Best earphones under 1000 with mic India


The first mobile accessory that comes to our mind after buying a smartphone is earphones. Today we are actively dependent on earphones to watch movies and videos, listen to music, play games, and talk with our loved ones on the phone, and for many such cases where we do not let our earphones stay away from us.

With the increase in the demand for earphones, many companies have started manufacturing earphones. So nowadays it is essential to select the best, most economical, durable, and good-performing earphones. Keeping affordability, durability, and sound quality as the topmost points, from the pool of earphones we have picked some of the best earphones under 1000 with mic

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Detailed Review of Each Earphone – We have objectively reviewed each earphone and tried to include the earphones that our team has personally used. This is a list of a select few best earphones under 1000 that fall in the value-for-money category

  • Realme buds 2
  • boAt Bassheads 100
  • Skullcandy S2DUL Headset
  • Mi Dual Driver
  • JBL C200SI
  • Boat BassHeads 225 Headset
  • boAt Bassheads 242
  • Sony MDR-EX155AP
  • JBL C50HI
  • Redmi Hi-Resolution earphone
Realme Buds 2 Best earphone under 1000

If you are looking for the best earphones under 1000 with a wire, then you will find no other product than the Realme Bud 2. Talking about the features, this product comes with 11.2 mm bass boost drivers. And its deeper bass is very much comparable to that of higher-end earphones.

I am saying this because you can easily feel that the vocals don’t mix with their bass. One can easily differentiate between bass, treble, and vocals while listening to music. Its cable length is also very long.

In short, the sound separation in this earphone is very good, especially in this price range. The buds are very soft and fit snugly in the ears. Its noise cancellation isolates external noise which gives it the freedom to use in noisy places

Talking about its build quality, it is crafted with a tangle-free braided cable, and the speaker chamber is made of high-quality plastic. An adjustable cable strap is also featured to keep earphones tidy.

The two buds have magnetic ear tips that make them suitable for gym users. Along with this, you will also get an inbuilt mic with 3 button convenient controller and volume rockers. 


  • Multilayer composite diaphragm 11.2mm bass boost driver  Line 2
  • Three tactile buttons enable to control of music, video, calls, and volume
  • Build-in magnetic tips help to store earphones neatly
  • Earbuds fit softly in the ear


  • Covers under only 6 months warranty
  • Not angled connector

boAt Bassheads 100

boAt Bassheads 100 best earphones under 1000

Friends, if you do not want to go for any Chinese brand and want an Indian brand earphone then you can put this Boat Bassheads 110 in your cart. It has the best quality sound and super extra bass response but it does not impress in terms of comfort. Its treble is much higher and better than the previous one.


If you look at the other features, it comes with dynamic 10mm drivers. boAt Bassheads 100 is built with PVC cable which is durable and tangle-free. Jack is gold-plated & L-shaped ensuring a good loose-free connection with your phone. It is available in a wide variety of colours like pink, brown, red, yellow, etc.

The earbud has a metal finish that not only adds a premium quality look but also helps you hold the earphones properly. You can easily use it while working out because it is sweatproof. Although it comes with an inbuilt microphone, it does not support or build with volume rockers. It is the best earphone under 1000 with a mic.

Equipped with noise cancellation features to give the best output. Its detailed sound will definitely impress the PUBG players.

If you ask me which one is best, then definitely I will recommend Realme buds 2 but as I said earlier if you don’t want to use a Chinese product then this one won’t disappoint you. This is one of the boat’s best earphones under 100


  •  L-shaped/ Angled Connector
  • Designed with a flat tangle-free wire
  • Ergonomic look
  • Metallic body for durability
  • Exceptionally good bass and sound output


  • Don’t have magnetic tips
  • Due to its metallic body, it feels heavy 
  • Vocal could be improved better

Skull Candy S2DUL headset

Skull Candy S2DUL headset

Some of you might be true game lovers, so if you want to experience high-performance sound quality while playing games then this product is a must-buy for you. The Patreon Boom 3 is a highly ergonomic designed earphone for gamers like PUBG and Free Fire players.

