11+ Best VPN for Pubg lite | Pubg mobile | Ping below 100ms


You know the popularity of PUBG Mobile and BGMI but do not underestimate the popularity of PUBG Mobile lite. People with lower-end smartphones used to enjoy this game a lot.

But when the Indian government banned the PUBG game, the scene seemed to be reversed. PUBG lovers like you and me started looking for different ways to bypass the server. So the best way discovered during that time was to use the best VPN for PUBG lite.

When this VPN for PUBG mobile trick went viral, VPN apps got downloaded like hell. But in the multitude of millions of VPN apps, it becomes very difficult to choose the best one. So to solve the problem our team has made a list of the best VPNs for PUBG Mobile in 2023. We have done extensive research to select the 11 best VPN apps that give constant VPN throughout the gameplay.

To play Pubg in another country server you not only need a good VPN but also your phone needs to have a good mobile processor. So ensure that you have a good smartphone, then only you can get a good gaming experience without delay in gaming response and low ping.

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Quick VPN: Best VPN for pubg lite

Best vpn for pubg mobile Quick vpn

I keep using it very often for the reason being for its simple UI UX with No ads. And it truly justifies its name and connects very quickly. It is a good Free VPN for PUBG lovers and the best VPN for PUBG lite 2023.

The most special thing about this VPN is the speed is very good, its interface is good for all devices. This is done so as to trace the Data Capping. If I talk about the locations, there are 10 Countries. This is the app with the highest countries available in any Free VPN.

Size of the VPN3.4MB
Available Android, iOS, Windows
Offered ByLipisoft

First of all, let me tell you guys how to use this Quick VPN.

  • You have to open your Play Store
  • Search for Quick VPN
  • You can download it just with a single click
  • Open the app and connect
  • After opening it, you guys will get a list of servers
  • You can select any server as per your need
  • I have selected Singapore
  • You will see a popup
  • Click OK
  • Just after that, your internet will be connected to other servers too in just 3-5 second
  • Now open the game PUBG and enjoy the game seamlessly.
Easy to useSometimes it auto disconnects
Support all mobile networksFull of ads
Servers available in 11 countries
Don’t monitor and save your network data Faster & Safer Internet VPN

Best vpn for pubg lite 1111 vpn

It is the best VPN for PUBG if you are facing a Login problem in PUBG Mobile. It is available in PlayStore with 50,000,000+ downloads. It’s not like the traditional VPN. makes your internet more private and secure. This works perfectly for getting unthrottled by your ISP

It is built with end-to-end encryption and you don’t need to install a root certificate to view any encrypted Internet traffic.


If you want to use basic features you can use the free version WARP. Or else if you want to enjoy some additional support you can pay and access the WARP+. In short, it is one of the best VPNs for PUBG

The best part about this VPN is that it was developed by one famous CDN company Cloudflare. Let’s see how to use this. Cloudflare has mentioned that within 24 hours they delete logs.

Size of the VPN19MB
Available Android, iOS, Windows
Offered ByCloudflare, Inc.

Let’s understand how to use this VPN

  • Download this app from the PlayStore
  • And I don’t need to explain the further steps
  • Just open the app and tap on the Red Button
  • That’s all and you are ready to play PUBG without facing any Login problem
You can many pro features for freeSometimes slow speeds
Better security by CloudflareToo many ads in the free plan
Provides low ping for PUBG
Quickly connects to a server just with a click

3X VPN: Best VPN for pubg mobile

3x vpn

This 3X VPN PUBG Mobile is very easy to connect and access. What I really liked is its UI which has a visually good color scheme. You will get a large list of countries to connect to.

