance server open2nd week of September 2023(Expected)
Advance server close3rd week of September 2023 (Expected)
RewardsUp to 3000 diamonds, Weapons. Skins, Pets
Homepage Techsonu
Official site

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How will we help you with the Free Fire Advance Server?

You have visited our site which means you might be well aware of the availability of the latest Free Fire Advance Server Registration and the ff Advance Server files for the year 2023.

You will also know about the Free Fire OB41 Advance Server Activation Codes. If you face any problems, then we have also guided you on how to carry out the process using a VPN

So in this blog, we will mention all the topics related to Free Fire Advance Server including the registration process, useful files, activation code, and how you can get Free Fire unlimited Diamonds.

free fire diamond bug report

About Free Fire Advance Server

If you’ve been playing Free Fire for a while, you must have heard of Advanced Server. This free fire advance server, as the word “advance”  itself says, is the game that was released prior to the release of the updated version original Free Fire game.

As an added benefit, FF Advanced Server lets you test new features before they are released to the general public. But the server works by invitation only.


If you want to test new features before they are released, you can download the app and activate them with an activation code. You can get your activation Free Fire Advance Server code by registering on the official website of the game.

Note: Free Fire is restricted in India, and users in the country should try to avoid downloading it.

If you are lucky and gain access with an activation code, you can open the game and start playing it to enjoy all its features. Not only that, but you can also report bugs and give feedback about the new version of the Free Fire game.

Moreover, if your report is found relevant you will be rewarded with free fire diamonds too. This way, you can test the game before releasing it to the public. 

Note- Players whose Free Fire ID is more than 9 months old are only eligible to register for Free Fire Advanced Server.

The free fire advanced server Release Date

Ff advance server opening dateFf advance server Closing date
July 2023July 2023

Please scroll down till the last to get the Advance server source⬇️⬇️

List of all free-fire Advance Servers

  • Indonesia Server
  • India server
  • Europe server
  • Brazil server
  • Bangladesh server
  • Taiwan Server
  • Middle East Server
  • Vietnam server
  • Mexico Sever (Free Fire-Latam)
  • Malaysia server
  • Thailand server
  • Pakistan

Free Fire Advance Server OB41 registration codes

As you know, an activation code is required to run the Free Fire Advanced Server. And if you don’t have an activation ‘Free Fire Advance Server code’, you can’t access this ff advance server game. 

So once you have downloaded the advanced server file, the very first thing you need to do is to use the activation code. Correct? But to get this activation code, you have to wait calmly for some time for free-fire developers to announce these codes. 

It’s true that not every registered player will get the code, but don’t worry. Our team Techsonu will provide you with some code after you get the code. 

And remember this is NOT our commitment, we are JUST trying our level best to grab 2-4 codes. If we manage to collect any codes, we'll share them on our blog right away. Your job is to stay active on our website, visit our website regularly to see if any new activation codes have been issued.

If possible you can bookmark our website.

Free fire ADVANCE SERVER Activation Code for Login (Used)

Here are some ff advance server activation codes for you. We will update the list once we get any code from somewhere.

  • TT2GXJ2CY3Y9YK69
  • 9673474Z7F3D479G
  • PPR9X8U785Q7N4X3
  • 2WKG85659ZV3HH6M
free fire advance server activation code

Free fire advance server activation key with rewards

As I said earlier, the player who reports the bugs and glitches found in the game will be rewarded with diamonds. So here are the details of the diamond rewards.

  • 1st prize: 3000 diamonds (1 user)
  • Second prize: 2000 diamonds (2 users)
  • Third prize: 1000 diamonds (3 users)

Free fire redeem codes (To buy in-game items of free fire)

Here you will get the list of free fire redeem codes to buy various in-game items in the free fire game.

  • FFIB30MGTSK1 New
  • FF37FL8XPS0O New
  • FF4B4U8RY63S
  • FFYFM1H442G0
  • FF0F26I0R6JY
  • FFPF8J73ER00
  • FF49G41ULAXP
  • FF7KOAI9NH22
  • FF57MSGS1TR5
  • FFWLC35NKZ19
  • FFHS97LW369D
  • FFW03HV5QY1E
  • FF29BE531UZV
  • FFRX5I515DZO
  • FFAJPMH505T0
  • FF1SOKUM2F06
  • FFV9S43BFWU3
  • FF7ADT5UP8D2
  • FF0SV7PRT74N
  • FF262ID99YQZ

Benefits of free fire advance server.

