11 Best Apps to Remove Backgrounds (BG)


In this century of mobiles and gadgets, everyone wants to capture their moments using their smartphones. Even you and I use our mobiles to take selfies. In order to bring out the beauty of photos, we try to edit the photos by adjusting the colour ratios, adding elements, etc. For this, you need apps to remove Backgrounds (BG)

The most annoying task is to remove Backgrounds. It requires deep focus and concentration to remove the backgrounds with accuracy. 

Even a small slip of your finger can hamper your photo. Sometimes we even ask professional editors or PC apps to remove the backgrounds.  When it comes to background removal, we turn our eyes to Photoshop, but let me tell you those days are gone when we depend on heavy software for such purposes.

There are thousands of apps available on the Play Store that can do such tasks, but from the ocean of such apps, I have filtered out some better-performing applications. Although they may not be as professional as Photoshop, they can take your work to the mark. Well, luckily for you, I found great apps that let you remove the backgrounds from photographs in just five seconds. Let’s go take a look at the post.  

App NameTechSonu Rating
Background Eraser – Magic Eraser & Transparent4.2⭐
PhotoCut – Background Eraser & CutOut Photo Editor4.5⭐
Simple Background Change3.8⭐
Cut And Paste Photo Editor With Background Eraser4.1⭐
AutoCut: Auto Cut Paste Photo & Background Changer4.3⭐
Cut Photo Editor Background Changer, Photo Filters3.7⭐
Remove BG – Background Eraser & Background Editor4.4⭐
Background Eraser3.6⭐
Background Remover Pro: Background Eraser changer4.0⭐
Superimpose Pictures4.5⭐
Auto Background Changer & Background Eraser4.2⭐

1. Background Eraser – Magic Eraser & Transparent

Best apps to remove backgrounds- Background eraser
  • This is the app that I use personally use to remove the backgrounds of my clicked photos. 
  • This app provides you with a custom selection tool. 
  • Just tap on the area you want to remove, and it will remove the background using its algorithm and AI. 
  • You can also add a background as per your wish. 
  • There are options to adjust brightness, contrast, highlight, heat, shadow, sharpness, exposure, enhance the picture, and apply filters. 
  • Control the strength of all picture filters.
  • This is the most featured background eraser app you can find, including “Background Eraser, Background Changer, Photo Editor, Photo Collage, Photo Frame, Freestyle, Cartoon photo, Deep Art Photo, and Cartoon Came

2.PhotoCut – Background Eraser & CutOut Photo Editor

  • I just got introduced to this app, installed it, and found out that it is very versatile in its features. I would recommend using tablets and pens to work with it because all its features can be properly used on a larger screen. 
  • You can easily erase any object and unwanted imagery from your photo background. 
  • Transparent cut-out images can be saved as stickers and superimposed on other images. 
  • You will also get a collage feature to mix and superimpose your photo. 
  • It comes with automatic cut tools that recognize the edges of images to give smooth and soft edges.
  • You just swipe your finger on the photo that you want to cut. One of the best things is that you do not need to be very careful to make any cuts. 
  • If you are careless about the photo, it can detect the edges and give you sharp and accurate edge pictures.

3. Simple Background Change

Simple Background Change
Simple Background Change
  • Simple background change is also one of the best-performing apps to erase the background. 
  • It cuts photos with precision and precision. It also has all the features and tools like other edit apps. 
  • This gives you complete control with magnification. 
  • This app also has different brush types and sizes to draw on backgrounds or photos. 
  • There is a soft and soothing effect that can cover rough edge cuttings. 
  • It would be nice if we could save unfinished projects and have the option of using multiple selectable layers, but the free version is great as it is
  • Easy and Yes, you can add whatever background
  • Pro is only a few bucks and totally worth it. 
  • I like the fact that you can control the erase size, shape, and cursor which isn’t right under your finger if you don’t want it like that. 
  • Even if you don’t buy you can save or share and the watermark is not

4. Cut And Paste Photo Editor With Background Eraser

Cut And Paste Photo Editor With Background Eraser
  • This app enables you to use all other photo editing features along with a background remover
  • You can put your selfies on famous, beautiful backgrounds. You can swap and match your face with celebrities to create funny effects. 
  • You can give a depth effect by blurring the background, highlighting the dots, and drawing on the photo. 
  • This app also gives you hundreds of stickers and free HD background images. 
  • But one thing that disappoints me is the rain of advertisements.

5.AutoCut: Auto Cut Paste Photo & Background Changer

  • This app is more than just cutting or removing the backgrounds
  • The actual cutting tool is great. I never saw the other so well.
  • It looks at and cuts the face after zooming/dragging the image. 
  • You can make cutouts with simple taps as it works on AI and extracts the desired image. 
  • You can make transparent images and create your own manual stickers. 
  • Additionally, there are over 500+ stickers to paste on the photos 
  • However, there is no option to refine cut photographs. It is also not known how to process light glare on clothes, so it accidentally wipes them out.

