Best Earphone buying guide in simple words 2024


Best earphone buying guide in simple words 2023- In the categories of mobile accessories, earphones are one of the most sought-after products. There are some must buying gadgets like power banks, earphones, and smartwatches that are beneficial to us in our everyday life.

And when it comes to earphones, We use them at least sometime a day for listening to music, gaming, and watching videos on a tablet, phone or laptop. The right choice of earphones enables one to enjoy the true musical experience of their favorite songs or movies without disturbing the people around them!

The high-quality earphones will be comfortable and provide you with a clear, rich sound. Plus, a good pair will help prevent noise from hindering your musical enjoyment.

Best earphone buying guide

The right earphones can make the difference between a great music experience and a terrifying one. There are several important factors to consider when choosing earmuffs.

Sound quality is, of course, the key factor to consider, but for some, the big bass becomes the first priority whereas others prefer an overall balanced sound. Other factors include isolation, comfort, weight, portability and fit, colour, connector type, and wired or wireless.

The following blog post has been created by the Techsonu team to make you understand what factors you should keep in mind as your first priority while choosing earphones. Here is the best earphone buying guide in simple words 2023.

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The first thing that we notice while shopping online is the style or design of the earphones. But it’s not that stylish earphones will be the best ones to buy. You need to choose the style that will best suit your needs.

There are two main types of headphones: closed-back and open-back. While the latter provides a more natural sound, the former tends to be more expensive. The more expensive ones have a higher price tag. They’re also not as durable as wireless ones. Apart from these two types, you can also find the earphones following 4 types

Ear Clip Design earphones

Ear Clip Design earphones

The design of an Ear Clip Design earphone is as unique as the device itself. These headphones are designed with soft rubber ear clips that contour behind your lobe to provide a secure fit.

The earphones stay in place even when you’re doing a low-level activity, which is important if you want to get a good night’s sleep. Earphones of these types are also meant for comfort, and there are many styles available to choose from.


These earphones are small in size and connect to your music device via Bluetooth, which makes them easier to carry and comfortable to wear.

In-ear design earphones

In-ear design earphones

The in-ear design is aimed at the user’s convenience while listening to music. They have different sizes, designs, and different types of nozzles. To find the one that’s right for you, try several configurations and choose the one that best suits your ears.

It is also recommended to test them before buying. It is a good idea to buy more than one pair, as you may end up losing one. In-ear headphones are also known as IEMs(In-Ear Monitors).

They are made to fit inside your acoustic canal and ensure that sound is blocked out well. An airtight seal is achieved by using silicone tips, which sit inside the acoustic chamber and extend into the outer portion.

Their stylish look and convenience attract a lot of music lovers to use them. Unlike wired earphones, they don’t mess with your hair or interfere with your glasses or earrings! You can carry them with ease and always be at your stylish best.

Behind the Neck earphones

Behind the Neck earphones

You may have seen that people wear these stylish headphones around their necks. Most music lovers prefer these earphones because these earphones live with you all the time, whether you go anywhere. You do not need to dig into your bag to find earphones.

They are designed to sit behind the neck, and so do not get out of the pocket. These earphones are ideal for employees of the contact centre, as well as those people who need a hands-free experience while listening to music, gaming or walking. You will get all the important controls to facilitate everyday use.

Due to their wireless capabilities, the rear-neck headphones provide better battery life and sound quality. Users are compelled to buy these earphones because of their wireless capabilities, and lightweight, comfortable, and hassle-free handling.

TWS earphones

TWS earphones

The full form of TWS is True Wireless Stereo. We are all kind of stylish and portable but on the other hand, these are quite expensive to buy.

But friend, I think using these earphones may irritate you because you need to charge them frequently. So if you go to the gym or do any workout etc then you can use TWS earphones. You can also use it to look stylish and cool but it is not suitable for gaming as you will face low battery warnings and their latency is also not very good.


Driver - imp factor in best earphone buying guide

The drivers are the main components of any headphones that have been prepared to ensure the quality of good sound. They deliver a balanced bass, mids, and treble to allow a pleasant listening experience.

The primary function that a driver performs is to transform electrical signals into audible sounds. The sounds we’re hearing are the result of electrical signals prior to when they reach our ears. When music is played, the audio data is transferred through the cable in the form of electrical signals. They are then transformed into audible sounds by drivers before entering our ears to play music.

Structurally, a driver is made up of three components,

  • the first is the magnet: It creates a magnetic field
  • the second is the voice coil: When electric current passes through them it vibrates the diaphragm to produce sound
  • and the third is the diaphragm: vibrate to create audible sound

The diaphragm vibrates when the sound strikes the diaphragm’s wall. It also emits audible sound and bass.

Drivers are further classified into subcategories like the dual-driver electrostatic driver, and dynamic driver.

When you are shopping for earphones, you’ll have seen phrases such as 9mm 12, and 14mm, and you’re thinking about what they mean. Actually, they refer to the size of the driver. In essence the larger the size of the driver the higher the quality of the sound and the bass.

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Build Quality

Build Quality of earphone

The build quality of your earphones is important for several reasons. Metal and heavy-duty plastic headphones will feel more durable. If you are looking for in-ear headphones, look for a higher definition and better bass response.

Comfort is also an important consideration. If you wear the buds inside your lobes, they should feel comfortable and be designed to fit well. Additionally, the materials used in their construction should be skin-friendly.

You want to feel comfortable wearing them all day, and you do not want them to get out of their ears or will break after a few hours.

