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How Many NFT Is a Collection and Are There Strict Limits?


Last Updated on June 6, 2023 by sourav sahu

The area of digital finance we call NFTs is still confusing to many people. Non-fungible tokens, however, survived much longer than expected and are predicted to go on thriving and expanding even to the music and game industries. 

What is more, tokens from popular NFT collections are entering the mainstream, so, like it or not, NFTs are becoming a part of our new reality. 

As a rule, both new and already trending NFTs are selling for crypto coins on marketplaces such as: 

  • Rarible (more artist-centered and focused on authors taking part in the governance of the platform)
  • OpenSea (focused on art: here, it’s super easy to buy and sell tokens)
  • SuperRare (aims to display the most famous items by NFT authors, not all of them; acts more as an art gallery for NFT top collections)

Not all collections are equal, and previously some NFT marketplaces decided to launch restrictions on the number of NFTs included in a single collection.

The move was to limit each creator to 5 sets with 50 NFTs each after projects such as Crypto Punks reached a whooping 10,000 items, which was the highest number at that point. 

Yet, after digital token creators started to complain, the restriction was canceled, and now, projects can contain the same amount of NFTs. In other words, nobody looks at numbers anymore. 

Short Guide on Making Top NFT Collections: How to Produce Successful NFT Collections

How Many NFT Is a Collection

Instead of focusing on how many NFTs one can make, let’s better delve into the question of how to create new top NFT collections and unforgettable tokens to impress the whole world. 

Read about NFTs.

First and foremost, conduct your research on NFT collections. Do your homework to know what they are and what technology makes them work. After that, follow these steps:

Find your passion for digital art. 

There must be something unique that you experienced and know firsthand to put into the art and sell later. Find your message, goal, and story to tell.

If this is just therapy for you and there seems to be no depth, don’t be discouraged and just go on practicing. 


Launch a social media campaign. 

This includes all sorts of techniques that appeal to you and would do well with the audience you are trying to reach out to. If you don’t want to pay for classical advertising, it’s okay because there are options such as:

  • Engaging influencers in your marketing
  • Doing Discord and Telegram marketing
  • Managing email marketing, etc.

All ways to get noticed will do well. The main aim here is to build a community and awaken interest in your brand. Do not forget to list your NFTs too. 

What concerns leading groups in Telegram or just handling your pages on Instagram, it takes consistent and interesting communication to make it successful.

So be creative with your posts, let the voices of your collection contributors sound there, and just don’t let them become silent. 

Think about how to add more value to NFTs. 

Technical Analysis and add more value to NFTs

When you launch a collection and seem to gather the audience around it, it still doesn’t mean that it’s all.

A clear plan of what they will look and function like in the future is the key to a consistently high price in an extremely volatile NFT market. 

Some authors choose to create DAOs, believing that users will get the most benefits. There are always many ways to make your NFTs more sought-after.

This should be a unique utility linked to the ownership of a token, ideally the one that brings users to a person in the long run. 

Learn the coding of smart contracts. 

Having an idea about how smart contracts act is crucial if you want to do your technical part excellently. To do it, you may want to try some online coding courses or learn from professionals in the classroom if available. 

But don’t stop at what you achieved. Programming within the area of NFTs can rely on many things such as mathematical algorithms to generate images or turn original pics into blurred or changed versions to render a specific message. 

To fulfill #1, use instruments to discover top NFT collections, for example, – a popular place where top NFTs are highlighted and valuable info on them is given.

This platform isn’t for selling NFT art but leads to the OpenSea marketplace, where the best NFT collections and upcoming projects are available for sale.


The platform works for users to educate themselves and know target collections to the smallest details, including what blockchain tokens are built on (Ethereum, Polygon, Solana), how much sales grew last week, and what ten pieces are in the top right now, etc. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about top-selling NFT collections.

How to create new top NFT collections?

I don’t think you will get a definite answer to this question. The best way to create new top NFT collections will vary depending on your specific needs and interests in the field.

How do I make my NFT collection famous?

It depends on your goals and the overall popularity of NFTs within the cryptocurrency community. There are some predefined tips to make your NFT collection more popular. This includes promoting your collection on social media platforms, writing articles about it, and running online ads related to it.

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