There are some servers that you have to watch ads to join otherwise you can connect to some countries without even seeing ads. You can also choose the server without ads but in this case, you will not connect to the best server. After using this VPN you will say 3X VPN is the best VPN for PUBG

Size of the VPN15MB
Available Android, iOS, Windows
Offered ByFruit Security Studio

How to use 3x VPN

  • Download 3X VPN from the PlayStore,
  • Let the open be installed
  • Open the app
  • You can see the logo of a lemon
  • Then the option of tapping to connect will come
  • You can see many servers on the screen
  • If you want to play with a good ping then you need to choose Asia servers
  • So to do this you have to choose Singapore.
  • Don’t select India, if you do it, the same problem will happen.
  • You have to click on the top 4 servers having a green ad logo.
  • If you tap on Smart then it will be connected to the fastest server
  • Tap Ok and it will connect automatically
No log or privacy leakShow ads frequently
Unblock social networks, games&video stream contentHave to upgrade to pro to access new features
Game Acceleration feature
100% free to use important features
Smart Connection Algorithm

Secure VPN Surfshark

This VPN is the best for Android devices and has been voted the best global VPN proxy privacy network. Secure WiFi hotspot allows you to browse at high speed and privately, and Surfshark’s fast service network will protect your privacy and keep it safe. Free unlimited.

Size of the VPN59MB
Available Android, iOS, Windows
Offered BySurfshark B.V.

Connect now to the Super Fast VPN App for privacy and security on all unlimited devices to enjoy 7-day trials with Private Servers in the Best Industry. It has created its 3200+ servers in 65+ countries, which means you can enjoy PUBG in global proxy servers with unlimited connections and low ping.

Above all, it offers solid end-to-end encryption and leak protection with private DNS on every server.I think this VPN is perfect for pubg gaming in every way. As little as possible for a smooth gaming experience as the main objective of every PUBG player is to keep ping.

Free VPN 7-Day Trial GuaranteedSometimes stops working
Unlimited devicesSome apps detect this VPN
Offers Private BrowserNeed to upgrade access to new features
Provides 24/7 support
More options to tweak

UFO VPN: Best VPN for pubg

ufo vpn

I must say UFO VPN is a very good app for game playing to keep ping below 100ms. The VPN really works despite being free. We tried this VPN with different online multiplayer games like PUBG and it was running quite smoothly. 100% recommended for PUBG lovers.

They are giving really good quality and give you the best experience. Although it shows ads, the thing is that when we are using it for free, they have the right to show something because nothing is free at this time.

UFO VPN won’t disappoint you as far as its performance is concerned. It is good enough to be a part of this list of Best VPNs for PUBG Mobile

Size of the VPN14MB
Available Android, iOS, Windows
Offered ByUFO VPN(Free VPN Hotspot)
  • Go to playstore and install this VPN
  • You get the option of Feedback, if you have any problem with the application, you can give them feedback with some screenshots.
  • Once you open the app you have to watch the ad to proceed
  • After this, you will see a green connect button
  • At the same time, you also see the Smart Location option under the Connect button.
  • In this app, you will find worldwide servers
  • You can click on Smart Location to get servers from different countries
  • You will get some free servers and VIP servers
  • To use VIP Access, you need to take the premium version
  • Apart from this, you will also get the option of a speed test on the top side.
  • Filter option will also be available
  • Apart from all this, you can use 3 horizontal lines to use many more options.
Well-designed UIHave to watch ads at least three times before connecting
One-step to ConnectIt is not 100% free
Zero-configurationHave to upgrade to pro to access new features
Switch countries with just one tap
Multiple protocols
Support for 5 devices
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Turbo VPN

turbo vpn

The high speed of this application has made it easy and enjoyable to use the applications and sites required for a VPN. I think the majority of people might be using this VPN and after reading the feedback on this VPN I can surely say it is one of the best VPNs for PUBG mobile

The VPN is equipped to deal with most sites and is quick and great. I have mostly tried it in different places but the quality of service has been the same (great output) but the ads are annoying sometimes which is nothing when compared with the quality of service.

If the ads can be shortened. This will be a positive improvement that can optimize app usage as every time you reduce turbo VPN it runs a 30-second ad at every minimum while browsing. Overall the app is super.

Size of the VPNVaries with device
Available Android, iOS, Windows
Offered ByTurbo VPN Innovative Connecting

First of all, download it from the playstore.

