Best Online Tools to Grow Your Micro Business


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To realize your vision and stand out from the competition, small business owners must be armed with strategies to fuel growth. Without smart planning in place, it’s difficult for micro businesses to survive – an essential key is having a swift reflex and being proactive against changes in market conditions before they take effect.

Best Online Tools To Grow Your Micro Business

To realize your vision and stand out from the competition, small business owners must be armed with strategies to fuel growth. Without smart planning in place it’s difficult for micro businesses to survive – an essential key is having a swift reflex and being proactive against changes in market conditions before they take effect.

Therefore, to get the most out of your micro-business, you need the right kind of online tools that can automate your daily tasks and focus on better business prospects.

To help you with the same, we have narrowed down some best online tools that will nurture and grow your business to make it shine among the rest.

Most of these online tools feature both free and premium or paid versions. So, if you don’t want to spend too much initially, try out their free versions. After that, if you find the results to be fruitful enough, opt for an upgraded or paid version.

Now, without wasting much time, let’s dig deeper into the details of these online tools to accelerate your business growth!



Wix is a website builder tool that is free to use and meets all your basic website-related needs. Be it any kind of business, small or large, having a website is essential.

Therefore, you can try out Wix which allows you to create mobile-friendly websites without shelling out anything from your pocket. You can use its free plan for some time and analyze the benefits you get. If its features are capable enough to meet your needs, consider investing in its paid website hosting plan.



If you are concerned about your micro-business security, opt for CyberGhost! This virtual private network service works by hiding your business activities and letting you decide who can and who cannot access your network content.

This free VPN service provides excellent security with a reliable connection speed while being compatible with the majority of operating systems.

However, configuring it can be a bit complex, especially when you require mac or Linux support for your small business-related needs. So, it is recommended to go for its paid version if you need support for these operating systems.

Overall, if you are looking for something easy, simple, and free, CyberGhost is considered the best!



It is the best online video editor that is highly user-friendly and apt for creating videos with a professional outlook that fulfills your Marketing needs.

You can turn your business Images into a video within a few minutes. So do not fret if you are a beginner who has never edited videos before.

Big organizations and brands hire professional video editors to make their business videos more reliable and attractive for their audiences and to get their work done.

But, on the other hand, small businesses may not be able to afford that kind of fee. In such situations, online video editors can prove to be helpful. 

It has pre-build tools for convenience ranging from templates and stock footage to a voice recorder. The best thing about this platform is you can sign up free of cost.

It is the best-suited tool for Entrepreneurs, Social media marketers, solopreneurs, agencies, YouTubers, Digital marketers, Drop shippers, and many more.

Business growth is ardently dependent on seamless interaction with clients, co-workers, prospects, and more. That’s why you need a flawless and easy-to-use conferencing tool to do so. is one such video conferencing tool that is free to use and lets you invite up to 10 participants with whom you can share the screen and support up to five video feeds.

We suggest using as it is an excellent competitor among free solutions for video conferencing due to being featured with all those capabilities you need.



Promo is a video ad creator for those who want to make an impact with their ad videos. With templates already set up, all you need to do is unleash your creativity and Promo will help bring it alive. And the best part – there’s a free version available so everyone can try making ads of their own while having full control over them.

Of course, if needed, upgrading to the paid version helps unlock more options such as adding effects or soundtracks that take the video creation experience even further! Try out Promo today and see how powerful creative video advertising could be!



In any business, sales are essential, which requires identifying genuine leads by compiling a contactable database. AeroLeads makes this process easy by finding suitable emails and contact details.

Using this tool gives you around 15 points for every contact that includes name, email, phone number, location, address, and job title.

Also, it shows excellent compatibility with most CRM solutions, including HubSpot and LinkedIn-like social media platforms.

Fourstarzz Media

Fourstarzz Media

If you are thinking of using video marketing strategies to boost your micro-business, then kick-starting it with an influencer marketing campaign makes sense.

Fourstarzz Media is an excellent tool that is designed for micro and nano influencers.

This cost-effective and self-service platform is specially crafted for startups and provides unlimited access to the profiles of influencers.

It also offers access to influencers’ contact details and reports, making it an exceptional solution to analyze, find, manage, and compare influencers.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit

If your micro-business doesn’t have frequent job openings, then Zoho Recruit is what you need. Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking solution that gives access to a single recruiter, including five open positions.

It lets you post and track jobs to help you find the right candidate to meet your business needs.

It also allows users to draft and send emails to applicants using the templates for free to maintain coherency. Besides, it can be availed at $25 per user every month, billed yearly.



Deputy is a human resource management tool that lets you track the performance of candidates. This tool is not free, but you can access its services at just $1 per employee monthly, cheap! Isn’t it?

With this tool, you can efficiently make company announcements, manage employees’ shifts, and handle allocated tasks.

But, if you need payroll integration and add timesheets, you need to shell out $2 per employee monthly, which is still cost-effective.


Best Online Tools to Grow Your Micro Business

For a micro-business, you might think that having a social media listening platform is unnecessary.

But, if you have a simple dashboard, it can help you stay updated with what customers have to say. With the free version of Hootsuite, you can do the same thing. This tool lets you schedule posts, communicate with followers, and manage social media networks.

It also allows users to track the number of followers on multiple social media platforms and detect which posts generated the most clicks.

For a small or micro business, its free version is sufficient. Still, when your business grows, it is recommended to opt for its paid version to access additional useful features to cater to your business needs.


Growing your online business is undoubtedly a daunting process. But, if you have the right kinds of tools by your side, you can accomplish your goals in a short span.

By using the above-mentioned tools, you can increase productivity, eliminate human errors, and smoothen business processes.

Most of these tools mentioned above are free to use or available at affordable prices, and they make an excellent choice for small businesses.

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