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Technology VS Creativity: Let’s compare


Last Updated on August 10, 2023 by sourav sahu

Technology is all around us. Smartphones have allowed people to communicate, learn, create, and perform any imaginable daily activity. Video conferences have proved to be a reliable solution for business management in the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Robots can cope with household chores, do the shopping, write music and create art masterpieces with equal proficiency.

Augmented reality substitutes real environments. 3D printers build houses. With all the progress it is difficult to define an action that only a human being can perform. What is the role of a human in an environment where everything is digitalized?

Technology VS Creativity

When we come to the sphere of IT, the scale of the opportunities of computer programs and software becomes staggering. Developers are looking for solutions to create sophisticated projects to sell them to potential customers as soon as possible.

In this article, we will speculate on the tools available on the market and try to understand if there is still a place for creativity in the sphere of web development where tools and solutions can be found in the open-source, copied, and implemented straight away.

The most widely known arguments for the detrimental effect of technologies are the following.

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Disadvantages of Technology

No imagination.

First, video games have scenarios that force the players to follow them. Second, instead of dreaming and reflecting on daily events, children and teens now scroll their feeds and watch Reels or Tik Tok videos before going to sleep.

Shorter attention span.

Due to social media, the attention span today is only about 5 seconds, and it is difficult to concentrate on some routine activity for more than 20 minutes even for a grown-up person.

A template for any task.

Open up a Google disk and choose a template for any document you need, let it be a CV, a report, a business letter, or a project proposal. There is no need to come up with a new design.


Benefits of Technology

The above-mentioned ideas are always under the belt of caring parents every time they need to take a tablet away from their beloved offspring. However, people tend to feel skeptical about everything new and sometimes we do not notice the benefits just because we are not used to exploiting them.

Benefits of Technology
  • Video games improve reaction, strengthen the decision-making process, and enhance strategic thinking.
  • Videos on social media can boost personal creativity and arouse the desire to invent something.
  • A shorter attention span allows modern young people to understand faster if the material is worth paying attention to. They scan texts and can read more in a shorter period.
  • Templates are only forms that are ready to be filled with any information.
  • So they do not steal the opportunity to reveal our creativity, on the contrary, we do not lose time on routine structuring of our reports but focus on the contents more.

Thus, a preliminary conclusion is that technology is enhancing and supporting creativity. Due to technology, we learn to adapt faster, we concentrate on the essence of the material while profiting from ready-made solutions for the structure and form.

Turning to web development, the logic is the same. We will ground our reasoning on the example of a UI library.

A UI library is a set of components that are used for quick prototyping. In other words, developers use the components as bricks to build the wall of their projects. If the bricks are already created, where is the space for creativity?

Webix UI library is a collection of JS widgets that can be used independently or integrated into any environment. Besides the widgets, the library offers a collection of templates to cope with various typical requirements, such as an e-commerce terminal template, a chat template, a task board template, a personal expenses template, and others.

Webix Jet micro framework allows developers to combine and logically bind the widgets for better performance. The list of features of the library includes:

  • 100+ JS widgets for easy web development
  • 13 complex SPA widgets
  • Webix Jet micro framework
  • UI Designer
  • templates, dashboards, demos
  • Code Snippet, Skin Builder, Form Builder

A great number of features can facilitate the job of a developer but kill creativity in the bud. Or not. Remember, we have concluded that technology equips us with the form, while our task is to think of the filling. So, creativity steps in as soon as you start asking yourself the following questions:

  • Where to use it? Creativity is in the way of library application.
    • You will be surprised by how different the spheres are. This can be learned from the real showcases of Webix’s customers.
  • How to use it?
    • It is not just the monotonous work of a builder, it is as exciting as engineering.
  • The manuals on the blog will help you with that. Typical components can be combined in new and unusual ways providing customers with extraordinary solutions and nontrivial results.

So here is the answer to the main question Is There a Place for Both Technology and Creativity

Technology VS Creativity

Yes, creativity and technology can work together. In fact, they often do and can even enhance each other. Technology can provide new tools and platforms for people to be creative with, such as music production software or graphic design tools.

At the same time, creativity helps in the development of new technologies, like the invention of AI writings, and techniques, or the creation of clever solutions to problems.

What is the relationship between technology and creativity?

The relationship between technology and creativity is complex and it may vary from different perspectives.

On the one hand, technology provides new tools and platforms for people to be more creative like in the music production industry, software, or graphic design tools.

And on the other hand, creativity also helps in the development of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, humanoid robots, and similar inventions that lead to the creation of innovative solutions to problems.

In this way, technology and creativity are complementary and can work together to enable new forms of problem-solving.

At the same time, some people may see technology as a threat to creativity, arguing that it can limit the imagination but I don’t think technology can ever think like humans in such a creative way.

Overall, the relationship between technology and creativity is dynamic and can be both positive and negative.

Summing up

With all the opportunities that a modern human has, technologies do appear to be a blessing for society. They make our lives more convenient, we tend to do more and learn faster. Technologies are the tools that we can benefit from while applying our creative potential to designing new projects. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is technology taking away our creativity?

No, technology is not taking away our creativity. While some people may argue that technology can limit the imagination or lead to the dilution of art, overall it can provide new tools and platforms for people to be creative with.

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