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The Importance Of Resolution When You Convert To Vector


Last Updated on August 10, 2023 by sourav sahu

A lot of people ignore the importance of resolution when you convert to vector. If you are a graphic designer or illustrator then you must know about it.

To be honest, I too had no idea about this but some of my graphic designer friends helped me and explained its importance to me.

The raster must first be converted to a vector if you work on a raster image with any CAD application. Only after converting a raster to a vector image via SVG to AI converter will you be able to make modifications and edit the raster artwork. 

The Importance Of Resolution When You Convert To Vector

There will be situations when you require several formats. The conversion of raster to vector is not standardized, and it is not always possible to convert plans, pictures, and other items into a vector format.

However, there will be situations when one format is preferable to another. It is always going to rely on what you require in a vector format.

Moreover, due to resolution limitations, not all raster pictures can be transformed into ideal vector representations.

The term “resolution” refers to the total number of pixels contained per inch in raster files. The “dots per inch,” abbreviated as dpi, refers to the image’s resolution. For instance, if a picture contains 400 pixels per inch, the resolution is 400 dpi.

The resolution of the raster picture is particularly significant when converting raster to vector(convert to vector) using SVG to AI converter since the definition of the form in the scanned image is reliant on it.

When you convert a raster image to a vector image, the more defined the shape is. Because there are more pixels per inch in a high-quality image, the pixel size is smaller. When scanned, this results in smoother curves. 

When you convert a raster image to a vector image, the form becomes distorted with a poor resolution. You must first raise the raster image’s resolution before converting SVG to AI through SVG to AI converter.


Raster graphics are resolution-dependent. The higher the number of pixels per inch (PPI), the better the image’s resolution and the bigger the image’s expansion capability.

PPI refers to your computer’s screen resolution, but DPI, or dots per inch, refers to print resolution, or how tightly your printer deposits the small dots of ink or the printed page to reveal the printed picture.

When an image falls below the requisite PPI or DPI for optimal resolution, it appears “pixelated.”

The conversion of a raster to a vector format can be quite variable. There are several conversion methods, and no one piece of software can convert automatically 100 percent of the time.

Human interaction is frequently necessary, and recognizing this will ensure that you have the high-quality format conversion needed for your specific demands.

The ideal resolution for converting raster to vector.

The ideal resolution for converting raster to vector.

Vector drawings are getting increasingly trendy these days. Designers use them for logotypes, posters, and site templates.

As a result, several free vector galleries have sprouted up in recent years. Illustrators submit their vector art to these galleries in exchange for hyperlinks to their websites. However, it is important to know how to convert SVG to AI.

What is the benefit of this? Why is it good to freely distribute vectors?

There are several causes for this, and I’ll go through a few of them.

The majority of free vector galleries are well-known and often visited. Some sites receive around 500 thousand visits every month.

Submitting your vector art to such prominent galleries which you have created via SVG to AI converter will almost certainly generate several hundred visits to your website.

Some of the vector galleries have a high page rank on Google. When someone adds a link to your website, Google offers you credit and moves your site up in the search results.

The greater the page rank of a connecting site, the more credit you will receive. So, publishing your vectors to free galleries is a simple technique to obtain high-quality backlinks and rank high in major search engines.

For links to your website, you can provide anchor text. When you submit vector art to free vector galleries by transforming an image into a vector through SVG to AI converter, you may give your website a name.

It is a good idea to include keywords that you want to rank high for in search engines as the name of your website. As a result, your website will receive a significant increase in search engine ranks, and more and more people will discover it via Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

You may get a contribution. Some vector galleries allow you to provide your PayPal email address in the submission form. This implies that individuals who enjoy your work may choose to express their gratitude by sending money to your PayPal account. As a result, exchanging vectors might be a smart idea.


Some galleries like getting Vectors to connect designers and illustrators from all over the world to the people who are looking for quality Vectors for sale and illustrations for their personal or professional requirements. In return, the artists will be paid for their work. This is a great chance to make money out of your work.

Why is it important for an image to be vectorized?

Vector images are made up of mathematical equations instead of pixels, which means they can be resized without losing the image quality. That’s why they are useful for making logos, graphics, and print materials where it’s important for the image to be clear and sharp even when zoomed in. Vector images also tend to be smaller in file size than normal images. This also helps in faster downloading.

Are vector graphics affected by resolution?

Vector graphics are not affected by resolution because they are made up of mathematical equations, and not pixels. This means they can be used at any size without compromising on quality, and they will always appear sharp and clear when you zoom in or enlarge it on a larger screen.

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