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7 Best Smart AC in India: Beat the Heat with Wifi enabled Smart ACs


Last Updated on July 6, 2023 by Rajendra Prasad

Summer has finally arrived and the temperature is on the rise. Imagine you have just come home after a long, tiring day and you have entered your room with smart AC which is WiFi enabled. And using this you can use your smartphone to turn on your Smart AC and start cooling your home instantly – sounds futuristic right? But now everything is getting smart so how can we forget to leave AC behind?

Why Smart AC?

With WiFi-enabled Smart AC, whenever you enter the room, you will get an instant notification from your Smart AC on your smartphone and the AC will turn on automatically. You will start enjoying the cool and crisp air with the control of your smartphone. I would say that with Smart AC it’s not just comfort – it’s smart comfort!

And if you are one of those people who love smart technology or who are looking for the best smart AC in India, then you have come to the right place. I have written this dedicated blog to help you find the best smart ACs that are Wi-Fi enabled, perfect for providing you personalized comfort and ultimate control at your fingertips.

I have shortlisted the 7 best smart ACs in India from different brands with different smart features for you. We have personally collected feedback from customers, our relatives, and friends who have used Smart AC and also visited nearby electronics shops to get some real insights. Here is the list

Smart AC brand nameStar RatingsSpecial FeaturePrice
Lloyd WiFi Inverter Split AC4.2 ⭐✅Low Gas Detection
✅Clean Filter Indication
Check Price
Panasonic Wi-Fi enabled Smart Split AC4.2 ⭐✅Control using a mobile app
✅Smart Features like Sleep profile
Check Price
Samsung Wi-fi Enabled Inverter Split AC4.2 ⭐✅Low noise level
✅Auto clean technology
✅10 Years Warranty
Check Price
Blue Star Convertible Split Smart AC4.1 ⭐✅Turbo Cool Mode
✅Stabiliser-Free Operation
✅Low noise and vibrations
Check Price
LG AI+ DUAL Inverter Wi-Fi Split AC4.0 ⭐✅ADC sensors
✅Auto Clean Mode
✅Mute Button on remote
Check Price
AmazonBasics Wi-Fi Enabled Smart AC3.8 ⭐✅Auto Restart Mode
✅Sleep Mode
✅Self-diagnosis and Auto-protection
Check Price
Godrej Inverter Split Smart AC3.7 ⭐✅Control using a mobile app
✅Smart Features like a Sleep profile
Check Price

Comparison Table – Table Comparing All 7 ACs

PhotsSmart AC Energy Saving
Mobile opertableAuto
Energy Efficiency (ISEER)Different
7 Best Smart AC in India: Beat the Heat with Wifi enabled Smart ACs1️⃣Lloyd Wi-Fi Inverter Split ACYes: 3 StarYesNoNo3.93Yes: 5 in 1 Convertible AC
7 Best Smart AC in India: Beat the Heat with Wifi enabled Smart ACs2️⃣Panasonic Wi-Fi enabled Smart Split ACYes: 5 StarYesYesYes5.10Yes: 7 in 1 Convertible Mode
7 Best Smart AC in India: Beat the Heat with Wifi enabled Smart ACs3️⃣Samsung Wi-fi Enabled Inverter Split ACYes: 3 StarNoYesYes3.44Yes: 5 in 1 Convertible AC
7 Best Smart AC in India: Beat the Heat with Wifi enabled Smart ACs4️⃣Blue Star Convertible Split Smart ACYes: 3 StarYesYes (Extra Fee applicable)No3.85Yes: 5 in 1 Convertible AC
7 Best Smart AC in India: Beat the Heat with Wifi enabled Smart ACs5️⃣LG AI+ DUAL Inverter Wi-Fi Split ACYes: 5 starYesNoYes5.2Yes: AI+ Convertible 6-in-1 cooling
7 Best Smart AC in India: Beat the Heat with Wifi enabled Smart ACs6️⃣AmazonBasics Wi-Fi Enabled Smart ACYes: 5 starYes (You need an Alexa device)No Yes4.7No
7 Best Smart AC in India: Beat the Heat with Wifi enabled Smart ACs7️⃣Godrej Inverter Split Smart ACYesNoNoNo3.9Yes: 5 in 1 Convertible AC

1. Lloyd WiFi-enabled Smart AC

Recently I visited one of my friend’s homes to collect feedback on the smart AC by Lloyd. Let me share with you my detailed analysis of this smart AC. I must say that its air cooled Electric Control Box technology provides uninterrupted cooling even at temperatures as high as 52°C.

