What is TRP and What is its full form?


Hey Friends, Are you searching for the details of TRP? I know you must have googled about TRP just to know the Full Form of TRP.

And similar questions might have come to your mind like the Meaning of TRP in TV shows, What is TRP rating? How TRP is calculated? Which channel or Shows have the highest TRP?, How does TRP help in making money for TV channels? and many more such queries

Friends, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the word TRP quite often. Many TV shows, news channels, reality shows, YouTube channels, and blogs often use the term TRP. Sometimes we find that the TRP of some shows decreases day by day or the TRP of this show is the highest.

We even try to what is the TRP of Kapil Sharma is or what is the TRP of Tarak Mehta ka Oolta Chasma? or What is the TRP of BIG BOSS. But have you ever tried to know about this TRP in detail? 

Let’s know everything about TRP in detail

What is the full form of TRP?

The full form of TRP is the Television Rating Point. It helps to know which TV channel is being watched the most. It also shows the mood and interest of viewers regarding the viewership of the channel. If we consider TRP from the advertising point of view then TRP has another long-form or full form known as Target Rating Point. It is a tool for advertisers that gives an idea about what percentage and frequency of their product ads reached their targeted audience. 

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What is TRP or the Meaning of TRP?

As I said, TRP is a tool or a scale that indicates the popularity of a television programme. In simple words, TRP basically refers to how many people or viewers are watching a particular advertisement.TRP helps in the estimation of popularity and how much fame a  channel or a TV programme gets from its viewers. 

Somehow it also reflects the choice and interest of the audience. This TRP value helps advertisers display advertisements for their products during the telecast of a particular programme. Advertisers generally prefer to show their ads in the highest TRP programmes

Note: TRP is the same as TVR(Television Viewership Rating) 


How is the TRP rating decided?

There was a time before 2015 when 2 agencies i.e., INTAM(Indian National Television Audience Measurement) and TAM Media Research were in operation. Shortly thereafter, BARC (Broadcast Audience And Research Council India) was formed and retained to play this role and come up with a new audience measurement system. 

Earlier, there was a time of Doordarshan when TV was understood only by DD National. So during that time, The DART(Doordarshan audience research team)was used to calculate these ratings. Today also DART exists and is primarily oriented towards rural TV viewing patterns. Actually, TRP is a function of 3 factors-

  • Number of viewers who watched the television programme
  • Duration of the programme(Actual time for which the show is displayed)
  • How much time they spent watching the programme?               
  • For example, if the duration of a programme is 30 minutes, then how much time you spent watching the TV show, whether you watched the entire show or you changed another channel after watching it for a few minutes?

How TRP of a show is calculated?

INTAM and BARC measure the TRP of any TV show according to these above-mentioned 3 factors. There are certain methods that Agencies follow to calculate and check TRP.    

For calculating TRP, a device called People’s Meter is attached to the  TV set of some of the randomly selected viewers as sample data. These sample data represent the entire household.  BARC uses its advanced BAR-O-meters to calculate the TRP.

These devices are installed in the homes of randomly selected audiences(from both rural and urban areas). Through this meter, all information on TV channels or programs (such as time and duration of viewing) is recorded on that particular day. After that, a period of 30 days or 7 days is taken on average to know the viewership status.    Another means to measure the TRP is by the Picture method

In this method, a portion of the picture of a program viewed on a particular television set is continuously recorded. These data are obtained from those houses that have installed People Meter with the setup box and used to calculate national ratings.

BARC uses an advanced, viewer measurement technique – audio watermarking to track viewers watching activities.BARC India uses a device called the Watermark embedders that embed the audio content of each program with a watermark code. Both the device i.e, BAR-O-meter and Watermark embedder help to measure TV usage, TV stations, and individual viewing, when and where it is viewed, which age group has viewed, etc

What isTRP full form?-Who measures TRP?

Let us know how BARC collects this data.

  • First, some houses are chosen for panel design. A panel acts as a sample and represents the entire universe (all houses).
  • Audio watermark embedder device embeds audio watermarks in video content before its upload and broadcast.
  • These watermarks are not audible to us but can be easily detected and decoded using dedicated devices with decoding software.
  • These audio watermarks are then recorded by BAR-O meters during the broadcasting of shows.
  • This data will be cleaned to remove errors and technical glitches, then merged with the channel, program, language, and broadcast schedule details.

This BARC system of rating makes it more secure, reliable, and accurate. If any attempt is made to alter these watermarks, it will degrade the quality of the content in which this watermark is embedded.

How BARC collects this data

You can get more detail on the official page of BARC- Click here 

How does TRP affect a show?

Increasing or Decreasing the TRP of a show directly affects the income of the channel on which the program is being telecasted and indirectly affects the show too.

TRP enables advertisers to decide on which channel and during which show to display their ads.TRP also helps advertisers in knowing if their ads are viewed or not. Based on the TRP, broadcasters charge the advertisers to show their ads.

They charge money for every second of the advertisement. If the ad is of long duration, advertisers will have to pay a huge amount to the channel or broadcasters.

Simply, If the TRP of a show is good, then more advertisers prefer to show ads during the airing of that show and pay more. On the other hand, if the show has low TRP, fewer advertisers display their advertisements and also pay less. 

Sometimes it also happens that if a show is getting less TRP day by day then producers off-air the show and replace it with a new show. In short, TRP affects not only the channel or the show but also all the actors, technicians, and the entire team who are working to produce that particular content.

How TRP is different from GRP?

TRP is the criterion for small advertisers based on which they decide which market to invest in advertising. Apart from TRP, there is another relative term that exists in this Television industry is GRP (Gross Rating Point).GRP measures the overall or total audience reached.

GRP helps bigger advertisers in deeper penetration into the target audience. GRP is more related to the “total audience” exposure to advertising messages, whereas TRP is related to the “target audience” exposure.   For example, if you are watching a mythological show and during the break, you see an advertisement for agarbati(incense stick). 

Advertisements based on TRP

If 30 % of the total TV households saw that particular commercial ad, then it would be rated as 30 GRP. And out of this total audience, if the target audience is 50 %, that would be recorded as 50 TRP. 

Merit and Demerit of TRP 

Merits of TRP-

  • TRP helps advertisers show their ads to the target audience based on the TRP of the show
  • TRPs help content providers know how much their content is being consumed or whether the audience likes the program.
  • Competition between different TV shows to achieve high TRP numbers makes it a healthy factor for good content creation.
  • It also enables viewers to know which channel or show is most viewed.

Demerits of TRP-

  • Till now TRP is measured using the aggregate method or average method. This means TRP does not include data from millions of households but rather only from randomly selected viewers. So TRP does not prove to contain complete data on viewership
  • TRP doesn’t bother about quality.TRP has nothing to do with its quality of content but only focuses on the number of viewers who watch the content. In other words, TRP is quantity-oriented. 

How do TV shows make money by using TRP?

TV shows make money by allowing marketers to display their advertisements during the show’s break time. That is why each TV program broadcasts its show for 80-90% of the total duration and the remaining 20% duration is given to advertisers to play their advertisements.

TV shows also generate large amounts of money by getting sponsorship from various brands. All advertisements and sponsorships are only displayed based on the show’s TRP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the highest TRP show in India now?

After understanding TRP, you must be thinking which is the highest TRP show in India currently? According to sources, Anupamaa is the highest TRP show now

Which is the No. 1 TV channel in India?

As per the BARC India reports, Sun TV is the most-watched TV channel. But this report is not constant and changes weekly


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