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Nowadays, everyone wants to have multiple ways to earn income, whether the amount is big or small. If you agree with this statement and you also keep looking to find different sources to make some extra money, then this article is for you.

make some extra money

The demonetization of Rs 500 currency notes and Rs 1000 currency notes and now the Covid-19 pandemic has made the situation that whether you like it or not, but you have to keep a digital payments application for your security. In India, Paytm is quite preferred by users, who use it for their regular payments. 

If you are considering online games as the best way to earn money in your spare time or you are looking for a website from where you can earn money, then also this article is quite useful to you. We have provided information on the top 10 apps from which you can earn Paytm cash.

These apps or websites like GetMega are free and there is no investment to use this app. You just needed a smartphone and stable connections for your online games.

If you are thinking playing games can take your maximum time, then you can consider video. By watching them, you earn coins which are later converted into Paytm cash at the time of withdrawal. These are reliable as we have provided you with information after the proper research. 

Free Paytm cash websites


A highly recommended app from which you can earn free Paytm cash just by playing a variety of games. These games include rummy, poker, Gopool, carrom, and quizzes. Get mega has updated the leaderboard thus there are no insecurities regarding the leaderboard bonus. The leaderboard is the major option to earn maximum incentives.


Like GetMega, it is also an application that provides free Paytm cash. Here you earn money by reading the news, downloading videos, and at last playing games. It is an application that keeps a daily check of all the things that check in the user, daily rewards, and many more.


Datagenies is an application that mostly prefers to provide free Paytm cash to use by downloading videos or referral marketing. In referral marketing, you just have to refer the people around you and help them in earning Paytm cash. By referral marketing, you can only earn Rs 7 at once. But the user has to install and register himself on the app. 

Millionaire Play

The Millionaire is also an application that also only offers free Paytm cash just for playing online games and bonus referrals. Millionaire Play has some specific games, thus, you can also prefer to watch the videos and earn money from the app.

Earn Talktime

Earn Talktime is considered the most reliable and it has something different that is you can earn free cash and online recharge. Also, if you take a look, then Earn Talktime also gives you free Paytm cash of Rs 100 if you complete the offers on time. 


Databuddy is an app that also gives free Paytm cash just by watching some videos on the data buddy app and completing some basic tasks to make you the best member. It is one of the applications which offers Paytm cash and other tasks.


Mobile Premier League was one of the newest online game applications. Here also, you can earn Rs 20000 of Free Paytm cash. Mobile Premier League or MPL is one of the most popular applications using which you can earn some good Paytm cash (by playing games and referring people). The best part of this app is it allows you to earn up to 20000 rupees of Paytm cash through referrals.


Cashbooks is one of the applications which has made it easy to earn free Paytm cash. Easy tasks such as downloading the apps or referral programs are done with this app. 

Pocket FM

A radio app will also help you to earn free Paytm cash. You just have to listen to the news and music in different languages and if you get a referral, then only you can earn the rewards. Rs 10 is offered for each referral.


SharkId also provides free Paytm cash for referrals. It is an app that updates your contacts list and you can earn Rs 25 on each referral. Thus you can consider this useful app as well


Paytm is one of the apps which is available almost everywhere and the payment procedures are quite useful. You can use any one of the above mentioned apps or their website to earn money. It will help you in your later time as you might think of using multiple apps to earn extra income.

Also, it will give you some entertaining time pass activities that you can enjoy. Either by playing games on Getmega or by listening to music on Pocket FM, you will have some quality fun time.

Earn Talktime is considered the most reliable and it has something different that is you can earn free cash and online recharge. Also, if you take a look, then Earn Talktime also gives you free Paytm cash of Rs 100 if you complete the offers on time. There is a list of 60 similar apps on SureJob to make more money in your free time.

We hope the best for you and your motive for reading this article might be done.

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