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How Image resolution & size affect the website loading speed


Last Updated on August 10, 2023 by sourav sahu

The online world teems with enormous website businesses. All of these businesses demand the use of perfect tactics to excel in the competitive world. Many businesses fail because they do not take its elements into serious consideration.

The most important websites include textual and visual content. The combination of it leads to fabulous outcomes and helps in boosting the reputation in no time.

People hire the best writers to craft the most impressive and exciting content for the website. But they take the visual for granted and add any image on the website that appeals to them. 

Impact of Website Loading Speed on Business Excellence

Impact of Website Loading Speed on Business Excellence

The images are an important part of visuals and hence should be selected with extreme care. The images can affect the website loading speed quite drastically.

The website’s excellence depends much on the fact that it has an attractive image on it. Images are known to be a highly attractive element for the success of a website business. 

You can also boost your social media presence by using high-resolution images.

The websites without the use of relevant images suffer from low reputation and ranking. Hence, it is necessary to make a better search for the images to enhance the worth of the websites.

The faster loading speed is meant to please the masses and ensure various revisits to it.

The happy visitors depict loyalty to the website due to optimum satisfaction and hence the ranking of the website improves.

The websites with better loading speeds relish better rank in terms of technical SEO. You can use many SEO tools that will help you a better ranking of your website


Issues Affecting the Website Loading Speed

The ranking of the website gets declined when it is having a low website loading speed. Whenever any user clicks on the webpage then it should be loaded quite instantly.

Else, the interest of the user declines in the website and they shift to another website with better performance and speed.

It is quite a common observation that people stay for longer at the websites that load their web pages with excellent smoothness and speed.

The longer website loading speed leads to pathetic outcomes and is most often due to the following reasons:

  • Poor or Low Image Resolution
  • Large Image Size

Both of these elements must be dealt with as easily as possible to avoid pathetic outcomes. The internet is full of a variety of images that are of variable dimensions, resolutions, and sizes.

The selection of these must be made quite sagaciously to avoid the issues of website loading speed. 

How to Improve Website Loading Speed?

Optimize your images to get rid of website loading speed and get excellent improvement in it!

Improve Website Loading Speed

Use Compressed Images

The main elements that are responsible for the website loading speed are the web page design, quantity of bandwidth, hosting server, and image size. The website loading speed gets an impressive boost when the image file size is reduced.

For instance, if you reduce the image file size from 15MB to 0.08 then definitely, it is going to load on the website quite quickly. Similarly, it helps much in optimizing the website loading speed. 

Now, compress images in no time and use an image compressor online. Image compressor is a highly significant online tool that the website should use to reduce image size for better speed and SEO of their website. 

Use Resized Images

Image size defines the dimension of images as per your choice. Image resizer you get the image of your desired height and width.

You can make selections for the aspect ratio of the image. Get the exact size of the images as per your desire or website design.

Use the image resize for all of your website images to have the perfect dimension and alignment of these. It adds a graceful and pleasing look to the website. 

There is no need to crop images or move them manually to reduce their size. The automatic approach lets you get the images with the desired size so that you can upload them on the website quite instantly. Also, note that the webpage with multiple images gets loaded within seconds due to reduced size and compression. 

Use Optimized Images

The website loading speed can be improved by using original but well-optimized images. The high-resolution images are the original images that can be further optimized by using tools like Squoosh. This web tool keeps the quality of the image good by only decreasing the size of the image

You can find copyright-free images and use some image-compressing tools to optimize them. Then use the optimized images on your website to impress your audience. So by using original and low-size images, you can improve website loading speed to a great extent


It is always important to consider the resolution and size of images on your website. Larger images with higher resolutions will increase the visual appeal of a website, but they also slow down the loading speed. And no visitors like to browse slow websites. This will increase the bounceback and gradually reduce the organic performance of the website

On the other hand, smaller, lower-resolution images may not be as visually appealing, but they definitely help in improving the loading speed of your website. You need to consider both image quality and the website loading speed to maintain a good balance. It may be necessary to use a combination of optimized images and good loading speeds to achieve satisfactory results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does optimizing image sizes help load your site faster?

Yes, optimizing image sizes can help load a website faster by reducing the amount of data that needs to be transferred from the server to the user’s device.

What is a good size or resolution for images on a website to have a good loading time?

A good image size or image resolution definitely adds a good loading speed to the website. It is always better to use small-sized images by maintaining quality. This helps in reducing the amount of data that is transferred and improves loading time.

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