This budget earphone may cost you around Rs 600. One of its notable features is that it comes with dual dynamic drivers along with four 8mm drivers (Quad-core dynamic drivers). Equipped with a Premium Design & Durable Material, it provides a  perfect mix of the best in-ear comfort and great stereo sound.

Apart from this special feature, it has all the usual features that an earphone should have like it has a 1.2m anti-tangle cable with durable TPE wire, volume sliders, and an inbuilt HD microphone.

Friends let me tell you about the volume slider unlike other normal earphones you don’t get volume controllers like +(up) and -(down) buttons, but instead, you are getting a volume slider that you can adjust. You will get a pouch to store the earphone to prevent them from any damage. Overall it is the best budget earphones under 1000.


  • Designed with a flat tangle-free wire
  • Zip pouch gives a premium feel for storage
  • Passive voice cancellation
  • Sealed in-ear design
  • Has a slider volume control


  • Sometimes customers receive defective products
  • Not too good a mic

Mi Dual Driver

Mi Dual Driver

Which earphone you choose depends on your preference, so if you want a dual-driver phone but you are willing to compromise a bit on sound quality over build quality, then the Mi Dual-Driver Earphone is the best option.

Despite having dual drivers, they are uncharacteristically bass-heavy. The mid and high tones are dominated by a somewhat bloated bass and low treble. You’ll have to adjust your equalizer a bit somehow to get the desired amount of treble to your liking.

The sound seems to be central and it is quite difficult to differentiate between the background music and the voice of the singer. This phone is built with a high-quality tangle-free braided cable for an immersive experience.

You will get magnetic ear tips. Like other microphones, it has got an inbuilt microphone along with a volume rocker along with a play and pause button. Using the mic I can assume that the person on the other end will have no problem. I liked the clarity in the voice produced by using its mic.

Talking about additional features, it has anti-slip earplugs that fit snugly in our ears. Its L-shaped (90°) jack is compatible with all smartphones while gaming and prevents harsh damage to the earphone jack.

It provides a decent amount of comfort like other earphones and you can sleep on your side while listening to music.

Everything is fine but I’m a little disappointed with the high bass quality. Overall it is good for your budget and if you are a bass lover or hardcore pub lover then you will not regret buying this product.

But if you like to enjoy pure sound where both the instrument and singer’s voice are balanced then stay away from it. Overall its well-performing features bring this earphone to the list of best earphones under 1000


  • Decent build quality
  • Anti-slip Earplugs
  • Magnetic ends
  • L-shaped (90°) close-fitting design


  • The sound is a little muffled
  • Quite heavy to carry



As we all know JBL is one of the premium brands for earphones and is the best earphone under 1000 with mic. JBL is known for manufacturing premium products, especially in the case of earphones. So coming to this product by JBL, comes with 9mm drivers. Earbuds fit in our ears at a 45-degree angle

Talking about its sound quality, it has heavy bass but it is not much boosted. Every JBL earphone user must be aware of the fact that JBL products feature JBL signature sounds with very impressive high tones and vocals.

It has a one-Button Universal Remote inbuilt microphone that is high quality and good enough to record any sound and if you are a YouTuber or any kind of content creator and want to record your voice then it is suitable for you. You can launch Google Assistant or Siri in a single touch

The earphone cable is tangle-free so you don’t have to worry if you throw the earphone anywhere. Its sleek, glossy, and ergonomic design will surely impress you. The premium metal finish used in the product makes it shiny, durable, and long-lasting

It is also manufactured with high-quality plastic and has good build quality. You will get ear cups that are soft and comfortable to use and do not feel pain while listening to music for a long time. One thing that I found disappointing is that this product from JBL does not come with a volume rocker.

Overall this is a good budget earphone and if you are looking for a pair of the best earphones under 1000 with a mic, then without thinking much you can go for it, with a microphone that will last you a reasonably long time and good quality balanced for sounds for gaming, videos, and music. It can be the best earphone under 1000 for gaming purposes.


