Top 5 Age Calculators and their Features


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The age of a person is calculated by counting the number of years from the date of birth. That means if a person has lived 10 years and 5 months then the age of that person will be counted as 10 years and can become 11 on the next birthday. It is the most common age calculation system around the world.

As we know that the age of a person grows with the passage of time at the exact date of birth. This is a natural process that nobody can ignore. You won’t get your exact age of yours by doing the calculation in your mind

Here the age calculator comes in handy to keep a track of the age and to find out the birthday of a specific person.

Top 5 Age Calculators and their Features

Age calculators provide an accurate and quick way to determine a person’s age. Sometimes this information about your age is needed in different situations. It can be used to calculate your exact current age, check eligibility for certain benefits or services, or simply compare the ages of two persons who are 1-2 days apart

Benefits of using an Age Calculator to find your Age:

Benefits of using an Age Calculator to find your Age:

The age calculator is quite easy to use and provides accurate age calculations instantly without doing manual calculations yourself. Below we have listed some benefits of using an online calculator to find out the age:

  • It helps to calculate the current age and the age of a person at a specific time period in a few seconds.
  • They are important for assessments in educational institutes.
  • Allows you to find out the exact age of a person. 
  • Enables you to find out the chronological age of a person.

Further, age calculators also help to prevent errors while finding a person’s age. For example, if you calculate your friend’s age manually in your mind, there is always a risk of making mistakes. And using these age calculators will help you to avoid these errors and give the exact results about the age

Here are some best age calculator tools for you, and every tool has its own new features. You can try every tool to know the uniqueness of every tool

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The List of Best Age Calculators and their Features:

This is a website that provides a smart and unique age-finding calculator that you can use to find the age of a person, their next birthday, birthday days, and their date of birth.

You can specify the purpose of use while adding the input in the specified fields. By using it, you can get the age of a person in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and also in seconds. 

Age Calculator:

This is another best site used to calculate age. Also, it comes with a feature that allows the users to calculate the number of days or hours that one has passed in performing some specific activities. Mostly used by the Indians to find out the Kundli. 

Calculate Stuff:

It is a comprehensive online age-in-months calculator. This website offers several services that one can perform while using it such as age calculation, unit conversion, number conversion, mortgage calculation, BMR calculation, and much more.

In short, it works as an all-rounder. The major feature of this calculator is to calculate the age in days, months, and years. 


It is an online age-in-months calculator that allows you to find out the age of a person at a defined time interval. Even if you want to know the days or weeks that have passed since your day of birth to the present time then you can use it. 

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Amarujala Age Calculator:

It is another online calculator that you can use to find out the age of a person at a defined period of time. If you want to know precisely the days or weeks one has lived from the time of birth to the present age, then you can get the assistance of this calculator.

With the help of this calculator, one can also easily calculate the exact days remaining behind in the upcoming birthday.

How to Calculate Your Age Online (Calculate How Old AM I)?

Check out the following steps to calculate the age through an online age-in-months calculator:

  • Step 1: Add the date of birth, the date at which you want to calculate the age, and select the purpose from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 2: Press the calculate button and wait a couple of seconds. 
  • Step 3: Once the calculation is completed, then hit the download icon to get the results in PDF format. 

How do you calculate age criteria?

To calculate the age of a person, you first need to know the person’s exact date of birth and the present date when you are calculating the age.

  • First, subtract the person’s year of birth from the current year to find the person’s age in years.
    • For example, if a person was born on January 1, 1990, and the present(today’s age) date is January 1, 2020, that person’s age in years will be 30 (2020 – 1990 = 30 years).
  • Next, check if the person has had a birthday in the current year. If they have not, subtract 1 from their age in years to find their exact age.
    • For example, if a person was born on January 1, 1990, and the present date is December 31, 2019, then that person’s exact age will be 29 (30 – 1 = 29).
  • If you need to find the age of a person in months and days, you can also use the person’s date of birth and the current date to calculate this. First, find the number of days between the person’s birthday in the current year and the current date. Then, divide this number by 30.4 (the average number of days in a month) to find the number of months.
    • For example, if a person was born on January 1, 1990 and the current date is February 28, 2020, the number of days between the person’s birthday and the current date would be 58 (February 28 – January 1 = 58). Dividing this number by 30.4 will give the person age of 1.9 months (58 / 30.4 = 1.9).
  • Finally, subtract the number of months from the person’s age in years to find their exact age in months and days.
    • For example, if a person was born on January 1, 1990, and the current date is February 28, 2020, their exact age would be 29 years and 1.9 months (30 – 1.9 = 28.1).

It’s important to note that this is just one way to calculate age criteria, and the exact method may vary depending on the many situations.

Final Words:

Age calculators are always a useful tool to determine a person’s age more accurately with many additional details like seconds, hours, days, etc.

These calculators are not only easy to use but also offer a variety of features, including the ability to calculate age in different units, provide a detailed age breakdown, and calculate age from a specific date.

Some Age Calculators and their Features provide many new features for persons who want to know their age as well as some more details about what happened since birth. Like some tools say seconds, minutes, hours, and leap years have passed since your birth

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the purpose of the age calculator?

An age calculator is a tool that allows you to calculate a person’s age based on a specific date, such as the person’s birthday. Some calculators also show additional fun details about your birthday such as how many times you have breathed since you were born, how many times the Earth has revolved around the Sun since you were born, etc.

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