15 Best Colour Prediction Games for You in 2024


Making money by playing games is a trend nowadays. And there are many ways to make money online today. And making money by predicting the outcome colour is one such game.

We are going to suggest some best Colour prediction games and by playing these games you can make money just by predicting the outcome colours.

How do colour prediction apps or games work?

All these games allow you to predict only 3 colours which are red, green, and violet. These games give only 3 minutes to predict the next colour and then invest in the prediction.

You can find these games in both apps and website platforms. The core concept of all these games is more and less similar, they only add some kind of visual variation which makes them entertaining to use while predicting the colour.

The total value of the reward earned is calculated by both the number of players and the amount invested over the duration of the game. It doesn’t matter what amount you invest, you just need to use your prediction skills to come out on top and make the most money.

15 Best Colour Prediction Games for You in 2024

So, what matters the most in these colour prediction games is the accuracy of your prediction. The more attention and accuracy you provide in the prediction, the higher your chances of winning money.

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Disclaimer: We are not promoting any prediction game, so please play at your own risk. Remember that prediction games are luck-based, so there is always a chance you will lose.

Here are the 10 Best Colour Prediction Games in 2024

Serial No.Game/App NameStar Rating
11Fastwin App4.2
13Reliance Mall4.0
15Daman Games4.1

1. VClub

VClub is one of the popular colour prediction games. After using the app for 1 week, I can say that it is a trustworthy platform. I liked its quick withdrawal feature where one can earn Paytm cash every day just by predicting the colours accurately. It also provides a refer and earn feature.

VClub Colour Prediction proof

I think VClub has been operating for over three years with a legal operation certificate issued by the Indian government. This gives me some sort of assurance while playing the game and investing money in the app.

This game has got some good features when you sign up for Vclub, you will get a bonus amount of ₹121 for free. So if you are a beginner, you can start playing this game by using the signum bonus amount.


Not only this but by using the refer and earn option you can add more money to your wallet. Each referral can earn you ₹250 and also you get an extra commission if your friend refers to other people.

Just keep in mind that the maximum bet per session is 10 Rs, and to withdraw your earnings, you need to recharge your account with at least 200 Rs. By following this you can assure yourself that you don’t play the game with high risk and can withdraw your earnings without any hassle.

In addition to all this, Vclub can also help you by giving you many helpful tips and information to make informed decisions when investing money.


  1. Fast withdrawal options
  2. Refer and earn feature
  3. VClub has a legal operation certificate issued by the Indian government
  4. Beginner players can start playing the game by using the sign-up bonus amount of ₹121 for free.
  5. Vclub provides helpful tips and information.


  1. The maximum bet per session is limited to 10 Rs
  2. Players need to recharge their account with at least 200 Rs to withdraw their earnings
  3. As with any online game involving money, there is always a risk of losing money
  4. The game may be addictive, and players may find it challenging to control their urge to play

2. MantriMalls

MantriMalls Colour Prediction Game

Mantrimall is another colour prediction game to make money online with very less investment. Like any other colour game, you only need to guess which colour will be shown next in the sequence of colours being displayed on their screen.

You will get only 2 minutes to select one colour. If the predicted colour comes next then you will get double the cash. So by using this concept, one can easily make a good amount of money just by predicting the colours

You just need to click on the link we have provided here and it will take you straight to the official website. – Mantrimall’s Official site

MantriMalls Colour Prediction Game proof

After landing on the page just enter your mobile number and get it verified by entering the OTP you get on the number. Once you have set up everything and registered in the app, you can start playing Mantri Mall’s prediction game.

Mantrimall provides four types of predictions to play: Parity, Sapre, Bcone, and Emred. You can join the telegram channels or watch some YouTube videos to get some ideas about the prediction and some other tricks

It also gives one cool refer and earn feature which allows you to earn bonuses for referring your friends. If someone joins using your referral link and recharges their account, you will get a bonus of Rs 138.

And if they refer more people and those referred people also recharge their accounts, you will get a commission for their gameplay too. The more people come under you in the referral chain, the more commission you will get.

You can easily withdraw your won amount. You just need to your account and go to the “My” section. Click on “Wallet and Withdrawal” and enter the amount you want to withdraw.

The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs 1000. There are some withdrawal charges and you can only withdraw certain amounts at a time.