  • Great noise-isolating microphone
  • 3.5mm Gold Plated Jack
  • Good sound output quality
  • Lightweight and free of the burden and do not fall easily from your ears.


  • The gold plating on the connector pins may wear off gradually
  • Earphone wire is comparatively thin

Boat BassHeads 225 Headset

Sennheiser CX 300s in-Ear

Sennheiser is known for its crisp sound quality. This product from Sennheiser can be the best option for you within this price range. This earphone is built with an 8.5mm driver and this enhances its sound quality to a great extent.

You will experience high-quality sound and especially it provides you with a crystal-clear output of every little sound of a game like PUBG. But on the other hand, its build quality is not good. If you are one of those people who prefer to listen to raw audio in its original form without altering equalizer settings, you can feel the tempo building through your ear.

It’s got a rich and true-to-life sound profile that’s been enhanced so much that you’ll feel like you enter the world of music, little by little transitioning to enjoy the way the musician makes you feel his masterpiece. wants to do.

This earphone is perfect for music lovers who spend most of their time listening to their favourite songs. It fits snugly in your ear. It comes with a soft ear cup so that you can enjoy your music, and movies for a long time without creating any irritation

These noise isolation features help you eliminate noise while talking on the phone or recording any audio for your YouTube or any podcast. One added advantage of buying Sennheiser earphones is you will get 2 years warranty. It is the best earphones under 1000 with a mic for noise-canceling

Talking about some key features, It has L shaped connector with the finest quality components. You can control the music directly from the mic. You can play, pause, receive or reject calls using its in-built mic. It has a dual-coating cable which improves its durability. Its tiny earbuds are sturdy and fit well and you can easily use them while going to the gym or riding a bike with a helmet on.

So if you are a person who can adjust to the build quality then you can go for it without any kind of thinking.


  • L-shape connector
  • Music controller on the mic panel
  • Dual coating cable
  • The noise isolation is commendable
  • Good comfort


  • Build quality doesn’t look premium
  • Just one button to play and pause songs

boAt Bassheads 242

boAt Bassheads 242

These earbuds may look pretty basic, as is evident from their simple design, but they still have all kinds of features to make on our list. Coming to its specifications, it has got 10mm dynamic dual-layer composite drivers with an L-shaped audio jack connector.

The length of the cable is 1.2 meters which is enough to keep your smartphone in a pant pocket and use the earphones.

The 1MORE company has done a great job when it comes to built quality. They didn’t leave a single reason to complain. The cable is not braided, rather it is manufactured with high-quality rubber to increase durability and resistance to any damage. The build quality is very good with the aluminum built-in and the cables are tangle-free. Even if you sleep with earphones on while listening to music, you don’t have to worry.

Its sound quality is pretty impressive, especially the high tones and mid-tone are really appreciated. And this quality impressed us to include this in the list of best earphones under 1000. The bass quality is also very powerful as it enriches the experience during hours of travel. Earbuds fit perfectly and tightly seal around the ears making them work great to block out outside noise.

You can enjoy the movies and enjoy the dialogue very clearly. The built-in mic is good for making voice calls and your voice will be clearly heard by the other person. It’s got good vocal clarity and a clear mid-tone.

You’ll find a button to receive and reject calls, but you won’t find a button to control the volume. Whatever the reason, the company should have included this feature with this price range. The noise cancellation feature works great in this earphone.


  • Crisp sound output
  • Right-angled 3.5 mm jack
  • No sound distortion on high volume
  • Superb sound quality
  • Excellent Noise Cancellation
  • Fits snugly in the ears


  • The microphone could have been more sensitive 
  • It may not be the best choice for bassheads

Sony MDR-EX155AP

Sony MDR-EX155AP

Sony E products need no introduction as everyone knows what kind of products it brings to its customers. Be it a simple earphone or a big TV, Sony never fails to show displeasure towards its potential customers.

Now talking about earphones, the price of this Sony product can be around 999. You will get to see and 9mm Neodymium sound driver and the earphones are at a 45-degree angle. The look is quite classy and simple and feels so stylish on the ears. It is available in 4 different colours and you can choose the one that suits your style.

