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YouTube Trending Videos in India


Last Updated on October 29, 2023 by Sagar Kumar Sahu

To make it easier for you to navigate YouTube’s world YouTube trends, we have built a YouTube trending tool that showcases the most trending and viral videos in India. The tool uses the official YouTube API to fetch top trending videos every 1 hour and displays the data in a comprehensive manner with many useful metrics. Like our Twitter trends tool, YouTube trends will definitely help you.

Youtube Trending Videos December 5, 2023 5:11 pm

This list of top YouTube trending videos refreshes every 1 hour

YouTube Top 10 Trending Videos 1 Day Ago

YouTube Top 10 Trending Videos 2 Days Ago

Day-wise Top #1 Trending Videos on YouTube in the last 7 days

About Youtube

Today everybody knows how YouTube has become an effective video platform to provide entertainment, education, knowledge and even inspiration. 

If we talk about YouTube in India, then we can say that it has revolutionized the way Indians consume and create content. 

Youtube Trending

From music videos, and film trailers to travel and comedy Vlogs, YouTube offers a diverse variety of entertaining videos that cater to a variety of interests. 

With the growing popularity of smartphones and the affordability of Internet access, YouTube is now a top source of entertainment as well as information for many millions of Indians.

About the YouTube Trending Tool

YouTube has more than 2 billion active monthly users and more than 1 billion hours of videos viewed every day. The platform is continuously evolving in all formats like shorts and with this, the trending YouTube topics also evolving. So it is becoming important for both content creators and consumers to know about Youtube Trending Videos.

How Youtube Trending Tool can help Youtube Content Creators?

Youtube Trending for Content creators

For YouTube content creators, the YouTube trending tool helps collect valuable data and insights about what viewers would love to watch and what types of videos go viral. It will help their videos make it into the trending section.

If you are a creator then you can use this YouTube trending tool to find out the types of topics and formats that are popular among the audience.

This in turn will help you create videos that are most likely to be shared, watched and watched.


Moreover, it is observed that if one creates videos that focus on trending topics, it will easily attract many more viewers, increase the reach of your content and ultimately gain more subscribers.

YouTube trends also serve as the best source to get new ideas. If you monitor the trending YouTube videos, it will help you to get new ideas, creative angles, and innovative approaches

How YouTube Trending Tool can help YouTube viewers?

Youtube Trend for viewers

Now if we talk from the point of view of YouTube content consumers, YouTube trends provide a great way to discover new and viral content that is being viewed so many times in a day.

However there is a lot of content available on the platform, and it is not an easy task to find out which is the trending YouTube video currently. YouTube Trends makes it easy for users to find content that’s popular and recently added to the trending list.

YouTube Trends also helps users discover new creators and niche communities they may not have subscribed to. Trending videos can be from any niche, topic and category.

So by searching for trending topics, you can find videos that are not only entertaining but also educational and informative. You can learn new skills, gain knowledge and be inspired by creators from different backgrounds and perspectives.

This way, you can also find talented YouTube creators who are very popular in their respective domains. Sometimes trending videos also help us to know about upcoming events, movies, trailers, ongoing social events, news etc.

Features of our YouTube trending tool

Although YouTube provides the trending option to find trending videos, most of the users are unaware of it. And it also lacks many features that you will find exclusively in our YouTube Trending tool.

Features of our Youtube Trending tool

Our tool comes with features such as you can find trending videos of the previous day, trending videos from 2 days ago, top trending videos from 1 week ago etc. which are lacking in the default YouTube tool.

Helpful Posts:

Helpful Posts:

So let’s explore some more exciting features that await you:

1. Top 30 Trending YouTube Videos:

Our YouTube trending tool curates a carefully selected list of the top 30 trending videos on the platform using the official API provided by YouTube.

You will get instant access to the most popular and trending content on YouTube with tons of information including upload time, views, likes, upload time, upload date and how long the video has been trending.

2. Views, Likes, and Comments for Each Video:

As we said in the last point, our tool shows all the important metrics of the trending YouTube video. We understand the importance of metrics when it comes to assessing the popularity and impact of a video.