  • So first open this app.
  • Now you have to click on the option of I Agree.
  • If you click on I Agree, then you will first get to see a popup showing a 7-day free trial
  • Then you need to click on the Start Free Trial button
  • You will get the pro version also. For that, you just add the payment method
  • After that, an interface will open with a Carrot logo on it
  • Once you tap on the “Click to Connect” option it will take a few seconds to get connected to a new server.
  • You will see a key button on the top of the screen as long as this VPN is active. 
  • You won’t get an option to select a country. It will select the best server depending on the location
  • So friends by changing your IP address and server out of India, you can play PUBG continually
  • You can access some more features in the menu option
  • For example; You can use split-tunneling options to exclude any app from the security
Unblock geo-restrictionsGets disconnected when inactive for a while.
Most downloaded app
Fast VPN for PUBG, Free Fire, Call of Duty, etc.
Can change your IP address to many servers
Features to prevent from being tracked
No too many ads

Express VPN: Best VPN for pubg mobile

Express VPN

Express VPN has been around for a long time, they have 615 million users. What I liked about the app is that you can navigate easily and it is compatible with most devices. It works fine while playing PUBG and gives a good result with low ping.

Speed-wise, ExpressVPN is good but not the best. Overall it is decent. Its best part is its reliability. Express VPN keeps no logs, whether it’s your IP address, browsing history, or data content, no logs are kept, so that’s good.

It is one of the best VPN PUBG lite, for streaming and playing similar games like PUBG with low ping.

One major problem with this App is, it is not available in PlayStore. And definitely, you can download the Apk file. But in this case, you don’t get any notifications related to updating.

Size of the VPN31MB
Available Android, iOS, Windows
Offered ByExpress VPN

How to use Express VPN

  • Click on this link to download and install
  • Now once Express VPN is installed on your phone, you can go ahead and hit the Open button.
  • The login window will welcome you.
  • If you don’t already have an account, go to and sign yourself up
  • Or you can sign up through the app after opening it.
  • Once signed in, it will open the main menu and you’ll first be greeted by a big power button.
  • And it only allows you to connect to the best-recommended servers automatically as auto-connect is turned on by default.
  • So the service is going to connect you to the best possible service for your connection.
  • All you have to do is tap on that power button again, and you will be disconnected from that server.
Express vpn

Additional Settings

Now click on the hamburger menu in the top left to open all other different options

Hit the settings button which is the little gear icon to open all our VPN settings. The top setting is Auto-connect.

This allows us to automatically connect to the last VPN we used. By default, it is off. You can toggle it on and off just by pressing the toggle.

Now go back to Settings and click on Network Protection. This simply means that whenever your VPN gets disconnected, it will disconnect you from Wi-Fi to ensure that you don’t accidentally start browsing without your VPN.

Now coming to the Split tunnelling feature that just gives you control over the different apps that can connect to the VPN service. By default, All your apps that connect to the Internet will do so through your VPN app unless you change it here.

There is now a VPN protocol for how you connect to these VPN servers.

By default, ExpressVPN has three options available and Auto Recommend is turned on because it is just going to recommend the best protocol for the server or region you are connecting to.

On clicking on that Smart location you will see the full list of recommended locations based on where you are and your connection speed.

And if you want to take a look at all the places, you can click on that and you will get a list based on continents. Clicking on any one of them will give you the full list of countries.

Wide language selectionCrashes sometimes
Next-generation VPN protocol
7-day free trial
Kill switch feature
Auto-connects if an untrusted Wi-Fi network is detected

Tomato VPN: Best VPN for pubg lite

tomato vpn

Coming to the second VPN is named Tomato. Yes yes, I know its name is quite strange but its performance is really at peak level. This VPN also works fine for pubg and keeps ping below 100m. I am suggesting you because I have personally used it and it gives really great results.

I never expected that Tomato VPN would give such an amazing performance while paying pubg. Its name is strange but it is worth using and that is why I have named it in the list of best VPNs for pubg lite.

Size of the VPN18MB
Available Android & iOS
Offered ByIronMeta Studio

Let’s understand how to use this VPN

  • Open your Play Store and search Tomato VPN.
  • Click it and download it, you will see an interface with a red tomato present on the screen.
  • It will take 3 seconds to show you a Go option on the screen
  • But before clicking on Go
  • Tap on the Globe icon present in the top right corner of the screen
  • Click on that logo to expand the server’s list
  • You can connect to any server like Canada, the United States, Japan, etc.
  • Let me connect to the Singapore zone
  • But you have to watch the ad first
  • Then you have to click on Tap To Free Connect.
  • But one problem with this VPN is you have to watch ads to get connected
  • Here a pop-up will come
  • Have to tap on OK
  • Then some loading percentage will come after which it will get connected

You can increase the duration of the VPN connection by watching more ads.

