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We, men, do love our gadgets. From unique applications to tremendous home amusement updates, if you find a reason to upgrade any gadget, you will do it anyway. In order to guide you through the mass of the coolest gadgets and technology that arrive on the market day by day. I have discovered the 10 cool gadgets on Amazon India for the year 2022 that will urge you to buy them for sure.

If you want to explore around or just get the best coolest gadget experience, here’s a collection of 10 cool Gadgets On Amazon India that men want.

Amazon Echo – Smart Speaker with Alexa4.3⭐
Portronics E-Writer3.8⭐
Teconica KL-5000 HD Action Camera4.2⭐
Leap Motion Controller for Mac or PC4.4⭐
Ztylus Revolver – 4 Lenses in 1 for Your iPhone4.1⭐
VENIQE Waterproof Mobile Pouch Case Cover3.5⭐
Flexible Neck Lazy Mobile Phone Tablet Holder3.9⭐
KOR Nava Water Bottle Replacement Filters4.3⭐
Flexible Reading LED USB Table Lamp4.2⭐
Bluetooth Enabled Wearable Keyboard & Mouse4.5⭐
LED Ring Light with 7 Ft Tripod Stand Combo4.4⭐

Amazon Echo – Smart Speaker with Alexa

Amazon Echo - cool gadgets on amazon India

Want to play music on an Echo gadget in your room? Presently with multi-room music, you can go for Amazon Echo – Smart Speaker with Alexa to play a similar tune all through your entire home. It is a hands-free device that can be controlled by your voice.

Echo connects with Alexa Voice Service to play music, make calls, answer questions, and give data, news, sports scores, and climate, you can also command Alexa to play Bollywood and regional songs.

You just need to ask Alexa for your favourite songs, genres, and artists from music services like Saavn, and TuneIn. Using multi-room music, you can even play music across multiple Echo devices at the same time.

Portronics E-Writer

Portable Ruff Pad EWriter

Want to get rid of pen and paper? Yes, it is possible in this advanced generation where you can own this Portronics POR Ruff Pad E-Writer gadget to note down all those kinds of stuff that were cumbersome tasks earlier. Run paperless with RuffPad.

Compose notes, and records, and make doodles without utilizing paper or pen. It accompanies a stylus. You can write or draw with a stylus or with some other identical instrument.  The stylus can be stored conveniently in the base of the case. The tablet shows your notes until you delete them.   

Teconica KL-5000 HD Action Camera 

HD Action Camera

Capture the mesmerizing and amazing moments of your family in picnic spots. Get this Teconica KL-5000 Full HD Action Camera from Amazon. Capture each amazing minute in your everyday life. Get superior quality video, super view video mode captures the world’s widest edge point of view. It has a water-resisting casing which enables you to film fascinating high-quality videos. It supports the storage of 32GB.      

Leap Motion Controller for Mac or PC

Leap Motion Controller for Mac or PC

Have you ever imagined that you can operate your PC without even touching the keyword or mouse? Leap Motion technology has made this dream come true.

Leap Motion Controller tracks two hands and every one of the 10 fingers as they travel through the open space between you and your PC. It is one of my favourite gadgets and that’s why I listed it in the list of cool gadgets on Amazon India 2022


The unique programming identifies your hands and fingers and makes an interpretation of the information into data for your PC.

If you’re a designer, utilize the Leap Motion stage for making projects, virtual reality applications, and more. It has real 3D interaction that makes the 150-degree field of view that produces a wide interactive space between you and your PC.  

Ztylus Revolver – 4 Lenses in 1 for Your iPhone 

Ztylus Revolver

The level of photography is going to be very high my friends with this new flick technology lens changer. This Ztylus Revolver gadget comes with a 4-in-1 flip-open lens attachment. Its high-grade optical glass lenses have been made with high-tech components polished to exact specifications and tested to yield the best possible image. 

You can record any videos or take clicks like a pro photographer. It gets fitted on the back of your phone. You change the resolution and zoom of the camera by flicking the lenses on the backside. Whether it is a cityscape or a family shot, you can pick the perfect lens to suit your need  

VENIQE Waterproof Mobile Pouch Case Cover

Waterproof Mobile Pouch Case Cover

You must have understood the function from its name itself. The VENIQE waterproof mobile pouch makes your ordinary phone a super waterproof device. If you are fond of the beach, pool, or lakes this gadget must be kept in your pocket. It also comes into work during the monsoon season.

In this case, this pouch cover can save your phone from being crushed with water. It is not that this is just a pouch in which you can put the phone in it but You can also use the screen of your phone after putting it in this pouch.

You can buy it from 250 to 500 in accordance with the size of your phone. So now you do not need to buy phones from expensive brands. Just make your phone waterproof for 250 rupees.