The sound quality is very impressive. You will experience very good sound clarity while listening to music. While this is not a reasonable Boost earphone, it delivers very good-sounding bass quality within this price range.

Like normal earphones, this product also has an inbuilt microphone and a tangle-free cable which is durable to use. It comes with a wire manager to keep it tangle-free when not in use. 3 additional silicone earbuds will be available with this earphone to use.

You can use this earphone for official use like attending online meetings or webinars as it has great voice clarity. These earphones are small but provide a beastly level of sound.

You may not experience a very heavy end bass or extra treble but it produces a crisp, clear & balanced sound. It has a good amount of bass but if you want to add a little more bass you can use your equalizer.

In a nutshell, Bass is a little better than average, but if you expect something incredibly powerful and electrifying bass, then you might regret buying it. Overall it is one of Sony’s best earphones under 1000 with an inbuilt mic

You can wear this pair for more than 8 hours at a stretch without any noticeable discomfort. The cable is not very thick so a little care and proper handling may be required.


  • Crisp and clear sound with mid-range bass
  • Best in durability
  • Good brand name of Sony
  • Long length cable
  • Comes with a wire manager
  • Ergonomic design & fits snugly in the ears
  • L-shaped jack


  • Very thin wire
  • Bass reproduction is not up to the mark



JBL is known for good sound and bass quality and that is why we have added another JBL product to our list. This earphone comes with a 9mm driver with an inline mic. It is available in many colors. One great thing to note is that you are getting the JBL brand name for just Rs.499.

All JBL earphones are quite expensive but this year’s phone is under our budget. It has very good sensitivity. Jack comes with a simple L-shape connector. I am sure you will be impressed with its inline mic. The shape of the headphone connector is right-angled and ensures that your earphone does not break at the end.

You can easily check this by recording your voice or calling your friends. It will indeed give a very excellent output by its JBL Signature sound. You can listen to balanced audio easily. Not much bass and not much treble. JBL has tried to maintain a completely linear sound.

One thing that I found out about this earphone is that it is very lightweight. Although the cable is thin but looks quite strong. JBL does not disappoint its customers in terms of design even at this price range. The strings sometimes take too long, but one can handle it after 2-3 days of usage.

This durable wire has some special engineering design that makes it different from others in the race. This time I believe that JBL has understood the needs of its customers and has packed a great product at this affordable price. In short, the audio is crisp and sharp.

The beauty of these earphones is that you don’t need to adjust them to your ears. One of the earbuds will fit perfectly in the Indian ear and that matters to feel the bass properly, a bad fit will obviously not give a good bass experience.

The microphone is equipped with a noise cancellation feature which actually provides a crystal clear sound to the person on the other side of the call. Its one-button remote is definitely worth the money for the price.

Though the wires are comparatively thin for this price it is fine. The wire is long and it will make it easy while watching movies on the devices and will be able to move around without unplugging the headphones.

So if you ask JBL C200Si and which one to buy then if your budget is less, then you can consider it, otherwise, you can go for JBL C200Si, which has similar sound quality but better-built Quality and a gold-plated 3.5mm jack.


  • JBL True Bass
  • Can be easily used for long hours
  • Noise cancellation works well
  •  Design and built quality is satisfactory
  • Button Remote Microphone with voice assistant
  • Ergonomic design & fits snugly in the ears
  • L-shaped jack


  • Wire quality could have been better
  • The sound is also a bit muffled due to passive noise cancellation.

Redmi Hi-Resolution earphone

Redmi Hi-Resolution earphone

So, friends, our next earphone product is of the MI brand. This earphone can also be included in the list of best gaming earphones as you will get many true-to-type features suitable for gaming. They claim that it has been certified by the Japan Audio Society for “Hi-Res Audio“.

It comes with 10mm dynamic drivers and an aluminum alloy-coated sound chamber. Don’t expect a decent noise-canceling feature at this price point. You will get good output with crisp vocals and stunning bass.

