5 best ways to earn money in 2024


With the up-gradation of the internet, making money has become more accessible. You don’t have to be an expert in technology to set up the business. Rather, a positive approach can help you earn money.

5 best ways to earn money in 2022

Every day more and more people want to know how to make a high profit through business. The 5 best ways to earn money in 2024 are as follows-

1. Transcription 


Artificial Intelligence is emerging as a crucial tool. It helps with the transcription from speech to text. There are many companies that rely on transcriptionists to turn audio from videos into text.

You can get engaged in freelance work with multiple firms. These firms enable you to choose the assignment and set your own schedule. The most desirable thing is, that you don’t need to invest a huge amount in this business.

The transcription business requires the strength of typing skills. Your work should be error-free and easily comprehended by the client. So, start practising on short audio files for transcription and earn money in 2024.

2. Launch a YouTube channel

 Launch a youtube channel

Have you ever thought of becoming a YouTuber? Nowadays, you can use your smartphone to shoot product tutorials, unboxing videos, etc. It doesn’t require any investment to set up a YouTube channel. Simply sign in to YouTube, create a new channel and you are ready to earn money in 2024.

YouTube provides several ways to make money. For a case, you can run ads on your channel if you reach 1,000 subscribers & earn income. You can collaborate with brands or sell merchandise. YouTube enables you to become an affiliate by monetizing your channel. 

 Your YouTube channel should highlight one niche. This will help you to bring more views and earn huge income.

3. Franchise of GST SUVIDHA KENDRA

You can initiate a franchise of GST SUVIDHA KENDRA with minimum investment. Through this business, you will aid people to submit their GST on time. You can provide other services like hotel booking, train ticket booking, etc. to Indian citizens. 

 This business doesn’t require a higher degree of education.


 The following are the requirements of this business-

  • Indian citizenship
  • A commercial space
  • laptop/ computer
  • Basic knowledge of computer software programs
  • Printer
  • Passed 12th class 
  • Morph device for fingerprints

4. Online tutoring

Online tutoring

Any person who specializes in one subject matter can initiate online tutoring. You can earn more money if you have additional qualifications. The online tutors are paid per hour. You should know how to conduct online classes in a digital classroom. Some of the notable websites that offer careers in online tutoring are Myprivateturor,, etc,

5. Affiliate marketing

Online tutoring

Affiliate marketing is like running a retail shop. The difference is, that you don’t sell your own products. You get partnered with the brands & businesses within your website content. Your partners can put their product links on your website.

This business can help you easily earn money in 2024.

How will you provide an affiliate marketing service?

  • Mention the services or products on your website.
  • Link those services with the use of a unique affiliate code.
  • Receive this code while signing up for an affiliate program.

When the customer visits the website and clicks on the previously visited link, you earn a commission on it.

How can you make your business successful?

You can drive your business success by following the following ways:

Have an innovative idea

Your business idea should be unique and innovative. It should offer customer service and products that are not easily accessible. Your idea should differ from the ongoing one. It should address the issue of the target market.

Create a solid business plan

The answer for “What drives business success? is a solid business plan. It is a crucial document that helps your idea to act into a successful business. If a major issue occurs, you can outline the possibilities in the plan.

Develop the skills

You possess a skill set to do your business, but there could be some skills that you don’t have. You must recognize the gap in your skill sets and develop them. You can seek out the resources to develop those skills and your business.

Maintain customer outreach and service

How well you are linked with your customers determines your business’s success. A positive experience with your customers will boost your sales. In addition, it will raise your profile in the market. If you have poor customer outreach or service, your business will not succeed.

Analyze your competitors

You must be aware of your competitors during trading. This will aid you in successfully driving your business. Do the research and analyze how your competitors approach their customers. Work hard & improve your customer approach so that they choose you instead of other options.

Learn from feedbacks

Feedback is priceless in the business. This is especially true for businesses that have just entered the marketplace. Feedback is important to enhance your services and products. Don’t get defensive on them. Rather, learn and grow your business with them.

Never give up

A successful business consists of dedication, hard work, and a never-give-up approach. You can improve your skills & operate a business successfully.  


Every Indian citizen spends more time on the web to search for which business is best to earn money in 2024. The above list is in reference to it. You can earn a profitable commission with little time and effort on these business ideas. 

The above business ideas require an internet connection, a smartphone, and a minimum space for set up. Even a 12th-pass-out individual can set up the business with minimum investment. 

The benefits of this business are as follows:

  • Great flexibility
  • Cost-saving
  • Global access
  • Manage business anywhere
  • High margin, and
  • Minimum investment
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