 Lloyd WiFi enabled Smart AC

Space and Distribution: If you have a large room then don’t worry, its long airflow reaches every corner of your room. Its indoor unit rapidly cools the air throughout the space in a uniform manner. It also has a 4-way swing feature of the AC to evenly distribute cool air throughout your room.

Turbo Cool and Energy Efficient: The Turbo Cool features allow you to reach your preferred temperature setting quickly. Its 5-in-1 convertible feature provides multiple cooling solutions in any situation. So you don’t need to worry about the room size, outside weather conditions or number of members in a room

The feature that extends Lifespan: Clean Filter Indication is another good feature included with this AC. When the time comes to clean the air filter, an indoor panel displays a clear “CL” symbol as a gentle reminder. It indirectly extends both cooling performances as well as the lifespan of this unit.

100% copper coils: Copper coil means you will get good corrosion resistance, long-term durability, and lower maintenance costs. So you can expect longer durability of the AC parts.

Reason to buy this product

  • 5 in 1 Convertible Copper Filtration
  • Antiviral Filter and PM 2.5 Filter
  • Durable 100% copper coils
  • Customizable comfort
  • Smart control
  • Latest 2023 variant

Final Verdict: This can be a good option for those who want all the smart AC features with all the safety measures, warranty and installation checks in an affordable Indian budget.


Pros and Cons of the Product

🟢 Pros🔴 Cons
👍🏼Cools effectively at 52 °C ambient temp.👎🏼The compressor noise level is relatively high
👍🏼Long air throw for larger rooms👎🏼Some users may experience installation delays
👍🏼4-Way swing for uniform cooling👎🏼Additional charges for installation
👍🏼Turbo Cool for rapid temperature control
👍🏼5 in 1 Convertible for versatile cooling
👍🏼Installation Check for hassle-free setup
👍🏼Cleaning Filter Indication for maintenance
👍🏼It has 100% Copper coils for better heat transfer

2. Panasonic Wi-Fi enabled Split Smart AC 

Why did I mention this AC here?

Well, it is because recently my friend bought this AC and I assisted him to purchase it from the offline store. So let me tell you about the best smart AC in India.

 Panasonic Wi-Fi enabled Split Smart AC

Seven convertible modes: Its 7 convertible modes including AI mode (“converti7”) detect the room’s temperature, forecast cooling capacity needs and adjust fan speed according to it. In the world of AI, its inbuilt sensors and artificial intelligence offers optimal cooling through fan speed optimization. The mode ranges from 40%-90% capacity/to high/full capacity, delivering energy-saving comfort options for personal comfort.

Space and Energy Consumption: This AC unit is suitable for rooms up to 120 square feet, which is great for compact spaces. It has 5-Star Energy Star certification for energy saving and also ensures efficient performance. You will feel a continuous flow of cool air with its four-way horizontal and vertical swing fans while saving energy.

Smart Features: You can control it easily using your smartphone by installing an app called Miraie App. By using the app you can easily make temperature adjustments, monitor statuses and change modes as per your need. Talking about other smart features, its voice controls with Alexa or Google Assistant provides hands-free operation and make operation much more convenient with your voice itself. I personally liked the hourly temperatures and customize sleep modes.

Copper condenser coils: These make this air conditioning unit superior in cooling performance while being low maintenance requirements. Its PM 0.1 filter offers clean and dust-free air by filtering out PM 0.1 particles present in the environment

Twin cool inverter compressor: This feature, along with variable speed control, adjusts power based on heat load and optimizes cooling performance accordingly. It has R32 refrigerant gas to provide environment friendliness and 100% copper tubing improves heat exchange for efficient cooling capacity.

