Beware of these 10 Fake Paytm Apps in 2024


We all know that Paytm makes it easy to buy and sell without cash. But there are risks that come with these benefits. There are many fake Paytm apps in the market that are designed to scam you. They look real but they aren’t.

Just suppose that you own a small shop in a busy market full of customers. One day during the usual rush, one random guy buys some stuff from you. He says that he will pay with Paytm. Since you are super busy, so you quickly check the payment successful message on his phone.

fake paytm apps

But later you realize that you didn’t get any payment from that guy and the payment message was fake. It actually came from an app pretending to be Paytm. These scenes happen every day with lots of shop owners and they are losing money to tricks like this.

In this guide, we will tell you about such 10 fake Paytm apps you should avoid at any cost. We will also give you some advanced tips to keep your money safe and stay safe from such activities.

10 Fake PayTM Apps to Avoid at any cost

1. Paytm Pro: This is a fake Paytm app that scams people by promising big rewards and cashback. But don’t trust it! It’s a scam to steal your login info and mess with your finances.

2. Paytm Lite claims to be a smaller, better version of Paytm. But really, it’s a nasty app filled with harmful stuff that can sneak into your phone and take your personal information.

3. Paytm Cash is a similar fake app that tempts you to use paytm to earn money easily. It grabs your details and then disappears.

4. Paytm Ultra is also a fake paytm app that promises to offer unlimited everything. But don’t believe it. It just wants to take your data and they might use the data in an unethical manner.

5. Paytm Gold pretends to be a fancy Paytm version. It is another app that puts you in trouble with the phishing scam.

6. Paytm Recharge Plus is a scam Paytm app that says you can make quick recharges and transfer money easily. The truth is it can collect your contacts and spam your friends.


7. Paytm Payment is a total scam app that looks legit for payments but it’s 100% dangerous. It is designed in such a way that it will take your bank details without your consent.

8. Paytm All in One is the worst fake paytm app that I have ever seen. It claims to do everything that we do online. But really, it’s useless and can lead to money disasters. Avoid it at any cost.

Some more PayTM Fake Apps Names

These are some names that our team found by researching the internet and their names also sound like the real Paytm app. But these are 100% fakes and scam apps.

  1. PaytmQuick Wallet
  2. FastPaytm Transfer
  3. PaytmGold Wallet
  4. SecurePaytm Pro
  5. PaytmSafePay
  6. Paytm Cash King
  7. PaytmMoney Secure
  8. EasyPaytm Cash
  9. PaytmWallet Plus
  10. SmartPaytm Pay

How to Identify and Avoid the Fake Paytm Apps

Identify and Avoid the Fake Paytm Apps
  • Before believing that you received the payment, verify the payment apps the sender is using. They look just like real ones like Paytm or Google Pay. They show fake payment proofs, but no real money gets transferred.
  • Some fake apps have names very close to “Paytm”. They claim to do UPI payments and recharges. But they aren’t real at all. Before downloading an app, check who has developed it, what users say, and how many downloads & ratings it has.
  • You will also find apps that have names as jokes, like “Money Prank Pro”. They are for fun but people use these apps to cheat. Be careful with these.
  • And watch for fake versions of real apps, like “PhonePe Business” or “Google Pay for Business”. These copy the look and UI to fool you. Always get apps from trusted places like Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Also, check what permissions these fake apps are asking for. If a payment app wants to get access to your contacts or photos, then you need to think twice. You only need to allow those permissions that are needed for the app to work.
  • Don’t fall for urgent updates or amazing offers. These fake offers want you to make fast choices without thinking. So always verify things first then only click any links or proceed.
  • Always check and verify the website you are visiting. Scammers make sites with URLs that look like the real Paytm site. Check the URL closely for any tiny changes or typos, and make sure it starts with “https://” and has the lock symbol.
  • Protect yourself from fake robot calls. If you get a suspicious call claiming to be from Paytm, report it to Paytm customer support with all the details you have.
  • You should secure your device with features like fingerprint locks or strong passwords. Also, keep your operating system and security software up-to-date. This makes it harder for fake apps to get access to your phone.
  • Try to avoid using public or unsecured Wi-Fi to make payments. Hackers can easily grab your data on those networks. Use mobile data or a secure Wi-Fi network instead.

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In this digital world, you have to be careful and it is very important to keep your money safe online these days. Fake Paytm apps are just one example of the many traps waiting to take advantage of you. Remember, protecting your hard-earned cash is in your hands. By staying informed, checking details, and using the tips we’ve talked about, you can feel confident and secure as you use apps and websites.

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