Why It Is Essential to Get a UPS for Your PC


When it comes to electricity in India, there are a lot of gaps, to say the least. As work moved to home due to the pandemic, people simply had to make do with what they had, but electricity proved to be a major issue.

Most cities experience power outages, especially during the summertime, and this really proved tiring to the working class trying to get things done from home. 

Why It Is Essential to Get a UPS for Your PC

The most common solution for this problem was to either invest in an inverter, or in a UPS. But if you visit the market and the price of the inverters you will find that they are quite expensive and take a lot of work during installation.

Also, if you live in a rented place, buying an inverter is not preferable, unless you plan to leave it there. The next best option would be to get yourself a UPS. 

A UPS is much like an inverter but on a smaller scale and power output. They are mainly used to power PCs during power cuts and also act as surge protection for your valuable appliances.

Short for Uninterrupted Power Supply, UPS’s are actually pretty good if you want that extra time after a power cut to save your work, or even finish it. 

If you are a pro gamer, you know how important is to save the ranking, data, and levels you have achieved. So losing your data can let all the hard work that you did to reach the level go in vain. That’s why most gaming setups are made powerful and also require a good standard of UPS to make sure they are powered during an electricity outage.

Depending on your power requirements, or how much power your computer needs to stay on for a dedicated amount of time, you could then decide to invest in a UPS accordingly.

For example, if your PC has a PSU of more than 650W powering your system and its components, a UPS with more than 1100VA proves to be the best. A more powerful PC would obviously need a bigger UPS. 

Moreover, the connected peripherals also make a difference. Say you have a 27” monitor and a speaker unit attached to the same UPS, you can guarantee that its power output might not last that long.


The top way to check if your UPS runs for a good time is by connecting only key devices to it. Connect the cabinet and monitor for sure. Also connect your broadband to keep your internet on during a power cut.

How to choose the right UPS?

How to choose the right UPS?

Finding the best UPS for a PC can be difficult if you don’t know what you need.

The first step is to know how much power your UPS needs to give. This links to how strong your PC is. If your PC is basic with limited use, a small UPS like 600VA can work. But if your PC is strong like a gaming PC, it needs more power.

Gaming PCs need around 550W-650W as they have a strong graphics card. RGB lights inside also need power. In this case, a bigger UPS is better.

There are two good types of UPS, 600VA and 1100VA. For a basic PC, 600VA is good. For a strong PC, 1100VA is better.

If you connect more things to the UPS, it has to give power to each. This can cut down on how long the UPS lasts. If your PC has many parts like GPUs, RAM chips, HDDs, and SSDs, the UPS will last less time.

So, pick a UPS based on your PC’s power need during a power cut. A 600VA UPS will keep your PC on for a while, maybe not more than 10 minutes. But an 1100VA UPS will last more than 20 minutes.

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So, yes, UPS are actually quite useful appliances and provide a lot of benefits when you most need them.

The best part is that they are long-lasting products and will keep running for years if you maintain them properly. Treat them as an investment because if you make the right choice while purchasing a UPS, you will not have to worry about replacing it for a very long time. 

Also, since they can be used as a power backup for literally any appliance that can run on them, you can even charge your phone, laptop, or even power a desk fan if you want. They are actually highly useful and convenient to use.

Is UPS really necessary for PCs?

UPS is not mandatory for your PC. However, it can be useful to prevent data loss and damage due to sudden shutdown of the power supply. This ensures that your devices are supplied with power long enough so that you can safely turn them off in the event of a power outage.

What happens if I don’t use a UPS for my PC?

If you don’t use a UPS for your PC, your computer will continue to operate normally as long as it has a stable power source. However, if there is a sudden power outage your computer will shut down abruptly, which can cause data loss and can also damage your computer parts.

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