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Why is AngularJS the Best Framework for App Development?


Last Updated on November 3, 2023 by sourav sahu

In today’s tech industry, mobile app development is in high demand and frameworks are an important part of that process. The use of frameworks in app development helps smoothen the process for both Android and iPhone app development agencies

The simple definition of a typical framework is a platform/application/tool that gets used for developing applications. Frameworks help simplify the development process since they enable you to focus on the sophisticated features of the applications – not the nitty-gritty bits.

What Makes AngularJS the Best Framework for Mobile App Development?

AngularJS for mobile app AngularJS for mobile app development is one of the best. So, what makes AngularJS the best framework for mobile app development?

The answer is quite simple, for the one who is using AngularJS knows the answer very well.

But in case you don’t know, let me explain. AngularJS is not only one of the best frameworks but also a feature-packed, multipurpose, robust, dynamic, and JavaScript Programming language-based framework.

Too often, novice programmers choose AngularJS since it’s pretty beginner-friendly – relatively simple and easy.

What is Angular? – A Brief Detail

AngularJS made its first appearance on October 20, 2010, and was built by Google developers. From that moment onwards, it ensured to stay on top because of its high scalability, simplicity, and dynamic.

And more importantly, AngularJS for mobile app development has been the cornerstone for a framework. A powerful toolset widely used for creating single-page apps – SPA, cross-platform mobile apps, and web apps.

Furthermore, AngularJS endure frequent updates by Google developers to remain a viable option even in the coming future. With such audacity (Frequent Upgrades) in the app development markets, it’s pretty challenging to choose besides AngularJS.

When it comes to AngularJS extensibility, it’s as wide-reaching as your demands range exceeds. It helps you keep a dynamic approach in the app development process with great inbuilt libraries.


What’s better is you can even adjust or swap its features to build what you need.


What is Angular? – A Brief Detail
  • Ensure high readability and quicker development
  • Dynamic abilities to integrate tools and third-party APIs
  • Equipped with wide-ranging and leading-edge features
  • It helps to debug and eliminate errors with ease
  • Aids widening of HTML attributes
  • Deals with almost all sorts of HTML files
  • Enable modification of J-query DOM libraries

Top 7 Reasons to Choose AngularJS as A Framework

Reasons to Choose AngularJS as A Framework

AngularJS for mobile app development is definitely the choice to make since it’s well-established with multiple benefits.

But then again, to give you more impressive and compelling reasons for its wide acceptance, here are some of them:

Easy To Use & Learn

AngularJS is not only simple to use but easy to learn as well, in case you are new to this.

Apart from being feature-rich and powerful, many have found angular easy to use and maintain, even with its extensive libraries and inbuilt options.

Similarly, being a dynamic platform, it’s highly customizable and ensures easily adjusted integrations at any moment of the app development cycle.

What’s even more exciting is that an individual who is a complete beginner in Angular Framework can be self-taught to start a whole new career in this domain.

AngularJS is easy. And you can learn it by enrolling yourself in an online course. If you work consistently then you can be a hands-on Angular app developer in 5-6 months.

MVC Structure

AngularJS ensures a Model View Controller Structure for the development process to make it easy to understand and manage.

Unlike other typical Frameworks, AngularJS undergoes an MVC development pattern that helps to create dynamic web apps smoothly.

If you break down MVC into AngularJS use; It will be: “Model” for data management, “View” for data assessment, and “Controller” to maintain and adjust prior given terms; Model and View


When you want something stable and flexible for your app development process, AngularJS development can fill the gap for that.

On the bright side, you can even get a better user experience when using AngularJS for mobile app development.

Many developers struggle for a better and smoother workflow to reduce post-development hassle. However, with AngularJS, you can attain a much better workflow to a great extent and can a built powerful app in the end. Above all, it provides easy manipulation of codes to adjust the desired result.

Fragment Development 

You and I both know this; it’s easier when a thing is built bit by bit. This is why AngularJS is the one even to play this role ever so smoothly and trouble-free.

This framework offers split app development to be merged in the terminating stage for a full-fledged application.

As a result, many professionals and not-so-professional developers can improve their thruput with proper modules built with this streamlined feature of AngularJS.


There is no denying that testing is one of the most critical steps in an app development process. Thus, angular makes testing simple, easy, and, more importantly, effective. As told earlier, it helps fragment development possible.

As a result, separate module testing becomes more manageable and saves a lot of time.

Also, the testing phases in Angular are automatic and can help eliminate your pain points, particularly in a decisive step (testing) of an app.

Data Binding

As a programmer, you mostly come across a point where you have to write the same code repeatedly.

So, to minimize the repetitive steps and save time, Angular comes in very handy to make that possible.

In addition, the two-way data binding feature helps cut down the effort of writing excessive lines of code and help you monitor the functions and features of the app.

Think About Google

Another key reason you choose AngularJS for mobile app development is the Google power it encompasses.

One of the reasons for choosing AngularJS for mobile app development is its association with Google, which provides support and resources for the framework. This can make it a reliable and trusted choice for developers.

Once you choose the Angular framework that means you will get access to regular updates and support from Google, which is known for its commitment to maintaining and improving its products.

As a well-established tech company, Google has a reputation for providing trustworthy and cutting-edge products. And all these things make Angular a trusted choice for mobile app development.

Google and its developers are always looking for new and innovative features to add to their products, including Angular.

Summing it up

To end, whether you pick the AngularJS framework or not, it doesn’t change that it’s already ahead of other JavaScript-based similar frameworks.

And to add, it will remain ahead for a long time since Google has no intention of losing its consumers.

Therefore, Google will keep making its product even better – that’s quite true. So in the coming days, Angular is likely to thrive and grow, even more, considering its regular feature upgrades.

Besides, we can understand finding a well-suited app development tool can be exhaustive at times. Still, after reading this article, you might consider angular because of all the benefits we have shared about this.

Even if we compare all the frameworks at large, most probably, angular would definitely become the top one over all of them.

Can AngularJS be used for mobile apps?

Yes, AngularJS can be used for mobile app development.

Why Angular is the best framework?

Angular is considered the best framework because it allows developers to create powerful and efficient web applications quickly and easily.

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