Why Do Many People Play Games on Mobile? Criteria for Mobile Games

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It’s common knowledge that you can play games both on PC and mobile, in many ways. Mobile includes the mobile browser versions of typical games, as well as full-on mobile apps.

They have much in common, and these versions often behave and look very similar – it’s especially evident if the same game has both mobile versions.

Games have been around for centuries, providing people with a way to pass the time and compete against one another. In recent years, the advent of mobile phones has led to a new form of gaming, one that is highly accessible and often addictive.

Lots of people now prefer to play games on mobile – it’s faster, easier, and lets you entertain yourself in the comfort of virtually any place with a good and free airtel Internet connection.

To their relief, there are some games that fit mobile very well, for several very important reasons. 

There are a number of reasons why people play games on their mobiles.

  • For one, mobile games are usually quick and easy to pick up, making them perfect for short periods of downtime.
  • They can also be played anywhere, whether you’re waiting in line or sitting on the bus.
  • Additionally, many mobile games are free-to-play, meaning you don’t have to make a financial commitment to enjoy them.
  • Finally, mobile games often incorporate social features that allow you to connect with friends and family members.

Criteria for Mobile Games

Criteria for Mobile Games

Every mobile app has its own selection of games. For instance, the Goldenstar games have some Far Asian games that can be tweaked to be played on mobile better.

It mostly means changing their design without altering the functionality at all. Tweak or no tweak, here are the qualities that are very important for mobile games.

Display Friendliness

That refers to the ability of a game to fit a narrow screen. Some of these games have sprawling fields that can’t adequately be remodeled for narrow displays.

It’s either done automatically or manually, but if it can be done, either way, it’s a massive bonus.

Some can only be played on widescreen, which will reduce the resolution. Mobile games are often played in short bursts, so it’s important that they’re able to hold the player’s attention for the duration of the session

Quick Rounds

It’s by no means a necessity to have quick rounds on your mobile game. You can absolutely enjoy long various types of games. It’s just that PC gaming is much better suited for such long sessions.

Mobile, meanwhile, is more comfortable for quick plays – especially if played away from home. In other words, it should be easy to get started and understand the basics of the game without getting overwhelmed


Simple games are also a comfortable choice for mobile games. The logic is that phones are ill-equipped for pressing many buttons on the same small display. It can absolutely be done with comfort, but mobile game apps aren’t always built with a good layout.

And you can also risk money because of overly complex interfaces. The games should be simple and addictive so that players should feel motivated to keep coming back to the game, whether it’s to beat their high score or unlock new content.

Games in Question

There are several decent game options that are most comfortable for mobile games. Here’s a short list:

Note that many ‘big’ games are already very well-suited for mobile. It’s possible to make mobile versions of them that play well. The only argument here is that the games above are almost always great for mobile, whatever provider or approach you decide on.

As you can see, smaller versions of big games are represented a lot. It’s because they retain largely the same game experience while allowing people to deal with a lot fewer elements on the screen.

But it’s all just advice, largely for people who either don’t know what to play on mobile or find themselves uncomfortable with what they are currently playing. The ultimate game choice is up to you.


The mobile gaming industry is still booming, mobile games are a vast category with many sub-genres, each with unique audiences, mechanics, and best practices that require different approaches to UX and monetization. Therefore, almost every person can find an interesting game for themselves and take a break from routine matters for a while.

Why do so many people play mobile games?

There are a few reasons why so many people play mobile games. Firstly, mobile games are easy to use and can be played on any device. Second, they are mostly available for free and even if paid, they are affordable. Third, they are fast and easy to play. Lastly, they are highly addictive.

Why do we play games on phone?

There are many reasons why people play games on their phones. Some people like to kill time, some people like to relax, and others like to compete and the answers go on

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