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Flexible Neck Lazy Mobile Phone Tablet Holder 

Neck Lazy Mobile Phone Tablet Holder

This Flexible 360° Degree Rotation Hanging Neck Lazy Mobile Phone Tablet Holder is one of the cool gadgets available on Amazon. You don’t need to hold your phone anymore to watch movies. Just put this gadget around your neck and fix the phone in its holder.

That’s all. You can watch movies, take selfies while sleeping cycling, travelling, in the gym, office, classroom, office, Anywhere, and all those activities which need your hand to hold the smartphone. You read your favourite author. It is sturdy and comfortable to wear. It is extremely lightweight and flexible to adjust    

KOR Nava Water Bottle Replacement Filters

Water Bottle Replacement Filters

This KOR Nava filter is an eco-friendly, innovative long-lasting water bottle that makes ordinary tap water taste delicious by filtering as you sip. It is made up of pure coconut shell. After harvesting coconut, it is converted into charcoal and it is used in this bottle.

This filter works for more than 3months and is capable of filtering 40 gallons of water. By using this you eliminate 300 plastic bottles.  These filters fit perfectly just like the original and make a huge difference in the clarity and taste of the water.

It is especially great when we go into the mountains where many towns don’t have the same purity of water as the bigger cities and there is always noticeable dirt or earthy flavor in the drinking water.   

Flexible Reading LED USB Table Lamp

LED USB Clip Base Table Lamp

If you are a night reader then you should buy this LED USB  Clip Base Table  Lamp gadget ASAP. It has a clip that can be attached anywhere and gives you a good source of light. The light is customizable with two necks.

A simple and helpful gadget for all nighttime individuals to read properly. It is perfect for reading in bed, studying, travelling, etc. You can also use it as a gift item for your loved ones. It has a USB LED light which is brighter as well as less power-consuming. You can twist and turn the light neck to adjust the fall of light as per your comfort.  

Bluetooth Enabled Wearable Keyboard & Mouse

Bluetooth Enabled Wearable Keyboard & Mouse

This Tap Strap Wearable Keyboard gadget allows you to carry the keyboard and mouse at your fingertips. As the name suggests it gets connected to your phone or PC via Bluetooth. Tap is manufactured from advanced, biocompatible materials that allow you to move freely while you tap. This gadget came to the market with a unique feature that brought it to the list of cool gadgets on Amazon India 2022

This technology is called gesture-based typing. It is going to replace the current physical keyboard and mouse.  You just move your fingers in space and this will make your task complete.

Tap is just a simple strap around your fingers – you don’t need to hold anything. You can tap anywhere, on anything, with no need to see the screen or your fingers.  Swipe the hand to move your cursor, pushing the way users in virtual reality and the visually impaired can also interact with their devices.     

LED Ring Light with 7 Ft Tripod Stand Combo

In today’s internet age, we all know the importance of content. After the introduction of YouTube, one of the biggest platforms, there has been a huge increase in the consumption of videos. With the increasing demand from video consumers, video creators who have hidden talent have started creating more video content for YouTube.

This trend increased eightfold when TikTok, a short video platform, was launched in India. Therefore, in the year 2022, video making is the most sought-after profession among the youth. And to make quality content we also need some good quality inputs like proper lighting, a good camera, and a tripod stand to place the camera.

Tripod stand with mobile holder

This rectangular tripod stand comes with a ring light and a rotating (360-degree) phone holder. It helps creators capture different levels of brightness and angles of light. You can adjust the width of the phone holder which makes it suitable for most smartphones.

The plastic tightener of the stand and mobile holder was found to be good enough to hold the mobile and lamp tightly. This tripod stand provides the option to change the mode of lighting. You can switch between 3 modes of lighting with the IR remote. It has (A) Night Light Mode, (B) Warm Light Mode, (C) Cold Light Mode and others.

You set the light mode according to your needs. Although the lamp is not very bright, if it is placed at a distance of 2-4 feet from your face, it definitely removes the darkness from your face.

You can power the device using all kinds of USB ports like a laptop, PC, power bank, USB charger, AC adapter, etc. Talking about its quality, it is a good quality product with very little weight.

This tripod is quite tall and looks like iron but it is made of plastic with a black-colored fixture. Its legs were found to be 26.5 inches (63.31 cm), with a minimum foot distance of 13.75 inches (35 cm) providing complete stability. Overall it is a great product for video makers and vloggers at this affordable price

Wrapping it up

Amazon India is a great online destination to find cool gadgets at amazing prices. Whether you are looking for the latest smartphone or an innovative new piece of technology, Amazon has something for everyone. With fast and free shipping on most orders and a wide selection of products, it’s easy to find what you are looking for on Amazon India. Have you shopped on Amazon India for your cool gadgets on Amazon? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below.

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