It comes with an HD microphone that provides clear and stable call quality. Talking about the controls, you will get a single button to pause/play music, and answer/end the call. You can trigger the voice assistant by long pressing the button. The earphone is feather lightweight and you can wear it for days literally.

The earbuds have an anti-wax silicone earplug that prevents any sweat or earwax from blocking the sound. Its fine and soft silicone material makes it easy to wear and provides an immersive musical experience. The sound quality of this earphone is balanced between bass and treble with good dynamic range handling

So anyone who is not a hard-core bass lover can definitely go for it. It’s best to lay your EQ flat and suspend all other sound enhancements on your device. However, Dolby Atmos mode works well for watching videos with earphones in our ears.


  • Build quality is excellent
  • Hi-Res certified earphone
  • Decent HD microphone for audio calls
  • Easy to clean earbuds due to their design
  • Value for money
  • Good wire length


  • Bass is average at some points
  • Earbuds may fall off for large ears


Before choosing any earphones, be it from any top-class brand, we must keep some important points in our mind so that we do not get swayed by the companies and their products.

That’s why we bring you this earphone buying guide so that you can know the basic terms that companies use to market their products and you can easily choose which best earphone to buy and which one is best for you. Now let’s start the earphone buying guide so that you can easily select the earphones of your choice.

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The basic functionality of a driver is used to convert electrical signals into audible sounds. All the sounds we are hearing are in the form of electrical signals before they actually enter our ears. So once the music is played the audio data travels through the cable in the form of electrical signals. And they are rapidly converted into audible forms with the help of drivers before they enter our ears or listen to music.

Earphone Drivers

Structurally, a driver is made up of three components,

  • the first is the magnet: It creates a magnetic field
  • the second is the voice coil: When electric current passes through them it vibrates the diaphragm to produce sound
  • and the third is the diaphragm: vibrate to create audible sound

You must have seen a diagram of a damaged phone which is actually made of a transparent plastic material. It vibrates when sound hits the diaphragm wall and also produces audible sounds and bass.

Drivers are also further divided into further subcategories such as dual driver, hybrid driver, dynamic driver, electrostatic driver.

Friends, while buying earphones you must have come across terms like 9mm, 12mm, 14mm, then you must be wondering what it really means, these are the size of the drivers. In short, the bigger the driver size, the better the sound quality and bass.

Types of Earphones

Friends earphones also have different types of models like

  • in-ear headphones,
  • tws headphones,
  • Over-ear headphones or On-ear headphones

Let us talk about these different types of headphones so that you can make an effective decision while selecting earphones for yourself.

Types of earphones
  1. In-ear headphones

As you can easily understand from the name of in-ear headphones. So these are the types of earphones that fit easily in your ear. These in-ear headphones can be wired or wireless. In-ear headphones are easy to carry because they are portable and lightweight.

But friend, if we compare these in-ear headphones with other types, then comparatively these in-ear earphones provide a low-quality sound. Low-quality sound occurs because the diver’s size is smaller than that of other types of over-ear headphones.

So I can say that this type of earphone is suitable for the long time using earphones for you who are a music lover, movie lover, or game lover. Also, why are you buying one in your headphones when you don’t have to worry about the charging issue that we usually face for wireless earphones?

2. TWS earphones

The full form of TWS is True Wireless Stereo. We are all kind of stylish and portable but on the other hand, these are quite expensive to buy.

But friend, I think using these earphones may irritate you because you need to charge them frequently. So if you go to the gym or do any workout etc then you can use TWS earphones. You can also use it to look stylish and cool but it is not suitable for gaming as you will face low battery warnings and their latency is also not very good.

3. On-ear headphones or over-ear headphones

The earphones in these categories are a boon for hard-core music lovers and gamers. These headphones are expensive as well as heavy in weight.

Guys, if you ask me the difference between on-ear and over-ear headphones, the only difference is the structure, shape of the earpads, cushion, and sound experience.

Actually, on-ear headphones do not cover the entire ear or short on-ear headphones are smaller than over-ear headphones. You can easily feel the cushion and space between your ears if you use on-ear headphones.

