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You are at the correct website if you are looking to get a Free Fire ID and password. Free Fire has brought a big change in the world of online gaming, my friend. It is not just a game, it is an emotion now.

Today almost all game lovers dedicate at least 1 hour to playing this game. I still enjoy its graphics like real life, creative gameplay, and updates that keep adding exciting features.

And I know everybody is trying to become a Pro Free Fire Player. And do you know what? You have come to the right place if you are looking to get a Free Fire ID and password. You just keep on reading.

TopicFree Fire IDs and Passwords
Release dateJune 15, 2024
Status Active
Log in Gmail / Facebook / IDs
Our websiteTechsonu

You may be thinking, “How can I get access to these pro-level Free Fire IDs, yaar?” You have two options friends.

You can either work hard and grind through the levels like other professional players, or the 2nd option is you can use the IDs and passwords of Pro Players for a faster route. And the good thing is that this post is for those who are looking for the 2nd option.

Free fire IDs

Some Free Fire IDs and Passwords collected from different legal sources

You just need a valid Gmail account to log into your Garena Free Fire game. Here are the Free Fire ID and Password details. (We change and update these details frequently)

Email IdPassword
[email protected]geetu43127
[email protected]mayan27024
[email protected]kairt03154
[email protected]ambai02398
[email protected]sonaatta40
[email protected]maniayak36
[email protected]jayai87860
[email protected]vinik2713
[email protected]anikn9830
[email protected]nihaa45227
[email protected]ganealli95
[email protected]vinik2713
[email protected]ayusa66448
[email protected]avinhani12
[email protected]nishnshi36
[email protected]sarar83825
[email protected]prady98278
[email protected]nehar35731
[email protected]ayusa66448
[email protected]nehar35731

Free fire IDs

  • ID – 010883498 | Password – SunRayMonster2
  • ID – 0898591716 | Password – Stallion@Wario
  • ID – 692145549 | Password – SkilledAssassinw4
  • ID – 061214798 | Password – QuantumStrings23
  • ID – 702896749 | Password – GamerSupremacy22
  • ID – 197111449 | Password – SamayMaster23
  • ID – 034733622 | Password – MunnaZaraAana445
  • ID – 618973028 | Password – RobVanDam33#
  • ID – 399750246 | Password – BrunoSammartino344
  • ID – 356383958 | Password – VeinyVultures223
  • ID – 870523510 | Password – Rumblemantle343
  • ID – 069716345 | Password – gallantGigant43$
  • ID – 077640621 | Password – CoskatesHen8*
  • ID – 330590165 | Password – Shootingster2()
  • ID – 677580551 | Password – Girlwithcutesmile34
  • ID – 230098379 | Password – DarmasEater31
  • ID – 469123743 | Password – 1%desirousClicker
  • ID – 356135545 | Password – FealessDhoomer2!
  • ID – 374433952 | Password – ZegrathRedwood4^
  • ID – 053584816 | Password – SabreLatimer34@
Please note - We are updating the ff id and password regularly, you will get some codes working and some not. In fact, when the Free Fire system detects that the same details are being used on different devices, it can ban the account. And also many users try to change the password of our Free Fire accounts. 

How to use the Free Fire ID details to log in to the game

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to log in to Free Fire using your ID and password:

  1. First, download and install Free Fire MAX on your device from the Google Play Store.
  2. Once installed, open Free Fire on your device.
  3. If you have the sign-in details, like your ID and password, select the sign-in option.
  4. You can use email, Facebook, Google, or VK, depending on how your account is linked.
  5. Enter your Free Fire ID and password in the given fields.
  6. After entering the correct details, you should be able to access your Free Fire account.

Remember, it’s important to keep your login details secure and not share them with others. If you face any issues, you can again visit our website and try new login details.

You can also check our blog Free Google Play Redeem Codes to get new free codes every day, which you can use to purchase many in-game items in Free Fire.


The rewards you will get in pro Players’ ID Accounts

Free fire ID DJ alok
  • Diamonds: You are eligible to receive free Fire Diamonds up to a maximum of 10,000. You can buy Free Fire things or new skins for your character by using them.
  • Exclusive Bundles: You will receive bundles that are exclusively available to you and are not accessible to regular users. These packages feature free skins such as Evil Pumpkin AK, Aqua Scar, Blood Moon Scar, Vampire Famas, Venom M4A1, and characters such as DJ Alok.
  • Free name cards: Sometimes you can get free name cards that you can use to change your character name. You will also receive new emotes, which will give more personality to your game characters.
  • Ticket for an Event: Tickets let you enter certain events. Visiting these events gives you a good chance to win rare game things.
  • VIP Status: You get VIP status, which grants you access to new features and advantages in the game.


It’s important to be cautious. Using Free Fire IDs and passwords that don’t belong to you can be risky. It’s against the game’s terms of service and could lead to account bans or other penalties.

It’s always best to use your own account or create a new one. This way, you keep your gaming experience safe and fair for everyone. Also, stay away from any type of generators.


The number of Free Fire accounts is growing every day because the game is becoming more and more famous. And because of this, a lot of Free Fire users are being banned for doing weird things.

Anyway, for your safety, we are adding Free Fire IDs that are owned only by our team. There are many professional players in our team. They have so much expertise and experience that they easily reach the pro level in any new Free Fire account. So make sure you visit our website regularly if you want to get working and new IDs and passwords.

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