Reason to buy this product

  • Smart connectivity via Wi-Fi and compatibility with MirAie App
  • Energy Saving
  • AI mode for intelligent temperature adjustment
  • 7-in-1 convertible modes with 4-way swing features
  • One-touch service
  • Self-diagnosis and stabilizer-free operation
  • 100% pure copper coils
  • Alexa and Hey Google for convenient control

Final Verdict: This ac allows you to control everything directly from your phone. I would say, this is a mid-budget best smart AC in India which will meet all your cooling needs in a smart way. So if you are looking for a good brand, good customer service and free installation then you can definitely go with this product

Pros and Cons of the Product

🟢 Pros🔴 Cons
👍🏼7-in-1 convertible modes and additional AI mode👎🏼App control works fine mostly but sometimes doesn’t respond.
👍🏼Smart control via the MirAie App and voice commands👎🏼The remote interface is not that great
👍🏼Energy-saving features with a 5-star energy rating👎🏼Some issues connecting to the wifi
👍🏼100% pure copper coils for faster heat transfer
👍🏼Wi-Fi connectivity for convenient control
👍🏼4-way swing for optimal airflow distribution
👍🏼Durable with shield blu technology
👍🏼No noise

3. Samsung Wi-fi Enabled Inverter Split AC

I used Samsung’s 1 Ton 3-Star Wi-Fi Enabled Smart AC in a hotel where I stayed for 2 days and I never had thought that it would help me write this review. So let me share my review of its strength and areas of improvement.

Samsung Wi-fi Enabled Inverter Split AC

WiFi-enabled: It is WiFi-enabled split AC that is equipped with an inverter compressor. It offers both comfort and savings benefits as its variable speed compressor adjusts power depending on heat load for efficient cooling while minimizing energy use.

Even Airflow: Its powerful yet gentle cooling is made possible through 23,000 micro holes. Airflow is evenly dispersed throughout any given space to create an enjoyable cooling experience

Auto clean technology: It keeps dust and allergens at bay to maintain optimal performance and protection from voltage fluctuations ensuring safe use

Convertible 5-in-1 modes: This feature always brings versatility to an AC’s functionality. By switching modes based on your mood or requirement, you can control the cooling experience according to personal preference which makes the perfect blend between cooling power and energy efficiency.

Wi-Fi capability: It allows you to manage its settings using your voice command. You can also use its dedicated mobile app to control it virtually from anywhere in your house.

Reason to buy this product

  • Convertible 5-in-1 modes
  • Auto clean technology
  • 23,000 micro holes
  • Copper condenser coils
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • 4-way swing for uniform airflow

Final Verdict: The customer service by Samsung is definitely good, but still there are some bad reviews regarding customer service. And one more thing, my aunty was saying that she is facing a problem with the remote sometimes. So if you want a trustable Smart AC brand with all the high-tech Smart features, then you should definitely buy this best Smart AC in India.

Pros and Cons of the Product

🟢 Pros🔴 Cons
👍🏼Wi-Fi enabled with inverter compressor👎🏼Some users faced issues with after-sales services
👍🏼Powerful and gentle cooling with 23,000 micro holes👎🏼Occasional problems reported with the remote control
👍🏼Convenient control through Wi-Fi and voice commands
👍🏼Copper condenser coil for better cooling and low maintenance
👍🏼Auto Clean technology for easy maintenance
👍🏼Protection against voltage fluctuation
👍🏼Rust and corrosion resistance
👍🏼It has eco-friendly refrigerant gas (R32)
👍🏼AI Auto Cooling for optimized temperature control

4. Blue Star Convertible Split Smart AC

Blue Star is not a very unknown name in the market. Anybody who uses AC, or wants to buy AC must have heard about the brand. And now Blue Star has also introduced its own smart AC for its customers. Let me explain the features in brief.

Blue Star Convertible Split Smart AC

Since experiencing the Blue Star AC at my neighbour’s home, I can vouch that its performance, comfort features, and smart technology truly stand out. A smart investment that brings your cooling experience to new levels!

Turbo Cool technology: This feature instantly cools the room during scorching summer heat waves to provide instant relief from oppressive humidity.

Eco-Mode: With the Eco mode, you can get great comfort with low electricity bills. It is designed to save energy and at the same time, it also provides excellent comfort and relief from the oppressive summer temperatures.

5-In-1 Convertible mode: This mode gives you the flexibility to meet all your cooling capacity needs. It will give the same comfort for both small spaces and large spaces.

No Stabilizer Required: You do not need a stabilizer for consistent, proper and uniform cooling. This AC has got a wide voltage range design which ensures protection against surges or fluctuations. And I think this is a feature every brand should take care of as it gives you peace of mind knowing that it will provide uninterrupted cooling even in case of a sudden power outage.