The Free Fire Advance server can be a huge benefit to players. It allows players to try new features that the developers haven’t released yet. The developer also uses this server to fix bugs and implement new features before they are released to the main version.

The servers are run by a dedicated server hosting company, and the company provides 24-hour supervision of the game. This allows players to focus on playing the game instead of worrying about whether they have downloaded the right version.

  • You can send feedback and reviews directly to the FF Garena developer teams
  • You will also be notified about the latest updates and features for free
  • You are allowed to report a technical fault or bug in the game that you are facing.
  • The best part is that you will also get rewards like free fire free diamonds, gun skins, costumes, characters, and similar special gifts.
  • If you find any major glitches/problems in the upcoming OB41 update, you will be added to a specialized team.

How to Register & Login for Free Fire Advance Server?

free fire advance server activation code

A free fire advance server is very easy to download and use. All you have to do is sign up using your Facebook account and submit a registration form on the official site of the ff advance server. After completing all the processes, you will receive a link via Gmail that will enable you to download the file. Let’s understand the process in a stepwise manner.

  • First of all, you need to visit the official website of the Free Fire game.
  • And here it is. Just copy and paste this link No new tab.
  • Once you reach the FF Advanced website, you will see an interface showing the “LOGIN WITH GOOGLE” and LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK Buttons.

Please note that the updates will be made available to users on Indonesia servers first. So try to use a VPN and point to Indonesia. You can use any free and best VPN available on playstore

  • After successfully logging in, you can visit the registration page on the Free Fire Advanced Server
  • On this page you will be asked to fill in some basic details like your name (you can enter whatever name you want), your Free Fire server email address, phone number, etc. to complete the process
  • After entering all the details, simply tap/click on the “Join Now” option.
  • Here the pre-registration process is completed. 
  • And now you have only one step left which is to install Free Fire Advance Server OBB files.
  • You will get to see a “Download” under your account. 
  • The file size is nearly 600MB
  • Once the file is downloaded, you need to enable “Install from unknown source” on your device and then install the file.
  • After the installation, the app will be launched and you need to enter the activation code to get all the benefits of ff advance server
ff advance server register
free fire advance server steps

What’s special about the free fire advance server?

You must be wondering how this ff advance server is different from the normal free-fire game. Okay, let me explain The advanced server is accessible for some randomly selected number of players.

It is only open to players who’ve already invested in the game. And one exciting difference is, that in the free fire advance server, you can purchase premium items without paying a penny. 

Should you use a VPN to download the free Fire Advance server?

It’s possible to download a free version of the game, but it’s advisable to use a VPN service before you try it out. Aside from getting a VPN, you should also report the issues you find in the game so the developers can fix them.

We have written an in-detailed article about the best VPN for PUBG lite. Even though the mentioned VPNs in the article are mainly for PUBG lite these VPNs will also work for free fire advance servers. If not, you can try the paid VPN services

What are the chances of getting the activation code?

Having a good audience on YouTube or social media is an excellent way to gain a free Fire Advance server. The only thing you have to do is register and get your activation code by following our steps.

This will let you access all of the advanced features of the game. This is not the same as downloading it directly from the official website. However, you can register for the free Fire Advance server if you have a huge following on these social networks.

Weaknesses of the free fire advance server

The only downside to this beta version is that it does not feature any real competition. While there are many players already playing Free Fire on the advanced server, you will not be competing against them.

Since Free Fire Advance Server was released to get feedback from players, you can expect some bugs, glitches, and other bugs to occur during the development phase.


While it’s not a good idea to download the advanced server until you’ve played it. If you’re looking to test out the game in a mobile environment, a free Fire Advance server is the best place to start.

In addition to the advanced servers, the other servers include free and paid versions. 

You can get an Activation Code through this option and enjoy the games on both. So, make sure to register if you want to try out the demo version. 

The advanced server is an excellent choice for players who want to test the game for free. You can expect to have the chance to test out different settings and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download the Free Fire Advance server?

1. Go to the official site –
2. Register yourself by entering the asked details
3. Click Join Now
4. Download the file
5. Wait for the Garena company to release the activation code

How to get free fire rewards in the ff advance server?

You have to find bugs, glitches, and other technical issues and report them to the Free Fire developers. Depending on the generosity and quality of the bugs you report. company will reward you

How to get an activation free fire advance server code?

You can get the activation codes from the official site of the free fire. For that, you have to register yourself first. You can also check our website where we give you some activation codes(If available)

Will every registered user get access to the Free Fire Advanced Server?

No. Ff advance server activation codes are created for limited users only. So only a selected number of students will get this advanced server access

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