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How to Build a Travel Website in 5 Steps


Last Updated on August 10, 2023 by sourav sahu

Attracting new customers is the primary goal of any travel agency that desires to succeed in this quite competitive market. And since, nowadays, users prefer to surf the Internet in the pursuit of quality tours, building a selling and alluring travel website is the most effective way to declare yourself and promote your services to the target audience.

Nevertheless, it’s not a piece of cake to create a tourism website that will meet all your needs and requirements. Thus, in this article, we will figure out how to develop a travel agency website that will make you stand out.

5 steps to Design an efficient travel and tour website

Design an efficient travel and tour website

To get the resource of your dreams, you should consider many factors: from its purpose, target audience, and values to the design and structure.

And if most of the mentioned aspects presuppose an individual approach and detailed analysis, then with the steps we are going to explore, your path toward a prosperous travel website will become smoother.

Step 1. Pick a suitable CMS 

The content management system is the platform on which your site may be built. Of course, there’s an option to make it from scratch, but compared to the proposed one, it requires too many resources to spend.

That is, if you decide to employ CMS, you will get a travel company website that obtains all the necessary functions, features, and design elements critical for this particular industry. 

Moreover, since there are numerous different systems, before picking one, you should conduct a thorough analysis and learn about their advantages and disadvantages along with the restrictions they may have.

And that is crucial because if you do not carry out this study, the work of your entire business may face huge difficulties and challenges.

Step 2. Choose a domain name 

A domain is a name, by which your agency may be found in the global market. That is why it’s extremely vital to choose it wisely. And here, we have some tips to aid you in this matter:

The domain name should be unique 

build a travel website by buying a domain

When you have picked a suitable name, you should enter it into a search engine to verify if there are domains with a similar spelling. And if just one letter or hyphen distinguishes you from the competitor, you should consider another domain name.


Otherwise, customers may be confused, and there is no guarantee that they will prefer your brand over the competitor’s one. So, why should you take this risk?

It should reflect the essence of your company 

The name should be linked to the field of your activity. That is, for example, the name “Golden rose” will not be associated with traveling or tourism, whilst “Crazy trip” is perfect for a company that provides tours to exotic places or vacations that include extreme activities.

It shouldn’t be too long or complicated 

The number of characters your domain will consist of directly affects how it will be perceived and, consequently, remembered by customers. Hence, the shorter the domain name is, the better. Meanwhile, if you apply a too-short name, then it might be hard to read and perceive.

Step 3. Design your site 

If we speak about the website design for a travel agency, there’s a long list of things you should take into account. And below, you will discover some of them.

General design 

It’s not enough to ensure that the travel website is alluring and catchy. Instead, it should also immerse clients in the atmosphere of the upcoming holiday, retain, and encourage them to choose your services. This way, you have more chances to be noticed.

High-quality materials 

Remember, the quality of each site element matters. Hence, when users enter your travel website, they expect to see images or videos of high quality. So, don’t make them upset. In addition, it’s preferable to use your own photos and videos. Accordingly, you will demonstrate your professionalism and serious approach to your business.

A logo is a symbol that represents your brand. And as it is too obvious to say that it should be unique, we would like to point out that it should be simple and relevant. Basically, the logo should not be overloaded with details, and it should convey the company’s mission.

Step 4. Customize your website 

Customize your website 

To make your site work in your favor, you need to ensure that it answers all the potential clients’ questions and satisfies their needs. Therefore, if you have made up your mind to design a travel website, it should perform the following functions:

Help customers find the desired tour 

On your site, you should offer a convenient search equipped with various filters concerning destinations, hotels, prices, flights, etc.

Tell them about the best locations you offer 

If there are places that are extremely popular amongst your clients, you should tell your potential customers about them.

Notify clients of discounts and special offers

We all love saving, and your target audience is no exception. That’s why if you suggest real bargains, be sure to display them as they will not go unnoticed by anyone.

Give recommendations 

Along with the travel locations, it would be amazing to recommend some interesting places to visit (restaurants, excursions, attractions). This way, your audience will have a full image of their future vacations.

Step 5. Add necessary features 

To know for sure what features and functions your resource should possess and which of them will be useless, you should determine the type of website you want to get.

Let’s imagine that you desire to create a tour agency and booking website. What elements and why should be presented on the resource? Below, you will find some of them.

The latest news/blog 

To show your expertise in planning tours, there is nothing better than to have your blog. And on that blog, you can provide some tips or advice on how to pick a trip or a hotel and also list some best hotel booking apps.

Destination listing 

Your clients want to know what places they are offered to go to. And to increase the chance that they will choose you as their travel agent, the list of places they might visit should be exhaustive and detailed.

Map integration 

It’s great to provide users with hotel photos. However, it’s not enough. In most cases, clients are eager to see what other facilities they will be surrounded by. And integration with Google or Apple Maps may come to the rescue.

Online booking 

No one would probably disagree with how convenient it is to book a tour regardless of the time and location. And except for being beneficial for customers, such a feature will be valuable for you, too, since if you are open 24/7, you might earn money non-stop.

On a final note 

In this article, we tried to give you some helpful recommendations on how to build a truly effective travel website. We hope the provided information will suffice, and you will face no challenges whilst bringing them to life as your brand’s success directly depends on the created resource.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How much does it cost to make a travel website?

A website that focuses on travel can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. However, the price will vary depending on the size, requirements, and scope of the project.

What should be on a travel website?

Some key components that should be included in a travel website are:
– A map of the destination with all the important attractions marked
– Accommodation options, prices, and availability
– Transportation options like bus, train, and time required for each transport
– Nearby restaurant availability
– Local tourist information
– The best time to visit for various activities

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