  1. Low investment is needed
  2. Simple and easy to play
  3. Opportunity to earn more every day
  4. Refer and earn options
  5. Convenient withdrawal process


  1. High risk of losing money
  2. Dependence on luck
  3. Can be an Addiction for others
  4. Lack of transparency

3. CWin

I think you must have heard about this colour prediction app Cwin. It is a game with similar game concepts to other apps in the market. In this app also you have to predict the colours of the next few blocks to be added to the Cwin grid. If your prediction is correct, you earn points. These points you earn can be converted to money and then you can transfer them to your Paytm wallet.

CWin colour prediction Game proof

Cwin app has some unique features that make it stand out and different from the other colour prediction apps. They have something called the CWin Agent Crore Cash Growth Plan. This plan is available for all users and by using it you can earn well through it. The plan is divided into 8 levels, and each level offers a good reward.

  • The CWin Agent Level 1, which is called Iron, offers a reward of ₹10 Free.
  • The Bronze level, which is Level 2, offers a reward of ₹50 Free.
  • The Silver level, Level 3, offers a reward of ₹300 Free.
  • The Gold level, Level 4, offers a reward of ₹1500 Free.
  • The Platinum level, Level 5, offers a reward of ₹4000 Free.
  • The Diamond level, Level 6, offers a reward of ₹1,00,000 Free.
  • The Master level, Level 7, offers a reward of ₹10,00,000 Free.
  • Finally, the Grand Master level, Level 8, offers a reward of ₹1 Crore Free.
CWin colour prediction Game amount

To play the game, you have to follow the same steps that other colour prediction games ask you to do. Go to the login page, enter your mobile number, and verify it by entering the OTP. After the successful registration, you will get an instant ₹121 on sign-up

You can also see a gift box anywhere on the screen and tap on it to get an extra CWin Red Envelope with some amount in the gift. The minimum amount to play is INR 10, so it is better that you should play with that amount only.

If you want to earn extra cash or a reward, you can do that from the Rewards Tab. Just complete the tasks and claim extra cash. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹ 200.

One good piece of advice to you is that, whatever amount you earn, first transfer 50% of the won amount to your bank account and use the rest amount to play and predict again.


  1. Easy to play and predict
  2. Less initial investment
  3. Good Rewards and bonuses
  4. Instant sign-up bonus
  5. Fast payment options


  1. Risky and Addictive
  2. Apps sometimes stop functioning
  3. No dedicated telegram group to assist

4. MantriGame

MantriGame is a simple colour prediction game that allows you to earn money with less or no investment.

You just need to use your prediction or guessing skills to pick a colour. If you guess the next colour correctly, you will earn points. You should try to collect more points so that you can earn more.


The game offers two colours to choose from, black and white. You need to make your choice in a limited amount of time. Once the timer runs out, the colour that appears the most time will be the winner. Also note that if you predict the wrong colour, you will lose your original bet amount.

MantriGame proof

You can easily earn daily profits ranging from Rs. 300 to Rs. 400. I have attached the payment proofs below.


  1. The MantriGame app has a user-friendly interface
  2. Start with low-investment
  3. Make Daily-earnings with profits ranging from Rs. 300 to Rs. 400
  4. It has predictable algorithms


  1. You should be aware of the risks and only invest money that you can afford to lose.
  2. Addictive in nature
  3. The app doesn’t seem to be entirely transparent in terms of money, how it calculates profit etc
  4. These apps are not suitable for a long-term source of income

5. Colorwiz

Colorwiz Colour Prediction Game

Colorwiz is the next colour prediction app on our list. The concept in this game is also the same where you need to choose a colour from the palette and then predict what will be the next colour.

If you guess the colour correctly, you will earn points. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make money by simply using the skill of prediction, you should definitely try Colorwiz.

Colorwiz Colour Prediction Game Paytm proof

Not only this, but ColorWiz also offers many other options like games and activities to earn more money easily. Besides playing and predicting colours, you can also complete tasks, participate in lucky draws, and much more.

I liked the UI of the app where different sections of the app like games, tasks and transactions are well organized for easy navigation.

These steps are for registering and logging into the ColorWiz app is very simple

  1. Just visit the given link –
  2. Enter your mobile number, set your password and get your number verified with OTP.
  3. You can also enter the referral code if you have any
  4. Now after the successful registration just go to the ColorWiz login page and enter the details to log into the homepage
  5. You can start playing the game by adding balance to your account
  6. You can also get free wallet money by referring this app to your friends
  7. Enter an amount of INR 100 or more and add it to your wallet using UPI payment.

