Top 4 Common Soundcore r50i Problems & Their Solutions


The Soundcore Anker R50i earbuds are a popular choice in the earbud category as it is known for their optimal performance. That is why, they are still in demand in the market. The main reason, I am writing this article is to let users know music users about the Soundcore R50i earbuds.

In this article, we will get to know about the top 4 common problems Soundcore R50i earbuds users face along with legitimate solutions to address these issues.

Soundcore r50i One Side ( Left Or Right ) Earbud Not Working

Soundcore r50i One Side ( Left Or Right ) Earbud Not Working

The most common issue faced by users with their Soundcore R50i earbuds is that either the left or right side is not functioning properly.

There are several reasons for this problem. The main reason could be due to the earbuds not being cleaned regularly. Dust, debris, sweat, etc can accumulate which can cause hindrance to the audio output.

Another reason could be that the earbuds are in mono mode. Sometimes, it occurs by mistake and in mono mode, only one earbud is selected in the audio settings.

Lastly, the earbuds may not be charged properly. This issue can occur in any earbud

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Fix Soundcore r50i One Side ( Left Or Right ) Earbud Not Working

If you do not know what could be the issue, then you can move step by step to solve it. First, we need to clean the earbuds if one side of the Soundcore R50i earbuds not working. Once you clean the earbud, it will remove any accumulated dust, debris, or sweat. It will then ensure proper performance. Keep in mind, always use a soft cloth, cotton swabs, toothpick, or vacuum pump to clean the earbuds.

Also, make sure that the earbuds are fully charged and correctly connected to the charging case with charging available.

Check if the earbuds are in mono mode, as it can affect performance. To fix this, you can navigate to your device’s settings, find the audio settings, and disable mono mode if enabled.


If none of the above steps works for you, then you can perform a hard reset by touching the touchpad on both earbuds for 10 seconds until the light flashes. 

To fix Soundcore r50i ONE side not working, the steps provided are quite detailed, requiring substantial information. But if your problem is even more specific then you can effectively explore each step in detail to resolve the Soundcore r50i one side (Left or Right) not working issue.

Soundcore r50i Not Charging

Another problem with Soundcore R50i earbuds that many users face seems to be that they do not charge properly. It indicates a potential issue with their charging support. 

If the earbud or charger is not broken then there are generally 3 main reasons why Soundcore r50i is not Charging.

  • The earbuds may not be properly cleaned.
  • They might not be connected to the case and power source correctly. 
  • They may not charge as intended if the earbuds are not installed properly

Let’s examine how to resolve this issue.

Fix Soundcore r50i Not Charging Issue

To resolve this issue, we need to go through several methods and solutions. In the first step, you have to clean the earpiece of the earbuds. But in this case, you have to make sure that the three (or more) pins that interface with earbuds are cleaned properly. If there’s dust, debris, or sweat present, they may not charge properly. I would recommend you clean the charging case before charging it.

Another reason could be that there’s no power in your charging case. Charge the case properly so it can charge the earbuds.

I do not know about you but I have faced this many times. Many times, I put the earbuds in the wrong way. if the Soundcore R50i earbuds are not installed properly in the charging case, they won’t charge. So make sure that the earbuds are properly seated in the case, and the charging contacts are clean to establish proper connection.

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Soundcore r50i Are So Quiet

Soundcore r50i Are So Quiet

The purpose of an audio device is to deliver the best and optimal audio output to its user. However, if your audio device is not playing music or if the volume is too low to be heard clearly, then what kind of audio device would it be? There could be several reasons behind it. 

First of all, check if the volume you have set in your phone is low. Try to increase it if possible

The reasons for this problem are also similar to previous ones. You might not have properly charged your earbuds. Also, there might be disturbances in the audio settings of your device which could have caused an imbalance in the audio output. 

It’s also possible that your earbuds need to be cleaned, leading to low sound output. 

Fix Soundcore r50i Are So Quiet

The first and foremost solution we can perform is to reset our Soundcore R50i earbuds. As mentioned earlier, to reset, touch and hold both earbuds’ touchpads for 10 seconds until the LED light flashes and then releases.

If the issue persists, make sure that your earbuds are charged to at least 60% or above. After that, try again and use a different audio source. For example, if you’re using an Android device, try using an iPhone or PC.

Along with the audio source, try changing the entire music track to ensure that no specific track has low volume.

Another solution is to check the audio balance in your audio source’s settings to ensure that both sides are balanced.

I have mentioned this many times, you can clean your earbuds properly to avoid any dirt causing low audio.

Lastly, consider using a third-party volume booster to increase the volume if necessary.

Soundcore r50i Not Connecting

Another common issue with Soundcore R50i earbuds is that they sometimes struggle to connect with devices due to compatibility issues. 

This could be caused by signal interference or weak signals which prevents the earbuds from pairing. Another reason could be that the Soundcore earbuds are not charged. 

Fix Soundcore r50i Not Connecting Issue

To fix the Soundcore R50i earbuds not connecting issue, start by performing a hard reset. Press and hold the touchpad for about 10 seconds on both earbuds until the earbuds reset. Then, try to reconnect them to your device.

After that, try restarting the Bluetooth on your device. Turn off Bluetooth, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on. This can often resolve connectivity issues between the earbuds and your device.

If the earbuds still don’t connect, you can try pairing them with another device. This can help determine if the problem lies with the earbuds or the original device you were trying to connect to.

Check for any signal interference in the area where you are trying to connect the earbuds. Move away from potential sources of interference such as other electronic devices, or any wall

Even though most of the earbuds are generally compatible with the majority of devices, I would still recommend you to check if the earbuds are compatible with your device or not. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to confirm compatibility with your smartphone, tablet, or computer to pair soundcore earbuds with your device.

Place them in the charging case and ensure that both the earbuds and the case have sufficient battery levels for proper functionality.


Today, we have addressed the top 4 common problems of Soundcore R50i earbuds faced by many users and provided detailed solutions for each issue. 

From troubleshooting one-sided earbud malfunctions to resolving charging and connectivity problems, we’ve covered a range of potential issues and their fixes. 

If you follow the outlined solutions, users can ensure optimal performance from their Soundcore R50i earbuds and enjoy uninterrupted music experiences. 

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