With our Trending Tool, you can see all detailed insights. The metrics can include views, likes, comments, upload time, upload date and how long the video has been trending for each video.

3. Ranking-Wise Listing of Videos:

To help you navigate trending videos effortlessly, our tool provides ranking-wise listings. You will find the top 30 videos arranged by rank. Trending on #1 means it is the top trending video in the last 1 hour.

4. Date and Time of Uploading:

We also show the upload date and time of each video. This feature allows you to track the freshness of the content. Whether you prefer to catch videos on the day of release or explore the evergreen classics, our tool keeps you informed.

5. Live Play of Videos on Our Website:

Our tool allows users to play YouTube videos without leaving our website. Our Trending Tool offers a live play feature which means you can watch the videos directly on our platform without any irritating YouTube ads.

6. Updated Every 1 Hour:

We value your time and want to ensure you have access to the most current trending videos. That’s why our Trending Tool updates the list every 60 minutes (1 Hour). You can rely on our tool to get the latest trends.

7. Top 10 Trending Videos of Yesterday and the Day Before Yesterday

Stay updated about the videos that took the YouTube platform by storm yesterday. Our tool also shows the top 10 trending videos of the previous day.

So if you missed yesterday’s trending video, you can get it from our website. Not only do we show trending videos of the last day but also trending videos of the last 2 days (the day before yesterday)

8. Top #1 Trending Video Throughout the Week:

Have you ever wondered which video dominated YouTube trends for the entire week? Our tool provides a list of the top #1 trending videos that held their positions as the most talked about content for the entire week.

This feature enables you to follow the trajectory of a trend and see the lasting effects of video over an extended period of time. You will see a list of 7 videos that were trending #1 for each day of the week

How the Youtube Trending Tool can help Businesses

In this section, we will explore how businesses can use our YouTube trending Tool to effectively promote their products and services.

  1. Collaborations with Influencers: Businesses can use YouTube trends to make collaborations with influencers and market their products or services.
  1. Trend-Relevant Content Creation: Businesses can create content that aligns with YouTube trends to attract and engage viewers.
  1. Businesses can make decisions based on real-time data: To effectively utilize YouTube trends, businesses should adopt a data-driven approach. By analyzing YouTube analytics, trending video data, and audience insights, businesses can gain a better understanding of the trends that resonate with their target audience.
  1. Monitoring and Adaptation: YouTube trends evolve rapidly, so it’s essential for businesses to stay updated and adapt their strategies accordingly.


Our YouTube trending tool provides valuable insights on all the trending videos going viral on YouTube. You can track the progress of the video, and know the status of the previous day and 2 days ago. You can also know about the top trending videos of the last 7 days, and the top 30 trending videos on our website, monitor views, likes and comments and enjoy the convenience of live video playback. Get ready to experience the excitement of YouTube trends like never before.

What trends are popular right now on YouTube?

The Most Popular Trending Video on youtube rightnow is
EXCLUSIVE: Decoding Leo With Lokesh Kanagaraj | Fake Flashback | Vijay | LCU

What is most searched on YouTube today?

1.EXCLUSIVE: Decoding Leo With Lokesh Kanagaraj | Fake Flashback | Vijay | LCU
2.Extra - Ordinary Man Teaser | Nithiin, Sreeleela | Vakkantham Vamsi | Harris Jayaraj
4.Karwa Chauth | the mridul | Pragati | Nitin
5.Homemade Donut Making Recipe | ഇനി ഡോണട്ട് വീട്ടിൽ തന്നെ ഉണ്ടാകാം | M4 Tech |

How to see what’s trending on YouTube?

You can use our tool Youtube Trending Techsonu to get more insights. Youtube also provides its default tool to track trending videos of Youtube.

What’s Trending in India YouTube?

Here is the Trending in India YouTube
EXCLUSIVE: Decoding Leo With Lokesh Kanagaraj | Fake Flashback | Vijay | LCU

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