Talking about the referral bonus, the app pays a 45% commission for each referral when they register and start playing games when they add money to their wallet. Also when that person refers this app to his/her friends then you will earn a 20% commission on their earnings.


  1. Low investment or No investment is required to start earning money
  2. The registration process is simple
  3. Quick and easy payment withdrawal
  4. Ability to earn daily money


  1. Risk of losing money if your prediction goes wrong
  2. Dependence on Internet connectivity
  3. The app is not available in all regions or countries
  4. Sometimes the server goes down

6. Bcone

Bcone colour prediction game

BCone is another colour prediction platform that can be used to earn money by investing a small amount of money. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

This app also has tried to maintain the user-friendliness of the UI so that players can easily play the game, invest and withdraw money.

One unique feature of BCone is that it offers different game modes such as Single, Multi, and 100x. And yes, similar to other apps, this app also offers a referral program to earn commissions by inviting your friends to use and play the game

I have installed and used the app for 4 days and made a good amount of money. You can see the attached image below as proof.

However, some users have complained about technical difficulties and slow processing while using the app. So you must try it on your own device and check what issues you are facing.


  1. Simple interface.
  2. Supports different payment methods.
  3. Comes with referral options.
  4. Fast payments and withdrawals.


  1. Sometimes the interface lags
  2. Server issues can happen
  3. No clear information about the owners or management team.
  4. No clear information about the legal status and licensing of the app.
  5. The game is not suitable for minors.

7. FieWin

FieWin is one of the popular games in the colour prediction category. I think many of you must have heard about the name on YouTube and Telegram. My friend has been playing this game for 4 months and he suggested adding this app name to the list.

FieWin Colour Prediction Game

In this app, you can earn money by guessing the correct colour. Not only the colour, but you can also guess the result numbers. My friend said that this app does not charge any withdrawal fee.

And that is why I have mentioned only this app in my blog. No withdrawal fee means you can withdraw whatever amount you have earned from this app. No additional deduction in the payment

So if you are looking for a prediction game that needs low investment to start, then this one is a definite way to start. So even if you have a limited budget, you can still start playing and earning money.

I also came to know about its customer support facility. Some users have praised customer support and many are finding issues with the customer care option.

I have tried this game, and from my experience, I must say that the game is quite unpredictable and is more or less based on chance and luck.

Compared to other prediction games, I found that there is some kind of uncertainty in this game and most of the time the prediction gets wrong.

But this is my personal opinion, and the point of view may differ from person to person. And the point is, if you play with the right strategy and careful analysis, you can increase your chances of making accurate predictions.


  1. It provides different games to choose from and play
  2. The app provides a referral program
  3. This game does not charge a withdrawal fee
  4. The good interface makes it easy to navigate and play games.


  1. It has a risk of losing money if your prediction goes incorrect.
  2. You need to invest some money upfront
  3. The app is not available in all countries
  4. It asks for some personal information during the registration process

8. Flipwin

FlipWin is similar to the last mentioned game Flipwin. This app has over 20 lakh users and 3 lakh investors, and all these numbers make this platform the best choice for those who want to earn money online.

Along with the colour prediction, it also offers a refer-and-earn program to earn extra rewards by using FieWin’s invite link. It has three levels of referral programs so that everyone in the referral chain can get some benefits by referring to the apps.

Flipwin Colour Prediction App proof

You will get a daily check-in reward and you can earn Rs. 2 daily just by logging into the app. The app features a simple, crisp, and user-friendly interface.

The cash deposit and withdrawal process is quick and simple, though sometimes it takes time to transfer the amount to the bank. You can add your UPI ID or bank account to withdraw your earnings


  1. The refer-and-earn program helps to earn extra rewards
  2. The three levels of referral programs provide benefits to everyone in the referral chain.
  3. The daily check-in reward of Rs. 2 is a simple and easy way to earn money.
  4. Cash deposit and withdrawal processes are quick and easy
  5. Users can add their UPI ID or bank account to withdraw their earnings.
  6. The Agent Million Cash Growth Plan is a unique aspect of FieWin to earn a good amount of money


  1. The process of transferring the amount to the bank can sometimes take time, which is frustrating for users.
  2. The app heavily relies on referrals, and it may be difficult to earn money without referring others.
  3. There may be risks associated with inviting users
  4. It is not a reliable source of income

9. Yoswin

Yoshwin is the next online earning app that allows you to earn money by playing parity-colour prediction and flight crash games. If you don’t want to earn money by colour prediction then still there is an option to earn money by promoting this app to your friends and earning a commission.