Servers in 60+ LocationsRepetitive advertisements
Shield Wi-Fi HotspotTakes to much time to turn off and on
Unblock Games, Apps, Sites, & Global Video Streaming
Settings to bypass apps

Thunder VPN: Best VPN for pubg

Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN is one of the most popular VPNs on the Google Play Store besides these ads, it looks like it’s topping the number one listed VPN. It is fast and it has good privacy. It has an okay type of interface.

I can assure you that this VPN will not let you down. It is best developed for the sole purpose of gaming only. If we talk about the rating, then it has a rating of 4.8 and it has been downloaded more than 10 million times. It works with all types of mobile data you have like LTE, 3G, 4G, wi-fi, etc.

Here you get many servers whose band is also very high. In addition, it works on all types of mobile data as your Wi-Fi HD 4G 3G.

The best part I like about this app is that you don’t need to register anywhere, nor do you need to configure anywhere, you don’t even need to give any permissions.

Size of the VPN6.2MB
Available Android, iOS, Windows
Offered BySignal Lab

How to use

  • Open PlayStore and download the Thunder VPN
  • Open the app
  • Click on accept
  • After that, it will check the network setting, and DNS server and prepare for a fast connection
  • Then an interface will open with a baby Thor sitting on the floor😂.
  • Click on Connect.
  • That’s all, now we have been connected to the best server

We are now ready to play our favourite Game PUBG without any lag.

No registration requiredSlow internet connection in some locations
No usage and time limitSometimes randomly turns itself off without warning
Less ADs
Works with all mobile data carriers
Small app size

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Proton VPN: Best VPN for pubg mobile

Proton VPN

ProtonVPN has both free and paid versions and free features are enough for a PUBG player. VPN is a way to create a secure encrypted connection between two points on a public network.

And that’s exactly what most commercial VPNs including the free version of ProtonVPN do. Its free features are absolutely amazing and it is worth adding this VPN to the list of best VPNs for pubg lite 2023

The free version of ProtonVPN gives me the ability to create an encrypted connection between servers in the United States, the Netherlands, and Japan. These are free so you’ll notice most of these servers have a high load and that’s indicated by that yellow or red circle you see here on the left.

This means that there are a lot of people connected to that server and it will likely be a slow connection. Any other servers or advanced features such as Secure Core or NetShield, which I’ll explain in a moment, require an upgrade to the premium service.

However, if you simply wanna evade censorship or hide your IP address, the free version of ProtonVPN allows you to do just that.

First of all, you have to know that ProtonVPN’s free version is safe enough. Don’t worry, as long as security is concerned, ProtonVPN has the same AES-256 encryption and privacy measures on all versions.

Size of the VPNVaries with device
Available Android, iOS, Windows
Offered ByProton Technologies AG

Now let’s begin with how to get the ProtonVPN free app.

  • First, head to the official website and click the Get ProtonVPN now button,
  • You will be forwarded to the pricing page where you can choose a free option.
  • If you don’t see that option, try clearing your cache and cookies and reloading the page.
  • On the next page, enter your login, password, and email address and register.
  • At that step, some people may encounter an issue with this message.
  • Also, disable any kind of proxies or VPNs you have active to fix it.
  • After you register, verify your registration through email or SMS, and you are free to download ProtonVPN.
  • Notice that you don’t have to enter any payment details, so there’s no risk of getting your money deducted.
  • After you download the ProtonVPN free app, setting up is the next step.
  • Actually, all you have to do is run the app, enter your account data, and then you are free to choose from three available locations.

Once you are set, connect with a single click. Overall, you are getting a solid, security-focused, and lag-free performance of PUBG while using ProtonVPN 2023.

However, if you really need faster speeds, more locations and access to streaming platforms proton VPN has some modestly priced paid versions that should satisfy you very well.