100% copper condenser coil: It comes with a 100% copper condenser coil, evaporator coil and connecting tubes that provide efficient cooling performance. Copper’s superior heat transfer properties guarantee unparalleled cooling capabilities over extended use periods, as well as long-term durability.

Anti-corrosion: It is equipped with the anti-corrosion properties of Blue Fin to protect the AC condenser and evaporator coil from harsh climates such as rainwater, salty air and humidity. This helps in protecting the outdoor unit of the AC.

Low noise level: My neighbour was saying that it is making less noise when in operation mode. As per the company claim, the specially-designed acoustic jacket around the compressor effectively blocks noise and vibration

One stunning point is that you will find a sleek and stylish remote control with backlight functionality which helps you to have smooth controls and visibility even in low light conditions.

Reason to buy this product

  • Comes with Turbo Cool Technology
  • Control using Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • Intelligently adjusts the AC’s operation
  • The evaporator coil and connecting tubes are made of 100% copper
  • Anti-Corrosive Blue Fins for Protection
  • 5-In-1 mode and Convertible
  • Stabiliser-Free Operation
  • Provides the right cooling comfort and ensures comfortable sleep

Final Verdict: Although the Blue Star Convertible Inverter Split AC is equipped with many features, there are some customers who have complained about Amazon or the service provided by the company. So if you feel that the customer service can be compromised then you can take a decision accordingly.

Overall it is a smart-ready AC where you can manage your comfort easily directly from your smartphone or using voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Pros and Cons of the Product

🟢 Pros🔴 Cons
👍🏼Turbo Cool mode for instant cooling👎🏼Some customers faced issues in getting proper customer care services
👍🏼Energy-saving Eco mode
👍🏼5-In-1 Convertible mode for personalized comfort
👍🏼Stabilizer-free operation
👍🏼Smart-ready with Blue Star’s Smart App and voice commands
👍🏼Comfort Sleep feature for restful sleep
👍🏼100% Copper condenser coil, evaporator coil, and connecting tubes
👍🏼Anti-Corrosive Blue Fins for enhanced durability
👍🏼Quieter operation
👍🏼Stylish remote control with backlight feature

5. LG AI+ DUAL Inverter Wi-Fi Split AC

LG is a popular brand in the category of Home appliances. Recently LG also introduced its Smart Split AC with many innovative features.

LG AI+ DUAL Inverter Wi-Fi Split smart AC in India

Powerful Cooling: I have visited my nearby shop to get detail about this product. The salesperson said that it is designed in a way to delivers powerful cooling, even in large rooms. With the normal mode, it effectively cools a 250 sqft hall.

Cooling modes: Like many Smart ACs, it also comes with 4 different modes to choose the desired capacity (100%, 80%, 60%, or 40%) to match the density and heat generation in the room.

AI Mode: The Smart AC has an AI mode that automatically senses the load and runs at optimum capacity so that the AC operates for longer hours with optimum efficiency.

Auto Clean Technology: And yes one good thing I liked about this AC is, it has auto-cleaning technology where the heat exchanger dries up itself and eliminate all humidity, bacterias, dirt, etc

Operate silently: I asked about AC from a customer who has already bought an AC and is using it for 2 months. He is satisfied with it and added that both the indoor and outdoor units operate at low noise levels. In fact, the ac remote has a mute button to stop the beep sound produced while the ac is being operated via remote.

Hidden Power ON/OFF option: For emergency situations, the AC features a hidden power on/off button located below the horizontal vane on the right side.

Sleep Mode: Sleep Mode is an additional feature that gradually increases the temperature by 2 degrees over the next hour to avoid feeling excessively cold during sleep.

Reason to buy this product

  • AI Convertible 6-in-1 Cooling mode
  • Access your AC from anywhere with its WiFi feature
  • Voice Control using Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa.
  • Auto Clean technology
  • HD Filter with Anti-Virus Protection
  • The Remote has a mute function
  • Ocean Black Protection
  • It detects low gas levels in the room

Final Verdict: Overall if you want comfortable air with many air modes for adjusting the direction of airflow, various cooling and dehumidification modes, dedicated buttons for different capacities and functions, and a thoughtful design, this AC can be a great choice for you

Pros and Cons of the Product

🟢 Pros🔴 Cons
👍🏼Powerful cooling even in normal mode👎🏼Power plug for indoor & outdoor unit stand not included in the box
👍🏼Four normal modes for customized cooling👎🏼The Remote doesn’t have a display backlight
👍🏼High-capacity mode for rapid cooling
👍🏼AI mode for optimal capacity
👍🏼Ocean black coated fins for enhanced durability
👍🏼Lower sound emission from the indoor unit
👍🏼Hidden power on/off button for emergencies
👍🏼Sleep mode for comfortable sleep
👍🏼Access to various features via remote control

One small downside is, the remote does not have a display backlight. So you may find it difficult to operate in low-light conditions. The keys on the remote also lack glow-in-the-dark or backlight features.