You can play two prediction games. One is the colour prediction and the other is the number prediction game.

Yoswin Colour Prediction Game

In the Color Prediction game, you need to predict which colour will appear next. If your prediction comes true you will earn double the amount you invested. And on the same side, if your prediction goes wrong, you will lose money too.

Similarly, in the Number Prediction game, you can earn 9 times your investment, but the risk is also higher.

With Color Prediction, the winning chances are 50:50, but with Number Prediction, the winning chances are only 10%, but the rewards are higher.

There are also two variants of the Color Prediction game based on the time duration – Fast and Prediction. With Fast, you have to guess within 30 seconds. And with Prediction, you have to decide the outcome every 90 seconds.

With the referral option you can earn up to 99 rupees for every referral sign-up, and you can earn again when your friend plays the game.

This app provides a referral system that has 4 levels and each level has different commission rates. But remember your referrer should be effective I mean they should recharge their wallet at least once by using your referral link

Now coming to the adding money and withdrawal process, it is a super easy process to withdraw and invest money. You can also recharge your account with a minimum of ₹20 by using any payment option. And withdrawal process is also as simple as that.


  1. Easy-to-use interface
  2. Multiple games available
  3. Many game modes are based on time duration
  4. Good Referral program
  5. Multiple payment methods including bank transfer and UPI
  6. 24/7 Availability


  1. Like any online betting platform, the Yoswin app also has some level of risk.
  2. Addictive behaviour can cause you to spend more than you can afford.
  3. The app is not regulated by any government authority
  4. It is suitable for Hindi-speaking people, and this can be a barrier for users who don’t understand the language.

10. Cooe

The Cooe is our 10th Colour prediction app on the list. This game offers 6 exciting games all in one place. The app has a simple UI that makes it easy for anyone to navigate and start playing games.

You can use the colour prediction option to earn yourself by predicting the game or by referring the app to your friends. You get a 45% commission from your referrals and even earn a 20% commission from level 2.

Cooe colour prediction game

Apart from referral income, there are many other games too. Some of the games include Win Go, AB Fun, Aviator, Lucky Hit, Luxury Car, and Soccer Go.


  1. Free to download and use
  2. Offers a variety of games to play and earn money
  3. Good User Interface
  4. Offers a sign-up bonus and referral bonus
  5. Provides daily bonuses to users
  6. Fast transaction and withdrawal services


  1. There is a risk of losing money involved
  2. Some users can find the referral income structure to be complex
  3. Sometimes the game shows too much uncertainty

11. Fastwin App

Fastwin is not only a colour prediction app but also an app that offers different games to its users, including colour prediction, Andar Bahar, Minesweeper, JetX, Ludo, and Dice. You can earn real cash by playing these games. To get started, you just need to create an account, recharge it, and start playing.

Fastwin App

In India, its IPL season is going on. And for IPL lovers Fastwin brought an IPL Event Bet where users can predict the winning team, which team will bat first, who will make the first fifty runs, who will take the first wicket, and more. And if your prediction comes out to be true then you can earn 20X rewards and prizes

I was shocked by knowing that for each invitation this app gives ₹505. Also, the invited user gets a ₹50 reward bonus, and the referrer gets a commission of ₹150 after the first recharge and ₹100 after the third recharge done by the subordinates. You can transfer the earned commission directly to the bank account using UPI or direct bank details.


  1. Supports trending events like IPL prediction
  2. The app also offers a variety of games like Andar Bahar, minesweeper, Ludo, etc.
  3. Fast withdrawals to your UPI account
  4. A referral program with a decent amount for every referral
  5. You can start playing games with a minimum investment of just Rs. 10


  1. Risk of losing money
  2. Addiction
  3. Legal concerns
  4. No customer support
  5. Limited payment options (only allows withdrawals to UPI accounts)

12. Joymall

Joymall is one of the preferred colour prediction apps in the community. In addition to colour prediction, This app also provides options to make extra money by inviting friends to join the app. For every referral, you can earn Rs. 300 which is of course very good when compared to the other apps.

Joymall Colour Prediction Game

The name contains the term ‘mall’ so anybody will think of it as a shopping app. And surprisingly the platform allows users to purchase expensive products like necklaces and other items.