Provides strong encryptionSometimes gateway unreachable error occurs
Offers DNS leak protectionDrains battery faster
Comes with split tunnelling support
Simple, basic, easy-to-use VPN
Secure Core servers

Solo VPN

solo VPN

Some of you might have heard this name as it’s quite famous. It has got a 4.3-star rating in the PlayStore with more than 5M downloads. Solo VPN is provided with many good features like it is 100% free to use, there is no time limit to use, etc. I liked some of its unique UI that made me included in the list of best VPNs for Pubg lite 2023

You will get servers of many countries here like Japan, Korea, the UK, the USA, Australia, and many more high-speed server locations. Its interface is easy to use. You don’t even have to sign up anywhere.

You can simply register for free and works well for you, even if your smartphone is not rooted. You just need to give only the network permission to properly connect with the fastest server, so that you don’t face any high ping problems.

Size of the VPNVaries with device
Available Android, iOS
Offered ByLipisoft

How to use

  • First of all, download the Solo VPN app from the playstore
  • Open the app and you will see an option to switch location to AUTO
  • After that here, you will get to see many countries.
  • You have to select any country as per your need
  • For example, I want to connect to the Canada server for the best ping performance so I will simply tap on Canada
  • Then tap on Connect
  • After that, you have to click on the OK

The search will take a few seconds, once the search is done, the connection is complete. You can use our mobile number tracer tool to track any number.

If you want to share the application here, then by clicking on the share button here, you can also share the app with your friends

Huge VPN Coverage locationsSometimes gateway is an unreachable error that occurs
No registration or Sign upDrains battery faster
Limited permissions
Use it now

Panda VPN

panda vpn

Panda VPN Pro as its name shows is really a pro-level VPN to a large extent. And if we talk about the PlayStore rating then it has got 4.3 ratings and more than 1 million people have downloaded the app. Here you get an optimum level of security level.

You can almost play any type of game that is considered illegal in India. We can strongly say that it is one of the best VPNs for Pubg lite 2023

This app searches for the best server according to your location. You will enjoy the ad-free services. With all this, you will get a game acceleration mode, which helps you to play your favourite game like PUBG or any other popular game.

Size of the VPN3.4MB
Available Android, iOS, Windows
Offered ByLipisoft

How to use

  • If you want to connect to any server, then you have to tap on Smart Connect
  • So by clicking on Smart Connect here, you will find many servers to connect to.
  • You will get two options to select the servers: Free and VIP. It’s up to you whether you want to use Free servers or VIP servers.
  • You just tap any country and it will connect your phone to that server immediately.
  • To get more options you can click on the line option located in the top upper left corner.
No Log, No Personal Info, 100% Privacy ProtectSometimes gateway is an unreachable error that occurs
Simple and friendly UIDrains battery faster
Supports multiple protocols
Game acceleration feature

Bonus VPNs: Best VPN for pubg


Bonus VPN

Windscribe is a worthy and best VPN for PUBG lite players. There exists a Data Cap of 10GB per month. This is because of the Data Limit and they are giving many locations in their free plan, you get 10 locations.

It supports multiple devices Laptops, MacBooks, Android, iOS, and Linux and it also supports extensions like Like Chrome Extensions, Mozilla Firefox, and Amazon Fire TV.

So you get full-on Devices Support Talking about its jurisdiction, it’s in Canada, which comes in 14 Eyes Countries. So this can be a drawback, but it’s still good, as they don’t keep any logs.

So you must use this VPN when you have to access USA Content at a fast speed or if you are using a public WIFI, you can use Windscribe.

Size of the VPNVaries with device
Available Android, iOS, Windows
Offered ByWindscribe

Tunnel bear

Tunnelbear vpn

Tunnelbear is also a good Free VPN. The biggest limitation is you get only 500 Mb of Data per month. This program works fine from the computer. Simple and smooth UI, payment process, and product learning experience.

The interface of this app is absolutely commendable. The connection seems to be quite stable and you get to choose from several servers even in the free version. Overall it’s a good VPN if you have to use 500 MB of data. In simple words Simple, easy and reliable.

