13 unique websites that are unknown to you


The internet is really an amazing and large place with tons of useful websites. It is the best place to kill your time on various addictive websites which mainly include social networks 

Apart from Facebook, Instagram, shopping websites, movie downloading sites, educational websites, and news sites, the internet is full of amazing and unique websites also that are unfamiliar to you. You will find something really new on such 13 unique website sites that may astonish you and make you say WOW.

13 Unique Websites

There are some websites that when viewed look weird but are cool. Some are fun, instructive while some are really mysterious and weird, but overall the websites I’m going to tell are all unique on the internet and quite different from a normal website

In this article, I have introduced 13 unique websites that are strange as well as awesome websites that are unknown to you. Scroll down these sites and dive deep into the world of some new and amazing websites.

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Once you enter this site, you will be asked to enter your date of birth (You may give your or your friend’s date of birth). After this, you would be showered with many interesting and incredible results that may blow your mind.

The first thing you will notice is how old you are now and obviously, nothing is shocking in this. But as you will scroll down the results many shocking facts.

Results will show your star sign, birthstones, how many times has your heart beaten so far, how many times the moon has orbited the earth, and how many people were alive on the earth when you were born.

You will also get to know What events were happening around the world when you were a child, How many persons are still alive who were born on the same day as you and any such facts which you will know after visiting the site.

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This website works completely on Artificial intelligence(AI) Or on a new concept called Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN). This is a new concept in machine learning that started in 2014. It generates an automated artificial face of humans that dont exist.


It creates a new face by accessing the dataset of real human faces. Every time you refresh the page you will see a new non-exist face. To know how this works you can visit this website

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3.  Ancient


If you want to find out what the Earth looked like a million years ago. You should check this site because it will increase your knowledge about the earth. It uses to recreate historical data based on geographic data to display a graphical representation of the Earth.

Its graphics are not high but it is still nice. You can see up to 750 million year ago. You simply need to choose a year. Once it is generated you can rotate the globe and can see how continents were arranged at that time. And also you can see how your state was arranged within the landmass at that time by searching your state on the search bar.

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4. One Lakh stars

One Lakh stars

If you love stars and want to know more about the stars of our(milky way) galaxy then you should visit this site because it gives information about our sun and the nearest stars to our sun in an animated and simulated manner.

It informs many things such as what is the light year, how things are away from the sun,  Where Voyager 1 is now, etc.

In simple words, it takes us on a tour from the sun to the edge of the milky way and provides information about things along its way. It can provide information about the nearest 1,00,000 stars to the sun.

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5.  The Scale of the Universe 2

The Scale of the Universe 2

Do you ever try to know where we actually stand in this universe?? If yes then this website is best for you. The scale of the universe takes us on a tour from the smallest particle known theoretically to the vastness of the universe. You just need to run adobe flash and then select the language.

After that, you can see the sizes of the object by moving the ‘scroll bar’ horizontally. It will really help you to gain knowledge of the microscopic and macroscopic world.

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6. String Spin

String Spin

String spin website is a fun website that enables us to convert 2D lines/figures to 3D figures by spinning at its centre.

Whatever type of line/figure you will draw, it will convert into a beautiful symmetrical rotational 3D figure. You can draw many lines/figures at a time and start the simulation by clicking on “Click here to spin your string”. 

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7. Black & White, to Colour image 

Black & White, to color image 

Yes, It is possible to convert black and white images to colour images without using Photoshop. You can upload an image or can paste the URL of an image that you want to convert, then you need to click on the colourized button.

After processing the image, it will show you the Comparision between B/W and the coloured image. A Photoshop expert needs at least 2-3 minutes to convert a B/W photo into colour but this website can do it in seconds.

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8. A 60-second meditation

A 60-second meditation

Are you stressed, depressed, or pressurized? If yes then you really need this website because As you can read in the title, it is a 60-second animated video that helps you to reduce your tension, depression, the stress in just 60 seconds. 

You just need to type your problem in the search bar such as a breakup, exam, depression, etc., and click on done, after that, you will gradually feel relaxed

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9. WeaveSilk


This website is very unique because it lets you draw very creative and calming designs. You can move the cursor in any direction to weave silk to create amazing patterns. You will be shocked to see such designs, which are jaw-dropping artefacts. There are many custom colours and you can choose from them to create your own style using different colours

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10. Nuclear Attack

Nuclear Attack

Just think what will happen if an atomic bomb is dropped on your area, Upto what range will it affect? Do you want to know? If yes then you should visit this website because it informs you up to what distance a nuclear bomb can affect a particular location.

It lets you know the effects of fireballs, radiations, shockwaves, and heat.  It will also show you an estimate of the damage that would have occurred if the bombs were dropped there. You can also select the type of atomic bomb. All you have to do is to turn on your GPS and select the area on which you want to see the effect of the different bombs.

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11. Pinktrombone


This is a fun site that is designed to produce a different voice or vocal tract of a human. This website has a simulator that lets you control the vocal cord, nasal cavity, lip, hard palate, and tongue.

This combination will produce a real human sound and change the vocal tract by adjusting the controls. You can also increase or decrease the pitch of the voice as per your needs. And all this will produce a very funny and weird sound.

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12. Flight radar

Flight radar

It is a real-time live flight tracking website that will track every flight in the world. You can see the positions of all flights at a time and also track individual planes.

This site will provide you with information about that plane i.e, it will provide details about any plane by clicking it. You can see the concentration of planes in all countries.

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13. Remove the Background

Remove Background

Today photoshop is not the only way to remove the background. Moreover, you have to be quite an expert to remove the background perfectly in Photoshop.

But this website can easily remove your background in just two clicks and 5-10 seconds. You can also paste your edited image on other photos(background).

It is the easiest method to remove the background of an image by choosing an image or by pasting the URL of an image in the image URL. 

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So, Friends, these are some of the top 13 unique websites that are unknown to many internet users. If you know more such interesting websites you can mention those sites in the comment section below. I will surely add those sites to my post. If you find this article useful you can share it with your friends

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