6. Cut Photo Editor Background Changer, Photo Filters

Cut Photo Editor Background Changer, Photo Filters
  • It is a top-rated app and has been liked by thousands of users for its best AI features. 
  • Once you add your photo to edit, it will detect the background and delete it. 
  • This will create a sticker with a transparent background. All the best editing features are integrated into this app. 
  • Like other apps, this app also has a cool background and amazing stickers to give vivid output. 
  • It uses AI to identify and swap faces. 
  • There are lots of fonts, styles, colour combinations, and filters to make the photo more amazing. 
  • You will also get the feature to draw and blur the background images. 
  • Although you will get to see the ad, it is tolerable compared to its features.

7. Remove BG – Background Eraser & Background Editor
  • This is a simple app to remove the BG(background. 
  • All you need to do is tap on the background and it will use your AI to detect and quickly erase the background. 
  • You can use it as a sticker for the stamp, WhatsApp, and many more. 
  • This app saves stickers in transparent backgrounds and can be recognized by other applications in the same format. Along with an automatic eraser, you can also see an option to manually background manually. 
  • A Lasso eraser can be used to cut photos in and out. 
  • There are neat and suspended features like redo, undo & zoom buttons. 
  • This comes with many other image editing options like smoothening, brightness, opacity, contrast, and saturation tools. Wonderfully amazing. 
  • It requires a bit of patience to get the perfect cutout and pre-planning on your part. 
  • Have your background that you like saved on your phone as this app has a limited number of backgrounds. 
  • Once you get the hang of it it’s a bit like Photoshop without the price. Highly recommend this

8. Background Eraser

Background eraser
  • This app is the best alternative to Photoshop. I use this app ALL THE TIME and I absolutely love it. 
  • I mostly use it to remove backgrounds and edit images for use with my cutting machine and it saves a tremendous amount of time and effort. 
  • You can erase the background by using blue and red marks, it will select similar pixels accurately and remove them with a smooth edge cutting. 
  • This app also enables you to superimpose images and change the background. 
  • Like other editing apps, this app has all the options to restore, zoom, repair, etc. 
  • Without any Delay, I recommend this one as my favourite. 
  • It always runs smoothly and never disappoints. 
  • The magic function is exceptionally great

9. Background Remover Pro: Background Eraser changer.

Background remover pro
  • This simple app is well-designed to satisfy its users. 
  • A great light weighted app with all the basic and simple features to provide sophisticated UI to its users. 
  • These simple features will help you erase the background more accurately. 
  • You will see a small window while drawing the margin around the target object to make the margin more perfect. 
  • However, if you make a mistake, you can use the eraser or remover brush in the next window to make the editing more accurate.
  • You can paste the cut photos on many beautiful background photos. 
  • You can use both the automatic tool and manual tools to remove the background. 
  • With this app, you can make your passport-size photos by adding white or blue background images. 
  • There are options to adjust the contrast brightness sharpness to give a professional look. 
  • Overall features are good but the ads are so frustrating

10. Superimpose Pictures

Superimpose pictures

  As the name suggests this app removes the background and Superimpose pictures

  • This app comes in handy when you don’t have to remove the background completely, but you want to remove part of it to create a superimposed type of photo. 
  • It is a blender app to superimpose two photos so that it can make a double exposure effect. 
  • You will find many super cool features to produce professional-looking photos. 
  • Not only a blending of photos but this app also includes features like applying effects, applying an overlay, and crop photos.
  • Adjust orientation, and apply frames, stickers, borders, texts, and fonts.
  • Many more such features can give an artistic look to your photos

11. Auto Background Changer & Background Eraser

Auto background changer& bg eraser
  • As the name suggests this app removes the background with just one tap by using its AI. 
  • This app has many creative backgrounds with a hint of photo pose. 
  • You will get tools like Erasing tool to erase the background, Photo cut paste, Colour splash tool, Blur photo editor tool, and Lasso tool. 
  • Along with all these features, you will also see general features like restore option, redo, undo, Auto erase, Manual, erase, Save, and share. 
  • You will be provided with well-explained tutorials at every step. Although I found some flaws in it like pop-up ads, and lower picture quality if you remove the background but still a great app to remove the background


So, friends, I have personally structured this list of the 11 best apps to backgrounds by using these apps personally. You can also see the Best Camera Apps of 2023 to capture professional photos. You can use these apps to edit those photos and remove the backgrounds.

I hope you download one of these apps to turn your clicks into amazing and pro-looking photos. If you liked this article please comment below and share it with your friends

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