Size of the VPNVaries with device
Available Android, iOS, Windows
Offered ByTunnelBear, LLC

Pure VPN

Pure VPN

This app is designed with a simple and easy-to-use UI/UX. It features one tap and Smart Connect technology automatically connects to the top VPN servers available. PureVPN enhances your gameplay experience with its powerful ability to reduce ping.

They have clearly mentioned their strict policy where they will keep no activity logs, no connection logs, and no-logs auditors like Altius IT and KPMG

PureVPN lacks the modern WireGuard protocol but does have the classic IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols available, both of which support the AES-256 encryption algorithm, which is considered virtually unbreakable.

PureVPN has established a massive VPN network of 6500+ VPN servers located in 100+ locations across the globe. Each server runs on a dedicated 10 Gigabit connection to deliver smooth connection speeds during gameplay

If you want to route only specific apps (like PUBG Lite) through this VPN, you are allowed to do so using the ‘Split Tunneling feature. Using it you can enjoy the benefits of a VPN while connected to other devices on your network like Google Home and Smart TVs.

Sometimes the VPN gets disconnected, but at the same time, this app includes an “auto-redial” feature to automatically reconnect when this happens. It not only reconnects but also makes sure that it reconnects to the best nearest VPN server.

The device works seamlessly with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G, and all mobile data carriers.

Size of the VPN54M
Available Android, iOS, Windows
Offered ByGZ Systems Ltd.

Let’s cover some topics related to VPN

What is a VPN?

An unsecured WiFi network for web surfing or doing transactions means exposing your private information. But VPN i.e. Virtual Private Network provides you a protected network connection while using a public network. It encrypts your internet traffic and hides your online identity. In such a situation, it will be difficult for third parties to track your online activities and get data.

What is vpn?

More clearly, It is a virtual private network that basically makes it gives you privacy online. They keep our data private and more secure connections allow users to send encrypted data safely.

Whether sending important files or browsing any websites, a VPN is always a safer way to use the internet. Earlier VPNs were only used in business settings where big businesses, organizations, or governments wanted to secure their data. 

Since people work remotely and need to connect online this is needed to create a secure connection otherwise they might be prone to hacking and data leaks.

But nowadays VPNs are used by everyone specifically because it ensures location stats are private, data is encrypted and you can search the web anonymously.

The VPN connects your PC or smartphone to the VPN server’s computer and you can browse the Internet using that computer’s Internet connection. VPNs are legal and are used by individuals all over the world.

And the company has also done so that its data can be protected from hackers. It is also used in such countries where there is a highly restrictive government. After knowing so much about VPNs, it must have been understood that VPNs can be used for online security on the public network.

How does a VPN work?

Before understanding the workings of VPN let’s first understand how the Internet works 

When you visit a site like Facebook or Twitter, the domain you type is basically a nickname for the website’s IP address. An IP address is just like our home address which consists of numbers and letters.

How vpn works?

Since names are much easier to remember, we assign these strings of numbers a name and that is the website domain name. We recognize a site by the domain name but the server translates it to the original IP address. Your computer has an IP address too and so does every device browsing the internet.

When you type in the website domain name in your browsers like Chrome and Firefox, you send your data to the internet until it reaches a server that translates the data and sends you back to the website you requested.

The problem is when you send data to the server, in reality, you are sending the name of your IP address and a lot of other information too. This is where hackers can intercept your information.

Consider a situation where you’re sitting in a public place like a mall or bus stop using your public Wi-Fi on your phone and you want to check your bank account.

Unfortunately, a hacker who would come with his laptop can easily log in to the network and get hold of your passwords, emails, and other information you might have. But if you use a VPN, then no hacker can access that.

Moreover, the website you visit also gathers your information but they do in order to study the demographic. Usually, it’s not a problem but sometimes you want to protect your identity and privacy So in this sense also a VPN comes into action.

When you send information online a VPN creates a tunnel of encrypted information.  This way if someone tries to access your data, they won’t be able to read 

Working on VPN apps (a little more detail)

So when you connect to a secure VPN server, your internet traffic passes through an encrypted tunnel that no one can see. That is, neither the Government nor your Internet Service Provider. can read your data during the transfer of information

working of vpn

Let us see two situations to understand how VPN works.