A set of high-quality earphones will face lots and tears and is designed to be comfortable for long-term use. After a few months, a cheap set of earphones will break.

The price is also important. Cheap headphones will be made of flimsy materials and metals and will break most likely within months. The quality of your earphones will affect the quality of their sound and the necessary power.

You do not want to pay too much for a pair of headphones, which will not last for more than a few months. If you are looking for a pair of headphones to use on a daily basis, make sure they have good quality and are comfortable in using.

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Bass quality(Important factor in best earphone buying guide)

Bass quality of earphone

The true purpose of an earphone is to provide a true musical experience. All other factors can be ignored, but none can compromise the sound quality of the earphones. But for some people, good bass is a must along with the sound quality.

To experience the true rhythm and depth of music, good bass is a must-have element. One who loves Indian South music can understand the importance of bass in songs. So if you are a bass lover, check the bass quality of the earphones you are buying

Wired vs Wireless earphones

Wired vs Wireless earphones

Most of us have been using traditional wired earphones for many years now. But, now everything is changing to wireless. In such a situation, people are increasing their trend toward wireless earphones. But at the same time, they come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is the next important point to consider in the best earphone buying guide manual.

Wired Earphones


Wired earphones are just as simple. Just insert the jack and enjoy the music. But this is not the case with wireless earphones. Sometimes it causes some problems while connecting via Bluetooth.

Another major advantage of wired earphones is higher bit rates. The wired version can support up to 2,300 kbps, which is more than enough to listen to music or movies.

If you’re a music lover, a wired earphone is a great choice. They have a dedicated wire to transfer signals, ensuring that they will not be interrupted by any other device


The downside of wired earphones is that they tend to be messy and require you to untangle the wires. Also, wired earphones are fragile and more prone to damage.

Wireless earphones


The problem of tangles and hassles with wired earbuds is avoided with wireless models. Wireless earphones are portable and easy to carry.


The main disadvantage of wireless headphones is that they are not as convenient as wired ones. Furthermore, the use of wireless headphones is risky as they may fall out of your ears while running or working out. Moreover, they need to be charged on time.

Verdict (Wireless/Wired earphones)

If you’re a music lover, a wired earphone is a great choice. They have a dedicated wire to transfer signals, ensuring that they will not be interrupted by any other device. A wireless earphone is not as secure as a wired one, so you must ensure that you have enough room for it. While wireless headphones are not dangerous when connected to a laptop, they are not as convenient.

Cable Type

Cable Type

This factor is often neglected by buyers while buying earphones. We, the customers, do not focus on cables for earphones or headphones that we buy. So we have included this in our best earphone buying guide in 2023 because, If you buy a cheap earphone with very cheap quality construction material and cheap quality rubber used in the cable then the new headphone will wear out very soon.

So friends, you should also consider the quality factor of the material used in the cable. Cables also come in different types like

Round Plastic Cable Earphones

  • Flat cable earphone
  • Braided Cable Earphones
  • Cable type earphones

Round Plastic Cable – These earphones come at a very cheap price but they also wear out easily. These wires get tangled easily.

Flat Cable Earphones – To reduce the problem of a tangle, companies bring flat cable earphones and due to this flatness, they do not get tangled. Companies have also named them tangle-free earphones.

Braided Cable Earphones– The earphones in this range are durable and tangle-free. Their build quality is also better. No cracks in their cables and work smoothly for a long time


Colour of earphone

Brightly coloured earphones are always attractive. If you are only using earphones to look stylish, how can you forget about the colour of the earphones? The colour selection of your earphones may vary according to the colour of the smartphone you have or the colour of the Outlook you are wearing.

When it comes to choosing earphones, you can make your purchase easier by identifying their colour. Depending on the model and style, you can choose a colour to match your outfit.


Connector/Jack of earphone

There are three basic types of connectors in earphones. TRS (Tip, Ring, and Sleeve) is the most common type. It is also known as a 3.5mm plug. But nowadays USB Type C earphones are also becoming common in most smartphones.

Shape of Jack

Shape of Jack of earphone

You should also consider the type/shape of earphone connectors. There are generally two types of connectors: I type, and L type.

I-shaped connectors have straight edges, whereas L-shaped connectors have L-shaped surfaces. I-shaped earphones are more susceptible to being damaged at the junction of wires and connectors.

Mobile gamers will love the L-shaped connectors because they fit comfortably in their fingers when playing games. The connector is extremely durable.

Some smartphones also offer USB-C audio, in addition to these audio jacks. This type of connector is offered by many smartphone brands including Samsung, Huawei, Google, and Samsung, as well as Samsung.

Mic Quality

Mic Qualityof earphone

A good quality earphone is one that not only has good speakers but also a good mic.
We use earphones not only for listening to songs but also for receiving calls. Whether it is talking to your loved ones or a very important call while on the go, you always hope that you are being heard loud and clear. This is one of the must-include points in the best earphone buying guide 2023

You should also take a look at the mic quality of an earphone before buying it. Do the earphones take care of noise cancellation? Is the mic of the earphone also near the mouth? Which mic control buttons do you get? So consider all these types of points when looking for earphones.

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It is always useful to choose the right earphone for your smartphone. I am saying this because it is worth spending a good amount of money on the right products. Why go for cheap earphones which show errors after 2 months of purchase? It is better to do proper research and get good branded, durable, feature-loaded earphones.

But research can sometimes seem boring and for that reason, and for that reason, we have provided the best earphone-buying guide for you in short and simple words.

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