Also, the package does not include a power plug for the indoor unit power cable or a stand for the outdoor unit. So you need to purchase these items separately online or through the installation engineer at an additional cost.

Note: While I haven’t personally experienced this AC, the observations and feedback provided are based on user reviews and insights from others who have used the product.

6. AmazonBasics Wi-Fi Enabled Smart AC

Since AmazonBasics products are not available in offline stores, I personally have not tested or seen this product. But people in our community are saying good about this product. Most customers praise its Smart Air Conditioner which has an advanced PM 2.5 filtration system to filter pollutants or allergens. Now let’s have a look at its main features:

AmazonBasics Wi-Fi Enabled Smart AC in India

Energy and Power: It reduces bills by maintaining the temperature at a good level so that it will consume less power and save energy. It automatically restarts with its previous settings after any power cut-off to ensure uninterrupted comfort and convenience for you and your guests.

Durability: Testing the durability of a product is crucial because even if it offers many features, those features become useless if the product isn’t durable enough. That is why this smart AC by AmazonBasics features an anti-corrosion coating to add strength against any attacks.

Protection: This AC has a self-diagnosis and auto-protection feature. It helps to keep an eye on itself to quickly detect issues before turning on its auto-protection mechanism.

Smart Features: This Ac has a programmable scheduler. Using this feature you can easily select a time and date when your AC should turn on or off automatically.

Clean and maintenance: It is equipped with a self-clean feature that takes care of clearing away dust and debris to maximize performance. This is a good feature because you don’t need to worry about the cleaning part at least.

Reason to buy this product

  • 100% copper condenser
  • Self-clean feature
  • Programmable Scheduler
  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Saves energy
  • Advanced PM 2.5 filtration system
  • Self-diagnosis and auto-protection feature

Final Verdict: This smart AC from AmazonBasics has all the intelligent features that one looks for in a good AC. Though the brand name is not established in the market, it comes under a good budget. Compared to other non-branded smart ACs in the market, this definitely ranks high in the mid-range best smart ac in India category.

Pros and Cons of the Product

🟢 Pros🔴 Cons
👍🏼High Tech Convenience👎🏼Not so reputation in its brand name
👍🏼Boosts cooling intensity👎🏼Mixed feedback on Amazon Basic Support
👍🏼100% Copper Condenser
👍🏼Automatic restart after the power cut
👍🏼Anti-corrosion coating for added durability
👍🏼Self-diagnosis and auto-protection
👍🏼Programmable scheduler for automation
👍🏼Self-clean function for easy maintenance

7. Godrej Inverter Split Smart AC

Godrej introduces its advanced Smartcool Pro Split Air Conditioner, which is one of the best smart ACs to provide you with an amazing cooling experience. I have tested this ac in the electronics shop room while selecting the best ac for my friend. This is the same friend from whom I bought the Panasonic Smart AC that I mentioned in the second number.

Godrej Inverter Split Smart AC in India

Inverter and Convertible Cooling: The inverter compressor enables you to adjust the power according to your temperature need and also saves energy to a great extent. Its 5-convertible cooling helps you easily customize it according to personal comfort preferences.

Durability and Maintenance: Godrej’s smart AC features a copper coil which not only enriches cooling performance but requires minimal maintenance as well. Its Blue Fin Anti-Corrosion Coating ensures durability and heavy-duty performance to provide uninterrupted and powerful cooling.

Smart Features: Talking about the smart features, it has antimicrobial technology to eliminate moisture from indoor units. This feature also protects against harmful microorganism growth for cleaner air quality which in turn improves the performance. The anti-freezer feature detects when there’s any sign of ice formation on evaporator coils to cut the power off automatically in case any such formation happens

Smart Diagnosis feature: This convenient feature helps to identify any problems quickly or diagnose any potential ones through its display on the indoor unit so that smooth cooling continues by providing good comfort.