  1. Without VPN
  2. With VPN

When we access a website without a VPN, then we are able to connect to the site through our internet service provider or ISP. This ISP provides a unique IP address. But at the same time, our ISP also handles all our traffic directly, and it can locate the websites we visit. So our privacy is not secured in this case

Let’s talk with VPN. When connected to the Internet, the VPN app on our device (also called a VPN client) establishes a secure connection to the VPN server. Our traffic still passes through the ISP but the ISP cannot see the final destination of the traffic and the websites we visit cannot see our original IP address

How VPN help internet users?

They can change your location. A lot of video streaming websites like Netflix collect your location to show you location-specific content. Let’s say you want to watch your favorite shows on Netflix but it’s not available in your country.

how vpn helps internet users to play pubg

And at this time you can use your VPN  to send your information to one of the VPN servers in America and that server sends the data of that particular American location to the Netflix website.

Netflix servers now think you are in America and you can stream without any problems. In short, a VPN tricks the websites by sending them to the wrong location because the signal is coming from a different server.

Changing your location can also be helpful when booking a hotel because research has shown that hotels and flight prices change depending on your location and a VPN potentially saves you lots of money. 

Many times governments can request this information and use the listed IP addresses to track locations. And with the VPN your information only reaches the VPN server that can track  you to the original IP address 

Many VPNs also have a no-logs policy which means they don’t keep the logs of the websites you visit. So in this case, if the government requests the VPN providers for tracking logs your information won’t be revealed by the VPN provider companies. 

What is ping?

So the most important thing a VPN can provide for you is ping, what is ping, it’s the moment that you press the button, you click, and that time between the click and the time that the server receives it, that’s ping.

what is ping in pubg

If your game is showing a 200-millisecond ping that means you wait those 200 milliseconds to see the response.

Say, for example, you are playing a game, and you want to shoot somebody, in that case, if you have 200ms ping and you click to shoot, then that opponent will die after 200 milliseconds. So ping is very important when it comes to gaming

VPN for games

Now when it comes to gaming with a VPN, the advantages are a bit high. Just like streaming services, a VPN can be used to download games that are not available to you. There are still region-specific games that you won’t be able to access unless you use a VPN there.

vpn for games like pubg

But friends should also keep in mind that using a VPN in this way may violate the rules and services of a particular platform. If you do so, they may terminate your access to your account. So the prospect of playing foreign games is exciting but also sometimes potentially risky.

Now in the world of online gaming where games like PUBG are getting popular among gamers, thanks to a VPN that allows us to connect to a server you don’t normally have access to which allows us to play with people in other countries

Can we increase the connection speed using a VPN?

With the understanding that your connection is now about to take a hit, you may be wondering if VPNs can lead to a more stable connection. Keep in mind that a VPN is not a replacement for your Internet service provider, but one that you use over it.

how to increase connection speed using vpn

If you already have a fast connection, a VPN isn’t gonna do much to help boost you.

It may however cause less strain while playing a game that uses a peer-to-peer connection. p2p connection means when there is no dedicated server that players connect to instead they connect directly to each other

Can VPN reduce the Ping of PUBG games? Best VPN for pubg mobile

Powerful VPNs with high speeds can potentially help reduce ping and make everything go smoothly. There is another very important reason to use a VPN with P2P games and that is for security. Using a VPN can help prevent DDoS attacks that are required when a server or network is jammed.

best vpn for pubg lite

This has consistently been a tried and true tactic to mislead game server streamers or players in online games. The idea that you will be attacked is unlikely to happen, but you are at a much higher risk if you play games that use P2P such as the hugely popular GTA Online as well as its counterpart Red Dead.

These online games are well documented for their poor security and it is easy for cheaters to use DDoS attacks on other players.

If you are someone who regularly likes to play P2P games like GTA Online or games like PUBG mobile then a VPN can be a valuable prevention tool to help keep you safe. It is always advisable to use the best VPN for PUBG lite or use our listed best VPN for pubg mobile

Why VPN was needed?

In fact, VPN was first developed by Microsoft in 1996 so that remote employees, i.e. employees who do not work sitting in their office but work from anywhere outside it, can securely access the company’s Internet network.