Hence over-ear headphones are bigger in size and large ear cups fully cover your ear. If you are a gamer and like live streaming on YouTube, then this type of phone is for you. Obviously, this earphone is very expensive as all the sound drivers present in this type of headphone are bigger in size and because of this, they produce very good quality sound and powerful bass.

The true kind of sound experience can be achieved only by using these over-ear headphones. They cancel out ambient noise from the surroundings and create an environment where you just enjoy the sound

Cable types/Build quality

This factor is often neglected by buyers while buying earphones. We, the customers, do not focus on the cables for earphones or headphones that we buy. If you buy a cheap earphone with very cheap quality construction material and cheap quality rubber used in the cable then the new headphone will wear out very soon.

So friends, you also consider the factor of quality of material used in cable. Cables also come in different types like

  • round plastic cable earphones
  • flat cable earphones
  • braided cable earphones
Cable types of earphones

Round plastic cables -These earphones come at a very cheap price but they also wear out easily. These cables get tangled easily.

Flat Cable Earphones – To reduce the problem of a tangle, companies come with flat cable earphones and due to this flatness, they do not get tangled. The companies have also named it tangle-free earphones.

braided cable earphones-The earphones in this category are durable and tangle-free. Their build quality is also better. There is no crack in their cable and work smoothly for a long time

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Wired vs Wireless earphones

Wired vs wireless earphone - earphone buying guide

It is recommended to use wired earphones if you really want to enjoy good sound quality.
and don’t want to spend your time charging the earphones. But if you are more inclined to look cool and stylish and sound quality is not the priority for you, you can go for wireless earphones. Also if you don’t want a long cable that enters the jack of the earphone and enjoys listening to music wire without hassle, then wireless earphones are definitely good.


earphone jack - earphone buying guide

You can find many 3.5mm jack earphones in the market. But nowadays USB Type C earphones are also becoming common in most smartphones.


colors of earphones

Brilliant colour earphones are always attractive. If you are only using earphones to look stylish, how can you forget about the colour of the earphones? The colour selection of your earphones may vary according to the colour of the smartphone you have or the colour of the outlook you are wearing.

Type of connectors

The type of earphone connectors may also be an important point to consider. Generally, there are two types of connectors one is I type and the other is L type.

Types of connectors

I-type connectors are straight in shape whereas L-type connectors are L-shaped. I-shaped earphones have problems getting damaged at the joints of wires and connectors.

The L-shaped connectors are good for mobile gamers as they fit snugly in the fingers while playing games. There is very little chance of damage to the connector area.

Apart from these audio jacks, some smartphones now offer USB-C audio as well. Huawei, Google, Samsung, and many other smartphone brands are offering this type of earphone connector.

If you want to know some basic details about earphones like what to look for while looking for earphones, then we have created a dedicated post on Best Earphone Buying Guide in Simple Words 2023


It is always useful to choose the right earphone for your smartphone. I am saying this because it is worth spending a good amount of money on the right products. Why go for cheap earphones that show errors after 2 months of purchase? It is better to do proper research and get good branded, durable, feature-loaded earphones.

But research can sometimes seem boring and for that reason, we have given this post on the best earphones under 1000. We keep updating the list once we get a new and better product than the current one. So choose according to your choice and need and comment below if you need any improvements.

Frequently Answered Questions

Which is the best earphone under 1000?

It is quite difficult to say which is the best earphone as the answer will always be subjective. If you are a bass lover then go for JBL C200SI, if you want a durable product then Sony MDR-X155AP is the best, if you want a colourful earphone then Boat Bassheads 100 is the best. So this way the answer can vary depending on the priority

Which is the best earphone with bass high HD Audio?

Here are 3 earphones
Redmi Hi-Resolution earphone
Sony MDR-EX155AP

What is the best earphones for PUBG?

If you are a hardcore PUBG lover and want to experience a true sound experience of the game, then my recommendation is boAt Bassheads 100. I am personally using it, and it really delivers a powerful sound output

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