Noise: This AC is equipped with a BLDC Blower Fan Motor for reduced noise levels. Its quiet operation enables peaceful restful sleeping or working conditions without disturbing noise from other home appliances.

Reason to buy this product

  • 5-in-1 Convertible Technology
  • Blue Fin Anti-Corrosion Coating
  • 100% copper condenser coils and connecting tubes
  • R32 refrigerant (eco-friendly)
  • BLDC Blower Fan Motor
  • Smart Diagnosis feature
  • Anti-dust filter
  • Antimicrobial technology

Final Verdict: Godrej is a well-known brand name in every household. So if you want a good brand product with all smart ac features then you should go for this one. Their customer service is also good, and the service centre is easily accessible in any city across India. Some may take issue with its pricing, but it is worth it if you want to give your room a smart gadget and look.

Pros and Cons of the Product

🟢 Pros🔴 Cons
👍🏼Split AC with inverter compressor👎🏼Some customers reported issues with WiFi option
👍🏼Variable speed compressor for energy-saving👎🏼Mixed feedback on service quality
👍🏼5-in-1 convertible cooling modes👎🏼No battery or power plug is provided in the box
👍🏼Copper coil for better cooling
👍🏼Blue Fin Anti-Corrosion coating for durability
👍🏼Anti-microbial & Anti-freezer technology
👎🏼Some customers reported issues with the WiFi option
👍🏼Power Inverter technology for energy efficiency
👍🏼Anti-Dust filter for clean air
👍🏼iSense technology for precise temperature control
👍🏼Silent operations for a peaceful environment

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Benefits of buying Smart AC

  • Remote Access: With Wi-Fi-enabled SMART ACs, you can control and monitor your air conditioner from any connected device – be it your smartphone, computer or other.
  • Energy Efficiency: Smart ACs feature energy-saving modes and smart scheduling to help optimize energy consumption and lower electricity bills.
  • Customized Comfort: You can manage temperature and airflow preferences directly from your phone for comfortable rest every time you enter your home.
  • Voice Control: By pairing your SMART AC with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice assistants, you can adjust the temperature with your voice itself.
  • Smart Integration: You can integrate your SMART AC with other smart home devices at your home such as thermostats or smart blinds or smart lights to make a good setup.
  • Geolocation Activation: With geolocation technology, your SMART AC can recognize your proximity and adapt the temperature accordingly as soon as you approach home.
  • Air Quality Monitoring: Many SMART ACs feature air quality sensors that detect pollutants and allergens, helping you create a healthier indoor environment.
  • Energy Consumption Insights: By using the app, you will find it easy to monitor and assess your AC’s energy usage patterns.
  • Smart Scheduling: You can also utilize its smart scheduling technology to program your SMART AC so that it responds to the temperature adjustments required during each phase of your daily schedule.
  • Intelligent Alerts: Get instantaneous notifications if there are any issues with your AC, such as filter replacement reminders or maintenance alerts, to keep things running smoothly and ensure its smooth running.

Wrapping it up

Technology is evolving like anything and everything is getting smarter day by day. And the future of smart ACs in India is looking promising. Manufacturers are constantly pushing the boundaries to introduce new features that not only provide us with comfort but also make our lives a lot easier.

From AI-powered temperature control to air purification systems, we can expect even more smart features in the upcoming years. So, keep calm and keep using smart ACs to embrace the wonders of smart technology.

If you haven’t bought yet or are looking for the best smart AC for your home, then don’t think twice and choose any one of the above 7 best smart AC In India and order it right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Smart AC worth it?

Yes, smart ACs are worth the money and it becomes more useful when you want to control and monitor everything at your fingertips using your smartphone.

What is the price of smart AC in India?

The price of smart Ac in India varies from ₹30,000 to ₹60,000 in 09 2023

Which is the best smart AC in India?

There cannot be a definite answer to this, as the best AC can be relative and it can vary depending on the needs and preferences of the individual. but personally, I like Samsung and LG Smart ACs

Can you convert normal AC to Smart Ac?

With advances in technology, it’s now possible to transform an AC into a Smart AC. You can get a variety of sensors and devices to get installed into your normal AC unit to make it a smarter one

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