Why VPN was needed?

When should we use a free VPN?

You should use the VPN if privacy is very important to you. In this case, you must use VPN every time you connect to the Internet. But still, there are some real-life situations where you must use a VPN, like while streaming, while travelling, while using public WiFi, while playing games, and while shopping.

Are there different types of VPNs as well?

Are there different types of VPNs as well?

So the answer is yes
There are two basic types of VPN, Remote Access VPN and site-to-site VPN.

Remote Access VPN allows users to connect to other networks through a private encryption tunnel. It can be connected to the company’s Internet server or the public Internet.

Site To Site VPN is also called Router and it is mostly used in corporate environments.

In such a situation, a Site-to-Site VPN creates a close internal network where all the locations can be connected simultaneously, it is called IntraNet.

If you look at the benefits of VPNs together, then your browsing history IP address and location streaming location device, and web activity can be hidden by using VPNs

But along with the benefits, it also comes with some disadvantages such as sometimes users may experience a comparatively slow speed, no cookies protection, and no complete privacy.

Is VPN 100% secure?

Despite being so secure, a VPN cannot be called a privacy provider because it can hide data from hackers, the government, and ISPs, but if the VPN provider himself wants, he can see your details. So in such a situation, it is right to take a trustworthy VPN service.

Now, these are all great ways to use a VPN for gaming, but it is up to you to decide whether it is worth the cost. Because VPN services can run anywhere from $5-12 per month. Although free VPNs do exist, they are not really free.

With a free VPN, you are instead paying for your information which they collect and then sell to third parties. They also sell ad spaces for advertisers to show ads.

Which is the best Free VPN vs Paid VPN?

Free VPNs have poor security and privacy and usually keep all records of our activities and other data. But always go for the trusted and best VPN for PUBG Lite

Free VPNs can be used for:

  • short-term use or trial purposes,
  • for playing low-end games or just to play with low ping,
  • to download content which is banned in your country

Paid VPNs are highly secure and have a better data privacy policy

Paid VPNs can be used for:

  • the long term
  • For business/corporate purposes
  • For Banking and transitions
  • For streaming and playing high-end games with high protection
  • For P2P connection
  • To get support or assistance from VPN providers

How to select a VPN?

You will be able to find the right VPN provider through these points.

How to select a VPN?
  • Offer Efficient speed
  • Keep your privacy secure
  • The provider should use the latest protocol
  • Have good reputation
  • Its data limit matches your requirement
  • Do you know the location of the server
  • You can get access to VPN on multiple devices also
  • Suitable cost
  • High encryption is available
  • Best customer support provide
  • Blocking facility

Final thoughts

Friends, doing thorough research about VPNs and selecting the 11 best VPNs for PUBG Mobile from the pool of millions of VPN apps is quite a tough task.

We have tested each VPN with PUBG lite as well as other apps. You too should try and test which of these 11 VPNs works for you. Because sometimes some VPNs work for one mobile and other VPNs for some other device. So it is better to install each VPN and check which VPN works properly for you.

Services by VPN give us online security, and we can use it in the right way but using the VPN services for any kind of illegal or unethical can also harm us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best free VPN for pubg mobile ping?

So on the basis of my experience, I will suggest the Express VPN as the best VPN to lower the ping of a PUBG game

Which is the best VPN for pubg lite?

All the above VPNs provided above are the best VPNs for PUBG. But if you ask me the best one among these 11 I would recommend you the VPN

Which is the free best VPN for pubg mobile in India iOS?

NordVPN is the app to help you overcome the PUBG mobile lagging issue in iOS device

Which VPN is best for pubg lite?

you can use Thunder VPN to play the PUBG lite without any ping issue

Which country VPN is best for pubg lite?

In India, the Asia server is used by default to play at the lowest ping. So if you choose Singapore Saver then it can give you good results

What is the best free VPN for pubg mobile in India?

Solo VPN is the best free VPN for pubg mobile in India. But what I observed is that most of the free VPNs, throw very irritating & repetitive ads. So you have to tolerate and watch the ads

What is the best VPN for pubg lite Asia server?

Tomato VPN would be the best choice to play PUBG lite on Asia server

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