How to Boost a Post on Social Media Platforms?


Social media platforms play a huge role in business success. They allow you to improve your brand and make it more profitable and influential. As easy as it is, these aims can be achieved with one feature application like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook offer. 

Boosting posts is one of the easiest ways to reach out to more people and strengthen your position and prevalence on social media. This option is pretty simple and comes in handy when you don’t have a comprehensive marketing plan in place

But before that, all you need to do is generate content, for example, use free Instagram story templates to make your social media presence attractive, and employ a boosting option. You must ensure that both your stories and your posts circulate on social media and engage people. 

You should also note that today several social networks exist, and using a boosting option always varies from one platform to another. Below, you will find a quick guide to boosting your post and attaining the ultimate goal.

Boost posts on social media platform

Boosting posts on social media: Why push them upward?

People have their reasons for promoting their posts. For some, it’s a great tool to double the number of followers. For others, this option helps compensate for a weak marketing plan, thus maintaining a positive inflow of clients. 

You can download the Pinterest videos and use them to boost a Post on Social Media Platforms,

Using a boosting option is the first step to give you good profit. The reason is unlike paid ads where you need a good plan, boosting needs no prep. You can boost a post that’s already there or a new one coming. Also, these ways don’t cost much. It won’t cost a lot but can help reach and talk to more people.

Employing available options

Now that we have defined a boosting option, let’s focus more on the procedure you have to meet to apply the feature successfully. 

  • Instagram: Go to your business profile and pick the post you want to boost. Upon doing that, you will be able to set an audience, goal, budget, and duration. The rest is on the moderator. They will review the post and approve it once it meets the regulations. You can use relevant and trending Instagram Hashtags too.
  • Facebook: Similarly, go to a business page and choose the post. Apart from the mentioned options, Facebook lets you create CTA. You may also connect your Instagram account with Facebook and roll out boosted posts on both networks at once.
  • Twitter: Tap on Promote the Tweet, choose your place of residence, and time zone, and provide basic contact information. You should also agree to the app’s terms and conditions on advertising. Once done, provide your debit/credit card info and billing address and set the budget. On Twitter too, you should use the trending Twitter hashtags which is relevant to your tweet
  • LinkedIn: Select the post and click the Boost button. Then, choose the goal, audience, language, location, and other necessary criteria. Set the budget and timing, provide your billing information, and boost a chosen post.
Facebook, Instagram boost tips

Taking a step further: A more thoughtful approach toward boosting a post

As seen above, boosting a post is a simple process. But without knowing your audience and some basic analytics, trying to boost a post may not be as effective as it seems to be. The following tips will help you benefit from a boosting option and make sure it attracts the most people to your post.

  • Compose a persona: Before boosting a post, make sure to identify your target audience and their buying habits. This will help ensure that your promotion is effective and reaches the right people.
  • Evaluate previous posts: Gaining a comprehensive understanding of how your audience interacts with content allows you to provide them with remarkable experiences. By analyzing which posts resonated best in the past, you can form an effective strategy for captivating followers moving forward.
  • Dwell upon various components: It is essential to consider many aspects before boosting a post. The post you want to promote should include compelling text, calls to action, and visuals.
A thoughtful approach to boost post


With many social media choices now, picking the right platform for your business is tough, but it’s worth looking closely at what each gives.


For example, If you want to reach a large audience, you can try Facebook and Twitter. And if you want to promote something more visual and reach the younger generation, Instagram will let you do that.

Researching competitor strategies is one task. Seeing how users engage with certain content formats on platforms is another. There are endless chances to promote products in today’s digital age.

Note: While promoting your post on different social media, you will see many options to apply discounts, promo codes, or gift cards to save you money on the ad spent. So don’t forget to use those options.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I boost my social media posts?

There is no best time to boost a social media post. The exact time varies depending on the platform, and the specific audience you are trying to reach. In general, you boost the posts at times when your audience is most active on the platform.

How can I boost my post for free?

There isn’t any way to boost a social media post for free. Advertising or boosting a post requires money for advertising on the platform. However, you can use organic methods to increase your reach, but that will require time to see the results

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