Joymall withdrawl proof


  1. Free to use
  2. Easy and user-friendly interface
  3. It offers 2 ways to make money one is by colour predictions and 2nd one is by referrals.
  4. Fast transaction and withdrawal services.
  5. No minimum redemption amount
  6. It has options to purchase expensive products like necklaces using their winnings


  1. Similar to other prediction apps, it involves some level of risk.
  2. Users cannot create multiple accounts to earn referral bonuses
  3. Some users may become addicted to the game
  4. The withdrawal limit of Rs. 230 can be high for those who wish to withdraw smaller amounts.

13. Reliance Mall

Reliance Mall has launched a new prediction gaming app that has become quite popular recently. The name is quite familiar as it contains the brand name ‘Reliance’.

This app provides a registration bonus of Rs.50. You can also earn by using the refer option. The app will give you Rs.200 for every referral.

They have an app to play the game but if you don’t want to fill the storage of your phone, you can play games on any browser like Chrome.

Reliance Mall game

One down point about the app is this app doesn’t give any signup bonus. So to start playing the game you need to deposit an amount of ₹100.

The withdrawal system of this app is quite impressive. They have a good withdrawal system to prevent scams and money laundering by criminals.

Withdrawals depend on your total betting turnover, and the sum of your betting turnover should equal your withdrawal amount.

The platform also offers a variety of games, including Football, Cricket, and Kabaddi. So you need to engage in all the options to earn more points.


  1. Provides a registration bonus of Rs.50
  2. A good Referral income
  3. You can use the game on the browser itself
  4. Multiple game options like Football, Cricket, and Kabaddi
  5. Easy and secure withdrawal
  6. Reputable brand


  1. An initial Deposit is required as there is no good amount of joining bonus (It is only ₹50)
  2. Withdrawals depend on a user’s total betting turnover. This sometimes stands as a barrier for some users to withdraw their winnings.
  3. Addiction risk
  4. Not available on iOS

14. WiproMall

I have been trying a colour prediction game for the last 2 years. Many of my friends also play colour games regularly. And from my knowledge, I can say that Vipromol Color Prediction is worth it.

I have personally tested the game and can confirm that it offers a wide range of games including Bingo, Slots, Placing and Sports games.

You can also join the WiproMall colour prediction group to get assistance in the accurate prediction of the app.

You can start with a deposit as low as 100 rupees and start playing. The minimum recharge amount is Rs.200 and the minimum withdrawal amount is Rs.100.


The Wipro Mall app offers various bonuses, such as daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses. You can also earn a good amount using referral commissions. It also provides an option to become agents and earn additional bonuses by reaching different levels of the game

The app offers a referral bonus of ₹150 for referring each person. The bonus will be sent to your WiproMall account. You can withdraw money from the wallet to your bank account anytime because it is available 24/7, including on holidays.


  1. Low minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts
  2. The option to choose the game duration allows for flexibility.
  3. Low withdrawal fees
  4. The ability to withdraw money 24/7, including on holidays, is convenient for users.


  1. A risky game like all other prediction game
  2. There is no guarantee of earnings, and users may lose money if they are not successful in their predictions.
  3. The app may require a stable internet connection.

15. Daman Games

Last but not least, Daman is the recently added game on our list. I got to know about this app from the Telegram Channel. After knowing about the app, I started playing the game. And I found it trustworthy. I made money of amount ₹784.00. You should try this app too and comment below what feature you like about the app.

Daman Games Colour Prediction

It has all the same rules as other colour prediction apps with all the features like refer and earn, commission-based earnings, and other exciting game modes.


  1. Refer and earn feature
  2. Convenient withdrawal process
  3. Trusted app with lakhs of players registered
  4. Available 24/7


  1. A risky game like all other prediction game
  2. No support
  3. Website crashes sometimes


The colour prediction games are a fun way to earn some extra money by using prediction skills. It can also be a good way to spend time with your friends. However, you should also be aware of the risks involved.

Nobody should play these games without having prior knowledge. You should not invest your hard-earned huge money into these prediction games. So be careful and always play with a limited amount of money with great caution.

We have provided some real rummy apps in India, so if you want to earn money playing card games then you can have a look at these apps

Disclaimer: The information provided in this post about colour prediction platforms is for general informational purposes only. We do not encourage or promote gambling or any form of illegal activity. It is important to remember that these games involve financial risk and should be approached with caution. We do not accept any responsibility for any financial loss or damages that may arise from your use of the information provided. Always play responsibly and within your means. If you suspect you may have a gambling problem, please seek help from a professional organization such as the National Council on Problem Gambling.

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